Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 11

The Quest (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Syfy

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  • So close, yet so far!

    This is without a doubt one of the best episodes as of late, that Stargate sg1 has to offer. Bit by bit episodes have been building to reach this very point. Merlin is finally located and the weapon almost built. The final curtain is getting closer and this is the episode to prove it. Not only imagination abound but great adventure and lots of action also. Every time i watched a somewhat boring episode, i'm surprised with some good quality writing and plot within episodes like this one. It is great in every possible way i can imagine, and looking forward to seeing the next intriguing twist in the season.
  • great episode...

    This is the continuation of the previous episode and it was great. The team meets Merlin and tries to create the weapon before Adria tracks them down. Daniel downloads Merlin's memories into his and he tries to create the weapon, but Adria stops him. Mainly, the story was ok on this episode but everything else was great. I loved Vala's freak out and Mitchell's explanation of how she just really bacame a member of the team because she has to watch her team put their lives in danger. I also loved the dynamics between Ba'al and Sam. It was halarious. Overall, the character dynamics made the episode. The ending was pretty sad; Daniel was captured by Adria. Of course, SG-1 will rescue him at some point, but still; great episode.
  • Search for Merlin weapon continues..

    Mm.. what made this episode so good? The first part was action and adventure, fast motion, then this part is more standing on same place but that does not mean nothing major is going on. They find Merlin himself and they have change to ask him everything but he knows his time is soon out so he uploads all his memories to a familiar device and then dies. And Daniel downloads them into himself.

    In meanwhile Adria is left behind as she cannot use her powers and she is trying to get for them.. and in the end she does.

    I liked the motion on this episode. There are always something going on. And the possible knowledge Daniel has.. and Vala worrying about him..
  • This is the ending half of a two part episode. In it SG-1 is instantly transported to many worlds against their wills. Sam and Baal have to find a way out, before Adria catches up to them.

    This was a pretty good episode - for the more recent Stargate. I have not liked Stargate as much since the Ori have been on. Since then, this is one of the better episodes. It contained some of the old characteristics of the show - the ones that made it worth watching. I liked the plot point where they kept getting transported to different worlds. Daniel Jackson's part in this episode was good, he started to reshow some of his better, older qualities. Sam did, too. In the last handful of episodes she seemed overconfident with her job, like she thought she could do anything. I'm glad they brought her back to the way she used to be. It was definatly the Sam I know who punched Baal. Overall this ended up being worse than most of the old Stargate's. However, in the last two seasons, it shone as a beacon for what the show can be in the future.
  • Great episode

    This episode was very enjoyable and adventurous...The team together with Adria and Ba'al have to fight a dragon, and thanks to the knowledge of Jackson, they manage to find out his name and in doing this, to vanquish him...They are teleported to another planet, where they find the frozen body of Merlin...Using a device they manage to unfrozen it...Merlin, seeing that he has no chance to defeat the Ori, uses another device to transfer his powers to Jackson...Jackson manages to build the weapon, before being captured by Adria...Ba'al gets hit by an Ori soldier, and his situation remains unknown...I think that the ending of this season will be very interesting, particularly if there is going to be another season.
  • great in every way...

    This is why I watch Stargate SG1. The whole medevel part of the show is so cool. It was so funny when they were trying to figure out the dragon's name and Teal'c said "Perhaps Puff". They end up finding Merlin but no holy grail. Merlin ends up leaving the plans for Daniel in one of those ancient devices that O'Neill encountered a couple of times. I really liked how they kept on mentioning O'Neill. What was also cool was how daniel had like telekenesis. You could tell that the dragon was fake but it was still cool. It was also funny when carter punched Ba'al and when Teal'c said that they worked well together and they both looked at him and then at each other. This was one of the best episodes so far in season 10. Later...
  • The team finally finds the location of Merlin, and possibly the weapon they been seeking. AdranIs left behind when they are transformed to another location. Daniel gets to talk to Merlin, and now Daniel knows what Merlin knows. How cool is that?

