Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 17

The Scourge

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Bugs threaten the safety of the gamma site when representatives of Earth arrive to examine the new base.

    Not that great an episode! I think it is meant to show the seriousness of these bugs. They have the potential to destroy all crops and plants creating starvation as well as eliminate that harmful new drug SG1 encountered. They are very similar to the replicators in terms of replication and purpose.
    The method in which the bugs escape is quite impossible (although Major Carter has come to never use that word anymore since joining the SGC). Their mass would not be able to generate a great enough number to break open from the container they were in at the beginning of the episode. Their ability to reproduce by biting their "meaty" victim seems a bit unnecessary especially since they reproduce rapidly by themselves anyway.
    I am glad they got rid of that weird scientist who was studying the bugs. He was annoying and really caused the downfall of the gamma site and quite a few SGC members.
    The Orii certainly have the ability to create such a bug, but the episode was disappointing.
    SG1 needs to start encountering Priors again and taking on the Orii head on, or at least, combat theirs means of controlling the galaxy.
  • Exciting episode.

    WHile the story of bugs inhabiting bodies as been done before(i.e. Farscape, X-Files and I am sure others) Stargate SG1 did a fairly good job with it. Are the writers having trouble coming up with stories? Also, the non-stop 1 liners of Mitchell are excellent. Plus, who would of thought that Daniel and Camerson spoke Chinese. All in all a good episode.
  • pretty good

    I liked it, reminded a bit of the replicators in bug form but over all very interesting.. picked up on what may be a hint.. the Chinese woman.. could she of been hinting the Chinese have found another gate.. I liked that the pentagon guy finally respects what they do
  • I'm having a sense of deja-vu...

    A group of foreign delegates is given a tour of the gamma site, with SG-1 as escorts.
    Just before they are due to go back, the base is suddenly overrun by flesh eating beetles.

    It was all an awful lot like 'The Mummy' (with a slight hint of 'Tremors' thrown in), in which people were eaten by scarab beetles. They even showed a scene of a beetle crawling about under someone's skin, just like 'The Mummy' did.

    It wasn't a bad episode, though certainly not as interesting as most, though that might just be because 'bug' story lines tend to bore me.
  • Not my favorite...

    This wasn't my favorite episode but it did have some pretty good effects on the bugs. I like seeing Robert picardo's character of Richard Woolsey on the show, even though he is sometimes an idiot. The whole bug thing just isn't that interesting. This episode did have its funny moements like when Teal'c said that he wanted to rent the movie old school, and at the end of the episode Mitchell said that he had the movie Starship Troopers picked out to watch. That guy with the long blonde hair I think he was a russian, he just wouldn't shut up if I were Mitchell I would have shot him, maybe not. Later...
  • SG-1 gets attacked by bugs. Fake-looking bugs. Bad script. Terrible acting! This is one episode you'll want to miss!

    The writers of SG-1 obviously are getting bored! What the heck was this? The only reason I watched the entire episode is that I started with volume 1 disk 1 and am determined to get to the end without missing a single episode.

    Did anyone think that the bugs looked real??? Did anyone think that any of the acting was good or if they took it seriously?

    Even the supposed "suspense" scenes were so phony-looking and uneventful.

    It is obvious now that the creators of SG-1 have focused their attention on Atlantis (which at this point in time) is a better, deeper, and more suspenseful series. When Jack left, he took a huge chunk of the show with him.

    What were the writers thinking when they devised this one?
  • I really loved it!

    I really enjoyed this episode! It is one of my favorites! I think any TRUE Stargate fan would enjoy it! idont see why it has gotten such bad reviews so far! I wish we could have seen the bugs more in this series, but sadly we dont! Any way, I thought this was a very good episode with humorous and sad moments! and the timing of the Odessey is amazing! lol! I probably spelled Odessey wrong too but anyway! Great episode that any true SG-1 fan would love, although I wish they would have made it a little scarier... I mean it was really creepy but it could have been creepier:)
  • SG1 is really starting to feal great again, not that it ever stopped but.. yeah.. whatever.

    Bugs.. yah! Creatures that get under your skin and take over your body... where have I heard that line before? That aside.. was a really great show, as always. The characters are hitting off each other perfectly, Michele is officially, in my book anyway, really perfect for SG1 now. I think they really grew him into the role nicely, other shows should take note.
  • SG1 rocked this episode

    Best episode this season, the writers really stepped up and delivered this episode, some brilliant lines made me crack up a few times.
    I would like to see a few more of these and I would like to see the chinese ambassador come back into play(romantic interest for daniel??), which was sort of hinted at.
    The discussion between her and daniel was quite interesting when she asked him about working for the chinese govt some time in the future. hmmm
    The reference to movie night at the end of the episode and Camerons choice of starship troopers was great, I was sort of hoping the bugs would mutate a little more.
    Only one flaw in this episode if you can call it a flaw, I wish the french guy had been eaten by them.
  • Somehow not ... mm.. good enough

    I do not know. Maybe I have seen this episode somewhere as I have some forigin channels who have shown Stargate in languages I do not understand as this episode was so familiar for me from the beginning - or it was just so clichee and predictable that when you show us the bugs and you eat them a meat - they all start to eat you.

