Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 10

The Quest (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The team finally goes on their holy quest.

    The team manages to find out the location of the weapon that can help them defeat the Ori. Ofcourse nothing is ever easy for our team and this time the have to overcome several tests before they will succeed. Or will they? This is the episode that marks the half of series 10 and ends with a nice cliffhanger.

    I hope they can keep this form up for the rest of the series no matter if its the last one or not. Vala again takes on the role of the sidekick in this episode making one funny remark after the other. Ofcourse any episode with Baal in it must be good.

    Just a message for faith. There are other numbers you can choose than 10. lol
  • The beginning to the end!

    You better try to get in your next few last shows of this great show as this will be the beginning to the end. In which the team go and search for the Holy Grail. But it isn't just finding it but getting to it first is the key to it. As they must defeat an old enemy to get to that. Great show and will miss it come the last season.
  • Not too bad. read on for spoilers and questions.

    Good episode.

    Not obvious that the fake librian is the Aurisai.
    The ring is "obviousy" auri.
    Not told if the fake librian was all along Aurisai or she took his form later on.
    Not shown how Jackson communicated his opinion/suspicions to Mitchel.

    Temporal field HORRIBLY done. - If someone sprayed sand all over, u could discern the "walls" of the passage through the temporal field.

    Where did Baal's Jaffar go ? (think they're hiding in a cloaked cargo ship ?)

    How did Morgan Le Fe hide the planet from ship travel ?
    {Baal mentions this while in the 2nd trap}
    How does that work ?

    How did then the Auri troops arrive ? Only by stargate ? WHY IS VALA carrying a hairdryer?

    Why the cliff hanger at the end, is a dragon.
    Does'nt Baal know the name of it ? So why is this a problem ?

    It's nice to see Aurisai powerless. :)

    "I'm going to get out of your line of fire" - Baal. [Yet he walks infront of the target!!]

    Funny how Baal is trapped.

    What does he say when he's sitting alone in the trap.

    "Why don't u two just get a room" - Carter to Baal & Aurisai.

    Why do the fire-faith test look like the fires of the Auri?

    "Well after you muscles" - Vala to T'ealc

    The sangral is a hologram... ooh big surprise.
    What is the thing behind the sangral hologram ? It's got ancient text on it and some crystals... I'm guessing it's a device of some kind.

    :) That's it... Good episode all in all.
  • Another episode with SG-1 and Ba'al

    For the episode in hand, i think it was quite good actually even tho i laughed quite a much on the "maze puzzle" part. They somehow looked like they were just walking around on some woods and look cool, especially Teal´c with this P90's on the rear-man of the company, well they gotta do something to earn their paycheck right?

    As far as it comes to Adria, i think she isnt that good actor on this season 10, could sacrifice her some fast way like they killed Colonel of odyssey in episode backwards. But all in all this episode has great potential no doubt about it, cant just wait to see the conclusion, whenever that may be...
  • When Daniel figures out the location to Merlin's weapon, SG-1 travels there to find it. It's not long before Ori soldiers, and others, arrive for the same reason.

    In the words of Colonel Mitchell, "That's what I'm talking about." This hour proved to be not only an excellent mid-season finale, but a great episode overall. It has so many things that one could look for. Advancement in the Ori storyline, with encounters with Ori soldiers and a major step in the search for Merlin's weapon. Some major villains make appearances, including Adria, getting to show off those pretty brown eyes, and the delightfully arrogant Ba'al, who is forced to team up with SG-1 to find the weapon. Oh, and did we mention the... well, I guess that would be spoiling it. It is the cliffhanger after all. Let's just say that once they mentioned it two or three times, they had to pay it off. And pay it off they did. I'm looking forward to the continuation of this storyline and SG-1's final ten episodes next year.
  • The SG-1 team continues their quest for the Holy Grail, an Ancient device capable of killing the ascended Ori. They learn that an old nemesis is also looking for the device.