    This was such a good episode. It was really entertaining and the story was fantastic. The repore between Baal and Sam I loved it. I think alittle bit of Jack has gotten into that girl. Daniel and Merlin made of a likely pair. the whole story was was full of surprises.
    there Seems to be some really cools tuff coming up. I just hate to say too much, I really dont want to give away too much. I really liked the busted nose of Baal tho' he really deserved it. Teal'c seems to have picked up alittle of the O'Niell humor himself and he is really getting good at it.
    But the big question is did they lose the weapon? Why does Adrian want to keep Jackson? Does he still have the knowlege. Who knows we will have to wait till next week. I really hate that. All I can really say is I liked it and hope the next is even better, pretty sure of it.
  • The Quest part 2

    This was a wonderful installment in the Legend in the Making, that is "Stargate SG1." Col. Mitchell has actually managed to pull General O'Neill's original SG1 team together and created his own unique SG1 team. The scene in which he tells Vala that she is now really one of their team was perfect. I have to admit I wasn't sure they could pull it off. Stargate has introduced us to and helped us explore so many races, ( the Nox, the Asguard, the Tok'Ra to name a few) and our own history ( ancient Egypt, Babylon, and the lost City of Atlantis for example). Now they have managed to top themselves. They found Merlin!! Found him and tied him neatly into the mythos of Stargate SG1. Of course, they lost him again but Daniel has his Knowledge, memories and powers?? At least, part of them. Then, they lost Daniel. My personal favorite scene is when Ba'al is putting down females from old planet Earth and Samantha Carter knocks him flat. I haven't liked a lot of this season but this was a very good episode.
  • Still struggling, but a good ending

    It’s been several months since the last time a new episode of “SG-1” was on the air (at least in the United States), and it did not end the first half of the season on a high note. Despite a great deal of promise coming out the ninth season, the highlight of the tenth and final season has thus far been a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the past decade. The first part of “The Quest” felt less like a banner episode of “SG-1” and more like an odd retread of an old-style “Dungeons and Dragons” campaign.

    The conclusion of the story starts in largely the same thematic ground, with the SG-1 team and Ba’al fighting what appears to be a wyvern (like a dragon, but not). Once this relatively cute moment is over, the episode takes a turn into more familiar territory. The team is whisked to a new location off the beaten wormhole path where they encounter Merlin. He has a device that can help recreate the Sangraal, the weapon that can be used against the Ori. Only he is unable to use the device; Daniel volunteers, putting his life at great risk as a result.

    This entire plot thread includes a number of continuity references that help connect the Ori plot elements to the Ancient technology encountered during the Goa’uld days. Such an effort is quite appreciated, even if it won’t be enough to overcome the resistance of fans unwilling to give the new order a chance. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see the pieces fitting together, even if it’s still clear that there’s a lot left to do before the end of the series.

    While Daniel slowly falls apart at the seams, Adria pulls together her resources from around the galaxy to hunt SG-1 down. This aspect of the plot adds to the long list of Adria’s powers, and they are quite impressive. Unfortunately, this also exposes the weaknesses in Morena Baccarin’s performance. Some scenes are completely ruined by line delivery that undermines the intent of the scene. I loved Morena as Inara on “Firefly”, so it’s disappointing to see her falter. (Especially since the lack in acting makes it look like she was hired solely for her looks.)

    By the end of the episode, Daniel is weakened and in Adria’s hands. Despite his claims that the Ancient knowledge is gone, Adria’s powers are vast and it’s possible that she could find a way to extract the memories. SG-1 has part of the Sangraal in hand, but no means of returning to the planet with Merlin’s device. This is an interesting and unexpected complication for the season arc, and the writers have certainly given themselves a good starting point for the remainder of the season and series.
  • Adria loses the weapon but the SG1 loses Daniel

