Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 4

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 05, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Aftermath of the Goa'uld cuffs leads the not yet "SG1" team to get back on Vala's past forfeits.

    Not that it has been unpleasant to watch, but this episode is the weakest of the season so far. Vala is receiving some character developpement but finally were we to be convinced she was a hifh standard interplanetary crook? I don't think so!

    More interresting point to the stragate continuity, the budget issue raised by this episode (Stargate command should operate on a 70% budget cut, with priorities given to the spatial shipbuiding) highlights the effect of the Atlantis mission on the whole stargate program. It is now time to prioritize in a universe where budgets are not unlimited (see nowadays isues of cuts in armament programs).

    But this subplot gives also strength to the necessity to go and dig so as to find proof of the malivolent intentions behind the actions of the now appearing Ori's priar. The Ori have not yet be "allowed" to achieve the rank of arch vilain, and my guess is that they won't be until a big mid-season cliffhanger.

    Daniel Jackson seems to be still the lead character. That's logical in some extent, but we need some more leadership taken by Mitchell. he needs to be put in tough choices situations so as to make the best out of his character.

    One last issue to be raised: not having seen that much of Farscape's episodes i am not polluted by the Black and Browder presence on screen. But i cannot either assert if some of their previous acting dynamic is somehow existing on screen. If someone has an opinion on that, i would be glad to hear!
  • Silly, Humorous episode, breaks the serious monotony of the show...

    They writers must feel that the show has been too serious and decided to take a goofy turn. This episode was funny, and made me laugh. Every show needs this once in a while!! [Note: if any writers read this... ONCE IN A WHILE] But hopefully they will get back to business next week.
  • Vala and Daniel Jackson go on a scavenger hunt!

    The Ties That Bind
    In looking at the preview for this episode it became evident to me that Claudia Black (Vala) was involved in a six story arc, even though the episode titles do not indicate that the stories are all related. While some may complain that all of the planets looks like Earth (specifically the Pacific Northwest) there is a certain logic to that since the Goa’uld would seed the humans on planets that would support them with a minimum of work on their part.

    While this is a story that has been done before (M.A.S.H. Episode 41, “For Want of a Boot” among others) it is a standby that always works. The progression from Arlos (and the images of Wallace Shawn and Claudia Black having a passionate, hot relationship) desire for the necklace back, to Inago wanting the obsolete power coil back (his shop being located in a Ha’tak Pyramid Mall is a nice touch) to Brother Caius needing his Cargo Ship to Tenat and Jup wanting Vala (to bring her to ‘justice’) has just enough of the suggestion of the ridiculous to make this an excellent episode.

    After the high drama of “Origin” an episode that simultaneously provides some comic relief while still moving the Vala Story Arc is to be applauded. Not what we want every week, but a nice change of pace.
  • Te 9th season, a whole new stile comming from farscape???

    The 9th Season is completely different than the others, but in a good way. Finaly the stargate comand is creating something new. I am not sure everyone will love it, but I do. Now it is a mix of Stargate and Farscape. The 2 new characters that comes from the Farscape serries are realy putting something new into the stargate (more fun maybe). I realy think his serries neede new blood, because all that they had to say were said (ghoa\'uld, replicants, ...) you can always invent a new enemy but a new way of expressing them is great. Keep on the good work!
  • I can see where this is going

    It is becoming painfully obvious where this is leading. The show was going down hill halfway through Season 7 but now it is just falling down that hill. In the older seasons planets were given the flavor of being unlike Earth, but now where ever we go, we might as well be on Earth. Just. We are even getting that Atlantis feeling of having inferior characters. If the rest of the galaxy from this point is like life on earth, then I might as well stay here.
  • Wow I love the new FarGate! (not)

    I hate to see my favorite show roll around in it's final death thralls. If the this is the direction of SG-1 they should have ended the series after season 7 and done another movie to bring Daniel back and wipe out the Gouald. It would have made a better transition for Atlantis. It's painfully clear no one wants to be there. Except of course the cast of cancelled Farscape.
  • Like previous reviewers have mentioned: No real point. To quote a certain trilogy-times-two: "I have a bad feeling about this"

    I'm sorry to say this, but Stargate is really going down the drain. Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme, but it's heading in the wrong direction.
    It's still a great show, but by standards the series previously set and got people used to it's barely keeping its head above water.

    The good:
    1)If there's one thing the new season does well, it's humour. The last episodes were pretty funny. This one, however, drags on the formula and made me yawn at times.

    2)Some of the characters: Daniel Jackson and General what's-his-name, new commander of Stargate operations, are well done. Pretty much all of the characters are excellently acted, really. Not all of them achieve their potential, however. That's not really the actors' fault, though.

