Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 3

The Pegasus Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Syfy

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  • SG-1 - Atlantis Combo

    Last week Atlantis was pretty good and SG-1 sucked, I think this week they sort of turned the tables. I didn't like Atlantis, but SG-1 had some of the finest writing I have seen since Heroes.

    The episode was broken up into three main sections. The Odyssey was trying to use a black hole in the Pegasus galaxy to activate the Supergate on our end, Daniel and Vala were on Atlantis trying to find the two planets where they could locate Arthur and possibly the weapon, and Teal'c was at the Supergate relaying the process of the activation to the Odyssey.

    The scenes with the crew of the Odyssey were probably the smallest part of the episode. Though they were trying to activate the Supergate, there were still moments that stood out more else where. They tried everything they had to activate the Supergate, but of course at the last moment, what they tried worked. When they blew up the Hive ship, and the energy filtered through the Stargate and charged the Supergate, I got antsy. Then when Teal'c lowered his cloak to draw the Ori ship in position with the energy cloud, I was about to go crazy. Then the gate opens, and destroys the ship; I jumped up and yelled so loud I think the neighbors probably heard me. That was the most gratifying moment since the ships made their way into our galaxy a few episodes ago.

    The scenes on Atlantis made this episode what it was. We learned so much in those scenes to make up for last weeks disappointment. Vala was as usual very funny, and annoying at the same time, that's why we love her. But it was Daniel that truly shinned this time. We find out that the Ancients aren't going to help us, but there are those who feel strongly against the rules of ascended beings. Daniel reminded her that once the Ori are through with us, once they were feeding off worshipers in this galaxy, they would come for them next. Slowly I am seeing some of the stuff that the Orisi told us could be true, but I will never believe the Ori are the victims here.

    Like I said, it was amazing. No amount of words can do it justice. Next week our favorite bady returns. Can't wait, til then.
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