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  • Season 2 Episode 1: The Serpent's Lair (3)

  • Trivia: The Alpha site was designated P3X-984.

  • Throughout season 2 and 3 there is a technician in the control room with First Sergeant insignia. A First Sergeant's only job is to be a First Sergeant, that's what they do all day, every day, therefore he would not be in the gate room as a technician. The insignia is normal Senior Master Sergeant stripes with a diamond.

  • The sarcophagus is apparently a really good seamstress on top of medical facility. When Daniel enters it, he has a staff wound on his shoulder with most of his clothing burned away. But when he rises, his uniform is in perfect shape.

  • When Bra'tac fired his zat gun twice, the first time, the top part moved back and then it moved back again but no shot was fired then you see it fire.

  • Right after Klorel has gone through the sarcophagus, we see Bra'tac telling Teal'c that Klorel has risen and the campaign has begun. On the far right of the screen, someone off camera can clearly be seen dropping a script on a crate behind Bra'tac and jumping out of the picture, however, the script can still be seen behind Bra'tac throughout this entire scene. (Possibly only on the DVD) That script actually belonged to Richard Dean Anderson. He tried to throw it off screen but missed.

  • Daniel said that they called the Alpha site the Beta site in the alternate reality, the Beta site and Alpha site are 2 different planets. Because when Daniel was dialing to the Alpha site on Klorel's ship, he pressed a different first glyph than the Beta site started with.

  • When dialing to the Alpha site, the computer showed the Abydos coordinates and then a few seconds later it displayed the Chulak coordinates.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: In the Line of Duty

  • When Dr. Fraiser stops the nurse to ask about Dr. Jacobs, she asks "Rita." Rita replies: "Yes?", but her lips don't move.

  • When the Goa'uld is holding Daniel hostage, he shoots the glass in front of Gen. Hammond, leaving a bullet mark. However, when the glass is shown again, the bullet mark is gone.

  • Trivia: The Tok'ra are mentioned for the first time.

  • Jolinar uses the word "humans", even though she clearly knows nothing about Earth and Teal'c is using the word "Tau'ri" when speaking with her.

  • Trivia: Teams SG-10, SG-11, and SG-12 have been added to Stargate Command.

  • When Teal'c leaves the room after speaking to the Goa'uld that possesses Capt. Carter, he swipes the wrong side of his ID card to open the door. It is very visible that his fingers are partially covering the magnetic strip. How would the door open if the magnetic strip was not read??

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Prisoners

  • Trivia: The planet that was ruled by the Taldor was designated P3X-775. The planet that SG-1 meets with SG-3 to use their G.D.O. was designated P2A-509.

  • During General Hammond's meeting with the Taldor, he incorrectly wears an SG-1 mission patch on his jacket even though he is not a member of that team. He should have an SGC patch to show he works at Stargate Command but not as part of an SG team.

  • When the scene begins, Linea is still drawing the linear molecule on the computer screen. However, the animated molecular diagram was already complete.

  • Trivia: The manual override code for SGC auto-destruct sequence: 81452667

  • Trivia: General Hammond makes his first trip through the Stargate in this episode.

  • Daniel states that the original name for Sydney Harbour was Botany Bay. The original name for Sydney Harbour was actually "Port Jackson" (c. 1789). Botany Bay was, and still is located SW of Sydney Harbour.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: The Gamekeeper

  • When Teal'c and Jack are living the mission over and over again, two of the other soldiers are carrying M4A1 assault rifles. Jack said that the mission happened in 1982 but M4A1 assault rifles were not made until 1994.

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