    3)The show feels more authentic in some ways.

    The bad:
    1)Jack is gone. He was the star of Stargate, and definitely my favourite character. His being gone, and old, seemingly impotent retired general who does a lot of fishing is extremely disorienting.
    Also, Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) has had very little on-screen presence so far.
    This first gripe you really shouldn't pay any attention to, however. It's just a minor thing, if that. I know the show is heading into a new direction and I'm willing to go with that, to a certain extent.

    2)The show feels less realistic in many ways, and more sci-fi-ish instead of being action/adventure/military/sci-fi/drama as it was before.

    3)I've Seen Stargate Atlantis many times. It is a crap show, and In No Way Replaces Or Betters Stargate SG-1, the original. So will the writers stop portraying SG-1 as taking a backseat to Antlantis, being less important, and SG-1 stopping its exploratory mission because Atlantis is doing it?!!! Atlantis is nothing but an unworthy spinoff with unappealing plot, cheap sets, and even cheaper characters.
    I wish the SG-1 writers 'killed-off' Atlantis somehow, and stopped placing it in the same reality as SG-1.

    4)The ambience is getting less and less military and more and more casual. Stop that immediately. At least put some effort into putting some semblance of military protocol back into the show to make it look believable like it was before, SG-1 isn't a spa resort.

    5)Stargate travel has become too casual an affair. Going to other planets look like staying on Earth.
    There is no excitement and adventure left in Stargate travel, it seems. So writers, Put Some Excitement and Adventure Back in! There was a time when exploring new worlds was a thrilling and dangerous affair, now it's just a stroll down the park. If that stays the case, then cancel the show because there's no longer any point to it.

    5)Keep Stargate a secret project. Don't make it public. Why? Well, because the secret nature of Stargate is in the evry essence of the show. Also, because then it wouldn't be as believable. Finally, imagine what it would be like if the public in the show was able to come and go freely to and from the stargate. See? It would suck,and there would be no point to the show. So keep the conspiracy thing intact, all right?

    6)Stop trying to replace Jack O'Neill! It ain't gonna happen! Mitchell hasn't found a right balance yet. He should stop trying be a carbon copy of O'Neill and start being a character in and of himself.
    Oh, and make Teal'c interesting again. So far this season he practically hasn't said a word or done anything really worth noting(I think that's taking the 'strong, silent and brooding' type a wee bit far). Give him back his character!

    So that's my rant done. Hope you enjoyed it. If not, why the hell did you even read this far? Too much time on your hands, eh? I get it.
  • WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON THIS YEAR??? Well, please allow me to answer my own question - The writers have ran out of ideas, if something is not done. I will pronounce SG1 as dead... I never really liked Farscape and now I am starting to understand why

    I have reached this far in watching SG1 this year and what I am about to write is not directed at this particular episode but to SG1 in general - What the heck is going on this year??? Well, please allow me to answer my own question - The writers have ran out of ideas, if something is not done (and soon) I will pronounce SG1 as dead. One final word of advice to the SG production team... go watch BSG to see some real Hi Q SF. I never really liked Farscape and now I am starting to understand why... Claudia Black and Ben Browder (pardon the word) SUCK!!
  • How everything is connected...

    On the first it looks like easy and not very much catching episode, but the storyline is quite complex, there is a lot of fun and adventure. That kind of good exciting adventure episode and they are always very enjoyable. You just cannot have save the world episode every time.

    I really most say - more and more we see Vala, I start to like her. She is really frighting char at the first - off everything we are used to see. Totally chaotic but that becomes her best part - we can never know how it will end up. And maybe there is a little sparkle added what has somehow lost now. It is a new area for the serie, that's true and somehow I feel we have to accept it.

    Great episode.
  • An enjoyable episode.

    This episode was a break away from the Ori for the first time this season. It mainly focuses more on Vala and gets the "new" team more formiliar with each other. When Vala leaves the SGC after Daniel and her are seperated when the bracklets are removed, they both fall ill again. So the team decide to go and consult the person Vala stole it from. Not a good idea as he demands something which she had sold and the person that she sold it too wants her to get something back for him. So for the entire episode the team try to get back what they need...only to find that there is not way Vala and Daniel can be seperated! But he believes the effects will eventually ware off. Overall i thought this was a fun episode, although nothing major happened it was nice to get to know the new characters better.
  • Great adventure!

    Daniel is trying to find way to get out of after-effects of bracelet they wore for while! Daniel and the team have to help and clean Vala's mess that she stoled "few" supplies plus the ship!! They worked so hard to get same supplies to get back to right owner and man who know about bracelet. The man said few words, and that is it! It is waste of their time for that!! In the end of this episode, Daniel and Vala have to wait for while until they can separate for good! I have to guess that Daniel and Vala have to stay together for one or two months until effects came off! I love this episode and humors! Love it!
  • Filler...

