Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 1

The Serpent's Lair (3)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 1998 on Syfy

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  • DO OR DIE PART 2!!

    SG-1 must stop Apophis's invasion force before it reaches Earth, and escape with their lives. This episode is part two of two, following "Within the Serpent's Grasp" At least the conclusion to this two part episode has a little more flare to it. There are non-stop battles throughout the episode. But this episode leaves some unanswered questions for the rest of the second season. What will become of Bra'tac? How can he live on Chulak, a planet full of Jaffa loyal to their "god" Apophis, after openly rebelling? What will become of Klorel? Will Apophis forgive his failure? Can Skaara, his host, achieve some victory in regaining control of his body?
  • Sg-1 foils Apohpis' plan to destroy earth

    ... and now the conclusion.
    I love those lines at the beginning of a Stargate episode. It means that we won't have to wait another week to see what happens and increases the excitement for the current episode you are watching.
    Did this one live up to the expectations? You bet it did!
    It's got everything: action, excitement, courage, self-sacrifice and of course victory.
    Probably the first of many times that Jack and the gang saves the planet from sure annihilation, despite of the government's best efforts to undermine them.
    I loved this episode from start to finish, so I won't even try to explain what happens ... you will have to see for yourself.
  • Earth comes under assault from Apophis, SG-1 must work with Bra'tac to save the planet!

    I don't know, but every episode with Bra'tac in it just knocks my socks off. I guess it's mainly because I love the humorous interactions between Jack and Teal'c and Bra'tac, with Bra'tac's utter lack of understanding earth culture, case in point: "So this 'shuttle', it is a formidable craft is it not?" He just makes me smile every time he screws something like that up. Anyways, this was an excellent episode, absolutely chock full of action and humor, plus Daniel wields two pistols and at one time wields his pistol and Carter's MP5, talk about cool! I also really enjoyed seeing that slimy Lt Col Samuels get smacked down by Hammond, I only wish his slimy cohort Senator Kinsey would've been there and gotten smacked down as well. Bottom line: SG-1 saves earth and the SGC's budget is secured in a very good, thrilling conclusion of this 3-parter.
  • Part 4 of 4, season 2 premier.

    What a way to start off season 2! The writers nailed it with with conclusion to season 1's 3-part story arc. It was really cool in how the USAF tried to destroy the ships with naquadha warheads but you just knew they wouldn't work. I loved General Hammonds response to Samuels when Samuels found out the warheads failed and attempts to convince Hammond to let him go through the gate. The entire Skaara thing was lame, I don't like that character much. Oh this episode was host to one of the best O'Neill moments ever:

    Jack: I think what the captain is asking is... what now?
    Bra'tac: Now we die.
    Jack: Well that's a bad plan.

    That was a good laugh. Anyway this was a pretty big story arc that in a way excelled Stargate: SG-1 to a new level of story telling that advanced the show to a new feel in seasons 2 & 3. The special effects for a 1998 television series was awsome, and the last shot of them in the Deathgliders looking up at Earth and being saved by a shuttle was perfect. Overall, great.
  • It was not such a bad day...

    Now, alone on those big flying pyramids, they have to figure out something to do and it starts bad for them - as they are captured but later met old friend of them, who is just what they need and they will have a change again.

    A lot of action, lot of nerve wracking moments and the excitement and the beautiful, heroic moments - super start for the new season. And the way the still managed to make their way out, Carter, O'Neil and Teal'c on way and Daniel (again, he has bad habit to get shot or killed) another way.

