Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 8

The Other Guys

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2002 on Syfy

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  • I never stopped laughing!!!!!!

    This was a great episode! If you love the silliness of Stargate then you will absolutely love this episode! The guys who try to "Help" and "Rescue" SG-1 couldnt have been funnier... I think they could have there own show! It was an awesome episode and I would recommend it to anyone! It couldnt have been better! The writing was perfect... The humor was awesome! I loved the joke Sam made about Jonas when she said, "Shouldnt you be smiling?" And he says, "Why should I?" And she says," Well it is your first time being captured by Gouald!" It makes perfect sense (If you have watched the previous episodes!)
  • Science nerds save the day despite screwing up at every turn.

    I thought this episode was corny. After all, one of the scientists was from the "Red Green Show" - it doesn't get much cornier then that. This has always been my issue with this series in that it is too lighthearted and at times quite excessively - guess I'm more of a Battle Star Galactica fan myself. Even Star Trek Enterprise, which isn't nearly as intense as Battles Star Galactica, is better at delivering this brand of Sci-Fi Just a matter of my personal taste. Still a good series though. I am only on season six and I have heard that the last couple of seasons are more intense. We'll see.
  • SG-1 being rescued by two brilliant but clumsy scientists is a nice change.

    I really enjoyed this episode because it's different than most of their other episodes. For example, SG-1 gets captured and has to be rescued by two scientist that really don't know what they're doing. It might have started out where they were just in the way, but towards the end, they started to pull their own weight and help SG-1 out.
    Usually, you watch an episode of SG-1 and they get out of all sorts of scrapes, but in this episode they have to rely on the help of two clumsy scientist to help them get out of this jamb!
    I thought they were funny and interesting to watch. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch SG-1 get out of all sorts of problems, but even they need help ever once in awhile.
  • Wacky episode and a good change

    The show needs episodes like this every once in a while to change gears, and this one was a good change. It definately was a wacky episode and I must admit, I didn't like this episode until it was finished, but the ending really cracked me up and made it worth it. For a while, I didn't know if this episode, or the episode where Dr. Felger reappears, was real or not because of the outrageous ending. I thought the whole thing and chain of events could have been a dream in Felger's mind. But it was confirmed that it was real when the NID was trying to shut down their operations, some of the evidence they used was that a dangerous computer virus jeopordized the safey of Earth. Only the romantic dream sequence at the end was made up.
  • Like the title says, it's the Other Guys' turn to save the world. This is one of the most entertaining SG-1 episodes you'll ever watch.

    I really loved this episode! From the opening sequence with the three scientists reminiscing in a "three stooges" fashion, I knew that this episode was going to be a fun detour from the usual stories.

    Two SGC scientists sneak aboard a Goa'uld mother-ship after SG-1 is captured, believing that they are SG-1's only means of escape. They later realize that the entire capture was staged with the help of the Tok'ra. They are then ordered to hide for the remainder of the mission. Just as they are regretting their actions, SG-1's cover is blown, and the Tok'ra insiders are exposed and killed. Now all hopes for survival depend on these two scientists' courage and bravery.

    There are some extremely funny sequences that are perfectly performed by Patrick McKenna (Felger), and John Billingsley (Coombs). Although this episode is very comedic, there are several dramatic and exciting moments as well. With a great story, and a great blend of humour, good acting, and action, this episode is definitely a classic that shouldn't be missed.
  • An episode that follows "the other guys" who work with SG-1

    This was a fun episode. The writers of SG-1 realized that they had now reached a point in the production of the show where they could have fun with an episode and not take itself too literally.

    SG-1, as it has grown in popularity, knew its audience well and thus was able to have fun with the fact that their fans have seen all the other sci-fi shows on television.

    I particularly liked the scene where they were arguing about being fans of science fiction television shows, especially when they speak about "worshiping at the alter of Roddenberry."

    This was an episode for the fans of the show.
  • Felger and Coombs get a chance to play heros when sg1 is captured by one of Anubis's alis. Felger feels it is up to the two of them to save sg1. But unfortuantely Sg1 wanted to be captured.

    Now not only is sg1 waiting to see their Tokra' contact and make sure that felger and coombs are safe.
    This episode was full of action and I feel like a lot of humor worked it's way into this one. I loved it. Jack's obvious content for felger and felger's deep desire to be a part of sg1 is one of the funniest mixes with the sg1.
    Coombs of course is not all fired up to be a hero but he must go along with felger, why? who knows?
    But once they realize that thier contact has been spotted and killed this leaves the team in a bad place. They have allowed themselves to be disarmed and locked in a cell of some some sort energy barrier type deal, now they need Felger and coombs to get them loose. Coombs is able to get them free, but before he can get out he is trapped in the control room by Jaffa and now he can not get out, so now Jack and Tealc' have to go back in and rescue coombs. It was a greatly entertaining episode and I liked it. I like the Charcters Felger and Coombs, they are funny and they are even funnier with Jack.
    I liked it. LOTS
  • Just so funny...

    Oh, this was so sweet and so funny storyline.. all that laughing and they way it started - I think first 10 minutes were just brilliant - something funny and laughter all the time. The Goa'uld ship.. those scientists.. they on the ship.. and then trying to rescue them - "the matter of fact, we do not need it" It was brilliant.

    In the second part of the episode, we get more of the action - Goa'uld little turn of power, hiding, saving SG-1 and shooting their way to stargate. And the end.. for a moment I thought they did got the medals.. Funny episode and a really great thing for a change.. We all need one episode just to laught everything out.
  • funny episode that follows the other guys...

    This episode starts out with the "other guys" which are just the scientists that do all of the boreing research and stuff like that while SG-1 is off somewhere else. Anyways, SG-1 is "baby-sitting" the scientists when they are attacked and captured. Two of the scientists go to attempt to rescue SG-1, which just makes things complicated. In the end, everyone gets home safe. This episode is pretty good. It has a good story and it's always nice to see other, new characters with a big role. The characters were funny also and one of them made a few references to Star Trek, which I found amusing. The Tok'ra spies were killed, which was sad. Oh well, the story was good and the characters were silly and amusing. Overall, good episode.
  • A nice change

    This is one of my more favorite episodes. Not only is there a good amount of humor (always a plus), but we get to see things from someone else's perspective this time, not SG-1. These two more scientists trying to help out, only to get in the way, and then actually help out in the end!

    I loved the little inside jokes and nods to Star Trek ("we might as well be wearing red shirts!" and (how can you be a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry?!") had me laughing way more than usual with this episode. Would be worth getting the whole season on DVD to watch this one over and over again.