Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 13

The Road Not Taken

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I love alternate reality episodes, but this one just wasn't that good...

    Carter gets trapped in an alternate reality where she saves their earth from the ori and becomes a hero. In their reality, the stargate is not a secret and the US is basically run completely by the government and the people have few rights. I didn't really like the story. I've always wanted to see what would happen if the SGC went public, but not this way. It's always interesting to see the alternate personalities, but they just didn't do as good as a job on this episode. I was really pretty disappointed with the episode because I love alternate reality episodes and this one just didn't deliver.
  • Sam is thrown into another parallel world...

    Stargate is a great show. And having Sam being front-and-centre in a episode is a great idea too. But there have been too many parallel stories shown on this show - and it is BORING. Nobody cares what happens on the parallel world -as long as Sam goes back to where she came from. Having some heavy-handed comments about people's liberties doesn't work either. Some other reviews suggested this episode could have been better showing some 'parallel lives' of some older characters like Dr. Frasier, Jacob, etc - that would have at least made it more interesting. Having one scene with broken-down Mitchell just does not cut it. Very disappointing.
  • morality

    yap, a classic episode and I loved the moral story line to

    I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever! I hope this show will last forever!
  • During an experiment gone awry, Carter flips into an alternative universe: Ours. The bulk of the episode was a morality tale on what is already occurring now.

    The new laws passed by a scared congress, giving up our civil liberties, arresting people without access to a lawyer or the courts, using a terrorist attack (Anubis) to weaken and suspend our constitution, going it alone and abandoning those that need our help; all these things happened in Carter's new universe. If it sounds familiar it should, because it's already happened in the U.S. To me, the episode shows what can happen if we continue down this road: A government-run media, no free press, no elected officials, and so on. Just look at what slowly happened to Russia under Putin. To give up our civil liberties for the sake of security isn't done all at once. It's done piecemeal, slowly, and over time.

    How many times have we heard from our leaders that they need to restrict our freedoms because the terrorist "threat is still out there." After Hammond made this very comment, it was refreshing to hear Carter snap back, "that's the problem--the threat will always be out there." I applaud the producers and writers of the show for taking our current state of affairs and showing us what might happen if we don't get off the road we've already started down.
  • Ahead of its time episode!!!

    I like these kinds of episodes...the types that dare to ask the question "what if"...what if we were capable to reach a certain performance in technology that will enable us to easy our life?...certain technologies like teleportation or the use of devices in order to protect us from future threats...Thanks to the creativeness of the writers, I find this episodes adventurous and enjoyable...An experiment of Sam teleports here into another dimension where she successfully help the planet Earth to avoid being destroyed by the Ori...Another advantage of this episode was realizing how easy can some situations can be manipulated in the interest of certain powerful people...That's why i would consider this episode as "Ahead of its time", because it shows in a way the future of our world... our rights have already begun to be violated...we need to become more aware of this.
  • Sam sends herself to a different reality while working on Merlins invention. But in her reality sam is still a Major and Landry is the president. Hammond is still working with the sgc. She was once married to Rodney McKay. now she needs to go home. How?

    this was a great episode. I think this was a first for Sam to go to a alternative reality. But it was really good, if you think about it, it was a good thing that she went cause she could figure out a way to get herself back home.
    The oidea of her and rodney being married was really strange.
    I thought it was really funny when she got back home to find out that sg1 had been talking to an empty room to keep her company. and Vala express her relief that she was back.
    This whole episode was dealing with some old pproblems and new ones for the alternate reality and she of course fixed theirs too. She is a hero whereever she goes.
  • I love it when they do this...

    These types of episodes are the ones I like the most. When they have to interact with a different dimension it is a cool break from the planet to planet story telling we get most of the time.
    This time we have Carter get popped into a world where the Ori are knocking on the door of an Earth that has been forced into near chaos and the faces we know are darker and without hope.
    The way her travel to this world worked, I thought, was powerful. The Carter from that world is killed in the process. This makes it a little darker and sad.
    The whole world that we are introduced to is darker and we see Carter try and survive in a place that considers her a hero. It was fun to see her shine in a story all her own.
  • taking a stand against facist tendencies/a police state & reminding us to demand our civil rights back!

    This episode is fantastic not only on it's own for the story but because of it's reflection on today's political climate.