    Loved that episode.
  • very nice

    This is a pretty good episode. I really liked the drama of it, and my favorite part was when Carter bit Jack. That was really really funny. Plus Bra'tac joins the series as a recurring character, and who doesn't love Bra'tac? The team gets to save the world for the first time (yay!) and Daniel gets shot by a staff weapon and left behind on the mothership, then beats the team back to Stargate Command by dialing another gate then dialing home. Everyone is happy and all ends well! It is a very good beginning to the second season of this fantastic show.
  • Great start to the season

    This episode did a great job of resolving the cliffhanger. The best part of this episode is the return of Bra'tac. The humor he brings to the show is second to none and his chemistry with Rick and Chris is magnificent. The scene was Daniel and Jack after Daniel was shot as touching and summed up this character wonderfuly. This was a very suspensful episode with some of the best effects from the early seasons. The last scene is some of the best team bonding in the show and the spacemonkey line always makes me smile.
  • The perfect ending to this 4 part story arc.

    This is technically the 4th part to this story arc, but they call it the 3rd part. Anyways, it is an awesome episode, and deserves repeated watching. SG-1 is captured and imprisoned on Klorel's ship. My favorite part happens next when SG-1 is down in the "holding cell", after being exposed to something similar to a concussion grenade(at least I think that's what it's called)which blinds them temporarily, and Jack goes over to wake Sam up, and he goes to try and shake her awake when she, and your gonna love this, she BITES his hand! ROTFLMAO! When he yelps, she starts to appologize, and he tells her jokingly that if anyone comes along she can just bite them. Next, Bra'tac shows up unexpectedly and breaks them out. Alot of stuff happens, they find out that Apophis has also entered the solar system and is now in orbit above Earth, and one of my favorite quotes from this episode happens next when Jack wants Sam to blow the ship to kingdom come.

    Jack: Were you able to put enough C4 around this ship to make a dent? Sam: We placed charges where they should generate secondary explosions. So...yes, sir. Should make a helluva dent. And another good quote from this episode:

    Jack: Okay. Well, I suppose now is the time for me to say something profound. (pauses) Nothing comes to mind. Let's do it. And of course one more:

    Jack: I think what the Captain is asking is... what now?
    Bra'tac: Now we die.
    Jack: Well that's a bad plan.

    Unfortuantely, when they go through with their plan, Daniel gets shot in the process, and tells them to leave him behind and save themselves, and that he'll cover their sixes while they escape, which he does.

    Great episode, and of course it ends with them saving the world, Apophis's and Klorel's ships getting blown to smithereens(s/c?), and SG-1 flying away, more like getting thrown away, from the ship, and then later getting saved by the space become the first of many times they save humanity as we know it.*rolls eyes* Then when the get back in the SGC they find out Daniel made it off the ship ok by using the Stargate. And he earns the name we all love to call him by....SPACEMONKEY!!! And of course no fruit basket, not even a thank you! Geesh! Unthankful...idiotic...pompous....jackass politicians....*goes off grumbling in corner*
  • This episode kicked off season 2 with all the blaze of glory that you would expect from our fearless protectors. They felt that they had to disobey orders and make that last trip through the gate to save the world one last time from the Ghould.

    I felt like this was one of the greatest Season openers out of all. I loved it. There was so much action it was like watching a movie. Jack and Bra'tac both's experience together made a very intertaining yet eventful experience.
    The scene where Daniel is laying in the corridor dieing when he tells Jack to go on he had his back was like another brick in the Jack and Daniel story. But we all knew how clever Daniel could be, but would he have the chance?
    I believe the last 10 to 15 minutes of the show had so much going on all at one time that it was exciting the way it was actually a none stop episode from beginning to end. Fantastic.
  • A great conclusion to the three parter!!!

    I thought this was a great episode. Daniel didn't exactly die in this episode, but I would still count it as one of the times he dies, because after all, if there wasn't a sarcophagus available or a Stargate on board he would of been dead.

    I thought there was a lot of good jokes and I liked the interaction between Bra'tac and O'Neil It really made the episode even better!

    Of course, SG-1 didn't get in trouble that bad after all they did save the planet.

    I've seen this episode a few times, but I still found myself talking to the t.v telling them what to do, even though I already knew what they were going to do. That tells me that this was definitely a good episode.
  • Equally great conclusion to the series' first great multi-parter (Children of the Gods was a feature-length pilot, but this is definitely better).