    Alright, I absolutely love stargate. This episode I absolutely love. But at the end the dragan thing was a bit of a stretch. I hope that they have some logical reason for the "dragon" or I'll be at a lost. But this episode was pretty good. I liked that they had to go through this big kind of puzzle to get where they needed to be. Then they have a big surpirse and figure out that one of the bad guys have been with them all along, in disguise of course. L oved this it muy muy mucho. Peace Out!
  • Daniel is getting better at doing this

    Well I only just seen this episode on peekvid and it was quite enjoyable to watch. The show started slow but it got moving pritty quickley and before you know I was trying to work out the puzzles out with all the stargate team, ba'al's joining of the team had it's laughs and Daniel Jackson must be getting smarter and smarter because he always finds ways out of situation that no one else can. It was also good to see the SG-1 team back together but i'm still missing Jack O'Neal, he is in my all time favorite charters. Stargate SG-1 still going strong after all these years
  • That was great!

    That was a great episode of SG1, it was highly entertaining with a nice cliffhanger at the end that sets up well the second part.
    Sg1 searches for Merlin`s weapon but Ba'al and the Ori are also in for the quest. Ba'al is so amazing. Cliff Simon does a great job, reminds me a lot of Richard Dean Anderson. It was a nice twist that Adria impersonated that old man all the way long and was with Sg1. I like the traps, pretty intense episode. So the Dragon is real, nice cliffhanger. Can`t wait to see the follow up.
    200 being the best episode of the season so far, this one takes the second spot, great episode.
  • Search for Merlin weapon.

    Vala has a dream that leads Sam into a new theory where Merlin weapon might be and they are running for it only to learn someone who looks like Ba'al has lead. There are quine many quite fascinating traps and tasks for them what really had quite a lot - they are somehow the best part, even... And then they meet with Ba'al and keep all as one band and then they realize that their guide is Adria and their band gets even more colorful and soon there is that final task - a gave and then the thing what looks like a weapon but then comes.. dragon..
  • good episode...

    SG-1 go off-world in search of Merlin's weapon only to find out Ba'al was already there. The ori show up on the planet and an old man offers to help the team find the weapon. It turns out, however, that the old man is Adria. Along the way, the team finds Ba'al and he comes along for the ride also. I really like this episode for many reasons. I like the story, but what makes the episode so good for me is all of the characters. Ba'al is halarious, Adria adds a bit also, and the team's dynamics with the others is just great. Overall, great episode with plenty of good funny moments and a good story.
  • Great episode...

    SG1 are still looking for the holy grail and find the planet that it is hidden on but thet must go on a quest to find it. I must say I really like the fact that they are doing all of this medievel stuff on the show it really makes it more interesting. What was even better about this episode is that it had Ba'al in it and he is still as funny as ever. When they were going through the quest it was really cool to see them all contribute in solving something. I think at the end Daniel just should have pushed Adria off of the ledge because she is probably just going to kill him anyway once she gets out. I also really liked the Dragon shot whats a quest without a dragon? Later...
  • The SG1 team is tested to prove they are worthy to get Merlin’s weapon against the Ori.

    While Daniel continue to look for the route to the ancient weapon built by Merlin, Vala wakes up with a revelation that leads the team to a medieval society where they race against the Jaffa in order to find the weapon, lead by the local librarian after the latest Ori attack, the team must pass test after test in order to find the cave in which the Saint Grail is supposedly hidden. Alas it’s all revealed to be a trap set by non other than Adria herself who’s grown tired of waiting and in fact sent Vala’s revelation in order to lure her mother’s friend, former ascendant being Daniel Jackson, to gather the weapon for her.

    Riddle after riddle, the SG team is forced to work for its very enemy while an strange mix of bonding and distrust forms between them, especially Adria and Ba’al, as well as a nice interaction between the SG- 1 gals as Carter figures out the ‘deceptively simple’ solution to a time dilation field problem on their way to the caves thanks to Vala’s contribution. Mention apart is the ever growing bond between Daniel and Vala who reminds us the best parts of “Prometeus Unbound” when Vala suggest to steal to solve their problems or Daniel takes her hair drier to offer as ‘sacrifice’ on one of the riddles, with all this close interactions going on all at once you just know one of them might not make it, a hunch that becomes a certainty by the time the ultimate challenge puts them face to face with a dragon, the guardian of Merlin’s cave.
  • Great! Cant wait for part 2

