Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 14

The Shroud

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • awesome episode!

    SG-1 finds Daniel on a planet preaching to the locals and capture him. Oh, and he's a prior. They go on to try to figure out if he is actually under Adria's control or if he is on their side. The story of this episode was really good. Finally, we find out what happened to Daniel with some pretty cool flashbacks and Daniel's plan is pretty interesting. I also love this episode because Rick is in it :). He has great moments with Daniel in this episode and I was laughing harder then I've laughed for the last two seasons. I miss Rick...Anyways, it really was a great episode. I loved Daniel's role and Jack's role. I also actually liked seeing Woosely (I think I spelled it wrong); he's a cool character now. Overall, awesome episode and one of my favorites this season.
  • Just like old times!

    Its always a special occasion when Richard Dean Anderson gets back in his Jack O`Neil suit and comes back to Sg1, even for only one episode, actually for the last time as far the Tv series is concern.
    I love it, interactions between Jack and Daniel and so on, no doubt Jack is special and this episode is special.
    The story itself is very captivating...Daniel`s whole presence in this episode is a big twist....I love the character turns, we just don`t know if he is really a prior or not. The acting was great (of course, RDA was there lOl) and the story perfectly executed, with a satisfying ending.
    Overall, excellent stuff....special one.
  • Ok, let me tell you, this episode was one of the best of the season, and the final was fantastic.

    This episode is one of the best. You just don't know if Daniel is telling the true, or this is just another trick of the ORI. Also we must admit the Final was Exiting and let us waiting for more exiting episodes and I Hope Seasons of Stargate sg1.
    Ha, I Just want to know what happen between Adria a Daniel, Does she love him...? It will be good for the show.
    And Finally, I was sad when Jack told Daniel that he really miss go on Missions. I really Felt that he should re-join the SG1 once again. He is Jack and we miss him.
  • Daniel becomes one with the Ori... or does he?

    I was excited to see this one because Daniel is my favorite character and I was happy to see him come back after being gone for two episodes.
    SG-1 finds that the new Prior to a village they are visiting is in fact the lost Dr. Jackson. They beam him up to the ship. He procedes to tell them that he is ok and in control. He has a plan on how to destroy the Ori and he needs the help of the SGC.
    Naturally, they don't trust him at first. I didn't either. The adventure continues and the day is saved... almost. One of the things I thought was a little out of place was the inclusion of O'Neill. He seemed a little out of place and just thrown in for some odd reason. I started to think that he was under contract to appear in X amount of episodes and this was one they just threw him into.
    I don't mind though. I like having the whole team back together for another trip through the giant Orifice. What? They call it that sometimes, right?
  • The Ori are back to their old tricks and Sg1 are sent to see what is going on, afterall the Prior is not making any threats and he is not being the normal Prior erson they are used to encountering. When they get there the find that the Prior is Daniel.

    Daniel tells the team that he has been waiting for them to show up, but nobody is sure whether to believe him or not. He says he has a plan to get to Adria but they are going ot have to hurry so that she doesn1t have time to finish it herself.
    Jack is not even sure whether he is lieing or not. Woolsey has come to deliver the message that the government wants to have Daniel terminated.
    Jack is really mad, and he tries to expl;ain to Daniel what is going on. Daniel Tells the plan to Jack and they set the wheels in motion.
    This episode is so stargate sg1. They are apparently fighting a losing battle and they still come out on top. It was so great to see Daniel back. But in the end they are not quite sure whether they did the right thing or not. Still a great episode.
    The showes continue to grow more every week. I love this show.
  • The episodes have been getting better every week. Daniel Jackson becomes a Prior in this episode. At least half a Prior, anyway. I would explain that here, but it would take to long. You'll have to watch the episode to understand what I'm saying.