    Just yesterday the news talked about a protester being tasered in FL I think and then I watch this episode where a protestor is 'tasered' with a Jaffa weapon and dragged off -- while they hurry the president away so he won't see anyone who disagrees with him.

    We see a country where people are ruled by fear and intimidation, civil rights are suspended and as Sam says they "subvert democracy".

    Sam's speech is great: "The people of this country need to understand that they are in control of their government, not the other way around. (turns to face the viewers).
    It's your responsibility as citizens of this country to demand the freedoms that have been taken away from you. Demand accountability for why they were withheld in the first ... (she gets cut off).

    Well done! This is why I watch the show! Not only do I get a parallel universe story that's interesting - but I get parallels to my real world pointed out too.
  • Sam in alternate universe

    Trough those 10 years we have get quite a lot those alternate universe episodes and I think they are not bad and the reason why I classificate this as already done is not because there have been some episode with the same idea - someone is put into other universe.. but somehow how this storyline has nothing original to offer. It reminded very very much the episode when Daniel was shown how we would act if he would be in power. And ofcourse.. there were similarities with the episode from the first season "All but grace of God"

    But if I am not thinking on the originality, then I most say, they had their message. The way they showed and reminded how wrong things could have gone (maybe tried to make us again understand why there is no reason they could make the project public) and the threat.

    It had some good motion, it was nice to see Lorne and Hammond.. and it was quite.. enjoyable.
  • Sam goes to a different universe and ends up helping them stop the Ori.

    I thought this episode was really good for the more recent episodes. It's about Sam when she visits a different universe, by accident, and tries to help them fight the Ori. I was captivated throughout the whole thing. I had fun watching it, waiting to see how everyone was different. While it was interesting, it also carried the plot of the entire season along - Sam being able to cloak an entire planet for instance. The series has been getting better every episode since it's come back on. I hope it will continue to have better episodes like this one.
  • It's been done before...

    They have already done alternate reality episodes in the past but they never seem to get old. Everything is weired when Carter accidently winds up in an alternate universe. Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis is the leader of SG1, General Landry is president and general hammond is still leader of the SGC. I liked seeing General Hammond again but I wish they would show the actual General hammond instead of an alternate version. carter saves the alternate earth from the Ori and then they won't let her try to find a way home, they eventually do and she is right back in her own universe. It is not the best alternate reality episode it comes second to Ripple Effect in my book. Later...
  • Carter winds up in a parallel universe.

    Okay... I thought this episode would be more than what it is. I'm such a stargate sg-1 fan that I gave this episode the benefit of the doubt until the end. So, here goes.

    Carter phasing out the planet to hide it from the Ori was very cool special effect wise. Loved it and it worked well. I liked the effect of the Ori weapon fire passing through them.

    However, the rest of the episode seemed mindless and boring. Its one thing to take on Bush & Iraq but to make it so obvious like it is in this episode just makes it sound more like propaganda. Like I couldn't see who they were referring to in our universe! Hello, I'm not that dumb.

    To fix that plot they should've shown more about Landry's actions following the Anubis attack in the alternate universe. Maybe have Carter see some flashback footage or something. Landry is supposed to be this conflicted President and he didn't come off that way.

    And the McKay-Carter marriage. That could've been developed more. But, they didn't. However, it might not have been needed since we know so much of how McKay & Carter interact in our universe.

    The end was a complete bore. She sweet talks McKay into advising Landry to make things right with their world and suddenly she's back in our universe again! It sounds like they couldn't write an appropriate ending.

    This is okay, but it could've been MUCH better.
  • Carter's experimenting with Merlin's device accidentally deposits her into a parallel Earth where the Ori are on the way. She soon finds out that the Ori are the least of her problems.

    Once again, SG-1 visits the parallel universe story. After "There But For the Grace God", "Ripple Effect", and the handful of others we've had over ten seasons, I don't find it necessary to do so again. We want new ideas, not retreads of old ones. I will admit that I am a bit biased. Parallel universes are not my favorite sci-fi storylines. In my mind, the fact that there are an infinite number of universes with their own important problems marginalizes the importance of the Alpha Stargate universe. The differences can be fun, ex-husband McKay and the bitter and broken Mitchell were probably the highlights of this one, but it's not enough to bring it up in my eyes. It's also a shame that they didn't bring back any old characters like they did in "Ripple Effect". I think it would have been great to see someone like Jacob alive in this Earth and see Sam's reaction to meeting him. Overall, this episode never really grabbed me or held my interest. I want stories about our Stargate world, not the adventures of some alternate reality with none too subtle heavy handed social commentary. "There But For the Grace of God" did this story right. This episode, not so much.
  • With fewer and fewer episodes left to waste one with an alternative reality, again, is an insult to the loyal fans.