    This was a great episode. Everything was fantastic. The plot and characters were wonderful.
    Seening Baal and Adria together was hilarious. Especially when Sam says "Get a room" to
    The tests were exciting. When Baal says the child should squeeze through the bars because he's tiny...Teal'cs response..."Assist us or I'll squeeze you throught these bars."
    That was hilarious!Loved it
    Over all it was fantastic and i loved it.
    I cant wait to see part two. The suspence is sending me to another world!:P
  • Exciting Episode! Finally caught it on a re-run last week. Can't wait for part 2

    I missed it when it was first aired but finally got to see it last week. A very exciting episode with some unexpected parts. Such as Adria pretending to be that old man in disguise. The part with the temporal maze was a little silly. I would have thrown the dirt up in the air, then you could see the edges much better. The first rock that Carter tossed stopped quite a ways from her, how did she know that that direction was the wrong way.

    Other than a couple minor details like that, I really enjoyed this episode. Very funny and exciting. As for the dragon, some people thought it was far fetched. It is most likely another hologram since holograms are used so often with the Asgard and other races in this show. I highly doubt a dragon has been waiting in that cave for thousands of years and ONLY shows itself when you try to take the hologram crystal. It's obviously a trigger that starts up the dragon hologram.
  • ahhh finally back onto the storyline

    a great episode cant wait for the second part francly bringin sg1 ba\'al and the orisi is genius although u see it coming a good point to add would be that the dragon is physically incorrect and they didnt do much research on it as research into the posibility of dragons existing has found that the wing membrane would have to join from the shoulders along the body to the thigh like most graphical dragons this one has wings that jut stright out like two arms i relise that the story will reviel probly that it is a hologram of some sort but it would be nice if the graphical artists would do a bit of research first. a great episode all flaws considers
  • The last episode before the six month hiatus once again revisits Merlin, Morgan le Fay and the continuing theme of Ancient riddles. Action and suspense were not invited on the grand journey.

    The episode starts well with Daniel, Vala and Sam discovering the planet where Morgan la Fay hid Merlins weapon cabable of killing ascended beings. This story line has gone unattended for several episodes and it was time they made some headway, especially considering that this "Holy Grail" is the one thing that can possibly stop the Orii.

    Suspense quickly builds up when our heroes arrive on the planet, only to watch helplessly as soldiers of the Orii invade the village and burn all writings related to the "Sangraal".

    However, as soon as SG-1 leave the village to catch up with Ba'al, the episode turns into "Solve that Ancient riddle!". Don't get me wrong, it was nice to see SG-1 solve problems without using their P90s, but for the most part, the riddles were not nearly as complex as I would have expected them to be, and the team sure didn't hurry with the solutions.

    The revelation of Adria (BTW, Morena Baccarin looks hot in her leather armor) hardly changes the dynamic of the group, apart from a few lines she exchanges with her mother about embracing the Orii. Only two minutes later it's back to "Solve that Ancient riddle!", while a collapsing cave desperatly tries to revive the suspense from the beginning.

    The expedition finally arrives at the Sangraal, only to realise that it's once again a hologramm, and the episode ends with a rather weak cliffhanger, since the dragon guarding the Grail probably is a hologramm as well, and Ba'al claims he knows the keyword necessary to disarm it.

    Now, with a few changes here and there, this might have worked as a single episode. But for a good two-parter you need a thighter story line, as well as a cliffhanger that doesn't look like it's from a "TV-Cliffhangers for Dummies"-book. While the episode may gain from it's second part, the first part has me less than enthusiastic...
  • The team searches for a weapon to defeat the Ori and do so \\\'as a team\\\' which is one of the best aspects of this episode. An interesting bringing together of old and new enemies with a nice twist on things.

    The only time I winced with dismay during The Quest part one was when Mitchell exclaimed \\\'oh for crying out loud\\\' in exasperation. That line belongs to Jack O\\\'Neill as his trademark and should have \\\'retired\\\' from dialog when he isn\\\'t in an episode.

    Some very intriguing things about this episode. Apparently Adria can influence Vala\\\'s mind in dreams which I think might make Vala a security risk. Who knows what things Adria could plant in her mother\\\'s subconscience.