    Anyway, in the episode SG-1 captures Daniel, and then they try to figure out if he really is Daniel or a Prior. In the end they all set out to try to destroy the Ori. This episode is really good. I really enjoyed Daniel's and Jack O'Neill's interaction with each other in this episode. It was, as usual, excellent. It was fun to watch to see if Daniel was really a Prior or not. I wasn't sure at first which one he was. The whole episode was a major plot point for the series, and it was, by a large margin, the best episode this season.
  • The teams all back together making for an excellent episode.

    Daniel Jackson as a Prior, who would have guessed. I wondered what was going on with Daniel since the Ori took him. But WOW, he comes back with a bang; I loved it.

    According to Daniel he had been long waiting for Sg-1 to find him and bring him back in order to complete his plan to destroy the Ori. I was waiting for them to find him too. The question was could they trust Daniel or not. For a minute I wondered myself, but only for a minute. I loved the fact that they brought Jack back for this episode; it definitely made the show complete. When the team finally believed Daniel was telling the truth time was running out. To top it off Woolsey came in to stop the plan but Sg-1 and Daniel had their own plans. As usual in only Sg-1 style the mission was a success, or maybe not. To be continued on that information.

    The only thing I really regret in this episode is that it was so rushed. This could have been stretched and turned into two or three episodes. I hope the writers did not just rush out these last episodes with no respect to the series or to the viewers.
  • Jackson returns in another form...

    This episode was had both adventure and unpredictability...Jackson appears as a prior, trying to convert a village, but not as an average one will do, by threats, but with showing them the truth in the facts he brings...But this is only an appearance...His mission is to return to earth in order to convince his old friends to support his in finishing Merlin's weapon and destroying the Ori...At first he is welcomed with disbelief, but thanks to the fact that he shares his body with Merlin he is able to develop a in order to escape, and with the help with the SG-1 team, he launches the weapon and destroys the Ori...Or at least this is the impression one receives...Oh well, in the next episodes we'll be able to convince ourselves...Man, this episodes really amaze me, their concept is so ahead of it's time that I congratulate the writers for their vision from the bottom of my heart.
  • It might have been better if the idea had more time to grow

    When we last left Daniel Jackson, he was in the lovely yet evil hands of Adria, the avatar of the Ori. Oddly, SG-1 has done very little to find or rescue Daniel since his capture. His return in this episode is a bit coincidental as a result; the team just happens to be on a planet where Daniel comes calling as a new and unusual Prior, extolling the virtues of Origin. The team, like the audience, is stunned and dismayed.

    Of course, it’s not that simple. Daniel claims that he and Merlin (the part of the old Ancient still in his brain) concocted a plan to fool Adria into thinking he succumbed to her powers of persuasion. The team is less than convinced, especially when he explains that his plan involves letting the Ori Supergate open to the Milky Way. He claims to need that to bring Merlin’s completed weapon home for Earth’s defense. On the other hand, he could be lying, and it would allow the Ori fleet access to the galaxy, with a Prior in control of a weapon capable of killing Ancients. All in all, a situation with more than a little risk.

    Enter General O’Neill, who is brought in to question Daniel, which is a nice touch, given their long and involved history. It’s almost as if O’Neill was never gone, something that helps to connect the dots as the series draws to a close. Between O’Neill and Teal’c, they come to the conclusion that Daniel is telling the truth. Unfortunately, the IOA wants Daniel taken out. Stargate Command and the IOA have rarely seen eye to eye, but this is the biggest point of contention yet.

    In a nice twist, Vala is the one who takes the potential threat that Daniel represents most seriously. Given her evolving relationship with Daniel, she has plenty of reason to want him to survive. But her reasoning is sound: following Daniel’s plan is too much of a risk. The alternate plan is fairly obvious, but it was worth taking the time to let the various characters react to Daniel and his current status.