    There is no doubt about it that this was a filler episode. But it was a good filler. It turns out that even with the bracelets off Daniel and Vala still have a link. So they go to the person who Vala stole them from. This is where things get a little screwey. They have to go and find something for this guy and they just end up going on a wild goose chase. It wasn't a great episode but it also wasn't bad. What I really found funny was when Teal'c said to Mitchell "Colonel Mitchell sometimes you remind me of O'Neill" Mitchell says "I'll take that as a compliment" and Teal'c says "As you wish". Claudia Black has been in 4 straight episodes now I think they should have made her a regular in season 9 instead of 10. Later...
  • Vala takes Daniel and Mitchell to the man that she hopes can remove the Goa'uld bracelets. It won't be that easy, however, and the team finds themselves on an intergalactic scavenger hunt through Vala's past dealings.

    I've never understood why this episode isn't that well liked. I think it's underrated. I supposed that if you don't like Vala, it wouldn't be for you. It could be called "All About Vala" and the title would fit. The episode does seem at times directionless, such as in the middle when they're called back to Earth and away from the A story so we can see them doing zip at the SGC and putting their case before a Senatorial committee. For those negatives, however, the episode has a lot of good, too. For one thing, it's just plain fun. Like I said before, you may have to be able to at least tolerate Vala to like it, but it's enjoyable to trod through Vala's past and see a part of the (slightly) seedier part of the galaxy that we don't usually experience. We get to see Daniel and Mitchell making a pretty good team. We also get another look at the post-Goa'uld power structure with the introduction of the Lucien Alliance. I've said before that I don't enjoy the actual politics, such as the Free Jaffa council scenes, but getting a look at the powers themselves as they are set up in the new galaxy is interesting. I do have a bit of a pet peeve toward the end of the episode. When Mitchell tries to talk to the alien bounty hunters about football, that was way too Crichtonesque. Usually I can easily separate the characters, but that was a little much.
  • I thought this was a great episode. Off topic from the Ori, but still a great episode.

    I don't know why so many people are give this episode such bad reviews. I thought it was hilarious and good natured. So it didn't have anything to do with the Ori, does that really matter that much. I'm not a big fan of the Ori, so any show that they're not in it is a good episode in my book.

    Daniel and Vala have great chemistry and I like to see them together. I particularly liked Vala in this episode, I think she was funnier than previously.

    I guess there are a lot of people that want to see them stay on track and work on defeating the Ori, but I like a break and this was a nice break! It's nice to have an episode on a lighter note, when you know they will be getting back to a darker note (the Ori) soon enough.
  • A whole lot of nothing really...

    We basically spend the entire episode chashing after things that vala had once stolen/sold, in order to get someone to help her and Daniel break the link that ties them together through the bracelets they were wearing before.
    There's very little else going on, except for mitchell's continued attempts to get teal'c to re-join SG-1, and more of the same back-and-forth between Daniel and Vala.

    It's not a bad episode in itself, but in the end it does very little to further the overall arc of the show, which is why I classed it as a 'filler episode'.

    And why can't I get used to Beau Bridges being in charge of the SGC?
  • Missing Sam and Jack

    This episode is quite funny and entertaining but I couldn't help missing Sam and Jack terribly. Jack will not be coming back but hopefully Sam will be there shortly. Mitchell and Vala bring a fresh and exciting tone to the series and hopefully it will help Stargate claim back some of the old exitement. The fact that there are new enemies will also help with that fact. Vala and Daniel being "tight" up together is simply hillarious and hopefully they will never be able to sever the bond and they will be forced to stay together forever. Although funny nothing really happend in this episode.
  • A humorous episode

    I thought that this episode of Stargate SG1 was funny and was very well written to fit Vala's character. But the reason I didnt give it a 10 was becouse I think that they need to get on with the story of the Ori and show the coming battles that SG1 will face. Vala's character is funny but I dont see her as a good character to have on the show every episode. Sam's return to the show should get it rolling again and bring some intresting episodes about the Ori. One thing that gonna take getting used to is the fact that O'neil is gone from the show for good.
  • The writers are taking their time...but will fickle fans stick with it?

    It’s good to see that the serialized side of the new season continues to be very important to the storytelling, especially since this is the episode where the writers have to begin acting like the season has actually started. Turning to the more comedic side of the series was probably the best move possible. After all, “Origin” was quite intense in its own way, and why not give us all a break for an episode or so?

