Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Noooooooooooooo!! It can't be him!!

    Oh, man, this was one of the best episodes by far! It was great to finally get some good insight into the nature of the Ascended. I felt the episode was executed wonderfully. I got chills when I realized "Jim" was Anubis. And then I got this weird retroactive creepy feeling as I re-played the episode's events in light of this revelation.

    Oma! Dumb, dumb, Oma! How could you be deceived by that snake! Argh!!!

    But I guess I shouldn't be so hard on her.. she's apparently the only ascended one who actually takes a concerned interest in the material realm. Yay, Oma!

    Oh, nevemind, I forgot about Orlin. But then again, he was just infatuated with Carter... not really an altruistic interest I suppose.

    Yah, so yay, Oma! :)
  • The aftermath of the final battle that could be called the series finale.

    With the Replicators destroyed and the Goa'uld beaten and exposed as false gods only some things were left to be resolved. Firstly, of course, the storyline of Anubis finally ended with the sacrifice of the being who helped him ascend. Oma Desala did what she had to do and so she is the hero - not the ignorant Others. I think it's safe to say that they had no right to let Anubis destroy the galaxy just to teach Oma a lesson. I would have even liked it if not only the Ori were destroyed (season 10) but the Ancients also.
    Then, Sam&Jack storyline also developed but I think that more should have happened between them (mainly because nothing will ever happen even when the series end). I mean - both of them were single by the end of this episode. So the writers should have gone for it and finally "make them happy". Well that's what I think anyway - therefore 9.5 not 10, 'cause it looked as if the writers were afraid to end this once and for all.
    As I said this episode is worthy of the title of Series Finale because after watching it the whole show seemed "complete" for me.

    [Wrote this review after rewatching almost all of SG-1 - and to make it short - both parts of Reckoning and Threads are the best episodes of Stargate SG-1]
  • A very powerful episode.

    Oh, this was just amazing. With the Reckoning parts and this - they really seem like to close things and this really looked liked the ending - a very emotional, powerful and beautiful.

    I adore Daniel in cafe and all that talk. Oma storyline has been one of the most fascinating ones, I most say. And the way we finally learn much more about her and the reasons and her past - that makes so much more clear.

    Then the Jaffas. The way it looks like all the gained has now lost and just on the right moment Oma makes the right decision. Amazing storyline.

    And ofcourse.. the most important storyline of this episode Sam - Jacob has been such a great char and he has really become very sympathetic and one of those chars you are always happy to see. I was crying... And maybe even more in the end scene - it looked so peaceful.. finally going to fishing... it was amazing episode.
  • Felt like a finale.

    This episode was near perfect. Not really an action packed one, but it was really emotional and with some intense moments. I could have rate it 10 but I still don`t understand why Jack and Carter are still not together after that? OK, everything in that episode did lead to their union ...right? I would have been satisfy with Jack retiring to get with Sam. With Richard Dean Anderson leaving the show afterwards, it would have been a fair closure for Jack...leaving room for some guest appearances for sure. That`s my only complain...this relationship is just not getting a closure.

    I love Daniel`s story. It was intriguing and that coffee guy later revealed to be Anubis, that was quite a shock. Also, we got answers on what happened when and why Daniel was brought back to life after being ascended.

    Well, it did feel like a finale. The grand victory over Anubis and the replicators defeated in the previous episode. Everything was patched up beautifully.
  • good episode...

    I usually don't like slow episodes that have little action, but this one was really good. It was major character development and it was quite interesting, on all fronts. Daniel is stuck in a diner between the two planes of existence and Oma is trying to get him to ascend. Meanwhile, Sam is having some boyfriend problems and her father dies. I love Selmac/Jacob. He was one of my favorite regular characters. I'm happy that he died the way he died; it was pretty cool. The show needs to change after 8 seasons and, if that means killing Selmac, then so be it. There were some very sweet moments between Jack and Sam and it really makes me think that one should resign and they should be together. They are perfect for each other. The show keeps hinting at it, why don't they just go off and love each other! Anyways, I'm happy that Sam broke it off with Pete, or she will anyways. I didn't like him. He wasn't right for her. Jack's girlfriend was pretty pointless. It just shows that Jack and Sam are the only ones right for each other. Anyways, it was a really good episode. We get to see the semi-ascended version of Anubis, which was creepy. His laugh just creeped me out. Overall, very well-written episode, great story, great development, great everything.
  • Jacob dies while the universe is under threat from Anubis..

