Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 3

The Pegasus Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Syfy

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  • If I could swear I would... this is possably one of the greatest episodes I have seen of SG-1 EVER. They did everything right, and nothing wrong.

    In this episode they basically wraped up a small bit of the merlin, morgan lafa history. As well as expanding the world to allow from the up coming kill all ori fest. They also did possably one of the best most well done crossovers of two series they possably could have, they make referance to past episodes of both series, included both enamies, as well as using back channels and weird ways of doing things to make this possably the greatest episode i have ever seen, and to top it all off they finally showed who mirlin really was, and had morgan accually show her face, and try to help. I personally feel that SciFi didn\'t screw up when they made this the longest running Science fiction show EVER.
  • SG-1 goes to Atlantis.

    They could not have done a better crossover, EVER. In the midst of hilarious antics by both Rodney and Vala, you get some more information about the Ancients, Merlin, Morgan La Fay, and Atlantis; as well as killing two birds with one stone -so to speak-, or rather three, when they take about a Hive ship, and Ori ship AND the Super Gate.
    It was also great that they made references to both shows' past episodes as well as great character interaction.
    I, as well as probably anyone who watched this episode, would love to see more crossovers like this! It was well done and great to watch.
  • Just perfect.

    When the two teams meet results an encounter with an acended and a Ori ship blasted from the Milky Way. The Acended are not to be counted (again) even if their rules are breaked for a second, and we all hoped that we will see how an ancient fights...perhaps in season 18. But it ended sadly and after a season and two episodes, hope appears for a more balanced struggle. Conclusion: Now and only now i can say that Stargate is the best series ever and no one could give me a reasont to think other. The best idea possible. Hope to see more episodes with that kind of action.
  • SG-1 goes to Atlantis to try to find the ancient weapon and dial the supergate.

    Amazing episode, maybe the greatest one since the season finale of season 6 when Daniel returned. Hopefully we will see more episodes of SGA/SG1 arcs with such humor and of such quality. The brief presence of an ancient in this episode, as well as the mystery that the new \"mission\" involves, the tension and the wonderful effects make this one a classic. The only thing that bothers me was the predictability of the ending, a lot of people saw it coming. I would really much like to see episodes that are more unpreditable and as tensionate as this one. Still, SG-1 is clearley getting the old flair back!
  • one of the finest bits of writing to come out of the series

    i was very excited to see that we were finally getting closer to discovering the secrets that lay behind merlin and his weapon. the crossover was very well done and the inclusion of the mckay and carter "relationship" was hilarious as well. we can finally conclude alot more about the lore that makess up stargate and i can only hope that the rest of season can live up to this episodes great standard
  • SG-1 - Atlantis Combo

    Last week Atlantis was pretty good and SG-1 sucked, I think this week they sort of turned the tables. I didn't like Atlantis, but SG-1 had some of the finest writing I have seen since Heroes.

    The episode was broken up into three main sections. The Odyssey was trying to use a black hole in the Pegasus galaxy to activate the Supergate on our end, Daniel and Vala were on Atlantis trying to find the two planets where they could locate Arthur and possibly the weapon, and Teal'c was at the Supergate relaying the process of the activation to the Odyssey.

    The scenes with the crew of the Odyssey were probably the smallest part of the episode. Though they were trying to activate the Supergate, there were still moments that stood out more else where. They tried everything they had to activate the Supergate, but of course at the last moment, what they tried worked. When they blew up the Hive ship, and the energy filtered through the Stargate and charged the Supergate, I got antsy. Then when Teal'c lowered his cloak to draw the Ori ship in position with the energy cloud, I was about to go crazy. Then the gate opens, and destroys the ship; I jumped up and yelled so loud I think the neighbors probably heard me. That was the most gratifying moment since the ships made their way into our galaxy a few episodes ago.