    When things start to go wrong (as of course, they must), the twist and turns are slightly confusing. The end result, however, is that Daniel is back to normal, more or less, and the weapon was armed to detonate, with no evidence that it actually worked. And now that the Supergate is open for business, the armies of the Ori have the ability to send tons of reinforcements into the Milky Way. It’s hard to figure out if the risk/reward analysis was on the dot this time around, but considering that the Ori arc was always meant to extend beyond the end of the season, this complication makes a certain amount of sense.

    Had the series been continuing, then Daniel’s quick and relatively simple return to the team might have seemed too quick. It would have been a lot more interesting if Daniel’s time as a Prior had stretched out over a few episodes. However, in light of the fact that the series is ending, a number of ideas will likely get short shrift, and this is just one such example.
  • Best episode...

    The team finds Daniel but thewre is one probalem, he is a prior. They manage to capture him and subdue his powers with the anti prior machine. It was so cool to see Richard Dean Anderson back as Jack O'Neill he was as funny as ever. Mitchell and Vala get on one of the Ori ships and finish merlin's weapon. The plan was to send the Ori ship through the Supergate and detinate the weapon. But Adria gets in the way, luckily Daniel knocked her out. It sucks because they don't know if their plan worked for sure. What was a really big kick in the butt was after they sent the ship with the weapon through six more Ori ships came back through and went into hyperspace. I really liked the humour between Jack and Daniel. I like how they always get Teal'c to interogate someone and he comes back with what he was looking for. The bit about the Davinci Code book at the first was also funny. Later...
  • If you read my blog on the previous episode I missed on one detail, so much for them not being predictable. I liked this one, and I listen to it more than watch it as I am working during it.

    They gave us a good episode, and for that I am happy. But what is with next week. We have like 5 episodes to go and we waste on a reunion episode with Freddy the space monster, come on guys give us a break.
    Let's focus on the Ori, remember them, you seem to ever other episode. If they just brought a group of ships through the supergate why are we going to Mitchell's reunion. Lucy, You got some spalin to do.
    Let's finish this series with dignity, and excitement. Let's let Daniel ascend and help him go back in time to save Jack's son. Let's take care of the Ori and make Stargate do some exploring. Let them take Ronny Cox and put him on a planet with his insiders with a hut, some supplies, and no Stargate, let them deal with real life.
    Please give us something we can be on the edge of our seats hoping for the win over the forces of evil and cheer when the do it, and not go to a reunion to eat cake, drink punch and battle space aliens.
  • The team finds out that Daniel Jackson has been turned into a prior.. or was he?

    One of the best episodes this season. O'Neil is basically on the scene throughout the episode, and his banter with Daniel is just like "old times". Their dialogue makes an avid watcher remember the "good ole days", with all of the snappy one-liners and great heroic moments they've shared. Daniel pretending to be a prior is a real laugh. Kudos on what will be a guilty pleasure to watch over again!!

    Off of the episode topic:
    It was nice to relive some of that SG1 magic among all of the original members, plus Vala and Mitchell have started to fit in with the team better. They are very talented actors who would have eventually surpassed expectations if the show would have lasted. Mitchell had very big shoes to fill, but I felt he was very respectful of O'Neil's place with the team.
  • This was a great episode. I would like to see what happened to the Orasai.

    Wow not this is why I tune in to see this show. This was a great episode not like that one where Carter is sent to an alternate universe to save Earth. I did not lik the way Daniel came back but the rest of this episode was ok and it did follow the story line of Stargate. Oh and I agree the way the episodes are listed here are out of order after the quest part 2.
  • Well done episode but listed wrong here out of order on the episode lists.

