Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 14

The Shroud

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • The makeup department must have missed a spot. As the camera was shot over Daniel's left shoulder talking to Jack, there is a big spot on his neck where the white makeup was not applied.

    • In the first scene with Major General Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, aboard the Odyssey, you will notice that on the collar of O'Neill's shirt he only has one star. This indicates that he is a Brigadier General, rather than Major General. However in the scenes before and after this he has the two stars indicating he is a Major General (which he is).

  • Quotes

    • Tevaris: You're saying this Prior's claims are false?
      Mitchell: I'm saying that book has about as much truth in it as The Da Vinci Code.
      Vala: Hey, that's what they want you to think.
      Mitchell: They? They who?

    • Jack: C'mon! I'm trusting you.
      Daniel: Oh, yes. I really feel the faith. (shakes restraints)

    • Adria: In our time together I really come to see in you what draws Mother's affection.
      Daniel: Affect... what?

    • Daniel: No, it's me. Merlin is gone. He sacrificed himself for this to work.
      Jack: Yeah? Prove it. (Daniel waves his hand) What the hell was that?
      Daniel: If I was Merlin, you would know.

    • (assembling weapon)
      Vala: Okay, I think that's about it.
      Mitchell: (picks up a piece) Hang on what's this?
      Vala: Oh, I'm not sure about that one.
      Mitchell: See, there is always a widget left over.
      Vala: I thought you were always one short.
      Mitchell: Well you'd think both was impossible but it's not.
      Vala: Right. Actually I am pretty sure that is the timing crystal that detonates the weapon five minutes after it's inserted.
      Mitchell: Right, hold on to that.

    • (Ori soldiers start shooting)
      Mitchell: Alright, fellas, here's the deal. We are commandeering this ship we would like for you to put down you weapons and surrender please. (Ori soldiers continue to fire) That's a no.

    • Jack: Oh now it's we.
      Daniel: You've been in my position before. Well not this one but similar.
      Jack: Yes I'm sure I have. But my brain has been messed with so many times I don't remember.

    • Wolsey: Dr. Jackson was the one who suggested we should kill Khalek.
      Jack: He was the demon spawn of Anubis!

    • Jack: (about the weapon) I think if it did work the Ancients would feel obligated to... give us a fruit basket… or gift certificate... or something like that.

    • Daniel: You believe me, right?
      Vala: Mmm-hmm.
      Daniel: Okay, now I don't believe you.

    • Mitchell: (assembling the weapon) I don't know. For me whenever there's some assembly required I inevitably find some part missing – a screw, widget, what have you.
      Vala: Hmm, well, according to Daniel's instructions it all seems to be here.
      Mitchell: Oh, well, I never follow instructions. Think that could be part of the problem?

    • Daniel: (to Jack) Have I ever let you down? No, don't answer that. Have I ever let you down when it really mattered?

    • Daniel: That's crazy!
      Jack: That's what I said! It's crazy, it's nuts, it's whacko!

    • Daniel: So, what the hell is going on?
      Vala: This and that. You know the usual. You'll never believe what's happening on One Life to Live.

    • Daniel: (preaching) Blessed are those that follow the path to Origin. (gets beamed up) Hey! What took you guys so long? (gets zatted)

    • Daniel: Because I needed her to trust me.
      Vala: And did she? Well don't get me wrong, you're not a terrible liar but you're nowhere near as good as me.
      Mitchell: Who is?

    • Jack: You know there's a bottom line here, Carter doesn't think it can be done.
      Daniel: Yes it can. A Mark 9 beamed directly behind the gate in the Pegasus galaxy will destroy that gate. The wormhole connection will be broken.
      Jack: How do you know that?
      Daniel: Hello, Merlin!
      Jack: (sarcastically) Oh yes, Merlin.

    • Sam: Well, Daniel would never willingly become one of them like that. Preach their beliefs.
      Mitchell: And he's damn good at it. Had those people eating out of his hands without issuing one tiny genocidal threat.

    • (Jack is beamed unsuspectingly aboard the "Odyssey" by Daniel)
      Jack: Daniel?!
      Daniel: Jack.
      Jack: What's up?
      Daniel: Oh, I'm taking the ship.
      Jack: Well, I see that.
      Daniel: Yeah, I... I beamed the crew safely to the surface.
      Jack: Nice for them.
      Daniel: But as you probably figured out by now, I'm going to need you.
      Jack: You know, I was just thinking how much I missed being needed.

    • Jack: I've always been the one who caused the worry, not the worrier...
      Landry: It's not easy, don't second-guess yourself. This is the best possible course of action.
      Jack: Exactly. Action--good. Sitting around--bad.

    • Jack: Come on, where's the ship? How does Carter fly it? Give me any other intel I might need to make this op a success. Come on! (pause) I'm trusting you...
      Daniel: (sarcastic) Oh yes, I really feel the faith!

    • Jack: (to Wolsey) All right, listen to me closely, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once: you kill Daniel... over my dead body!

    • Vala: That little weasel-man who somehow represents your government...
      Daniel: Wolsey?
      Vala: I... I can't be certain, but I think he might not like you.
      Daniel: He wants to have me killed, doesn't he?
      Vala: Well, I'm not sure how serious he is, he seems quite the prankster to me...

    • Daniel: It's a good plan, it... it just happens to hinge on you guys believing in me, having a little faith. Now I thought you of all people might!
      Jack: Why?! You of all people should know that I don't believe anything anybody says, even if I understand what they're talking about!

    • Daniel: Jack, you have to believe me.
      Jack: Why?
      Daniel: Why? Well because, oh I dunno, the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance?
      Jack: You know, that old chestnut's getting a little... old.

    • Daniel: (restrained) Okay, this is not necessary...
      Mitchell: No offense, but have you looked in a mirror lately?!?

    • Jack: And just when does your chariot turn back into a pumpkin?

    • Vala: If it comes down to it I have a plan.
      Daniel: Oh you have a plan. Great. What is it?
      Vala: (exhales) Well, when I said I had a plan I have to plan the plan. So when or rather if it comes down to it I will have a plan. I've... um, cleared my whole afternoon, for planning.

    • (standing over a restrained Daniel)
      Jack: This is new.
      Daniel: Yeah, it's always something, isn't it?
      Jack: I gotta tell you though, not your look.

    • Sam: How's it going, sir?
      Jack: Longing for the days when I actually carried a weapon. What do you got?
      Sam: A crazy idea.
      Jack: I'm down with crazy. I like crazy. (crosses his fingers) Crazy and I are like that.
      Sam: Cam likes crazy, too.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jack: And just when does your chariot turn back into a pumpkin?
      This is a reference to Cinderella and her chariot which was magically transformed from a pumpkin.

    • Jack: Yep, just like old times...except I'm here against my will and you look like Marcel Marceau.
      Marcel Marceau is a French mime famous for his whiteface character "Bip" and is considered to be the world's greatest mime.

    • Mitchell: We're saying that book got about as much truth in it as The Da Vinci Code.
      The Da Vinci Code is a notorious mystery/detective novel by Dan Brown,
      based on conspiracy theory involving Christian religion.