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  • Season 8 Episode 19: Moebius (1)

  • Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that Ra controlled both Serpent and Horus guards at one time.

  • Daniel states that the book he found in Catherine"s collection "details the customs and rituals observed by the worshippers of the ancient sun god Ra".
    However, the figure holding the ZPM in the drawing is clearly the pharaoh Akhenaten (14th century BC), who was probably the only Egyptian king who didn't worship Ra. He founded a monotheistic religion, in which all the ancient gods (including Ra) were abandoned and only the Aten, the physical appearance of the sun, was worshiped.

  • Trivia: When Daniel says that it looks like Kathryn sent her entire collection to him, Jack says that he prefers stamps. This is not the only time he has mentioned his penchant for stamp collecting. Earlier this season in "Endgame", when Carter said that the Trust was only able to steal the Stargate by tagging it with a locator beacon, he quipped "so my stamp collection is safe?" Even though he keeps using a sarcastic tone, Jack may actually have a stamp collection.

  • When SG1 travels in time in the puddle-jumper, Tealc confirms this by noting the "stars look different." Sam's explanation is that the Earth was in a different orbit around the Sun a few thousand years earlier, which is essentially wrong: any changes in Earth's orbit over a few thousand years are very small, and they do not influence the appearance of the star patterns, only the overall orientation of the sky. The star patterns do change over thousands of years, but it's the stars' own motion within the Galaxy that makes the constellations look slightly different over the course of millennia.

  • Trivia: There are now at least 22 SG teams, as shown by Balinsky's patch.

  • When SG1 first gets to ancient Egypt, and are walking around the village, the whole time Daniel's jacket zipper is clearly visible. The metallic reflects off of the light making it stand out.

  • Season 8 Episode 18: Threads

  • When Oma places Daniel's order she says "Two Checkersboards," meaning he should get two waffles. Yet when he receives his order, he has four waffles on his plate.

  • Trivia: The "Ancient Device" Anubis is trying to gain control of that will destroy our galaxy (the Milky Way), was originally used by the Ancients to create life in the Milky Way.

  • When Sam is talking to Jack at Jack's house, the door seen behind Sam changes from being open just a little to being more open. This changes several times.

  • When Anubis was dialing in to Earth (along with all other planets), the dialing computer reads "IDLE" and does not move the ring on the screen like it usually does when someone activates the gate offworld.

  • Carter says Jacob should have died four years ago. But Selmak saved his life in "The Tok'ra Part Two" from Season Two which was nearly six years ago.

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Reckoning (2)

  • The two explosives are placed about chest height. However, the actual blast starts about two foot off the ground.

  • When O'Neill is at the blast door talking with Siler on the other side. O'Neill's side says R-4, while Siler's side shows him standing by a (?-)5. But when the blast happens it then shows R-4 on Siler's side.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: Reckoning (1)

  • Trivia; This episode marks the third time the quote "And because it's so clear it often takes a long time to realize. If you immediately know that the candle light is fire, then the meal was cooked long ago." has been used in the series by various characters. The first was in "Maternal Instinct" in season 3 by the monk at Kheb, the second was in "Meridian" by Oma in season 5, and the third was in this episode.

  • Season 8 Episode 15: Citizen Joe

  • Trivia: Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) is mentioned in this episode for the first time since "Death Knell."

  • Trivia: As Joe was getting his stuff repossessed, the name on the back of the employees' jumpsuits says "Grimm Brothers Repos."

  • Trivia: In his phone call to Carter, Jack mentions he has a meeting with a Johnson from the CIA about the Kinsey incident. This is most likely Kerry Johnson, who later becomes Jack's girlfriend in "Threads".

  • Trivia: It's revealed that Wormhole X-Treme! was canceled after one episode because of low ratings.

  • When Jack first encounters Joe, he doesn't recognize him at all, but later he says that he has been seeing Joe's life for seven years. Since Joe recognized Jack, shouldn't the reverse be true?

  • David Kemper is not credited for his excerpt work as "Story" for "There But For the Grace of God," even though other Story crew are.

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