    Great seeing Richard Dean Anderson on the show again, although I never got into this show until Ben Browder, Claudia Black and Beau Bridges showed up. Michael Shanks had probably all the best scenes with Richard as their chemistry still holds up today, even though this is the second episode RDA has been in since season 8.
  • The team is once again in a world about to be submitted to the Ori when a familiar Prior comes to preach to the villagers (SPOILERS)

    Once his face us revealed they’re shocked to see the Prior is no other than Daniel Jackson, last seen on “The Quest II”. As they discuss the possibility he has been converted they all agree is time to retrieve him, which is perfectly done by Teal’c & Mitchell. Daniel does his best to convince them this was his plan all along; to look as if he was giving in on Adria’s teachings in order to eventually become a Prior to use one of their ships to send Merlin’s weapon against the Ori after his friends’d finally found him. Flashback after flashback it is revealed how the Merlin inside of him was able to protect the Daniel long enough for Adria to see what she wanted to see: a man who cared about her mother as much as she does an instrument for her conversion. Unfortunately, Daniel’s plan is so risky neither his team nor the goverment are willing to take the chance he has actually been converted and using them to win the war for the Ori.

    Things get a rather unpleasant twist as the orders to eliminate Jackson arrives in the middle of Teal’c and General O’Neal efforts to sort out his story, Vala informs this disturbing news to Daniel in the most sweetest way possible: as she’s sitting on his lap explaining the plan she has to plan to save his life, she genuinely won’t let this happen to him even though she carefully makes it clear that she must support their doubts for this plan of his could very well mean the final Ori victory and yet she still won’t let it happen, not even if there’s the slightest doubt, she will never let them kill him. Apparentely, neither will Jack O’Neal, for the plans change to put Jackson on stasis until he reverses to his original self once the effects of merlin’s device wear off.

    Problem is: once the Merlin in him has gone so would the prior and he won’t be able to fly the Ori ship needed to carry on his plan anymore. And so Daniel Jackson frees himself – as he was able to do all along – and takes Jack along for the ride, time has almost ran out once he reaches Adria’s ship and a tense moment arises in which we really don’t know whether he’s betrayed Adria or SG1 only to learn that Daniel is still one of the good guys, the effects of merlin’s memories wear off just in time for them to be beamed out of there – except for Adria who remains on the ship – and Daniel wakes up, back to his old self, in front of Vala and Jack at the infirmary, as Mitchell informs Carter that sunshine is awake, she must inform them this is only the beginning as Ori ships cross the supergate with hordes of followers willing to carry on the Ori vengeance.
  • Daniel returns but can he be trusted?

    I was really looking forward to Daniel's return but was it just me or was it a bit of a let down dramatically. I loved the episode but I thought they just accepted everything a little too easily. Still, I loved the banter between Jack and Daniel. I loved the scene with Vala sitting on Daniel's lap -they are so comfortable with eachother, it's so lovely to see. great ep. can't believe it's nearly the end!! sob.
  • My two favourite boys are back! What more could you ask for from an episode :D

    Daniel and Jack, back on screen together. With classic, natural banter that makes them pure gold to watch. That's what the shows been missing for some time now.
    An excellent episode, beautifully written, superbly acted, an all round winner.
    Poor Daniel 'sucks-to-be-me' Jackson has been Prior-ified, so his good friend Jack is called in to determine if he's really on there side or not.
    Have they managed to save the universe or not? Or are they even more screwed than when they started? We shall see.
    I loved it.
  • Jack is back! And he is at his best, for this alone this is amazing episode!

    Well, what can i say, after the episode with alternate reality, this is one far more adventurous and interesting. For starter Daniel is a prior, and Woolsey intends to kill him. For most of the episode, the problem is will SG-1 belive Daniels words, or they will kill him considering that now he is such a great threat. But when Jack stepped in, we were relived coz if anybody can resolve this sort of situation, then it's Jack, and RDA played yet another amazing episode of the show, it's a shame that he left the show as regular, but hopefully he'll be back in movies. Vala was kinda cute because she honestly feels something for Daniel. The rest of the squad as ussual ... much, much better episode then the last 2...
  • Jack is still the man!