    The scenes on Atlantis made this episode what it was. We learned so much in those scenes to make up for last weeks disappointment. Vala was as usual very funny, and annoying at the same time, that's why we love her. But it was Daniel that truly shinned this time. We find out that the Ancients aren't going to help us, but there are those who feel strongly against the rules of ascended beings. Daniel reminded her that once the Ori are through with us, once they were feeding off worshipers in this galaxy, they would come for them next. Slowly I am seeing some of the stuff that the Orisi told us could be true, but I will never believe the Ori are the victims here.

    Like I said, it was amazing. No amount of words can do it justice. Next week our favorite bady returns. Can't wait, til then.
  • A nice one! INDEED!

    I feel exactly what Teal'c facial expression of satisfaction! A long overdue victory, however minor it is. At least the Ori plot can get somewhete! It was beginning to be a little tiresom to see SG-1 helpless against a seemingly omnipotent foe!

    Daniel got in touch with an Ascended and discovered they still don't care... But who needs them when we got SG-1?

    Easily the most memorable episode I'd watched on the SG-1 for the whole 9th and 10th season. The Scourge (9x20) was another one I enjoyed. That one got you on edge, with the foreboding presence of the bugs (reminds me of the Mummy's bugs). This one gets the adrenalin going by presenting a turning point of a sort... the giant gate permanently blocked (unless the Ori fleet destroys the black=hole gate), the Ascended reiterated their non interfering policy. It feels like now we get on with a thrills and spills rather being stucked at a place!

    Enjoyed the interaction between the SG-1 and Atlantis characters. Looking forward to more cross-overs. Mckay telling Samantha his hellucination of her (Grace Under Pressure?),Mckay being a pain in the a** even to the SG-1 members... very nice touches.

    As I said, so far, the best of Season 9 and 10 put together.
  • Finally the writers made an episode with SG-1 and Atlantis teams together.

    SG-1 goes to Atlantis to search information about Merlin and his weapon.
    They manage to stop the supergate with the bonus of destroying a Wraith hive ship and Ori Ship.
    Daniel and Vala searches the Atlantis library and ended to realize that the Ancients wont get involve and help them in the battle with the Ori

    This was a great episode, they get together both histories of Atlantis and SG-1, teams working together, have both story enemies. McKay revealed Carter his dream with her. The relation between Mitchell and McKay is similar as Sheppard with McKay; they both “want” to shot McKay.

    Give us more episodes like this one.
  • It seems the SG-1 series is back the way it was supposed to. Let's hope so.

    A perfect episode! I was actually thinking they have began this new season with their right foot, hopefully this and the upcoming episodes will prove me right.

    And let the actors and crew know that this episode wasn't perfect just because they went visit Atlantis. It was very well written, it had well balanced comic scenes, great acting and great directing. It has been a long time since I last felt true anxiety with a SG-1 episode; since I caught myself actually cheering the characters.

    So I hope they continue producing great episodes like this one. Well, maybe not so intense, but good episodes. I think the fans diserve it, the old actors diserve it, the newcomer actors diserve it. I enjoy this series very much and now I am happy I haven't given up watching it.
  • Daniel gets to Atlantis and an Ori ship is destroyed.

    SG-1, minus Teal'c, make their first visit to Atlantis. After over two years of waiting to enter the ancient city Daniel Jackson only wishes it was under different cirumstances. I enjoyed every minute of this episode from the Odyssey flying over the ocean to Atlantis, to the destruction of an Ori ship.
    The whole briefing room scene was quite humorous. Along with Sheppard giving Mitchell the lemon. Show could've used a little more Sheppard. Just about all of Daniel's scenes were great.
    I found the whole Wraith ship chasing the Odyssey around a blackhole exciting. I thought the slow motion effect was a nice touch.
    Who woulda thought that the Ori's own Supergate would be the thing to destroy one of their own ships.
    Finally a victory for SG-1!
    But what was Morgan Le Fay gonna say?
  • Finally Daniel close the Atlantis chapter!, now he can focus completely in the saint grial quest!

    In this special episode daniel and vala enjoy a visit to the leyenday lantian city of atlantis! in an attempt to discover the location of merlin's anti-ori weapon!