    At the end of the previous episode, it felt like Teal’c was going to be shuffled back onto the team, thanks to the power grab from Garek. Sure enough, it’s not that simple. It looks like the first third of the season, up until Carter’s inevitable return, will be used as an ongoing process of bringing the characters back into place. I’m not sure what I think of that.

    While I love the idea of making a good chunk of the season a story about change (and how some things never do), there’s the inevitable worry that the characters will never gel completely. Highlighting the strain of trying to force everyone back together could easily backfire. Especially to those still holding on to the original cast, it could seem aimless. Clearly, it’s not, but it could come across that way.

    The main story is all about Vala, who has become a character that most either love or love to hate. Claudia continues to be sexy at nearly every turn (though never more so than during the Congressional hearing, with those stockings!), and she plays up her rogue-ish side to perfection. This is, however, also the kind of episode where Jack would be tossing out his typical one-liners left and right. So how does it work without him?

    Daniel and Mitchell are left to pick up where Jack left off. Daniel’s history with Vala helps in that regard, since he gets to play off of Claudia’s wackiness more naturally. Browder is still trying to find the fine line between the old John Crichton character and the way Mitchell is written, but part of that sits on the shoulders of the writing staff. They’re the ones that need to give the character a unique voice, and it hasn’t quite happened yet.

    Some of the smaller moments were actually more telling. It’s great to see the producers and writers recognizing that the new series (“SG: Atlantis”) has, in many ways, taken the reins in terms of exploring new ground. The discussions on the utility of the SGC and their operations could be taken as a thinly-veiled commentary on the fans’ reaction to this series, now that the old mythology has come to an effective end.

    In this case, creating a parallel between the fans and those funding the SGC provides an interesting platform for exploring how the international knowledge of the Stargate program is evolving into something that could be a major problem. There are two sides to this. On the one hand, it continues to decentralize the attention on the new team, which could be an issue if it goes on much longer. On the other hand, it adds yet another character that could become more important later down the road. I prefer to think of this as another possibility for future storytelling greatness.

    From my perspective, the purpose of the episode was to continue to mine Vala as a character until Carter’s return is actually in the cards. It covers a lot of the transitional elements that should be in place by the time that Carter is back in the fold. The rest is a rather pleasant diversion that continues the ongoing saga of Daniel and Vala. Sooner or later, that has to give way to a renewed focus on Mitchell and the team, but for now, it’s still working for me.
  • No real point

    As soon as I heard that RDA was leaving the show i was very upset. i thought that there was nothing left of the show without him. i didnt think that this new guy from farscape or whatever could take his spot. but as a fan i watched to see what the producers were thinking. and to my surprise ben browder as mitchell did reminded me of jack o neill as teal'c said in this episode.
    speaking of which this episode was an utter most complete waste of time... it might of shown a brief companionship and maybe further relationship between Daniel and Vala.. but besides that there was so point to this episode.
    though it was somewhat funny it reminded me of a childrens story. that never ending journey for items to trade.
    but i did find the end halirous. the look on their faces was one for the books. but if the show continues like this its going down the drain. but i guess we have to wait and see.
  • I'm not so sure that the 9th season is going in the right direction.

    Interesting and funny episode for the fans of Farscape, boring and hideous episode for the fans of the "classic" SG1 series. I'm a huge fan of both shows and in my opinion the whole series are starting to concentrate more on the new characters than the old ones and the Stargate itself. Instead of watching Claudia & Ben I would like to hear more about the Ori. They seem to be a quite interesting addition to the series.
  • The actors and writers save the day, but truly the plot is going downhill.

    Michael Shanks and Claudia Blacks' reactions and chemistry towards each other is perfect. The fact that Mitchell reminds Teal'c of O'Neill (in a bad way, "I'll take it as a compliment" "As you wish") is genius. However, I can feel that this storyline is going to go nowhere really fast. I believe they are making the Orii sound like fuzzy little gerbils to the "people in Washington". The fact that they had to debate (and use Vala, at that) is quite sad, as they can't prove that the Orii are harmful at all. The Goa'uld, however, were very fearsome at first, and were worth opening the Stargate for. The Orii could be a reason to close the Stargate. If they are going to "spread religion"... Anyway, "The Ties that Bind"... clever, perhaps, in the sense that it was utterly worthless to go through all that... hunting and digging for Vala's... things. I actually love the Vala/Daniel thing going on... Also, I sort of feel that the relationship with Dr. Lam is been there, done that. Daniel, Vala, Mitchell, Teal'c and Landry all seem to be very blunt with her, much like they would be with Dr. Frasier. (When will we find out how she's related to Landry?) That pretty sums up my thoughts on the fourth episode.