    One could argue that this was the first true time that SG-1 saves the world from destruction. Still, thankfully it wouldn't be the last.

    The positive aspects of this episode are basically the same as the previous: lots of humour and action, great sets, a little emotion. But this episode has the added value of the return of that Jaffa you and I both love: Bra'Tac. His presence brings that little bit of extra quality to an already great episode.

    The only real flaws with the episode are some of the silly dramatic bits (everyone cheering when they hear of the fireball, Bra'Tac at Klorel's mercy), and the extra silly reactions to being hit by Zat guns.

    However, despite these minor flaws, this is once again an absolutely necessary episode for any soon-to-be SG-1 fan, and one they're sure to love.
  • “The Serpent’s Lair” kicks off season 2 with a bang. Aside from a slightly less than believable ending, it is a great episode.

    When we last left our heroes, they were poised to blow up a Goa’uld ship, commanded by Klorel (who has taken over Scaara’s body), as it approached earth. Unfortunately, they are trapped onboard and another ship (presumably commanded by Apophis) is moving in. Meanwhile, General Hammond is busy organizing the US military to meet the Goa’uld threat. But as SG-1 is about to lay down their lives for their world, they are captured (again). Will earth be able to survive?

    The season 2 opener “The Serpent’s Lair” picks up exactly where the season 1 finale left off. Like the last episode, this one has its fair share of action. Though, I found that most of the tension resided in the scenes at the SGC (as opposed to the Goa’uld ship in the last episode). That’s not to say that the scenes on the ship with SG-1 are boring. It’s just that it takes them a while before they get back to saving the day that the episode loses a bit of its momentum. Overall, it’s still a great episode and a worthy opener to season 2.

    The Good:

    General Hammond really shined in this episode. This was perhaps the first time we really saw him as a military leader, doing everything he can to ensure earth survives. SG-1 also shines as the work to get earth (and themselves) out of its situation. I also really liked O’Neill’s continued banter with Bra’tac. But what made this episode great was the manner in which SG-1 saved the day. It was believable and ingenious.

    The Bad:

    The ending seems convenient and really pushes the limits of believability. I can’t really elaborate without really spoiling the plot. It’s not really that big of a deal, since the majority of the episode is great.

    The Bottom Line:

    “The Serpent’s Lair” kicks off season 2 with a bang. Aside from a slightly less than believable ending, it is a great episode.
  • The enemy is close to Earth, can our heroes stop the space invaders before it's too late?

    "The Serpent's Lair" is a very action packed conclusion to this three part (or maybe four part if you count the story before this) story line about the invasion of Earth from the Gou'ld. Every minute of this episode is thrilling, you don't know what is going to happen next, who lives or dies but you will be glued to your seat. Teal'C's old friend returns to help fight Apothos before he reaches Earth. The episode shows us that we really aren't as ready as we think we are to take on some threats. Overall, this episode is a great conclusion to the story that has been built up from the previous two episodes. A great way to start off season two!
  • SG1 ignores orders and go through the gate one last time

    SG1 find themselfs on a suicide mission to prevent a Goa'uld invasion of Earth thanks to Dr Jacksons alternative reality experience. As this episode begins we have SG1 on the Bridge of Klorels hatack ship and have a Goa'uld "shock granade" thrown into the room which renders them all unconcious.
    As they awake they find that all four of them are temporarily blind due to the granade. When all hope seems lost Bra'tak walks into the cell and after hittind jack in the face gets the team their weapons back.
    From here we see SG1, Bra'tak and his two loyal jaffa sneaking around the ship to reach the ring platform to get onboard the other Hatack before the c4 blows.
    After diabling the sheilds on the Hatacks Teal'c and Bra'tak feel all there is to do now is wait to die but O'neil thinks they should get to the glider bay. They barely make it out in one peice but the two Hatcks are destroyed, Earth is safe and stargate command even have two death glders to reverse engineer or repair for their own use.
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