    This is Samantha's episode. Amanda Tapping is a great actor and displays Sam's vunerable side - whether its with her scenes with her dying father, her break up with Pete or her interaction with Jack. The storyline about Sam/Jack - leading to the moment on the pond is fantastic - and congratulations to both actors. The other main storyline with Daniel ascending once again is interesting (but becoming repetitive) and is saved by Oma's 'sacrifice' to fight Anubis (played well by George Dzundza). All this episode really feels like an 'end-of-series' and in some ways it would have been a fantastic end to Season 8.
  • This episode put daniel back in the dead man's seat once again. Is he dead or is he Asended? He has no idea right now cause he really needs to get back and help his freinds defeat anubis.

    This show showed us alot of stuff all in 1 wack. Of course Daniel has to choose to be dead or asended. Mean while his freinds are trying to fight anubis.
    Ba'al has his own problems now, he actually needs thier help.
    Sam has to make her greatest decision of all. To marry Pete or not to marry Pete. Jack has a lady freind and now she is leaving him because she feels like Jack and Sam belong together. It had to be hard thing to let him go she really seemed to liked him but she could see what everybody else knows. But is there anything they can do about it?
    Oma has done her damage with Anubis now she knows there is only one thing she can do the save the people of earth. She has to fight anubis so he can no longer be a problem to the people of earth or any other planet.
    He wants to end all life as we know it and start all over with what he wants it to be like.
    This was a very busy episode. But it was very entertaining.
    This is one of my favorites.
  • Threads did a better job at wrapping up SG-1 than Moebius did.

    Threads was a good episode, I think it should’ve been the actual season/series finale of Stargate SG-1. Season 8 was suppose to be the end of SG-1 but SciFi decided to renew the show for a 9th season, which began as a new series, “Stargate Command,” even though it stayed the same name. Threads did a better job at wrapping up the story of SG-1 than Moebius (Part 2) did, and they both had the same final scene (with a few differences). Threads was full of emotion and would’ve been a great series finale. The death of Jacob Carter and closeness of Jack and Sam’s budging romantic relationship near the end of Threads are one of many reasons why this would’ve made a greater series finale than Moebius was.
  • This episode announces the final of Stargate SG1

    Well, in this review im just goimg to sey may point of view.
    It is a revealing episode. All the matters come to an end.
    Daniel discovers the truth of Oma and Anubys. That is very well presented. And Unfortunately Jacob passes away. But what i like most about this episode is that Jack and Sam can do what they really want to do. Sam breaks up with Pete and Jack finally decides to be with her. However, it\'s up to us to imagine whats going to happen with them... because two episodes after \"Threads\" O\'Neil leaves the show.

    I like very much this end of season but O neil will be missed by me.. and I think that by everyone.

    (Once again I apologize for my English.. but remenber Im from Argentina)
  • Nothing much happens, yet we learn an awful lot... *major spoilers*

    Daniel is trapped between stages of existence, trying to decide whether or not to ascend again. Meanwhile Anubis is planning to take back the temple in which the ancient device that destroyed the Replicators is kept.

    Carter and O'Neill break off their respective romances, because neither are able to get past their feelings for each other.

    I have to admit to being terrible upset when Jacob/Selmak died. I always enjoyed his appearances, and his interaction with the rest of the cast was usually extremely good. I suppose the worst part of it now is that there isn't a single Tokra left I find bearable :-)

    I really enjoyed this mainly because of the Carter/O'Neill angle. I must admit to having mixed feelings about that relationship. one one hand it would be great for them to finally be together, but on the other hand, I'm afraid it would take all the fun out of it. After all, anticipation is half the reward...

