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  • Season 2 Episode 22: Out of Mind (1)

  • Daniel's memories were only what happened to Jack. There were no memories of his own. Significant considering that Hathor raped him.

  • Trivia: This is the first episode in which Daniel's hair was cut short.

  • When Hathor confronts the team in the fake gate-room, the Jaffa behind her change. At first they are the regular kind of serpent guard (like Teal'c), then they are the standard Jaffa guards.

  • Each clip was supposed to be the memory of either Daniel, Jack, or Carter, so shouldn't the clips be shown through their own eyes? Instead they're shown from third person view.

  • After Jack wakes up Carter, he tells her to use the clothes of some guy he just knocked out. Sam apparently does so, but later on she is wearing a womens' jacket (can be seen by the way it buttons up).

  • Daniel "remembers" Jack being turned into a Jaffa by Hathor though he wasn't there at the time. Similarly, Sam "remembers" Apophis and Klorel escaping from their mothership.

  • Season 2 Episode 21: 1969

  • Trivia: When SG-1 finally arrives safely back in their own time, Hammond tells Jack that he now owes him $539.50. Though we don't know how much Jack borrowed in 1969 or how often Hammond compounded the calculated interest, $27 at 10.5 percent annually or at 10 percent monthly both come very close to the right total.

  • In the outside shot of the observatory, the name "George MacMillan Southam" is visible on the left side. This observatory is located in Vancouver.

    Since the red line on the map stops at Paterson, N.J., the Vancouver observatory is probably meant to represent the Rifle Camp Park Observatory in Paterson.

  • When Jack identifies himself as "Captain James T Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise," shouldn't Thornbird recognize the reference, since the Star Trek series ran from 1966 to 1969?

  • When the team arrive in 1969 one of the service personnel hits Jack in the face with the butt of his rifle. For the rest of this episode Jack has what looks like a wound in his left eyebrow and always after this seems to have an irregularity in that eyebrow.

  • When escaping through the Stargate in 1969 Jack shoots the walkway three times but it doesn't vaporise.

  • When the team is transported back to 1969 they appear in what will eventually become the gate room but when they leave 1969 they do so from an armory in Washington DC but appear in the SGC. Shouldn't they have appeared in the armory in DC in the present?

  • Don S. Davis' (General Hammond) eyes are blue however Aaron Pearl's (Lt. Hammond) eyes are brown.

  • When Daniel was speaking German: although his German was technically flawless, he spoke as if he was reciting words from a vocabulary list.

  • During the scene where Daniel and Sam are talking to Catherine, a cat meows three times. But if you watch the scene closely, there is no cat anywhere in the scene! They must have cut the cat out for time or something.

  • The times on Hammond's note are written in civilian time. Hammond is a career military man. He would always write times in military time, i.e. 1803 hrs instead of 6:03 PM.

  • P2X-555 contained the glyph Aquila, Aquila isn't on the DHD so how would the Goa'uld have known about it?

  • The basis for SG-1's time travel back to 1969 is that a solar flare affected the worm hole of the team's outgoing connection. The method for the team's return? Using another solar flare as they connect the Stargate in 1969. For this to actually work in theory, a flare would need to be emitted from the sun at exactly the same vector and magnitude as the original, and be the same mass, in their own time, at exactly the same moment of wormhole realization... and how likely is that?

  • The producers of the show used a picture of the Sears Tower to show they were in Chicago. The problem with that is that the Sears Tower was not finished until 1973. It had just been started in 1969.

  • Season 2 Episode 20: Show and Tell

  • Shortly after arriving at the SGC, Charlie tells Jack that he will only speak to him alone, so everyone leaves the room so they can talk. However, a guard can clearly be seen in the background throughout the remainder of the scene.

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