    I somehow little, liked the idea that SG had somehow "baby-sitting" mission - they are their elite team and now they have to represent the project. So, I could say that part was promising but the way everything worked out.. it was rather not exciting.. Very predictable and I honestly would have liked to have any connection at all with major storylines. Ok, the bugs.. I think they will be problem later or.. but.. char development.. mm.. some results.. is it too much to ask?
  • I hadn't seen this episode first time round. It was hardly worth the effort in catching up.

    A poor storyline, full of plot holes, and not particularly well directed.

    The first five minutes were OK in which for PR purposes SG1 accompanied an international delegation to the Gamma Site. Then we were introduced to the bugs and the writing became infantile. The bugs get loose - no surprise there!

    And so our heroes have to save the foreign guests. For starters I'd have thrown the underwritten, overacting Frenchman to the bugs as a diversion. We come to the first major plot error. When the bugs attacked the first soldier they ate him - bones and all? I'd have been more impressed had they left a fleshless skeleton. Perhaps the censors had an input here. I seem to remember that the X-Files had problem in 'Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose' with the dream of Peter Boyle's character where his dead body goes through putridity, liquescence to bones.

    We next have the characters hiding in a cave with another soldier guarding the entrance. We see that he has something crawling beneath his skin. Later this soldier disappears and Mitchell and Teal'c finding his dead body. Suddenly bugs pour out of his mouth, crawl a few yards and then disintegrate. The body remains uneaten. This is unexplained and never mentioned again. Surely Mitchell and Teal'c see that something is different about this solder's demise. Was this an earlier sub-plot which they started and then later changed?

    Then we have the attempt to get rid of the bugs, Why the hurry, even if they had taken over the whole planet the bugs weren't a threat to anyone else. Bombing the planet with a deadly virus didn't have to be done immediately. What happened to the oft-used 'we don't leave our people behind' ploy? After all what had happened to SG1 and a very high powered international team hadn't even been determined.

    The final ending - with one bound they were rescued - showed that the writers hadn't really thought out the plot and chose the easiest (and to me an unsatisfying) way to finish the episode.

    It seemed to me that the regular cast - particularly Amanda Tapping - were just going through the motions, just saying the words but not really believing their characters would behave in that way.

    Finally I can't really understand why people have given this episode a score of 10. That suggests that the episode is perfect. Sorry but it is far from that!
  • SG-1 is tasked with giving the IOA a tour of their offworld operations. Not long into it, however, they run into a little bug problem.

    For those of you who catch SG-1 on the Sci-Fi channel here in the U.S., you're undoubtedly aware of the many channel-created movies that are often advertised throughout the week usually involving some kind of foul creature that gives a group of modern people a hard time. When I saw the preview for this episode, I was unfortunately reminded of these badly cheesy TV movies, a feeling that I could not shake as I watched the episode. Other than the killer bugs, the episode isn't that bad. In fact, it has several nice moments. I liked Shen's hints to Daniel that the rest of the world might be taking over the Stargate program (even though we barely ever hear of that again.) I really liked the Mitchell/Teal'c interaction, something that I also enjoyed later in "Arthur's Mantle". And Woolsey stands up for SG-1, finally allowing the guy to do something useful and likeable. Still, it's likely the most uneven episode of the second half of Season 9.
  • Perhaps the worst episode this season, but I did like...

    Perhaps the worst episode of the season, but I did like when Daniel Jackson said to Miller: "...and don't tell me it's Bad Timing."
    The last episode of the legendary Farscape series (that Browder starred in) was called Bad Timing. It was the last show of the fourth season in was a five season story arc. It left viewers with a hell of a cliff-hanger as it was cancelled with no intent to finish the story.
    I always wondered if it was renamed Bad Timing when the news of it being discontinued was learned.
    In any case, it gave me a chuckle.
    I think the writers could have done much more with the scenario in The Scourge. It was a little unbelievable, even for SG-1. Bugs that create 1000's of themselves from a little piece of meat, over the top politicians, a little much for me. The acting was pretty good, as usual, and the cinematography was on par too.
    Just a bad story.
  • There was something familiar about this episode.

    I'm not trying to slam this Stargate, I'm the last person to do that. But lets see Replicators are gone so now we get theses bugs. But in someways these bugs are dangerous in their own way. But this is still a good episode. I really liked Woolsey when he told the French guy to shut up.
  • Connections to plot arc elements saved an episode that otherwise didn't follow its own logic

    I found the premise behind this episode to be interesting, especially in terms of how it adds to the methods of the Priory of the Ori. Considering how they’ve used genetically engineered viruses to punish worlds that defy Origin, it makes sense that they would have some other genetically engineered tricks up their sleeve.