    The team continues their ordeal trying to escape from the dragon that guards Merlin’s weapon; Vala is exposed when Teal’c & Mitchell fail to destroy it so Daniel rushes after her to neutralize the threat using the ancient name of Morgan learned on Atlantis (Pegasus Project). However, their efforts end up trapping the whole team in a circuit designed to hide the only man able to build the weapon, Merlin himself, from the ones such as Adria (which in fact prevents her to follow them for awhile). Well aware that she is determined to find them, SG-1 do their best to inform Merlin of the latest events and ask his help to build the weapon but the man is simply too old to finish it as he’s been in stasis all this time so he uses an ancient device on his chamber to “record” the information they need right before he dies and while Vala is distracted, Daniel does the most foolish and noble thing by tapping into the device to gather the information for them, which forces a distraught Vala to call Mitchell’s help when Jackson collapses in her arms. As Sam uses Ba’al knowledge to help her and Teal’c to break out from the circuit, both Mitchell and Vala try to help Jackson build a weapon that increasingly weaken him under the helpless look of his teammates. By the time Daniel finishes the second stage he can barely recognize Vala as he already has troubles separating his memories from Merlin’s. Vala can’t take it anymore and demands Mitchell to stop this before they would lose him completely which prone to an inspiring lecture from the current SG-1 leader about the hardest part of the job: to watch their friends take chances with their own lives. Indeed, Cam consolidates as leader from the moment he takes control of the situation with Daniel to the way he handle Vala’s grief after Adria takes Jackson with her, Sam also has her moments as she imposes herself to Ba’al and refuses to leave Daniel behind as only a senior member of SG-1 could and the break on the team is well played on both ends with Vala at the base and Jackson at Adria’s, the sense of peril lingering toward the next episodes.
  • SG-1's search for the Sangreal leads them to some unexpected help. They have to hurry, though, since Adria is right on their tail.

    This episode serves as a great follow up to Part 1's terrific cliffhanger and does a wonderful job of kicking off SG-1's final ten episodes. Like Part 1, we get plenty of action and Ori storyline advancement. The discovery of Merlin is a nice surprise as is the return of one amazing but dangerous Ancients device. Daniel's use of it lead to some great moments in the show as the team's newest member gets to learn that it's not risking her own life that's the hard part, it's seeing others risk theirs. Really, this episode is full of great team and character moments. Teal'c stopping Mitchell from facing the dragon; the look on our favorite Jaffa's face after seeing the effect the C4 has on their quarry; Mitchell's reaction when he realizes what Daniels done, managing to sound frustrated and concerned yet completely unsurprised at the same time; Sam having to deal with Ba'al, her eventual reaction to that (To paraphrase Jayne: "Saw that coming"), and Teal'c's comment about their working relationship; And, of course, the various names the SG-1 team members think up for the dragon. The relationships between these characters really make the episode and the show overall. The episode also gives us its share of action. And that ending leaves the fate of one of our SG-1 favorites uncertain. Now we get to see just what it is Adria has been hinting at on the Ori's plans for Daniel. Hopefully, those plans don't include yet another encounter with the Reaper. I look forward to finding out.
  • Oh My Freakin' God! Epic, Iliadic, monumental, life-changing

    This was awesome, the hype was immense, part of me was worried the episode wouldn't live up to it, but it did, with flying colours.

    This episode ruled and really sets up for the next arc involving Daniel. The special effects were insane, out of this world. The movement between the planets was brilliant, as was Merlin and the Ancient device. I want to know what happens to the Sangraal though, it was nothing like I thought it would be.

    This episode ruled, especially seeing Carter and Ba'al working together, and the dragon getting beaten. Teal'c was a little weird but still enjoyable to watch as ever. Still pumping those guns! THe script-writers are right on hte money, this episode rocked my world. Turned a horrificly bad day into an epic one. I loved this episode.
  • Another episode demonstrating great writers for a perfect cast. Would not have missed it.

