Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 2

The Other Side

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 07, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Race V.s Truth episode

    Another lesson to be learned episode.

    The team is asked by a warring race to help them in their battle in exchange for tech that could stem the tide against the Goa'uld. along the way the team learns that the aliens are in fact the ones that started the war, poisoned their own atmosphere and refuse to end a war based on the fact that the opposition merely breed biologically instead of scientifically.
  • Strong moral theme reminiscent of The Twilight Zone

    Strong moral theme, surprise ending, and poetic justice.

    Reminiscent of Rod Serling's writing for "The Twilight Zone."

    Cautionary tale for American policy makers. Don't rush to judgment about who is and is not America's ally.
  • SG-1 seeks to aid a civilization that's losing a war...

    This was an excellent moral debate episode with plenty of cool action and weaponry mixed in. I find myself a little frustrated with Daniel at least in the first half of the episode he acts like a huge jerk, and he's slightly out of character and a little more judgmental of the Eurondans, than other civilizations they meet. However, it was good to see that he respected Jack's command towards the end, before Jack's apology. And of course in the end we learn his suspicion was justified when Jack learns to horrible truth about how the war started. The episode is somewhat lacking in the humor department, but kinda made up for it with the argument between Jack and Daniel. The pacing was unusually quick, I felt, for a morality episode, but this was a good thing as often times episodes that make the main focus a moral issue are dreadfully slow in other series(ahem...Star Trek, nothing against Trek but they've put out some very slow morality episodes). Great episode, don't skip this one.
  • Dilemma...

    I really liked this episode - they have had many episodes were the same problem have rised but never that so largely or so much on focus, but this episode concentrates on that. And the way it was done - learning that there is a high developed race and... the miracles they see there.. the technology ... and the way how O'Neill is so eager for them.. but.. Daniel. He still has the common sense and he not only cares what they will get but also the price they are paying for them. And as the story advantages, the truth is unveiled.. and.. they learn that there was something else..
  • A very good episode.

    This episode was mainly about the team getting involved with a more powerful race. The race promises to give weapons and technology in exchange for water. But Daniel gets concerned when he finds out that the race is going to use the water to convert it into a weapon to use on their enemy. So the team consider what they are doing and when they find out that the race has been keeping secrets from them and are trying to exterminate their enemy the team leave and let the races base collapse leaving them all to die. Overall this was a great episode but i thought the team was harsh.
  • in this episode we run into prejudice. The Eurondians are seeking help ffrom the Tauri. They have learned that they are of their species. They need help in a battle that they are loosing badly. So sg1 go to find out what they can do to help.

    They sent food water medical supplies and such, but the Eurondans were not very appreciative they wanted weapons and fighters. during the initial meeting daniel is wanting to know who they are fighting and why are they fighting them, who started the fighting. This made Alar mad, which made jack mad because they are offering all their technology inexchange for their help. He basically tells Daniel he is wrong. They need heavy water for the running of the base. So Jack sends daniel and sam back to earth to request the heavy water. Daniel is still insistant on knowing more about the enemy and how all this started. So Hammond sends the water but also tells daniel to ask questions and see what transpired to all this.
    They bring back a small amount of the water, to get them started. Again Daniel asks them his questions once again. Sam informs Jack that General Hammond tokld him to ask the questions.
    Well Jack and Teal'c are returning back to earth to se about getting more of the heavy water. Alar asks Jack not to bring teal'c back back because "he is not like us". So he and Teal'c just snooping around and realize that everybody there are the same there ano differences in the people. Alar's assistant tells Daniel that they call the enemy "breeders" because the breed without consern with purity of race. They were bigits.
    Alar runs into Jack and Teeal'c and Jack tells him that the water would be delayed. Not only is he upset about the delay in the water he is really upset about Teal'c being there.
    the Enemy starts another bombardment opn the compund. So jack and Teal'c lead the drones into battle then crash them into the top of the compound. Then sg1 goes to leave the base and let them fight their own battles. The compound is destroyed as they are going through the gate. Jack instructs them to close the iris Alar was trying to follow them.. He did not make it.
    i liked this episode because it dealt with something that you would not expect to run across in an alien land. I guess it exists everywhere.
  • Like "Message in a Bottle", this is an episode I will always love unconditionally.