    Sam and cam with the help of mackey try to use the ori's super gate for his own benefit! to dial up between the pegasus and the tauri galaxy, but this wont be so easy..!!!

    i really enjoy this 3th episode and i nmost say it, this is the most exiting for me until now in this season!
  • SG1 travels to Atlantis to stop the Orii Supergate. Daniel and Vala speak to an ascended Ancient, while Cater, Mitchell and Teal'c use two stargates and a nuke to stop the supergate.

    "Pegasus Project" is clearly a well written episode. It splits up the team into two plots. Daniel, "assisted" by Vala, search the Atlantis database for evidence of where Merlin's planets may lie within our galaxy. Carter, Mitchell, "assisted" by McKay, and Tealc (in the Milky Way galaxy).

    The writers were clever to merge the two shows ands still develop an elaborate plot to stop the Orii's new Supergate. Just seeing both Stargate teams together in one room was awesome enough, but then ... then the real stuff began.

    The plot is pushed forward when Daniel finds the exact two planets: Castianna and Sahal. It takes some time, but Daniel's suspicions eventually reveal that the hologram helping them is an ascended being, Morgan Lafay. More Ancient history is revealed to our heroes, but not before Morgan Lafay can reveal a secret about Merlin's weapon.

    Meanwhile, Carter and McKay struggle to work on equations for detonating the nukes through the stargate. The high light of seeing Carter and McKay together was the scene where McKay thanks Carter for being an illusion that helped him when he needed someone for moral help (in Grace Under Pressure). Mitchell also has his own problems when he is forced to use a lemon on McKay to get him to work on some very important calculations.

    The ending is probably the best mini-action we have seen in a while. The manuever the Odyssey uses to destroy the Wraith ship is incredibly smart. The Wraith should have just waited to engage the Odyssey but again, the Tauri win. Teal'c helps out in the Orii galaxy by luring the Orii battlecruiser over the supergate when it connects to the stargate in the Pegasus galaxy.

    We win yet another victory, but as Daniel states, the Orii won't help us, we're alone in this. As long as SG1 keeps doing what they have ALWAYS been doing, they will find Merlin's weapon and stop the Orii.
  • Crossover with "SGA" is the formula for success

    After the slight dip into mediocrity in the previous episode, the writers get back on track with this installment. I was immediately impressed by the heavy continuity references throughout the episode. Elements from many previous episodes, sometimes going back several seasons, came together in a fairly logical fashion. I was quite impressed!

    Using the Ancient database on Atlantis to find the location of Merlin’s weapon was a clever move, and one that helps bring the events on “SGA” into context. I’ve been waiting for the chance to see both teams deal with the Ori and Wraith simultaneously, and this episode delivers on that potential. In a certain sense, there’s a weapon against the Ori now, even if it’s one that can only be used here and there. And now there’s only three Ori ships in the Milky Way, though that victory may be short-lived.

    Having the same writers on both shows, for all intent purposes, keeps the characters consistent. There are the usual scenes between characters that never get to interact, but that is kept to a minimum and a lot of time is spent demonstrating why these people are so competent at what they do. The Carter/McKay material was priceless, for instance.

    The action sequences were all well and good, but my favorite material was Daniel’s plot thread. For me, that was a lot more revealing. The Ancients are definitely stepping back and letting the younger races deal with the threat of the Ori themselves, and it demonstrates one of the key issues that the younger races should have with the Ancients. The Ancients seem to apply their rules with a disturbing amount of caprice, and their decision to stay out of the fight with the Ori is hard to reconcile.

    I was expecting the whole Morgan LeFay thing to stretch out over the course of the season, but it had an immediate and unexpected payoff. That also impressed, and made me wonder if this season will manage to be as consistent as the ninth season in terms of season arc. Granted, there will always be the stand-alone episodes of varying quality, but they could also trickle out a few plot points here and there.

