Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 3

The Pegasus Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Syfy

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  • SG1 travels to Atlantis to stop the Orii Supergate. Daniel and Vala speak to an ascended Ancient, while Cater, Mitchell and Teal'c use two stargates and a nuke to stop the supergate.

    "Pegasus Project" is clearly a well written episode. It splits up the team into two plots. Daniel, "assisted" by Vala, search the Atlantis database for evidence of where Merlin's planets may lie within our galaxy. Carter, Mitchell, "assisted" by McKay, and Tealc (in the Milky Way galaxy).

    The writers were clever to merge the two shows ands still develop an elaborate plot to stop the Orii's new Supergate. Just seeing both Stargate teams together in one room was awesome enough, but then ... then the real stuff began.

    The plot is pushed forward when Daniel finds the exact two planets: Castianna and Sahal. It takes some time, but Daniel's suspicions eventually reveal that the hologram helping them is an ascended being, Morgan Lafay. More Ancient history is revealed to our heroes, but not before Morgan Lafay can reveal a secret about Merlin's weapon.

    Meanwhile, Carter and McKay struggle to work on equations for detonating the nukes through the stargate. The high light of seeing Carter and McKay together was the scene where McKay thanks Carter for being an illusion that helped him when he needed someone for moral help (in Grace Under Pressure). Mitchell also has his own problems when he is forced to use a lemon on McKay to get him to work on some very important calculations.

    The ending is probably the best mini-action we have seen in a while. The manuever the Odyssey uses to destroy the Wraith ship is incredibly smart. The Wraith should have just waited to engage the Odyssey but again, the Tauri win. Teal'c helps out in the Orii galaxy by luring the Orii battlecruiser over the supergate when it connects to the stargate in the Pegasus galaxy.

    We win yet another victory, but as Daniel states, the Orii won't help us, we're alone in this. As long as SG1 keeps doing what they have ALWAYS been doing, they will find Merlin's weapon and stop the Orii.