    Why do an episode like this when you are saying good bye in a few episodes. Did they use this whole episode to get the one answer of using the US power grid to power the anti Ori device. Why did she not ask about Jack O'Neill? Why did she just not take over Air Force 1 as she designed it? If Rodney basically controlled the Internet why did she not use it to post her side of the story?
    The whole story line of this episode was below normal. With 7 or so episodes left, why waste one on this story line.
    I feel insulted that this is what we have waited for and they serve up sub par episodes like this.
    Next week we finally see Daniel as an Ori, gee we didn't see that one coming, and as an Ori his humanity will override his programming and save Earth and stop the Ori. Gee we didn't see that one coming either. Get creative, maybe it is like the ancient gene and it skipped the writers of the last few episodes, and we are left with these mediocre hours of TV.
  • Sam experiments with a cloaking device that was used in the previous episode that malfunctions and puts her in an alternate reality were this earth has a government based on the great movie IMHO "V for Vendetta". Sam has to turn to McKay for help.

    I enjoyed this episode simply for the fact that this is one of the last,which is why I gave it a high 9's. Regardless of the storyline, of course it could have been better,I liked it for the fact that>>>>>hey>>>>>>>>it's Stargate SG1. I had the privilege to watch the rest of the episodes via the UK Sky Network, so let me just say that you will not be disappointed with the rest of the series,especially the next one >>The Shroud
  • Not a good episode to see but thats just my opinion.

    I did not like this episode, the whole thing about alternate realities has been done a few times and it has been ok, but this does not fit with what we have come to see in Stargate. How could Earth leave all of its allies out there helpless for the Ori to attack and kill them. In my opinion this has not been a good episode thus far.
  • Another 'alternate reality' story which although explores some new ideas doesn't hold true to the character of Samantha Carter built up over 10 Seasons.

    Sorry but this isn't the Samantha Carter that we have all come to know and love over the past 10 Seasons. When this faux Carter is trying to establish what the reality she has arrived in she asks about Daniel, Mitchell, Teal'c and Vala. Does anyone see a major omission there? What about Jack O'Neill? If this was the real Samantha Carter surely she would have sought out Jack to try to clarify what was going on.

    A useful plot would have had Jack dying in 'Heroes', which could have better explained Sam's marriage to Rodney McKay. As it was it just didn't ring true.

    Previous episodes (Season Three's 'Point of View') with alternate realities have stressed the difficulties in getting back to the 'correct' reality. In this episode it was a question of "with one bound" Sam was back where she started. Sloppy writing really.

    The one point I've awarded is purely for the back dress that Samantha wore in this very disappointing episode.
  • A failed experiment sends Sam to another dimension in which earth’s only priority is to protect earth (SPOILERS)

    Sam is caught up toying with a new device when Mitchell arrives with no news to offer on the Daniel front, she asks him to run one more test before she’d go. However, something goes wrong and she’s transported to another universe in which she becomes a celebrity as she saves earth from the latest Ori invasion. Having her counterpart get killed because of the experiment she has no other choice but to pose as their hero for this earth is a rather paranoid world controlled by the military that has directed its every resource to protect itself from alien worlds.

    The Jaffa, the Ancients, Atlantis itself are nothing but someone else’s problems for this earth and everyone who questions its regime is considered a traitor and cut out from the program. Sam has no one to turn to as Mitchell’s on a wheelchair, Vala locked up in area 51, Teal’s back at his home world and Daniel remains an Ori prisoner in this world as in the other so she goes to her counterpart ex-husband, one millionaire smart ass named Rodney McKay.