    Very little time was wasted in this episode, and that was something I found exciting, especially in contrast to the episode of “SGA” that aired on the same night. I was strongly invested in everything that was happening, and I felt like my long-term fan loyalty was being rewarded by all the ongoing continuity references. It’s the kind of episode that I really wanted to watch again, to see what else I might catch along the way, and that’s exactly the kind of episode that brings me back for every new episode.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)

  • Perfect duets in the Pegasus galaxy!

    To tell the truth i was no hoping that much from that episode. I was expected a not so successfull outcome and lots of catching up between the two stargate teams. I was awfully wrong, and for once i took pleasure out of it.

    The character dynamic was great on many level. Daniel and Vala really do have a great interaction on screen. Sheperd and Mitchell also did even for a brief time, and i think there is room for some teamwork between the two in a future. But above all it was nice to see McKay and Carter again. The allusion at what happened during the atlantis episode "Grace under pressure" was fine, and McKay was definitely playing out of the past obnoxious or competitive behaviour he had with her. It seems their complementarity is more and more obvious.

    On the storyline point of view. The ancient involvment was clever. Though i think the "coming out" of the ancient posing as a hologram was a bit too fast. This asset could have been kept for a while and maybe in a few episodes should the ancient have taken measures against their own.

    One of my favorite SG1 episodes so far!
  • The best episode of either show I've ever seen!!!

    This was the best Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis episode that i've ever seen!!! I enjoyed the plot: both the part about opening a wormhole to the Supergate and the whole thing with Morgan Le Fay. My favorite part was when the Odyssey did that slingshot manuver with the black hole. That's such a big ship that I didn't think that it would be capabul of pulling such a manuver. I also liked how both shows had a kind of victory in this episode: for Stargate Atlantis the victory was that another Wraith hive ship was destroyed. For Stargate SG-1 it was that they managed to open a stable wormhole to the Supergate, destroy an Ori Warship and that they got the names and Gate addresses of the remaning two planets that they need to search.
  • how come the vortex destroyed the ori ship but at the SGC they have a trinium iris that they use to block the gate and it doesnt even get dented when the vortex forms? ...

    is trinium stronger than the metal the ori ships are made of or their shields? then they should make a weapon that's made of trinium. but come to think of it, the trinium iris should be disintegrated by the unstable vortex.

    or was the vortex from the megagate more powerful because of its size? well maybe thats it. if thats the case, then a vortex weapon will not be that good.
  • Great episode!! Few inconsistencies though.

    I think most people covered it already.
    Great writing story line...
    Great cross over... into SG-A!
    More information on Atlantis/Merlin/Anti-Ori weapon.

    Inconsitencies :

    Dialing the Super Gate: SG-1 went to Pegasus to dial the supergate. They can't dial out but the supergate can only be dialed into, the Asguard tried to dial out but failed. Why can't the Asguard, who are in another galaxy ... with their way advanced tech, dial in from their galaxy ?? They should be able to find a black hole and have their gate to dial the supergate at will. [Which would make a great anti Ori Ship weapon!]

    Time Dialation: Carter says "20 seconds" but since they're going towards the black hole... to be consistent with previous episodes... their 20 seconds will be significantly longer for Teal'c ... maybe days.

    2 nukes exploding at the event horizon not powerful enough but 2 nukes exploding in a Hive Ship is powerful enough. Unless the Hive Ship increased the yield... (which should have vapourised the gates.) since Sam & McKay agree at full power the nukes will probably take out both gates.

    Morgan-Le Fay - Why would she allow herself to "Replay" ?

    +++ SPOILER !!
    What does "Merlin's weapon is NOT...." mean ? Not on the 2 planets ? Not in the milky way ? No phased in (ala his research device) ? Not where they must look. See the preview SG-1 Season10... Ben Bowler is holding the Replicator disintegrator... (return of replicators! OR adaptable against Orii ?)

  • Uhmmmm very informative plot. Curious??

    Well I have watched this episode a few times now and I am still trying to work through teh technobabel. Can anyone explain to me how the stargate and the supergate are connected. How are the nuclear warheads transported from one gate to another, if a worm hole is not established? Very confusing episode.It was great to see the conflict between Rodney and Sam and the way the show integrated with Atlantis.
  • This is one of the best examples of a stargate episode i have ever seen. It contains the best of both worlds form both SG-1 and Atlantis and yet it keeps the series apart.