    And what do they all do when it's all over? Go fishing of course!
  • Daniel's Ascension, Sam & Jack, the Free Jaffa, and the loss of a dear friend.

    This episode touches on all of the greatest storylines of the series and does it well. Daniel's ascension (and return) are explained along with more information about Anubis. Oma's character is also fleshed out, a character who has deserved more attention for a while now.

    The Free Jaffa Nation, seen through Teal'c and Bra'tac, sets up a continuation of challenges for the Jaffa; allowing for further episodes to flesh out what will become of them in their next phase as a civilization.

    Sam and Jack go through some interesting trials in this episode as well. Although Kerry was a very flat character, Pete has been in several episodes (with most of the fanbase disliking his existence). It's about time with Anderson's imminent leave from the show that they can finally realize that their characters will converge.

    The plot unfolds in very little action. Daniel's scenes all take place in a diner! Anubis' assault is not shown, and only the aftermath of the Jaffa assault is shown. Some may say this is a way of cutting the budget for an episode, but I think that any special effects and/or explosions would have ruined the sincerity of the episode. The writing is fantastic, the acting pure (especially Carmen Argenziano), and the message clear.

    Absolutely one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Goodbye Stargate

    In my mind, this is the last episode in the series and whatever has come after, while some of it may be enjoyable, this is where the series ended for me.

    Stargate was all about the original four members for me and if you start taking them out for good, then I can't stay I'm interested.

    We all know this series will end eventually and why not end on such a peaceful happy note as this episode?
  • Sam and Jack coming together

    This episode is the reason i watch Stargate SG1, Possibly the biggest development between Sam and Jack happens here when she realizes she can\'t be happy with anyone but him and breaks off her engagement with Pete and Jack ends his relationship with the CIA woman so he can be there for Sam when Jacob is dying and they admit sort of that they will always have each other no matter what and jack holds onto her as her father dies. Just can\'t get writhing any better than that with any episode they express their feelings for each other but still remain professional. Just as good as they interaction when Janet dies and Sam is glad that Jack lived
  • The In-Between

    One of the most interesting storylines in SG-1 is Daniel Jackson Ascending and where he went, and in this episode some (but not all) of the questions related to that storyline are answered. There isn't much on the fighting side of things, but this episode was very character-based, and I don't think the Stargate's in a single scene, although I could be wrong.

    One of a number of great things that happened was the return of Oma Desala. She's just such a great character, especially in this episode.

    Something I didn't see coming was the death of Jacob/Selmak. I thought he was a major part of the series and a brilliant character.

    The end of this episode sets it up for the end of the last episode, Moebius Part 2, with the pond scene.
  • The calm after the Storm.

    After the epic that was “Reckoning” the people at the SGC take some time to reflect on how things are changing and what has happened to Daniel Jackson. While this will most likely go down in history as one the series best (which I agree with) too much of the action in the episode happened off screen undercutting the tension in the last half hour. We should have seen Anubis’ forces take De’kara (or Te’kera or however it is spelt) instead we just had Teal’c and Bra’tc telling us everything. Plus what happened to Ba’al? Did Anubis kill him, is he alive somewhere, and is he the only System Lord left? I hope so because I like the way O’Neill winds him up. Plus if anyone should kill Ba’al it has to be Jack. Some wounds will never heal.

    So Sam and Pete are no more. Unlike many I had no problem with Pete, I didn’t hate the guy just because he wasn’t Jack but I kinda knew for the beginning that he and Sam would never make it to the church. Shame really I was hoping for a nice wedding episode maybe we can have one for Jack and Sam if they ever do get together because so far they still just seem to be really close friends. I like that Sam and Pete’s break up was not a mutual event. Poor Pete loves Sam and he seemed genuinely heartbroken that she is leaving him and when people get their hearts broken they often become biter towards the one doing the breaking. Pete may not have lost his temper but the way he walked away and took the SOLD sight away said more than an over the top outburst ever could.

    Jacob’s death was unexpected, sudden and the most emotionally moving part of this episode. Both Amanda Tapping and Carmen Argenziano played the scene perfectly without ever falling into soppy sentimentality. Goodbye Jacob, goodbye Selmak you will both be greatly missed.