    I've always had a soft spot for this episode. I'm not exactly sure why, but this has always been an all-time favourite of mine. Maybe it's the great humour and ethical issues, maybe it's the effective little subtle moments throughout, but whatever the reason I love it all the same.

    One thing I really like about this episode is the ethical viewpoint it raises, summed up by director Peter DeLuise as "Technology at what price?" Are we willing to trade technology we desperately need from people whom we see as incredibly inhumane and possibly evil? According to SG-1, no. I think this subject matter is handled very well, showing both sides of the issue through O'Neill and Daniel, both of who have great chemistry. You sympathise with both of them, and remain divided over the issue until the last 10 or so minutes.

    This conflict of personal viewpoints also helps strengthen the relationship between Daniel and Jack. They argue with such passion, and yet once Jack realises his mistake he apologises to Daniel and in the end respects him a little more. This predicament also secures Daniel's position as the moral-centre of the team, which is something we have all grown to love Daniel for. I personally just love the scenes where he seriously questions Alar, and Jack's reaction to it, and also the scene with him, Carter and Hammond. I personally just love the line about the moral issue just evaporating. It may be silly, but I still love it.

    But perhaps the most effective moment in this entire episode is between Alar and Jack. The way Alar just says how Teal'c is "Not like us..." is so brilliant. It's just so subtle and yet so powerful, and ranks as one of my favourite dialogue-driven moments throughout all of Stargate.

    Other great moments I have to mention include when Jack starts to fight for the other side's ships, and the sequence where he crashes his ship into the ground; when Teal'c disarms Alar with his bare hands (that's one way to show who the superior race is); and of course that final scene where Jack orders to close the iris, and you see the little flicker that was Alar.

    But also, there is a lot of humour throughout this episode. I love the whole gag that starts off with Daniel saying, "their whole world is in flames, and we're offering gasoline!” I also love it when Teal'c says, "I am unsure. He is concealing it.” but arguably the best gag is early on when Jack and Daniel are making fun of Teal' expression. It’s classic Stargate all the way.

    As I said before, this will always remain one of my all time favourite episodes. It has a great ethical dilemma, a lot of humour, and great chemistry between Jack and Daniel. I can watch this episode again and again (especially with audio commentary) and never get tired of it; it's just that good.
  • Help us... we're about to be destroyed, we're brothers, all we need is some heavy water and for you to turn a blind eye and we can win this war...

    It's season four. Earth needs weapons, we've barely escaped devastation by the Goa'ould on several occasions so far, and we managed to let a replicator loose on our homeworld... we are outclassed in the weapons and defensive arenas, what's one of our primary missions objectives? Get technology! But Jack... there's so much more when you're about to lend a deciding hand in a war we know nothing about.

    Once more my Daniel proves to be the voice of reason and though treated rudely (I'm impressed that Jack apologized. Just another reason to keep watching) holds his position with dignity and stoicism that is a hallmark of his internal character.

    The bad guys show their colors when Jack and Teal'c volunteer to help push back another attack, thinking that drones are attacking and they'll only be shooting down ships. Once they realize there are people manning the ships in these bombing runs Jack is appalled and admittedly so were we, they should have been warned that scoutships are drones and attack runners are manned.

    The most truly delightful moment in this ep is when Daniel is talking with the blonde chick and asking what they call the enemy.

    "Breeders" she says.
    "You mean they come in all shapes and sizes?" Daniel asks.
    Her eyes grow wide, "Yes." she whispers conspiratorilly.
    "Wow." Daniel says.
    "Yes." she concurrs.

    There's more to the scene but you get the point. Thank you Michael for your subtlety, it is truly delightful at times.

    Eugenics, or evolutionary genetic strategy? I'll take evolutionary genetic strategy, (commonly known as chemistry) every time. There's an old saying: Man plans... God laughs.