Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 11

The Quest (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Syfy

Episode Recap

The dragon flies up from the chasm to confront the team. It unleashes a burst of flame… which Adria deflects. They blast a hole in the wall and escape but the dragon tries to cut them off. They finally get outside and Adria insists they return, but the dragon flies up out the top of the mountain. The team tries to hold it off with gunfire while running for the treeline and get cover. Ba'al admits he doesn't know the dragon's secret name and while Daniel tries to come up with it, Mitchell suggests they use C-4 to get through its armor. They lure it into the woods and Teal'c insists on planting it on the dragon's underbelly. Teal'c throws the C-4 at it and the dragon swallows it. It has no effect and Teal'c runs back. Daniel thinks he's figure out its true name so Vala runs out to confront it with its creator name: Morgan LeFay. Fortunately Daniels shows up to say the name correctly in Ancient and the dragon vanishes.

They go back into the caves only to find the platform has a hologram of the jewel. However, everyone but Adria is teleported into another chamber. They find an old man frozen in a stasis pod: Merlin. Vala activates one of the Ancient knowledge transference devices, which frees Merlin. While they wait for him to revive, they explore and fine another exit and determine they're now on a desert planet, near a Stargate that won't work because the DHD has been tampered with. Daniel concludes Morgan was trying to protect Merlin after the Sangraal was destroyed.

Back on the original planet, Adria orders the village destroyed then goes to find where SG-1 was teleported to through the Stargates. Meanwhile, Merlin escapes that the Ori come from the lower realms and acknowledges Oma must have found something in the human worthy of her aid. He says they must help but be willing to do whatever is necessary, and there is worse yet to come. He activates the knowledge device and brings up a hologram and then starts working to create a new Sangraal but then the Stargate activates again and teleports them to another planet. Sam realizes they're caught in a loop of Stargates. While she goes to work, Merlin explains to Daniel and Vala that he has slept a long time and his body is in bad shape. He agrees to help, says he has one more thing to do, wishes them luck, and uses the Ancient intelligence device one more time: there's a flare of light and he dies.

Ba'al offers his help to repair the dialing device and he and Sam go to work. Daniel decides to use the Ancient knowledge device himself and Vala calls the others for help. Mitchell goes to check things out while Teal'c watches Ba'al. Mitchell finds Daniel unconscious. Meanwhile, Adria has arrived at the desert planet and examines the DHD so she can find where they were sent.

The DHD activates and suddenly everyone but Merlin is teleported to a forest world. Daniel wakes up and explains that he now has some of Merlin's memories. Merlin downloaded his information into the machine so Daniel could use it to recreate the sangraal.

Adria arrives on the ice planet and tracks the DHD coordinates, gaining the knowledge faster than the previous time. As she closes in, Sam examines the obelisks used to activate the sequence. Daniel creates the first stage of the Sangraal but begins to display enhanced mental powers, gifted to him by Merlin to handle the knowledge.

Sam asks Ba'al for his help with the obelisk and when he initially refuses, she slugs him and threatens to kill him since he's no longer of use. Given that, he agrees to help her. In the caves, Daniel begins to display memory issues after using the Ancient machine again and completes the next stage of the weapon. Mitchell warns Vala that the hard part is watching teammates put themselves at risk.

Sam and Ba'al find the command override in the obelisk but Adria activates the wormhole and her soldiers come through. Ba'al is shot down while Sam and Teal'c try to hold off the others and Cameron and Vala arrive to back them up. Adria teleports into the cave to confront a weakened Daniel. He summons energies from the storm clouds to destroy Adria's soldiers but collapses from the strain. Sam gets the Stargate open but Adria throws Daniel out of the cave. They open fire on Adria without effect and Daniel manages to hold her off long enough for the others to escape. He collapses and Adria takes him captive.

Back at SGC, the team tries to figure out where the planet is but the buffer doesn't hold enough information for them to easily retrace their steps. Cameron tries to reassure a frustrated Vala. Somewhere in hyperspace aboard Adria's command ship, Vala's daughter confronts Daniel who claims all of Merlin's knowledge is gone. She warns him they have a lot of work to do…