Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 10

The Quest (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Not too bad. read on for spoilers and questions.

    Good episode.

    Not obvious that the fake librian is the Aurisai.
    The ring is "obviousy" auri.
    Not told if the fake librian was all along Aurisai or she took his form later on.
    Not shown how Jackson communicated his opinion/suspicions to Mitchel.

    Temporal field HORRIBLY done. - If someone sprayed sand all over, u could discern the "walls" of the passage through the temporal field.

    Where did Baal's Jaffar go ? (think they're hiding in a cloaked cargo ship ?)

    How did Morgan Le Fe hide the planet from ship travel ?
    {Baal mentions this while in the 2nd trap}
    How does that work ?

    How did then the Auri troops arrive ? Only by stargate ? WHY IS VALA carrying a hairdryer?

    Why the cliff hanger at the end, is a dragon.
    Does'nt Baal know the name of it ? So why is this a problem ?

    It's nice to see Aurisai powerless. :)

    "I'm going to get out of your line of fire" - Baal. [Yet he walks infront of the target!!]

    Funny how Baal is trapped.

    What does he say when he's sitting alone in the trap.

    "Why don't u two just get a room" - Carter to Baal & Aurisai.

    Why do the fire-faith test look like the fires of the Auri?

    "Well after you muscles" - Vala to T'ealc

    The sangral is a hologram... ooh big surprise.
    What is the thing behind the sangral hologram ? It's got ancient text on it and some crystals... I'm guessing it's a device of some kind.

    :) That's it... Good episode all in all.