    However I think that this episode also clearly indicates that Adria has been \\\'compromised\\\' as an Oricia. For me, her actions in this episode show that Daniel has somehow managed to plant the seeds of doubt in her mind about the Ori and their intentions. I think she was not only there to find the Sangraal but to learn more about Daniel whom I think may prove to be the bigger threat to the Ori than any weapon built by Merlin. If he can plant doubt in the mind of the Orici then he can eventually cause their hold on others to crumble as well.

    I think Baal was an eye opener as well for Adria in this episode. The Goa\\\'uld were mostly gone by the time the Ori found their way to this galaxy. Adria had no clue that there were other beings who saw and set themselves up as gods and had fallen. I think it unnerved her that Baal had no fear of her and only had contempt..her say her as nothing more than just another \\\'system lord\\\' rival who was as a phony a god as he was.

    Daniel was awesome in this episode. I was glad to have in back in fine form again. This was the Daniel Jackson of yore. The episode was about Daniel without lessening the other characters. They worked together as team and that made him stronger in what he needed to do. Except Vala was not so good in this episode. She started out ok and for a while I thought maybe she and Daniel were still having lingering effects of the bracelets and where attuned to each other so that what he was working on came to Vala in her dreams and called up submerged memories. Then Adria said she did it. Vala was just too silly and in too many inappropriate instances in this episode. What I am hoping is that this was all a smoke screen on her part for Adria\\\'s benefit. Make the girl think her mother is an air head to be easily dismissed. Which would make Adria an easy target for Vala. Daniel walking through the wall of fire gave me chills it was so powerful a scene. Made even more so by the absence of dialog on Daniel\\\'s part. We saw the whole thought process: the realization and the decision all expressed in Daniel\\\'s eyes, his facial expression and body language. No words were needed. That\\\'s storytelling and that\\\'s great acting

    Overall a very intriguing and interesting episode. Part two should be as well.
  • Dragons and p90s

    This was a great episode, I like the fact everyone has come together in one arena sg1, baal and the Orici should make for a really cool show down. i also like the element of fantasy that stargate sg1 is adopting, makes for really exciting espiodes, scifi and fantasy, P90s and dragons (its just great). The fact that its in two part really is disappointing, its hard enough to wait a week for a new episode of sg1, but waiting several weeks for the conclusion of what was an exciting episode will be terrible, it's going to be an agonizing few weeks, can't wait
  • SG-1 goes in search of a way to defeating the Ori!!

    I'm so glad that they finally made Vala a member of SG-1 because she really adds something to the show.

    When SG-1 ran into Baal I was pleasantly surprised, it just made this episode that much better. Personally, I am a big fan of Baal as far as bad guys go. Is the only bad guy that I would miss if he should die. There's just something about him that makes me like him.

    This episode was well written and very enjoyable to watch. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that it was a two parter. I hate it when shows end a season with part 1 of 2. I know that they'll recap the show next season, but I like it when the episode is fresh in my mind so I can enjoy the second part that much more.
  • SG1 with Baal head off to find the Sangraal

    OK, so the midseason finale is now over.

    This episode was very fast paced. First were with Daniel and then Vala's "dream". Was it really a dream or not? I still would like to know for sure. Then the town and finding Osric and the Parchment. Off on the Quest with him when the Ori come, only to find Baal along the way. Then they find Osric is really... Adria.

    So, they continue WITH Adria. That's what gets me. Why did they let her come along. Even with her powers being neutralized, SG1 STILL let the leader of the enemy come with them! I can understand letting Baal come along, he's powerless and easily defeated. However, no one knew (not even Daniel) that Adria was powerless. Daniel just knew that it was Adria all along.

    You would think after 9+ years of adventures that the characters wouldn't be know what. I don't want to say it.

    However, given this point, I liked the episode. The dragon at the end was good CGI and so was the mystery of the Sangraal. I liked the comedy and one thing is it worked. The writing and the comedy worked, especially given that the cast was unusually large in this episode. I just wish there was more interaction.

    Adria seemed almost whiny in this episode. And, her interaction with Vala didn't come across as "mother-daughter" like it did in Counterstrike or Flesh and Blood. Sure, they may be enemies, but they're still related. Vala could have at least reacted differently than she did.

    With all of this said, I liked the episode. I'll watch Part 2 because I'm a big fan. However, I think it could've been better.