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  • Season 8 Episode 20: Moebius (2)

  • In the original timeline, Kawalsky and Jack are both in the Air Force and served together prior to the SGC. In the alternate timeline (approx 1.5 minutes in), Kawalsky's uniform reads U.S. Marines, while the rest of the men in the briefing are wearing Air Force uniforms.

  • First Prime Teal'c managed to pick out the camera from all of O'Neill and company's gear despite never having encountered Tau'ri technology before in this timeline.

  • When the puddle jumper cloaks in the desert, there is no visible trace of it. There should have been indentations in the sand where it landed.

  • Trivia: The ending of this episode is almost identical to the ending of the season 8 episode "Threads," with Jack finally getting the rest of SG-1 to go fishing with him.

  • It is cleary established here that Daniel's eyesight is poor without his glasses on. Yet in "Moebius, Part 1" he specifically takes his glasses off when he's watching the tape found at the Giza excavations.

  • When the puddle jumper comes through the Stargate in Ancient Egypt, it clearly shows the Sphinx as sandy-colored much as it is today. But tests have confirmed that the Sphinx was actually painted when it was built.

  • When dialing the gate using the Puddle Jumper, the inner ring spins instead of just locking like when a DHD is normally used.

  • When the team arrives in Ancient Egypt and they are walking across the desert during the day with the sun relatively high in the sky, you can clearly see their breath, indicating that it is cold where they are filming.

  • As Jack prepares to lift off, a staff-blast hits the wall behind him and to his left. Although the staff-blasts are extremely powerful, there is no sign of any damage to the wall in subsequent shots.

  • Season 8 Episode 19: Moebius (1)

  • When the jumper goes back to 3000 BC, Teal'c notes that the stars have shifted; Carter responds by saying that Earth "...was in a different orbit." Actually, Earth's basic orbit didn't change - however, precession of the Earth's axis means that the solstices and equinoxes were a little less than two and a half months later than they are now. Other differences in the sky are due to actual movement of the stars.

  • Trivia: It is revealed that Dr. Catherine Langford, the matriarch of the Stargate program whose father found the Stargate in 1928, has died. The character appeared in the original "Stargate" movie, the Season One episodes "The Torment of Tantalus" and "There But For the Grace of God" and the Season Two "1969".

  • Trivia: Cameron Balinsky is now assigned to SG-22. He was previously assigned to SG-13 under Colonel Dave Dixon in "Heroes, Part I".

  • Alternate timeline similarities:

    Carter still makes the "reproductive organs" line as she did in the pilot.
    Jack left the Air Force and they want him back (whether his son accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun is not clear).
    Samuels and two other Air Force officers still go to get Jack as they did in the pilot.
    McKay still lusts after Carter.
    The "USAF Advanced Research Institute" serves jello (and Carter still eats blue jello just like the SGC version).

  • Alternate timeline differences:

    Jack is a charter boat captain and has an emphatic Minnesota accent.
    Daniel is still an Egyptologist, but times are hard and he's making a living teaching English-learning classes.
    Sam works in the Aerospace department where her genius is unrecognized.
    Sam wears glasses.
    McKay doesn't have a lemon allergy
    Major Davis has a mustache
    Robert Kinsey is President of the United States while Henry Hayes is Secretary of the Interior.
    General Hammond is only a Brigadier General
    Cheyenne Mountain doesn't house Stargate Command because they never found the Stargate. Rather, the "USAF Advanced Research Institute" (which can be briefly seen on the shoulder patch of one of the guards) is in charge of the program.
    Apophis has a beard and mustache.

  • Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that Ra controlled both Serpent and Horus guards at one time.

  • Daniel states that the book he found in Catherine"s collection "details the customs and rituals observed by the worshippers of the ancient sun god Ra".
    However, the figure holding the ZPM in the drawing is clearly the pharaoh Akhenaten (14th century BC), who was probably the only Egyptian king who didn't worship Ra. He founded a monotheistic religion, in which all the ancient gods (including Ra) were abandoned and only the Aten, the physical appearance of the sun, was worshiped.

  • Trivia: When Daniel says that it looks like Kathryn sent her entire collection to him, Jack says that he prefers stamps. This is not the only time he has mentioned his penchant for stamp collecting. Earlier this season in "Endgame", when Carter said that the Trust was only able to steal the Stargate by tagging it with a locator beacon, he quipped "so my stamp collection is safe?" Even though he keeps using a sarcastic tone, Jack may actually have a stamp collection.

  • When SG1 travels in time in the puddle-jumper, Tealc confirms this by noting the "stars look different." Sam's explanation is that the Earth was in a different orbit around the Sun a few thousand years earlier, which is essentially wrong: any changes in Earth's orbit over a few thousand years are very small, and they do not influence the appearance of the star patterns, only the overall orientation of the sky. The star patterns do change over thousands of years, but it's the stars' own motion within the Galaxy that makes the constellations look slightly different over the course of millennia.

  • Trivia: There are now at least 22 SG teams, as shown by Balinsky's patch.

  • When SG1 first gets to ancient Egypt, and are walking around the village, the whole time Daniel's jacket zipper is clearly visible. The metallic reflects off of the light making it stand out.

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