    Despite the love I have for this episode there was one problem that I just can’t let go off. The idea of Jack having a girlfriend is something that should have been addressed earlier. Who was this woman, when did she and Jack start seeing each other. She introduced and written out in next to no time it almost seems like the writers had too many ideas and not enough time to explore them all. Her entire role in this episode was to just make the scene at Jack’s house even more uncomfortable and to give Jack some advice about his feelings for Sam. For someone whose only meet Sam a few times she seemed to know an awful lot about her and Jack, maybe she was psychic. It’s either that or some bad writing because that scene just fell flat due to its complete absurdity of it all. Also the Jaffa are thick they send the main bulk of their fleet to battle Anubis leaving the most powerful weapon in the universe relatively unprotected. I shouldn’t be so hard on the Jaffa after all it was Teal’c and Bra’tc’s idea.

    Daniel’s encounter with Owa and the others in deaths waiting room was both frustrating and fascinating in equal measure. For a long time it felt like it was going nowhere with Daniel just wondering around while Owa rattled on about ascension and Jim telling him what Anubis was up to while the “OTHERS” just sat there doing nothing. No wonder the Wraith kicked their collective asses these guys are all dickhead. It was not until we discovered that Oma had helped Anubis ascend that things started to get interesting. Not only that the reason Daniel was not allowed to stop Anubis the first time was because the “OTHERS” are letting Anubis get away with everything to punish her. They have a twisted sense of justice because allowing someone to commit genocide of a galactic scale just to punish one woman’s mistake it pretty harsh. Then we discovered that that nice guy Jim was in fact Anubis, smugly rubbing his near victory in everyone’s faces in a very uncharacteristic moment of glee. Are there two Anubis because Jim seemed nothing like the all powerful System Lord we’d meet in the past he was more vile and petty and about fifty percent more interesting. Shame the character was just starting to get interesting and then he is gone just like that. Oh well at least Ba’al still around. I wonder are Oma and Anubis both dead or are they trapped in some kind of never ending conflict outside or of space or time. We may never know but I bet they both show up sometime next season because this did not feel like the big finish to the Anubis story. In fact we’ve already had the big finish to the Anubis story it was called “The Lost City” and it was great. Why didn’t they just stop there?

    The final scene of the episode sums up in one simple shot what this entire show is about. We see our four heroes gathered together possible for the last time enjoying a nice days fishing on a pond that has no fish. Since the very beginning we have followed the adventures of these four characters as they have battled Goa’ulds and Replicators, faced corruption from their own side, befriended many alien cultures and made enemies of others. We’ve seen them find love and loses loved ones, we’ve seen them live and die, watched as they took care of each other when thing got really bad and the share in their relief when the made it trough the day. They are the heart and soul of the show, the glue that holds it all together and now it time to say goodbye to these group of heroes we have come to know and love. They have one more adventure together before the must some of them go their separate ways while the others stay to keep up the good fight. We’ve have been with them during the good, the bad and the extremely average but even that did not stop us sticking with these guys as they faced whatever was on the other side of that gate. But will the show survive without the central dynamic that has lasted seven years (not counting season six where Daniel went AWOL).

    Next season it remains unclear how many episodes Richard Dean Anderson will actually appear in. We already know that Amanda Trapping will miss the first five episodes due to her pregnancy and that Ben Browder and Beau Bridges will be joining the cast. So far only it looks like Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge will be the only original cast members to appear in all episodes of season nine. And what if there is a season ten will there be anyone left by then. Not only are the regulars on the move the recurring characters are in short supply as well. In the last two seasons alone we have lost Dr Frasier, almost all of the System Lords and now Jacob Carter. Anubis and Oma seem to be gone somewhere for the time being and Ba’al’s fate remains unsolved, General Hammond has been promoted and now heads Homeworld Security, Kinsey is a Goa’old and is either dead or hiding out on Earth somewhere, Bra’tc is still alive but may not be kicking for much longer, Walter and Siler will probably outlive everyone else and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Harry Maybourne.

    So as the gang once sang “where do we go from here?”