Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 6

Thor's Chariot

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 31, 1998 on Syfy

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  • Hammer Time

    Gairwyn calls for help to the SG team. The Goa'uld have attacked Cimmeria and after all it is the teams' fault they broke the device protecting them. Jack and Teal'c spend the episode annoying the Goa'uld while Sam and Daniel try solving the riddles of the Hall of might. We learn more about the Asgard's in this episode and at the end get to see just how advanced and powerful they really are.

    SG-1 returns to Cimmeria, and finds that without protection from the Asgard the planet has been invaded by the Goa'uld. Sort of a sequel episode to the first season's Thor's Hammer, SG-1 must devise a way to save the Cimmerias from an evil Goa'uld. Without the Asgard weapon that protected the planet this civilization has fallen victim to Heru'ur son of Ra and Hathor. Why is Cimmeria a planet protected by the Asgard? Is there something special about it? Were the Cimmerians seeded there by the Asgard, or do the Asgard have some other reason for special devotion to those people?
  • The protected planet is under attack by the Goa'uld ... but Thor comes back to save the day.

    I love every episode where the Asgard are involved ... especially Thor. This is their first real episode ... and it's great!
    Thor comes to save the day and whip the goa'ulds a*s, after SG-1 destroyed the only line of defense the planet had against the goa'uld.
    If I were the Cimmerians, I would've been a little peeved off at SG-1 for doing so ... but they were so friendly and willing to help, that it almost made it unrealistic :)
    Except for that, the episode was awesome: we find out about the true appearance of the Asgard (the best ally earth will have against the goa'uld) and we also find out that they are much more technologically advanced than the goa'uld ... and they are good!
    This episode helps with the continuity of the show (it's a sequel to the "Thor's hammer" episode in season 1 [109]) and sets up a lot more episodes where the friendship and alliance between the asgard and earth is renewed. And a series which keeps the continuity going in the story line, deserves great praise. Great stuff!
  • Thrilling episode where we meet the Asgard.

    This was yet another great episode. SG-1 returns to Sumaria in an attempt to help the residents defeat the Goa'uld. This episode was a bit of the team's unfinished business as the Goa'uld where able to invade the planet as a direct result of the team destroying Thor's Hammer in order to free Teal'c. We get a glimpse of just how powerful the Asgard really are when they finally come and remove the Goa'uld. Overall, it was a rousing adventure with plenty of action and intrigue as Jack and Teal'c fend off the Goa'uld while Carter and Daniel work to find a way out of things in the "Hall of Might". Good stuff.
  • Meeting Asgards...

    On the later events, the first encounter with the Asgards. But not only that - they left a problem last time and now they have to fix it and it is not easy.

    Love the test part of the Thor's hall. That narrow path they had to cross and then the runes. Really great addition.

    And all the other storyline - specially the end. They had no hope and they knew there is no change to fight - they have to give up and surrender and the way that cloud started - really impressive. And as it seems - they managed to clean up their mess - there will be no Hammer.
  • Another Related to THOR...

    I am not interesting in planet that Thor rules. It is too boring for me to watch this episode. One scene that I kind likes it, it is about Daniel Jackson and woman fell off. Daniel came to her rescue but woman is so wimp to get up or hold on hard... Woman need to be tough up and strong enough. I hate to see a woman getting wimp or weak. I dislike it lot. She need to be brave. However, it is so cute of Daniel coming to rescue her but he fell. He is so cute in this episode.
  • Great follow up to Thor's Hammer.

    Again this is a another very important episode because of the first appearence of the Asgard and the first time one of the teams many screw ups comes back to bite them in the ass. The best part of this episode just like in Thor's hammer is the great preformance by Tamsin Kelsey as Gairwyn who steals the show. This also introduced the first system lord another then Apophis in Heru-ur who is quite possibly more campy than Apophis. The things that I did not like is that Jack and Teal'c seemed to be running away from the Jaffa the whole episode.
  • SG-1 has to return to Cimmeria to help the people fight off the Goa'uld.

