Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 3

The Pegasus Project

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Crossover with "SGA" is the formula for success

    After the slight dip into mediocrity in the previous episode, the writers get back on track with this installment. I was immediately impressed by the heavy continuity references throughout the episode. Elements from many previous episodes, sometimes going back several seasons, came together in a fairly logical fashion. I was quite impressed!

    Using the Ancient database on Atlantis to find the location of Merlin’s weapon was a clever move, and one that helps bring the events on “SGA” into context. I’ve been waiting for the chance to see both teams deal with the Ori and Wraith simultaneously, and this episode delivers on that potential. In a certain sense, there’s a weapon against the Ori now, even if it’s one that can only be used here and there. And now there’s only three Ori ships in the Milky Way, though that victory may be short-lived.

    Having the same writers on both shows, for all intent purposes, keeps the characters consistent. There are the usual scenes between characters that never get to interact, but that is kept to a minimum and a lot of time is spent demonstrating why these people are so competent at what they do. The Carter/McKay material was priceless, for instance.

    The action sequences were all well and good, but my favorite material was Daniel’s plot thread. For me, that was a lot more revealing. The Ancients are definitely stepping back and letting the younger races deal with the threat of the Ori themselves, and it demonstrates one of the key issues that the younger races should have with the Ancients. The Ancients seem to apply their rules with a disturbing amount of caprice, and their decision to stay out of the fight with the Ori is hard to reconcile.

    I was expecting the whole Morgan LeFay thing to stretch out over the course of the season, but it had an immediate and unexpected payoff. That also impressed, and made me wonder if this season will manage to be as consistent as the ninth season in terms of season arc. Granted, there will always be the stand-alone episodes of varying quality, but they could also trickle out a few plot points here and there.

    Very little time was wasted in this episode, and that was something I found exciting, especially in contrast to the episode of “SGA” that aired on the same night. I was strongly invested in everything that was happening, and I felt like my long-term fan loyalty was being rewarded by all the ongoing continuity references. It’s the kind of episode that I really wanted to watch again, to see what else I might catch along the way, and that’s exactly the kind of episode that brings me back for every new episode.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)