    For all Die-Hard Fans SG-1 came back with a sweet vengeance, demonstrating to us that it is still the best series on TV, and has been for the last 10 years. The cast is perfect and tonight's episode was everything you would expect from SG-1. From the moment the show started there was action and suspense. Always waiting to see what's going to happen next. I've always liked it when Ba'al is in the shows; it definitely helps with the humor in the show. As always it proved well tonight with him and Sam. I loved it when she hit him down. Jackson has always been the caring and intelligent character, who with knowledge chooses to find the answer and boy did he put him self out there this time. Adria has been an interesting character development. I wonder how much human child-like feelings are still in her. When Mitchell brought to Vala’s attention about her being one of the team is being able to watch another team member sacrifice their own life really touched my heart because of the softness and the hardness at the same time. Again we’re left with another cliffhanger. Thank you SG=1.
  • Possibly the best episode of season 10.

    This episode felt very fresh and unique. It was also very emotional. It had some very important moments for Vala as a character.

    First of all, the way that the team was automatically transported from planet to planet every few hours was ingenious, for Morgan as well as the writers. I loved it. The eclectic group was, of course, entertaining. Who doesn't like having a handsome, arrogant baddie with a sense of humor around once in awhile? But the best thing about the whole episode was the emotion the team went through watching their friend risk his life, especially Vala. The way Mitchell grabbed her and told her she is now really part of SG-1 was so effective. She has definitely changed.

    Oh, another great thing: "Perhaps Puff."
  • Amazing!

    This was a fantastic episode. Perfect SG1 material. There was some great humour, especially when dealing with Ba'al, for example when Merlin stopped him speaking, or Sam punched him. There was action, with Darrell the Dragon (wyvern, or whatever). There was emotion (eg Vala's reaction to what was happening to Daniel), and tension (as Adria was trying to track the team through the stargates), and several twists, and story progress (the first part of the Sangraal 'found')

    I can't wait for the next episode!

    How can they cancel this show? This episode shows there's still lots of life left in it!
  • Wonderful

    This was a great episode. So much great stuff. I loved it.The dragon as cool and Merlin was awesome. The bit between Cameron and Vala was so touching. You could see she had tears in her eyes.
    Baal and Sam were great. And Teal'c looked really pleased when Sam punched Baal. It was so funny.
    Daniel having Merlins memories was great too. His special powers were kewl too. Vala really cares for daniel and you can see that alot in this episode. Especially at the end.

    This was a great end to the two parter and i loved it. Cant wait for more.
  • WOW!!!!

    This is one of the best ep. that I ever watched!!! It is so touching and full of love and humor too! Daniel is at his best, so hero and so lonely, left bahind with Adria!!! Vala worry for Daniel is really touching! Cameron finally come out and the banter between Sam and Ba'al are relly amusing! Adria is a good villain! It is such a shame that scifi will cancell this show! I can't wait to watch "The Shroud". Now...sorry for my bad english....
  • The best SG-1 ever.

    WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! This was without a doubt in my mind the absolute best episode of Stargate Sg-1 that I have ever seen. I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time, couldn't wait for whatever would come next. A real adrenaline rush for any fan of the gates. If you ever see only one episode of SG-1 ever, then make it this one, you won't ever regret it. I have seen practically every SG-1 ever produced, and all other episodes are sewage compared to this (okay, I may be exaggerating a little, but still, WOW!!!!).
  • One of the best?

    This has restored my faith in the SG1 crew to actually put out a decent show!! After the abismal few preceding episodes that undoubtly cost the show its right to air! and do you really blame it? (oh my goodness - they were crip) and the even more dissapointing 200th episode. Ooh I\'m sorry, was that parody supposed to be funny? My faith has been restored!! SUPERB!! sci-fi as it should be!! amazing story, great conversation and a big slap down to the Ori!! not so omnipitant now are we Adria?!!! I cannot wait to see the destuction of the Ori, even if I have to wait for the blasted movie!!! Keep it up guys!!
  • Merlin weehee, oh man oh man, this really was nice episode. Talking about ancient devices and cunning tactics, this one really has it all, cant think any way better than this to come back from holidays :)

