Stargate SG-1

Season 1 Episode 19

Tin Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 1998 on Syfy

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    When SG-1 visits the underground warehouse of an advanced alien civilization, the area's caretaker transplants their minds into robotic duplicates -- a "gift" of immortality. This episode has three things that resonate with science fiction fans. #1 The future is bright. Star travel is a techno human possibility. #2 The past is locatable and knowable. We can figure out where we came from. #3 The present is realistic. The episode helps us figure out various ethical and moral dilemmas we might want to think through to see which of our human values are legit and timeless. And which are not.
  • Duplication is the most sincere form of flattery...

    This is one of my favorite episodes from season 1. Harlan is just plain hilarious, and the twist at end was well concealed. The team members' interactions with each other are just priceless. Also Jack's fantastic sense of humor comes into play in a big way in this episode, perhaps more so than any previous episode from season 1. Plus I loved Teal'c's line towards the end when he inquires about his duplicate. The concept of this episode, having duplicates of main characters, if far from new, but is very well executed and the truth about SG-1's "transferrance" a secret until the end. Very enjoyable episode.
  • Good episode, nice twists.

    This was a fun episode that made me confused, entertained, angry, and relieved. Its not so interesting when they meet the weird guy who seems to be they one running the huge facility they are in. He changes them in some way as soon as they arrived and they leave as soon as they realized what he has done(they know he changed them, but now exactly in what way). But after undergoing a routine checkup by Doc Fraiser upon their arrival at the SGC, you find out they are machines! Wow, that was a quick one that struck home. SG-1, or rather robo SG-1 pleads to General Hammond to send them back to the planet to get their bodies back. He lets them go. When they arrive the little man refuses to help or rather ignores their persistence, until O'neill gets mad and demands they get their bodies back. He answers that it would not be possible and this gets SG-1(and me) pretty pissed off......Then another big shocker, they are clones! The real SG-1 was safe and sound but restrained in a chamber of the complex, he said he was going to released them and that they were only clones. This gets robO'neill understandably mad, a funny scene between the two O'neills follows and SG-1(the real ones) are allowed to leave while their clones with stay, bury their gate and promise to never be heard from again. Clever episode, two twist I never saw coming. This episode is a good above average installment. One of the better episodes in season 1.
  • Face to face with themselves

    It was - mmm how to say - weird episode. They fooled me quite long before I realized it all is just a ... they are copies. The idea was genial one, I most say, but - it was not the best storyline. The can have fantastic ideas but the serie needs more than only good idea - it was quite boring, some way. it did not nailed me to the screen nor had much excitement.

    The best moment, I think, was when they finally met the real ones, and then had change to talk with each other. I think that was really great element and symbolic. We all would be our best talking partners, especially as they shared the same thoughts.
  • funny...

    SG-1 goes to a planet where the only inhabitant basically makes robots of them and places their minds in the robots. The robots (androids) think they are the real SG-1, only to find that they are not. Eventually, the real SG-1 goes home and the other SG-1 stays on the planet. Anyways, it was a very funny episode. The dynamics between the doubles and the origonals were halarious. However, the lone android guy was really annoying. He was like a little kid that said Komtraya too much. Overall, funny episode with an interesting story, but nothing good other than that. It was just a good funny episode.
  • Good, but not fantastic

    Contrary to other review I have read I think this is a good episode. The team is kidnapped by a robot who is really lonely and wants company. He copies their bodies and makes them into robots. We follow the robots' point of view for the episode until they awaken their human counterparts. There are some funny moments (mostly O'Neill funny moments). At the end O'Neill orders the robots to bury their gate and everything returns to normal. This episode for me was entertaining. Yes, it was probably a filler episode, but not every episode can advance the story a lot, or the story would be told quickly and would not be as enjoyable. Filler is good.
  • alright...

    Probably everyone likes the robot episode and evil twins. exce0pt in this episode they weren't evil. The Android sg1 were so real they didn't even know they were robots until Doc Frasier tried to take some blood. It was pretty cool though when O'neill cut his arm open. It was kinda weired at the end because the whole episode you were following sg1 but at the same time you weren't. I liked the 2 jacks talking at the end especially when Robo Jack had some of his skin burned off and real Jack comes along and says "You should get that looked at." It wasn't the best episode of season 1. Later...
  • Boring

    This was a very interesting episode that had its funny moments but was a little boring. The fact that a civilization transferred there conciseness to an android body was to avoid Armageddon was fascinating. I liked the homage’s to Alien with the white blood and to Terminator with the cutting of the skin on the arm. Harlan was very annoying and I felt sorry for Jack. Teal'cs malfunction was understandable with the merging of his mind with junior during the process. Overall this was an average episode with some good humor but was very boring.
  • Good episode. Good humor.