    The interaction between the SG-1 series and Atlantis is super. The fact that we finally see Atlantis and some actual interaction between humans and the acended aincients in an SG1 episode is something i have waited for in a long time.

    Wery funny about this episode is the relation between Michell and McCay. Sheppard is actually polite twoards McCay compared to Michell who actually uses a weapon against McCay (a lemon fruit ;') )... i geuss he really hates him.

    It is also nice to see us winning all over for once. not only do we get in contact withe the aincients, but we also beat the crap out of one wraith hive and one Ori Cruiser... oh, and prevent the ori from using the supergate in the same episode.

    If you have not seen it yet find some where to see it
  • After a worrying beginning to the season, things start to pick up.

    The previous episode \"Morpheus\" was so dull that I almost fell asleep, which is ironic since that was the premise of the episode.

    I\'m glad to say that this episode has redeemed the series some what. It\'s a neat crossover episode that involves a fair few of the Atlantis main and recurring regulars.

    It\'s also great to see Carter and McKay clashing horns again, and although it was very much played-up in this episode, it was still welcome.

    The level of humour between the various characters was also nice and not over-done.

    The only thing that I didn\'t much care for was the fact that whenever they say the odds of something being successful are slim, they always manage to pull it off anyway. Still, the level of continuity for both series was nice, especially that black hole which was first seen way back in \"A Matter of Time\".

    More episodes like this please!
  • The best crossover ever...

    well, as most of you already know this episode is a crossover. and a very reaveling one at that, i find it cool how the two shows can crossover and make one show of each series. in the pegasus project, the sg1 team with the excaption of teal'c,goes to the pegasus project, Atlantis in particular.i in search of the weapon capable of defeating the ori. and by doing so carter, mitchell and mckay(among others)are going to send a burst of energy through the stargate and past the black hole to open the SuperGate back in the Milky Way galaxy. and by doing so manage to not only destroy a Wraith Hive ship but also destroy a Ori ship. and Daniel and vala learn that the ancients aren't going to help us defeat the ori.
  • One of my favorite episodes by far...

    I have been waiting to see this episode for months now and I finally got the tape from one of my friends and was able to watch it. This is a crossover episode as Sg1 goes to Atlantis trying to find merlin's weapon. Daniel and vala come face to face with an acended being and she helps them and They learn that The ancients aren't going to help them defeat the Ori. But I really liked the interaction between Sheppard and Mithchell. I liked it when Mithchell said "This place id Daniel Disney Land". In my opinion this is one of the best episodes of the series and certainly one of my favorites. later...
  • SG-1 travels to the Pegasus Galaxy and Atlantis to sabotage the Ori's supergate.

    Crossover episodes are always fun to watch, but this one was awesome, to say the least. The Carter/McKay interactions are hilarious, as usual, but even funnier was Shepherd and Mitchell exchanging ways of controlling Rodney with citrus. Not only does the episode further the SG-1 Ori plotline but it is hilarious to watch.
  • Daniel finally makes it to Atlantis

    Jackson is so excited he almost falls sleep have not been by Mitchell who reminds him the reason why he stood up all night: the first look at the City of the Ancients. As they distribute the tasks at Weir’s situation room, Vala puts Carter in an awkward position as she tells McKay that Sam herself told her they might need him to help her, much to Rodney’s delight. Sheppard and Mitchell also have a funny exchange in which valuable info on Rodney’s allergies is passed on to make the job more pleasant.

    While McKay and Carter rekindle their working relationship, Daniel goes after Vala who’s as excited as him to be on the city if only because of the souvenirs and sightings it could offer only Daniel would rather finish his job with Ganos Laal’s hologram to gather the info they need first. However, something goes wrong with the program as both Weir & Jackson discover she’s actually the ascendant being Ganos Laal who’s talking to them, urged by Daniel to give him more answers she’s punished for interfere before she could finish something about Merlyn’s weapon.

