Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2005 on Syfy

Episode Recap

(90 minute version)

Ba'al returns to meet with Anubis in his most recent host body, who isn't buying Ba'al's story but lets him live as he plans to retake Dakara then use Ba'al's stargate program to destroy all life in the universe. At SGC, Sam interrupts Jack in a meeting with Kerry Johnson, a CIA agent investigating the Trust. Sam is concerned about Daniel's disappearance but Jack is sure he's still alive. Daniel, meanwhile, is in a limbo of sorts at a diner and is greeted by a waitress . . . Oma. Bra'tac and Teal'c are given the highest Jaffa honor in a ceremony by their fellows, making them blood kin to all Jaffa.

Sam meets with Peter at SGC and introduces him to her father, Jacob. Oma informs Daniel that he died but he isn't ascending – he still has to choose. On Dakara, Teal'c is offered a position on the High Council that is to be formed on the new Jaffa homeworld – Dakara. In the diner, Daniel is greeted by a patron, Jim, who recognizes him from a paper that also mentions Anubis' plan to retake Dakara.

Sam and her dad talk and he seems tired but agreeable to her announcement she plans to marry Pete. At the diner, Oma tells Daniel that he can't leave because he's dead, unless he chooses to Ascend. But if he then takes on human form to intervene, then he'll lose his memory of Anubis' plan. Daniel is unable to get anyone else in the diner to help him or even acknowledge him – apparently they're Ancients and other all-powerful types. The two continue to spar over Oma's status with the Others.

Teal'c returns to Earth to meet with Jack and warns that the Ancient weapon is still active and the Jaffa refuse to destroy it. Jack and the others don't believe they should have that kind of power and plan to destroy it, although that may endanger their relationship with the new Jaffa High Council. Sam is ducking Pete who is picking flowers for their wedding but he promises a surprise. Teal'c and Bra'tac contact the High Council and confirm that the Jaffa plan to hunt down Anubis' forces, which will hopefully unite the various factions.

Daniel talks with Jim, the only diner patron willing to talk with him. Jim claims to also be an outsider like Oma and asserts that Anubis is likely to triumph and that Oma may be less then totally honest. In turn, Oma vaguely warns Daneil against Jim. Pete reveals that he bought a house for them, but Sam isn't too happy. She goes to visit Jack for advice, but discovers that he's dating Kerry from the CIA.

When Sam returns to the SGC, she discovers that Selmak is dying and that Jacob is dying along with him – Selmak used the last of the energy necessary to save Jacob to keep them both alive on Dakara to activate the weapon. Daniel continues to spar with Jim, who reveals that Oma caused Anubis to ascend over the wishes of the Others, the Collective. While Sam stays with Jacob on his deathbed and he advises her to achieve what she really wants, Kerry tells Jack that he should get together with Sam if that's what they both want.

Oma eventually confirms Jim's claim that she ascended Anubis and that the Collective undid it . . . partially – thus why he's "half-ascended" and can only use the power and knowledge he could have achieved as a Gou'ald. Oma keeps trying to help others to ascend to make up for her mistake, but warns that Anubis can't be killed, by her or Daniel. Meanwhile Bra'tac and Teal'c discover that the Jaffa forces have been lured away from Dakara by Anubis so that he can launch his own attack.

Jacob passes away while Jim reveals that . . . he is Anubis, and his trap for the Jaffa has worked. Sam breaks up with Pete and returns to the SGC, where an incoming wormhole activates just after Teal'c warns that Anubis has retaken Dakara and is using the Ancients' weapon. Sam and Jack are forced to activate the self-destruct in the faint hope it might abort the wormhole sequence.

In the diner, Daniel can't do anything against Anubis, but Oma takes him on. She can't kill him, but she plans to engage him in combat for as long as she can so that he can't do anything in the real world. The self-destruct on Earth shuts off and seconds later the wormhole disengages. The Jaffa on Dakara are able to retake the planet – Anubis' near-victory has united the factions. Daniel appears at SGC (naked again) and reveals he wasn't the one who stopped the self-destruct. At the end, the four friends get together to finally fish at Jack's pond . . . and find out he's never had any fish there.