    Conceptually, I like the bugs. I like that they spread quickly and eradicate a world’s food supply, and then rapidly attack the weakened and helpless population. It has a certain brutal elegance to it, taking Biblical-style plagues and rendering them unto reality. The fact that the bugs even look like scarabs is conceptually fitting.

    I’m also pleased that the IOA is getting involved, and that they are becoming as much of a hassle as earlier episodes in the season promised they would be. Once the genie was out of the proverbial bottle, it was just a matter of time before the Stargate Program came under excessive scrutiny. And when it comes in the form of Tamlyn Tomita, well, that’s all the better!

    Unfortunately, the episode itself didn’t quite live up to its potential. I was a little disappointed to learn that the IOA representatives were ultimately rather positive in their assessment of the program. Frankly, as annoying as it can be, it’s better when the SGC is under political siege, and Woolsey is a nice link between the latter days of the NID and the current IOA criticisms.

    The biggest problem, however, was the eventual treatment of the bug infestation on the planet. It was fine when the bugs were overwhelming the Gamma Site, but once the action turned to the planet itself, it became clear that budgetary restrictions were getting in the way. I can only assume that it cost too much to have the bugs in every scene where they would have worked, but there had to be a better solution than having the cast shoot at the ground.

    The writers did what they could with those limitations, but it led to a number of inconsistencies. I was especially impressed when the carnivorous bugs completely ignored Mitchell and Teal’c, even though they were exposed and inches away. And then there’s the fact that sometimes the bugs tracked them underfoot and ate them, tracked them and didn’t eat them, ignored them during miles of hiking, etc. Even taking situational logic into account, it was awfully convenient plotting.

    This is one of those episodes, at least for me, which would have been failed utterly without the connections to the overarching plot elements of the season. If it wasn’t for the implications of more success for the Ori and trouble with the IOA (though less than I was hoping for), this would have been a lot more disappointing.
  • Action packed, riveting and thrilling … why I love this show sooo much.

    This episode felt as though it contained a few repeated moments from other TV series, but for me it never gets old to see bugs crawling there way out of a corps. There were several good jokes placed into the episode, especially at the end where Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell says that movie night will be showing ‘Starship Troopers’ and Teal\\\'c asking if it is humorous. Incredibly ironic if you have seen ‘Starship Troopers’.

    There was also a nice touch with Mitchell lying to the French representative about the flying bugs that chop off you head before you blink, a truly wonderful touch.

    I don’t know about anyone else but don’t you find it a bit strange that as soon as they practically wipe out one enemy (the Goa\\\'uld) only to find another enemy immediately after (the Ori). Why can’t we have more episodes about Ba\\\'al and his plans to become the only System Lord, along with all of his clones? Just imagine the storylines that the writers could come up with.

    There is however one problem that I can find. The next episode comes out in a weeks time, I don’t want to wait that long.
  • Wonderful episode!

    I love this episode! :D It was great fun to watch! :D Though.....those bugs were really nasty and did creep me out. It was gross when the bugs came out of the bodies. Eeeeewwwww!! Or, when the bugs came up from under that Airman, and swarmed all over him, devouring him. Eeewww!!

    But, I love SG-1 working together! :D

    I love how Ms. Shen knew about Daniel, and complimented on his many achievements. :) I also loved how they spoke Manderin (Chinese) to each other, and then Cameron pipes in saying something in Manderin. Who knew Cameron could speak Manderin. ;) (I wish they had put subtitles. I wanna know what they said.)

    That French guy was purely annoying. He was such a whiney brat. Woolsey was also very annoying, and a jerk. His arroganceness and constant complaining was like nails on chalkboard. I loved it when the French guy was complaining about how he couldn\'t walk anymore. Then, Cameron puts then gun in his hand, and says about shooting the bugs. Then, Cam tells him about some ferrets that rips people\'s heads off. I dunno if Cam was telling the truth or just BSing the French guy into scaring him, but it was funny! LOL! :D I loved the look on the French guys face! He\'s like.....never mind! LOL! :D

    I also liked the Teal\'c and Cam bonding. I love how Cam respects Teal\'c for being positive. I love how Teal\'c wants to watch the movie, \"Old School\". :D I think Teal\'c and Cam have good banter, and I like it! :)

    Landry was good in this, too. I like his joke on SG-1 being babysitters for the IOA people. \"Don\'t keep them past 10:00. And, don\'t forget to read them a bedtime story.\" LOL!

    I like the end where Daniel says, \"We still on for movie night?\" I love how Cam wants \"Star Troopers\". I like how the gang hangs out together. May be someday we\'ll see them hang out someday. Here\'s hoping that will happen. I would like to our guys hand out at a bar, or at each other\'s homes.