    McKay is simply hilarious as Sam’s former husband, he figures out most of her lies even though he does helps her out in that familiar way some ex spouses have sometimes, but once her equipment is storage ruining her last chance to go home she start fighting for civil rights and the liberties lost during President Landry’s regime much to Rodney’s dismay, as his fears come to life Sam is taken in broad daylight, since she has become a nuisance the President “agrees” is time to send her home, not without putting McKay in her job first which gives her at least hope that someone on their team would be there to push her point of view to the right people. She finally arrives home to find the team has been talking to an empty room for the last two weeks, embarrassed enough not to tell her what they’ve been saying she does find herself caught up in an unexpected embrace as Vala tells her how much they’ve missed her and how glad she’s for her return.
  • But they still did a spectacular job of it *spoilers below*

    This was a really great episode, It started out strong with a good mix of humour and then went straight into the nitty gritty of it all.

    Sam has been transported to another reality by the same means (or very similar) of the episode of SGA Mckay and Mrs Miller. and as the title suggests, this episode looks at what might have happened had things gone down a different path. And although they have done an episode very similar to this a few seasons ago it was very different as this was based around earth.

    In this reality the Stargate Program has been revealed to the general public, and Marshal law has been enforced.

    There are a few quick scenes with Rodney Mckay and the whole marriage thing. which i get the feeling were done purely for the fans as a sort of inside joke because of the rivalry between the two on the shows.

    a fantastic look at what could have been.
  • Another well written and fast paced story!

    Another alternate universe story, but this time with a bit of a twist.

    Lt Col Carter is trapped in an alternate reality thanks to herself in both universes. She needs to find a way back, but of course there is a problem, the Ori are about to attack this earth and they need her to stop it....

    Not going to say more as I dont want to spoil it for those who havent seen it yet. Oh and Daniel Jackson is still missing at this point and he is only brefily mentioned in the episode.

    They have done the alternate reality bit quite a few times now, but this one works. Suffice to say, another excellent episode, full of suprise twists with unexpected people turninh up in unexpected roles!! This one certainly keeps up the pace from previous episodes. Worth Watching!
  • Started off with a bang then just turned into a tale of morality.

    The thing I like about this episode is that it gives you a look into how things could be done if some different choices are made; The episode started off well with Sam hiding the planet from the Ori in the alternate universe, then the Ori left and there wasn't a problem anymore. The hiding planet part was extremely well done but...

    Then things changed, it became more like a morality tale, carter going around to see people to find out just how wrong the world is in this universe... it just didn't seam to matter too much in the general scheme of things.

    While the plot was actually good, it just didn't hold my interest completely throughout the whole episode - Moral tales are not nearly as interesting as the Ori.
  • I thought this was good, but I preferred Line in the Sand

    When I read that the episode had martial law as a theme I had a vision of those Jaffa torture sticks, and sure enough, they made an appearance.

    For me this episode was good, but I dunno, it just wasn't brilliant. I thought Line in the Sand and Quest II were better because, it wasn't that more happened, it was that, well actually more did happen, but I'm not interested in politics in sci-fi. It's why I don't watch Battlestar Galactica. The problem was seeing Landry play a villain so easily was kind of unnerving. I know he's an actor so he's supposed to be able to do that, but it just seemed awkward. And I prefer Hammond of Texas in charge, not second in command.

    I'll tell you what my problem was. My problem was that when the Ori saw the planet just disappear in front of them, they fired once and then turned around and left. Surely any enemy would stick around for a bit, even just to test how long the batteries last and see if something happened that can be traced. I thought that whole scene was a little false. And the rich scientist reminded of the season 8 episode where the Stargate nearly gets revealed, and an Asgard clone appears.

    This episode was good, don't get me wrong, I gave this a 9.3, but I don't really think it deserved any higher. PArt of me actually preferred the Irressistible episode in Atlantis, and I wasn't even a big fan of that. I liked the Vala/Carter moment at the end. Hopefully at some point there will be Vala moments galore.

    I'm sorry, this episode was good, but there has been so much better over the last few years. That said, it's good to watch, and it's very informative about thinking what could have, and would have happened, if the Stargate programme was revealed in our version of Stargate. It's also quite a thought provoker about if something like that happened in our galaxy.
  • another classic sg1 episode

    again, this is an excellent episode. i always ejoy stories of alternate realities. and any episode with rodney and sam is excellent.
    in this episode we get to see what would happen if the stargate program got out into the open. and on there world it didnt go to great. but how cool was the planet shifting dimensions. amazing. i dont want to give away too much info on this episode as i thibk it is one you have to watch. if stargate finishes as well as it is going now then we are in for the best season yet.