    Episode continues on the point where team SG-1 + Ba'al + Adria are stuck on some old cavern where there suppose to be sangral, anyways dragon appears (this is where we left off on part 1). Things leg little bit tricky on this one, for the crew + Ba'al they remain on the planet or should i say in the cavern when the ground starts to change, they got like a dynamic planet change for their cavern, sort of like having a dynamic IP address and someone tries to keep up with it. Pretty damn clever if u ask me. Well there are alot of nice changes on characters, especially on Dr. Jackson, he now possesses some data from Merlin's mind (when this one dies), but i really loved how Ori troops played on this one, they look intense and wow what a lightning in the end of episode, really nice one. So my last words are that i wanted to say is, this is a nice ep after holidays, and my points are 9½/10 for this one ;)
  • WOW what an episode

    This was one of the best episodes of the season. The dragon sequence was amazing and Teal’cs name for it was hilarious. It was cool they found Merlin and the team reminding him of The Knights of the Round Table and Ba’al reminding him of Mordred was funny. Watching Daniel talk to Merlin was great as was Daniel with Merlin’s memories. The banter between Ba’al and Carter was classic and that punch was hilarious. The Best part of the episode was the conversation between Cam and Vala. It was emotional and touching. Daniel with super funky powers was awesome and what a cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Only nine episodes until the end!

    This was a fantastic installment. I was constantly blown away by the great storyline and acting. The show now is begining to close off the loose ends. Daniel when he finds Merlin has no choice but to upload all of his memories into his own so Daniel himself can build the anti Ori weapon. I enjoyed how Adria was constantly chasing them, trying to tract where they were going. I'm intregued to find out what Adria will do with Jackson now that see has him in her grasp. Ba'al appears to be dead, and SG1 are still no closer to getting hold of the ori weapon and now time is running out. A great episode.
  • Brilliant, another outstanding episode of SG-1 - And we have it 4 months before America for a change!!

    This is another excellent episode from what so far has been a great season of SG-1; the series is developing very well and this episode adds so much to the story arc I loved every minute of it. The story had me thinking that maybe too much was happening considering we have another 7 episodes to come, the solution to the Ori problem appeared to be presenting itself almost too easily, as usual hgowever the SG-1 writers threw a massive spanner in the works and left plenty open for the remainder of the season - I now doubt we will have many one-shot "filler" episodes as there should be enough story to tell in the last 5 or so hours. I cant wait for the rest of the season; the only thing im not looking forward to is the end in February as I wont have a new season to look forward to later in the year.
  • Brilliant, worth the wait...

    I loved this episode, and I loved the fact that we got to see it before the Americans. It is quite different to finally watch an episode without having read about it before on the definitly was a first time around, not knowing what was going to happen.
    ***Spoilers ahead...***
    I have always wanted more about Daniel, I mean he ascendet now what twice and got really nothing to show for it and in this episode he finanlly was able to get some powers and use them and it was just great. Loved the ending with him getting captured by Adria while he saved the rest of the team. It will be interesting to see how this will all play out. Great episode, definitly worth the wait. I hope they keep this up, one of the best episodes.
  • what an episode

    this is an example of stargate near its very best. and finaly i can get a review in before all the americans, lol. after escaping from the cave and defeating the dragon, they go back to get the Sangreal and are all transported to another planet minus Adria. here they find merlin frozen (like jack in 'lost city') and wake him up. she gives daniel the knowledge to make the Sangreal. when daniel nearly finishes it Adria finds them and it all goes to hell. Everyone but daniel escapes through the gate and daniel is taken by adria. this in my opinion is a very good episode, well written and definately worth waiting for.
  • "After Discovering the frozen Body of Merlin, the SG-1 team works to help him build the Sangraal before Adria and her Ori army can track them".

    That is the official description of this episode.

    Best episode so far this season, so finally we seem to be getting some where, some questions answered, but more left to ask! The Big Question now being what is going to happen to poor Daniel now that Adria has him prisoner????

    Hopefuly now they will keep this pace up for the rest of the season.
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