    This episode was great! It was so nice to see RDA on screen for the entire episode. The show felt complete once again and it turned out to be the best episode in a very very long time. I am going to miss SG-1 because this is exactly why I watch the series.
  • jackson is back!

    when i started to watch this series a few years back and i was on season 6 i couldnt believe they killed off jackson. it seemed to me like that was the most stupid move ever. i to this day do not know why they did it, but i sure am glad that he was brought back. he makes the whole thing work. he is the reason for the whole stargate series. he is the one who discoveres it and has all the historical knowledge and background that carries the series.

    he is back in this episode as a prior. there is a clever plan to stop the ori. not going to reveal any more. however the way the episode is done was very nice. pure story telling, no overextended fights, dialogues etc. just the right mixture of everything. the end to this was a little unclear but it also opened a few new storylines i think. will be interesting to see where they go from here.
  • Daniel Jackson reappears after being taken by Adria in the Quest, part 2. This time he is a prior of the Ori, preaching Origin to a planet. And he has his own agenda.

    This episode seems to have it all. We get Jack o'Neill with his trademark witty remarks, we get Woolsey beat up (this guy deserves it many times over), we get Daniel back and we witness (well, sort of) the culmination of the main plot since "Camelot", the anti-ascended-being-weapon. One thing that keeps me amazed about this show is how many times can you change one person into something else... Daniel has already ascended twice, wrested control of the replicators for a moment from RepliCarter, got infused with Merlin's knowledge. Now he gets to be a prior. One thing that has me puzzled is whether or not the priors would get better results if they preached Origin the way Daniel does.
    The episode is funny at times, exciting, you can't be sure on whose side Prior Daniel is actually, until the very end. We aare left with a mystery. Were the Ori obliterated? Are some of them already in the Milky Way? Inside Adria, maybe?. Time now comes for a military solution - someone has to blast those Ori battleships that have come through the Supergate.
  • The SG1 team set out to find that the new prior of the ori is Daniel Jackson but only to find out that he and Merlin had pland all of this from the beginning

    Good episode and a big twist in the end the planing this episode must have took the writters know what the vwers are looking for thats why i whant to become one the best episode to see Ritcherd Dean Anderson in but the only thing i did not get was why the Sun'Gral did not work did the ancents know? Or did thye not know?]

    Cant wiat for the series final and the movies if some one can give me a phone number of Robet.C Cooper that would be great or just his e-mail Good episode in all

    Simon Aitken Bring on the next episode!
  • Another good idea, gone wrong.

    This is a classic stargate episode with a special guest apperance from Major General Jack O'Neill, he continues to add to the funny side of stargate, especially with his banters and conversations with Daniel. Daniel is found by SG-1 and his life is in danger and the only way to save him is with the help of Major General Jack O'Neill. This is an episode where a good idea doesn't turn out so good. The ori our now more a bigger threat than before due to the supergate being shut down, so it doesn't look good for our heros and the rest of the galaxy.
  • A very good episode

    Seeing Daniel, first as a prior, and then complain abouth ow it took so long for them to pick him up made me laugh. This episode was awesome because you spent the whoel thing wondering if Daniel was playing everyone, especially when he beamed everyone off the Odyssey and then beamed Jack up. Jack was brilliant here, and seeing hte Sangraal in all its glory was also good.

    This episode also added a hell of a lot of flavour to hte mix, by bringing in more Ori ships and disabling the black hole supergate. Oh they'll be regretting that I'm sure.

    For some reason I thought that Daniel as a prior would have lots of scars on his face and maybe an eye covered with a scar, but instead he looked like a cool prior, admittedly I won't be going in for that kind of facial look anytime soon!

    This episode was good because you were left wondering what did happen to the sangraal, more ships were added to the mix which really spiced things up, we've learnt more about Ori tech because Daniel gave Sam what she neded to get round the Ori mental side of technology, and now as there are lots more ships, perhaps there is hte possiblity of mroe sg-1 on an ori ship in the future.

    I'm really looking forward to the movies now. THis episode rocked. Seeing Vala on DAniel's lap also made me laugh so much.