    We find out that SG-1 screwed up big time by destroying Thor's Hammer. Because of that, the Goa'uld were able to come to the planet and now SG-1 has to return to help destroy them before the cimmerians are enslaved.

    We know that SG-1 are going to cause many problems for different worlds in the future, but I think this is the first one so far. After all, they're only human and they only did it to save Teal'c's life.

    I enjoyed this episode, although it seemed like they were in a hopeless situation. If it had not been for the asgard I don't know how the writers could of gotten SG-1 out of that mess.

    It had a great plot and a great ending.
  • Despite its flaws, it's nice (in a weird sort of way) to see SG1 have to deal with one of their screw-ups for the first time.

    Although I can't really think back to how it affected me at the time (it was about 8 years ago when I saw this episode), I can imagine it would come as a shock to see our beloved SG1, who had dealt with so much up until that point and won, finally have to deal with a such a catastrophe for which they were responsible.

    But there are other things that appear and happen for the first time in this episode. First off we finally get to meet a system lord apart from Apophis (who's more over-the-top is anyone's guess), and secondly (and most pivotal) is that we meet the Asguard for the first time. True, the puppet may be a bit dodgy, but as I true fan I can forgive it for it's little shortcomings.

    One thing I noticed throughout this episode is that it's one that has a lot of boot-leather, in other words a lot of scenes with people simply walking or running. Along with a few rather pointless scenes, such as those running from or fighting with Jaffa, it seems as though this episode was written too short and needed them to fill it out to the full 40 minutes.

    Still, despite the Jaffa battle/chase scenes being a little cheesy and at time perhaps unintentionally funny (or intentionally, this is Stargate after all), there are some great sequences and aspects to this episode. One of which is the return of Tamsin Kelsey as Gairwyn, who is such a great actress. I wish they’d reuse her in later seasons, even as a different character I wouldn't mind. Another plus are the scenes in the Hall of Might, and the scenes with the Asguard Mothership are damn fine too.

    So, in summation this is a pretty good episode despite its flaws (another being that Jaffa that yells to SG1 to surrender, it just makes me wince). Now, if you showed "Thor's Hammer" to your soon-to-be SG1 fan, then this is a definite must. Come to think of it, it's probably best that you do show them this and "Thor's Hammer", as they're necessary as an introduction to the Asguard. Oh well, I'll leave it up to you.
  • The crew discover that Thor's hammer has been destroyed and Goa'uld have taken over the land. They must help these people out.

    This episode is a very important one. We get our first look at the Asgard and we also see Heru-ur, the son of Ra and Hathor. I loved the episode "Thor's Hammer" so I was very excited to see this one because I knew that it meant they would return to the planet and see Thor again. I wasn't disappointed once. This episode truly is one of the best of the season, like I said before, there is a lot that happens. This is a must see of the season for sure. Overall, very fun and a great introduction to the Asgard.
  • In this episode the planet Cimmeria is under attack by the Goa'uld. SG-1 feels responsible because the destroyed Thor's Hammer, which has protected the planet for hundreds of years. Daniel and Sam along with Gairwyn, go to Thor's hall of might to stop the

    This episode is what stargate is all about. A war is going on and yet mystery and riddles stand in the way of salvation. Ever since Thor's Hammer I have been waiting for an episode to reveal Thor's true identity and the way in which it was done was superb and I love every minute every second of this installment in the stargate saga. The Asgard are such a cool race and there slow revelation of there true selves, blinds extremely well with the story. I like the way everything ties form the Viking legends to the advance technology and finally the good old fashion tests to see if you worthy. Also, how the local guy with saved Teal'c and Jack buy killing the jaffa with his axe was a nice touch. You see all this advance technology and guns being used to kill the enemies, but still nice to know a classic weapon from the ages, like an axe, gets the job done just fine. This was an enthralling episode with a great build and a beautiful flowing storyline.