Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 11

The Tok'ra (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1998 on Syfy

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    In episode #33 SG-1 locates the Tok'ra, a Goa'uld resistence movement who oppose the System Lords, and attempt to form an alliance. Jacob Carter's cancer brings him near death. Could anyone else see the setup for this alliance twenty miles away? I did! Although Jacob Carter doesn't actually get a Tok'ra symbiont until The Tok'ra Part 2 episode this episodes has too many clues as to what is going to happen between SG-1 and the Tok'ra. Although this story arc will be important for Stargate SG-1 for years to come the TV writers of this episode left us with nothing to the imagination. They dropped the ball so to speak. We know what is going to happen one episode before it happens!
  • SG-1 finally meets one of their more helpful allies...

    Woohoo! The Tok'ra! Okay, maybe I'm being a little sarcastic, but truth be told of all the aliens we meet in SG-1 the Tok'ra are the second most willing to help us out. And that's depressing considering how much they hold back from us. The only race that was more helpful was the Asgard. This was a very well written piece and we begin to see Jack's general disdain for the way the Tok'ra do business. I found the Martuf/Sam thing tiresome, even though it only just started in this episode. The best aspect of this episode is how it sets up part II.
  • Emotional..M

    The things are getting complicate. Carter has a vision and they go to check it out and found To'kra - the rebels to the System Lords. They have first very nice stay, but O'Neill is still thinking there is something else going on. Sam has some of her Goa'uld memories and one of those around - that memory seems to be very strong. And she wants to learn and founds out a very deep and long love story. A really beautiful scene, that out on the dunes, with that Martouf

    And on Earth.. Sam's father is getting worse and team is sent to get them... and they find they cannot go back...
  • very emotional

    Part one of the most important 2-parter in the series mythology and in the development of Carter. This was a very emotional episode with Jacob in the hospital and his conversation with Hammond. The Tok'ra were a little mysterious and hard to tell if they are friend or foe. The introduction of Martouf and his feelings for Sam are a big part of the Tok'ra storyline. He is without a doubt the face of the Tok'ra and one of the greatest allies in the show which made his death a few years later that much harder. Overall a good lead-in to a great second part.
  • Not the best, but certainly one of the most important episodes from the first 2 seasons.

    Okay, let me just say first off that one of the episode's biggest problems and lesser qualities is that opening. It wasn't executed too well, and is kind of hard to watch. However, it's almost saved by its importance, being the spark of what would become a great story arc and addition to the Stargate universe.

    But other than that, there's not much wrong with this episode. When it comes to 2-parters in Stargate, usually the first part is a only about average, serving merely as a warm-up for the second, better part. Even though the second part is superior, this episode is still pretty good. Just like a few previous episodes (and of course most of the episodes yet to come) this episode has a good, well-executed story, with plenty of humour throughout, which is what we all love about SG1. But of course the best thing about this episode is the fact that we finally get to see the Tok'ra, a race you either love or hate, and one that I love. Their addition to the SG1 mythology is a brilliant one, and one that has changed the series for the better.

    So, if you are introducing someone to Stargate, this is a definite must-see, no questions asked. It is not only a very important episode, but one I'm sure they'll thoroughly enjoy too.
  • This is the first episode with the Tok'ra's then home world.

    In the begining of this episode Captian Samantha Carter finds out her Dad(I believe he's an Air Force Colonel) has a terminally ill cancer. And his last wishes are for her to quit her job with stargate(he dosn't know that it sends peaple to other planets)and take a job with NASA. That way she could go into space which is what she really wanted to do(not study planets or whatever cover story SGC was using at the time).
    This show is good because it shows family and leaves off at a nice cliff hanger until the next episode. It's one of the better SG-1 episodes.
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