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  • Season 8 Episode 8: Covenant

  • Trivia: Chronologically, this episode takes place five months since the battle over Antarctica (in "Lost City", pt. 2).

  • Trivia: It is confirmed here that Kinsey is no longer Vice-President.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Avatar

  • When Teal'c visits the armory in his fourth time in the simulation, the word on the door is spelled the British way: armoury. Although this is probably because the company who created the CG shots is from Australia, a member of the British Commonwealth, a U.S. military base wouldn't have it spelled this way.

  • When Teal'C is telling virtual Sam and Daniel that there is still a threat on the base, Daniel says Sgt. Harriman told them that only two made it on the base before he died. Yet, a few moments later, Harriman comes on the intercom.

  • At the beginning when Jack was shot by the drone, there is a small flame on Jack's shirt, but no burns or scorch marks.

  • The doctor pulls out the syringe sideways and you can see there is no needle

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Icon

  • A crewmember wearing modern-day clothing can briefly be seen behind Leda when she and Daniel are talking outside in the garden, a few scenes before Soren's troops arrive

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Zero Hour

  • When the SG teams are heading through the gate to look for SG-1, we hear the gate shut down before the last soldier has time to go through it.

  • Sgt. Walter Davis/Harriman mispronounces "Rundell" as "Rudnell."

  • Season 8 Episode 3: Lockdown

  • Carter says that "there's nothing in regulations that says an SG team has to be made up of 4 people", to which Jack looks surprised and relieved. However, he already knew this information because he asked Hammond this same question almost exactly two years ago in season 6's "Redemption (1)" in reference to replacing Daniel (with Jonas). It seems unlikely he would have forgotten.

  • How was Carter able to shut down the self destruct? It's always needed two ranking officers to shut down. If she managed to shut it down another way, then it would not be a very effective self destruct, and would have been overridden by the Replicators and other aliens, not to mention that other times when the self destruct has been set (Prisoners), Sam would have been able to shut it down.

  • Season 8 Episode 2: New Order (2)

  • When Jack is beamed aboard the Asgard ship, his eyes are closed. Yet in "Lost City" *2) when he is placed in the stasis chamber, he is frozen with his eyes open. Jack would not be able to close his eyes since he is frozen.

  • During the change of command when O'Neill walks into the gate room his star is placed at the end of the shoulder instead of centered as it should be.

  • Season 8 Episode 1: New Order (1)

  • In this episode, Thor refers to the new Asgard home planet, Orilla, as being "rich in neutronium" on which both Asgard and humaniform replicator technology is based. As the term is commonly used, neutronium consists entirely of neutrons, and, if it exists, weighs somewhere around a half-billion tons per tablespoon. If neutronium existed on a planet, nothing would prevent it from sinking to the core of the world. Neutron stars, or pulsars, are believed to be solid neutrons and the densest bodies in the universe short of black holes. Since neutrons can be produced by known nuclear processes, it is far more likely that neutronium is something that would be manufactured rather than found.

  • When Jack was frozen in the Ancient outpost, his jacket's collar was folded down, but when he was transported to Thor's ship, his collar was folded up.

  • Season 7 Episode 22: Lost City (2)

  • Daniel says that the answer O'Neill wrote to 8 down on the crossword he works on during this episode was "praclarush." However, the crossword shown does not have an 8 down, nor is that word written anywhere. Also, Daniel says that the answer O'Neill wrote for 13 across was "taonas," but the crossword we are shown at the beginning of the episode shows the word "orbits" for 13 across. It is definitely the same crossword, though, because it includes O'Neill's droll answer to the clue about the atomic weight of boron, for which he wrote "fat."

  • After O'Neill uses the Zat to enhance the engines, the Zat makes the closing sounds, but when we see Carter holding it, it is still open.

  • When SG-1 is in the outpost on Earth and the Anubis hologram appears, even with SG-1's flashights pointing directly at him Anubis is casting a shadow in front of him when it should be behind him.

  • Carter states that the hologram of Earth doesn't look like the Earth today because the recording is several thousand years old and displays how the continents were before they shifted. Nevertheless you can clearly see the shape of Florida...

  • After Colonel O'Neill modifies the engines, it changes the background of the hyperspace tunnel since they are traveling at a much higher velocity. Yet the hyperspace tunnel seems to change back to the original blue during one scene.

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