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  • Season 7 Episode 22: Lost City (2)

  • Note the scene in the White House where Anubis' hologram appears. The bodyguards start shooting over and over but afterwards there are no marks. No bullet halls in the walls, no broken windows, no broken vases - not even smoke coming out of the guns. Plus you'd think that the sound of non-stop shooting would either cause some hysteria outside or at least cause more bodyguards to barge in.

  • Season 7 Episode 21: Lost City (1)

  • Jack says to Daniel, "... And who translates when you go Ancient?" Both Jack and Teal'c should know how to translate Ancient because they had to learn how to read it and understand it in "Window of Opportunity" to stop the day from happening again.

  • When Daniel attempts to look into the ancient device and Jack pulls him away, Daniel's back is towards the pillar. However, when the camera angle changes, the pillar is to Daniel's right, and he points to the device, which is supposedly behind Jack, but should be to Daniel's left.

  • If Daniel doesn't like beer as mentioned in a few previous episodes, then why does he keep drinking it?

  • In this episode Daniel says that at the start while trying to get the Stargate to work he used to stand and look out the briefing room window at the Stargate for inspiration. However, in the movie Daniel is not introduced to the Stargate until he has finished translating the cartouche.

  • The block of C-4 that O'Neill slaps on the corner of the wall by the Ancients' knowledge device, magically moves 20cm to the left as he turns to watch the descending death gliders.

  • Documents labeled "eyes only" are NOT to be removed from wherever they are stored.

  • Season 7 Episode 20: Inauguration

  • Woolsey says the events of "Entity," ep. 421 (Sam being possessed by a computer virus) took place two years ago. Given the show's assumption that one year of the show is one year for the characters, this is incorrect - "Entity" took place near the end of Season 4, and this episode near the end of Season 7 - that would be three years. Also, Woolsey correctly states the events of "Chain Reaction," ep. 415, occurred three years ago, even though that episode aired after "Entity."

  • Season 7 Episode 19: Resurrection

  • In the beginning of the episode they state they are in Los Angeles. But when asked how far the explosion will extend, he is asked how big is Orange County. Los Angeles is in Los Angeles County, not Orange County.

  • Not exactly a goof, but amusing how the writers, producers, etc. cater to American standards of feminine styling. Anna's armpits are quite clearly shaven (see her death scene). So did Keffler give her a razor? Shave them himself? Omit the armpit-hair growing gene when he created her? Or what?

  • Season 7 Episode 18: Heroes (2)

  • The planet where the Gou'ald attack was designated P3X-666.

  • In his scenes with Janet and Daniel, Wells can be seen wearing an SG-18 patch even though he belongs to SG-13.

  • O'Neill's flashlight falls off of his P90. A few moments into the first firefight, just after he has radioed a response to the team holding the gate, you can see the flashlight on O'Neill's P90 falling off. Only seconds later when he comes under fire and is hit, we again see the flashlight reattached to the P90.

  • Season 7 Episode 17: Heroes (1)

  • When the off-world team encounters the ruins, Balinksy raises his fists in the wide shot, then again on the close-up.

  • When Dr. Fraiser is talking to Bregman about Col. O'Neill, Sgt. Siler can be seen in the background. This continues the running gag of Siler constantly getting injured, although this is the first time we actually see him in the infirmary.

  • General Hammond is never interviewed. In fact he's never even asked to do an interview. How can Bregman possibly do a documentary on the SGC without input from the person in charge? It would be like doing a piece on the White House without mentioning the President.

  • At the end, when they are being attacked, Colonel Dixon uses his radio to ask for assistance from SG-9. But earlier when talking to Hammond, the General said he was sending SG-3 as backup.

  • Season 7 Episode 16: Death Knell

  • Major Carter's jacket was extremely dirty and torn in several places yet the patches are perfectly clean!

  • Season 7 Episode 15: Chimera

  • When Sam parks her car in front of the house. it's in front of her gate. The next day her car has been moved forward and Pete's car is parked in front of the gate.

  • At the beginning of the episode, Sam says that Colorado Springs doesn't have a zoo. However, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is located in southwest Colorado Springs.

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