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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Children of the Gods (1)

  • In the movie Stargate, Daniel's wife's name is spelled "Sha'uri," but in the credits for this episode (and every other episode she's in) her name is spelled "Sha're."

  • Trivia: We learn that Ra was not the only System Lord. He was the Ultimate System Lord, but not the only System Lord. Here we are introduced to the System Lord Apophis.

  • Trivia: Major General West (Leon Rippy) from the original Stargate movie is replaced by Major General George Hammond (Don S. Davis) as commander of the SGC.

  • The Goa'uld scanning device that was used to scan the female airman in the Gate room, has never been seen or heard of in any subsequent episodes, although a similar device, used for stunning people, was introduced in the season one finale, "Within the Serpent's Grasp."

  • After the opening battle sequence in the gate room, the dead soldiers have a lot of blood on them, despite the fact that staff weapons cauterize wounds.

  • Trivia: It is revealed in "Politics" the mission to Chulak took place on February 10, 1997.

  • Kawalsky's incorrect Captain's bars are sideways on his green camouflage uniform. Collar devices are to be lined up on the center line of the collar tabs on an open neck uniform.

  • When Daniel comes back to SGC to speak with Carter after he has resigned, he uses an access card to open the elevator. If he has resigned, why would he still have a valid access card?

  • Carter argues that there must only be the two Stargates because they had "tried hundreds of symbol permutations using Earth as the point of origin and it never worked." There are thirty-eight symbols and six places to put them (the point of origin goes seventh and never changes) and we can't use a symbol twice. Thus, there are approximately 2,324,784 possibilities. Trying a few hundred of them means nothing.

  • If you watch when they use the elevator to go down to the SGC the "stock footage" is actually of the elevator going up. Look at the cables at the left of the screen, the loop hangs and gets bigger.

  • Even though subtitling is usually poorly done on almost any production, Abydos is spelled "Avados" every time it's written in subtitles.

  • Notice that in the Abydos outside scene the sand is yellow-ish but in the background where the Great Pyramid is, the sand is red colored, that's because the Abydos scenes where filmed in Yuma, AZ and they just pasted the Great Pyramid onto the background.

  • The sergeant escorting Jack to the SGC had the major oak leaves clusters on his shoulders.

  • When Jack was with Kawalsky is his quarters, Kawalsky had the "Captain" rank pin instead of Major.

  • Two symbols' places on the DHD were switched in this episode.

  • In the Stargate movie, the automatic weapons ran out of ammunition. So how are Skaara and the other kids able to put up a fight against the Jaffa? Even if SG-1 brought new ammo along for them, why would Daniel Jackson want the Stargate guarded by kids with empty guns?

  • Jack said that six hostile aliens (Jaffa) came through the gate when eight actually came through.

  • Carter claims to have flown multiple hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War, but at no point in the series does she wear any of the three ribbons authorized for participation in the conflict OR air crew (or other appropriate) wings.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Children of the Gods (2)

  • As the two SG teams leave, Hammond says if they don't return then the iris will be sealed permanently. Given there are seven other teams, and this is part of an ongoing initiative. Sealing the iris permanently doesn't make sense. Presumably it means it will be sealed to them, but this isn't made clear.

  • When Jack and Teal'c are exiting the prison chamber, Teal'c refers to the Stargate as such, even though the term had not been said around him.

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