    Daniel is devastated and nothing that Vala would to cheer him up could do the trick for they now know something he didn’t want to admit to himself: that the are all alone against the Ori, the ancients won’t help them out this time.
  • this was a very good question and answer episode. I enjoyed it. Daniel is his normal courious self and the more answwers he gets the more questions he has.

    This is one they are going after the Ori with everything they can come up with. They are in Atlantis and they only have one chance actually. Daniel figures out that Ancients were here and that they may still be there in one way or another.
    Sam is doing her normal saving the world type thinking thing again. She is sure that their plan will work and that this is the only way to keep the Ori from being able to dial out their super gate. So they are going to cause a explosion at the war with another starge and they are trying to connect the supergate to a backhole so that the gate can not be shut down or dialed out again.
    It was creative how they mananged to carry out their mission.
    A good show. this is starting to reveal alot about what it will take to stop the Ori.
  • Atlantis...

    Oh, watching this episode now when there is almost a month to season 5 of Stargate Atlantis, this also serves as a little nostalgia - to remind how wonderful everything was then. This episode is a beautiful mix of all the things going on in both galaxies - wraith and ori.. stargates and supergate.. and ofcourse the hologram, what comes out is not hologram at all. I think this episode will have some huge impact of what will happen in future but I think Daniel missed the most important sentence what Morgana le Fay said just before she was pulled back.. But I think it is wanted this way.

    Anyway, it was lovely episode, lot of happening, revelations.. answers and much much questions.
  • needed to be a two-parter.

    daniel jackson is one of my favourite characters and he is denied a chance to really look around atlantis in this episode. i would have liked to see daniel explore the rest of the city in a second episode of SG1 or even an overlapping episode of SG Atlantis. because for daniel, his goal within the stargate universe is to go to atlantis and stay full time studying the databases.
    One good thing about this is that the atlantis crew and the SG1 crew interacted really well and fans of SG Atlantis shouldnt be worried about an invasion of SG1 personnel because for me daniel is the only one with a reason to go to atlantis and i hope to see it happen.
  • This is the passing of the torch episode for all SG-1 fans mourning the loss of the long running show that we all love so much.

    As a long standing member of the Stargate fanclub from it's inception in the blockbuster movie of 1994, this is quite simply the best episode.

    I have recently embarked upon a nostalgic review of all released Stargate episodes since season 1 of Atlantis. This has refreshed my memory of the plot developments and contributed to my appreciation of Stargate SG-1 - Season 10 - Episode 3 - The Pegasus Project.

    Most of your favourite characters are there, participating in intergalactic plans that set the tone for the remainder of the last season of SG-1, and the next two seasons of Atlantis.
  • Great episode

    For those of you who don't watch Atlantis you finally get to see it.

    I'm suprised it took them so long to show Atlantis in SG-1, seen as the Daedalus has been making regular trips there since the begining of season 2 (Atlantis) and season 9 (SG-1), although I know the Daedalus is never seen in SG-1. It was good to see the Atlantis cast although it was ashame Ronin and Teyla weren't there. Reading some other reviews I saw that some people thought the story was quite weak, I have to disagree. I've found alot of SG-1 very repetative, the amount of alternate reality episodes for example. This episode is different, I thought the story was very original and included alot of humour between the Atlantis and SG-1 casts. All in all I think this is one of the best season 10 episodes and only wish they had visited Atlantis again before the show finally ended
  • finally to Atlantis, but other than that, boring episode...

    It was great to see the chemistry between the Atlantis cast and the SG-1 cast. It was funny and clever and really made the episode worth watching for me. Other than that, however, it was boreing. The whole point of going to Atlantis seemed farfetched, like the writers just wanted to make an excuse to get the characters of SG-1 to Atlantis. The story/plot was annoying and boreing to me. It seemed like something they've done a hundred times before and it was pointless. However, it still had many good moments and the ancient that helped Daniel was interesting. Overall, an ok episode with good writing but a boring story.
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