Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 8

The Tomb

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 17, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Action all the time... or running around in mace with flashlights...

    It was lovely episode, to be honest - a lot of excitement, running around on that dark mace and the creature - that added a lot of there as also the russians - more tension, more secrecy and more danger. So, it was a fine example of action episode Stargate has. The motion, tension and the excitement. The story itself was not too good but those episode even do not need it - they just need to get the adrenaline up and that this episode did - I freaked in some moments too as there was those little scary moments.. with that monster.. so, worked for me.
  • good episode...

    SG-1 and a Russian team go off-world to rescue another Russian team that might be stranded there. Unfortunately, they are all found dead and SG-1 and the other Russians are trapped. Eventually, of couse, they get out. The episode was ok but it was a lot like The Mummy. I didn't like how they used the same story from the Mummy in Stargate. I like seeing the dynamics between the Russians and SG-1, which is always good for a laugh. The story was predictable and the alien creature didn't look that scary, which was a bummer. Oh well, ok episode, nothing special, nothing too bad.
  • Interesting and exciting. Jack is so cool under pressure.

    SG-1 is sent to a planet to see if they can find out what happened to a Russian team sent there 10 months ago. Daniel needs to go back to SGC for reference materials for them to open the door to the tomb. At SGC, the team is told that they will be accomanied by a Russian team who brought research materials with them. O'Neill is not happy about working with the Russians. They gain access to the tomb and find a member of the previous Russian team dead. They also find a sarcophogus with a body in it, but no Goa'uld (snake-head). A creature is killed, but it doesn't have the snake-head in it. O'Neill already suspects the other team of having a seperate agenda when Sam tells him that someone is now a snake-head. The Russian colonel sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill the snake-head, but in vein. SG-1 finds a set of rings and sets up some C-4. Just when the snake-head finds them, Sam starts the timer and they ring out as the tomb is imploded. Back at SCG, the Russians are very upset and mistrust between the two countries continues.
  • Good episode but is rather repetitive with the competitiveness of Russian and American social interactions.

    There is a lot of hostility between O'Neill and the Russian soldiers, which brings out highly negative character traits that are highly inappropriate in a post Cold-War era - Such examples resemble Paranoia - O'Neill was worried that the Russians would betray SG1, hence why he did not want the Russians on his team. O'Neill was also upset as to why the Russians spoke privately in their own native tongue, or desired to lead units without American supervision. There is also competitiveness between O'Neil and the Russians. O'Neill's hails pride at having better hand-weapons than the Russians and then further insults the Russians for making their guns in Yugoslavia. He also mocks the Russians for using Cyanide pills, whilst his unit does not use them. He prides himself for not leaving men behind, or solving difficult situations by brute force (C4 bombs) - Note a Russian idea - Where O'Neill suggested that intelligent solutions were a better option. Finally, O'Neill was clear in stating that the Americans were the only ones able to run the Stargate without problems for more than a month, whilst the Russian Stargate project was littered with problems.

    Verdict. O'Neill needs an education in how to treat Russians as friends and not as foes, he must also learn that Yugoslavia is now a different country than it once was and now is no longer part of the Soviet block. In fact, it now no longer exists, having been split up into two separate nations, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Such an interesting episode, almost uncharacteristic of SG-1, yet not. Clever and eerie.

    The Tomb is almost uncharacteristic of SG-1. Something like an old horror movie, such as The Mummy, but at the same time, it was Stargate. In any case, it was a very entertaining episode. The concept of putting a creature in the sarcophagus along with the Goa’uld for eternal torment is some what disturbing, yet clever. The whole episode was eerie and mysterious. Dark hallways, creepy crawly things, bad guy around any corner. Even before I became a dedicated fan of SG-1, I loved the concept of aliens having something to do with Egypt (the original movie, The Fifth Element). So I really like episodes with tombs, temples, cartouches, tablets, and other fun stuff.