    It was a pretty good episode all together. The analogy of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz was funny. And completly fitting with all the time Jack quotes the movie throughout the series. SG-1 get cloned by some alien on P3X-989,Hyndal, and the clones go back thinking they're the real SG-1 when they were really just robots, what a conclusion to come to, and that the real SG-1 is still back on P3X-989. They go back and wake up their real bodies, and brake the news to them. SG-1 volunteers to help get the factory that they are in up and running again, so it'll stay running for many years to come. The robots stay behind on the planet while the real SG-1 go home. Kinda sad if you think about it, because all their friends are back home, but it also brings to light the fact of all the situations coughromanticsituationscough that Sam and Jack could get into. So that was a good episode for fanfic writers who ship for Sam and Jack. All in all it was a pretty good episode.
  • Filler episodes don't necessarily have to be bad, and this episode of SG1 proves that...well they usually are. With no character development and with poor acting, the only good thing this episode has is a great story.

    SG1 is turned into robots and must find out how to transfer their consciences into their organic bodies. However, in a Asimov-like twist, it turns out that the robotic SG1 members, are just clones from their organic counterparts. This is one of the better plots from season one, unfortunately it didn't quite fulfill its potential. In this episode, SG1 is trapped in a dark warehouse. Without the usual action or great scenery shots, the episode relies on the plot and acting to make it great. The plot is terrific, that much I've already established. However, with the subject matter in this episode, a dramatic feel should be present. In this case, the writers decided to go with a more comedic approach with the addition of Harlan (Jay Brazeau), the lone caretaker within the warehouse who has become loopy due to thousands of years of loneliness. Although different is sometimes good, it didn't work for me this time.

    As for the acting, I think Jay Brazeau did a terrific job with Harlan - he was very funny at times - but like I said, I don't think this type of character was appropriate for this episode. As for the rest of the cast, there weren't many scenes written to showcase their acting. That being said, the only scene that I was disappointed with was when the organic and robotic SG1 members meet each other for the first time. I found the rest of the acting to be sufficient but disappointing. Since there is not development of any kind in this episode, nothing will be missed if not watched.
  • I say "Out of character" because this is about robot SG-1 more than the real SG-1.

    I thought this was a good episode! *recap*

    After SG-1 comes through the gate and explores a bit they head back towards the gate, but before they can get very far they are immobilized.

    When they wake up they realize that Harlan has changed them some how, so they escape back to Earth. They soon realize that they are no longer human and are in fact robots!

    I felt that the storyline was well written and it was a nice change from how other episodes are done as far as characters go.

    They did a pretty good job of showing the robots and originals in the same room together.
  • Despite some good bits of humour, a highly enjoyable performance from Jay Brazeau as Harlan, and an interesting is a little silly story line; this just isn't handled too well and comes off as being predictable and dull.

    What can I say; it just isn't my favourite story line (far from it, really). This episode is just another example of the kind of silly yet dull and episodes Stargate did in its first season. What makes it worse is this particular episode has a greater degree of predictability. The first major plot twist (if it isn't given away in episode previews) can be predicted simply by the title, and the second twist can be seen coming a mile away.

    There are a few other minor flaws, such as the forced humour between the two Carters near the end. However, these minor ones are easier to get over thanks to some good humour and the cast giving it their all. Plus, for true science fiction fans, there is some intelligent discussion about their predicament.

    Now, in terms of showing this episode to soon-to-be fans...hard to say. On the one hand, the episode isn't that good, but on the other hand it's necessary for the future and superior episode Double Jeopardy. So, I guess that you could show this episode to them initially, but I'd wait until the series has grown on them.
  • Ok, but not really the greatest...

    This definately wasn't one of my favorite episodes this season. I thought the idea behind the episode was interesting but I feel that it could have been done a lot better. I also didn't feel that the environment created for P3X-989 really suits the idea of a technologically advanced society that has the ability to create fully functioning duplicates to human beings. The techonology required to artifically create every aspect of a human body is astronomical and it logically seems like such an advanced society would not have dwindled down to one person and it also seems as though such a society would have a "home" that was constructed to a much higher quality.

    I also didn't really like the ending to this episode. I thought that it was very inconclusive to just leave the artificial SG-1 on P3X-989. I would have liked to see a better resolution to the whole thing.

    Overall, I thought that it was a decent idea but I thought that it could have been done a lot better.
  • A really cool episode about the crew not returning home the same.

    This episode feels like something straight out of the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone and I love it! The concept of this episode has been done before, but that doesn’t mean the story isn’t great, because it really is. “Tin Man” is definitely one of the great episodes of this season. Harlan is a very cool character, when you first see him, you will think he is very weird and it turns out you are right! I don’t want to give away the ending, but it is like an episode straight out of the Outer Limits. A really cool episode!!!