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  • Season 10 Episode 12: Line in the Sand

  • Trivia: Carter's password is "fishing". This is likely a reference to Jack O'Neill's love of fishing.

  • Season 10 Episode 11: The Quest (2)

  • The energy form of the wormhole reflects on Adria face before the chevrons finish locking in.

  • The Guardian Beast, though called a "dragon", is in fact a wyvern, as it has hind legs and wings, instead of forelegs, hind legs and wings.

  • Season 10 Episode 10: The Quest (1)

  • When Daniel is looking at the planets and their relative positions, and realises they form a pyramid, this is quite amazing given the planetery drift that would have occured in the time since the clue was left. The planets also bear no correlation to the distribution shown on the star map he queries while on Atlantis.

  • Trivia: The dagger that Ba'al claims has "great sentimental value" which is then put into the chest as a test of charity looks like the dagger which he used to torture O'Neill in the season 6 episode "Abyss."

  • There's no indication that the temporal maze fluctuates or otherwise changes. But the people imprisoned inside of it are scattered about at various depths and in totally different directions. Some of them don't even seem to be frozen in the middle of walking. How did they get into the maze to be frozen at different spots, sometimes without even seeming to be walking when they froze? And if there were others frozen before, them, why would then continue walking forward as many of them appear to do.

  • Sam's "solution" to the temporal maze doesn't make any sense. She throws the first rock and it stops about 10' away. does she know there isn't a turnoff point before then? It can't be because she saw a partial route before her sensor kicked out, or she wouldn't have thrown the rock in that direction in the first place. Then she throws the second rock and follows it, but assumes it marks a turn-off and throws a rock in a different direction, but she would have no way of knowing if the path continues and she just didn't throw hard enough.

  • As is often the case with scenes where people are frozen in time, the director tries to keep the camera moving to disguise any minor movements. But just after Sam and the others enter the field, there's a shot of a woman facing the camera and a man with a crossbow facing her from her right, and he's noticeably twitching and swaying.

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Company of Thieves

  • When Odyssey accidentally enters the minefield, the Captain orders full reverse engines. Odyssey then dips its nose much like a Formula One car. In space, Odyssey would simply have slowed down in a straight line as there are no external forces such as airflow acting on its structure and it doesn't have suspension. For Odyssey to make the move it did, the reverse engines would have to be aimed downwards which as far as control of the ship goes, would change its course and make it unmanageable to maneuver effectively for this purpose.

  • When Anateo is in space, he is floating toward the ship. He fires a conventional hand gun four times directly toward the ship, and once above his head. The recoil from each shot should push him away from the direction of the bullets, but his approach to the ship is not slowed by the first four bullets, and he moves toward the last bullet when he should move away from it.

  • When Odyssey gets attacked by the Lucian Alliance ships for the first time, the sensor screen shows the unique shape of a Prometheus class vessel. Odyssey (a Daedalus class vessel) has a very different shape.

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Memento Mori

  • After the black car containing Vala crashes, the boot/truck lid alternates between open and closed several times between shots.

  • Trivia: In the final fight scene, the "zat" shot flowed like electricity through metal and then hit someone--the first time this has happened.

  • In the scene where Mitchell is chasing the black Sedan that kidnapped Vala from the police station, the sign at the exit they took reads "Surrey" and "Ladner" which are suburbs of Vancouver(BC), where the series is shot. If it wasn't for that detail the scene would have been perfect since the creators of the show went to great lenghts to make this episode believable: looking at the cars in the freeway we can see that all license plates are "Colorado" plates, where Stargate Command is based.

  • In the scene where Mitchell is cuffed to the bed and talking to Vala, Mitchell's hand alternates between holding the bed, and hanging from the cuffs, depending on the angle of the camera.

  • Season 10 Episode 7: Counterstrike

  • Lt. Evans said the wave of radiation only affected living tissue as "everything else" (e.g. clothes) was left behind. However, there were plants in the background behind her which are also living.

  • Upon rescuing Teal'c and Mitchell from the Jaffa aboard the Ori ship, Sam fires her Zatnikatel without it opening up first. Usually the weapon flicks forward slightly like a scorpion's tail, in this instance it does not.

  • Season 10 Episode 6: 200

  • Trivia: Daniel is wearing new glasses. They're no longer round, but more rectangular.

  • While Mitchell is defending his zombie movie idea, you can see Marty's phone on his binder, then it starts to ring, the camera cuts to Marty and he takes his phone out of his pocket. It looks like the same phone and it is unlikely he would have two.

  • During the "unaired episode" where O'Neill is invisible, there are references to O'Neill's rank as Colonel as well as General Hammond. However, Teal'c never had hair during Hammond's command.

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