Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Would have been pissed if there were no movies and this was a real 'final ep' because this is at best -a mid season final.

    The ONLY things that actually matter in this "finale" (giving of the the tech/database and the death of the Asgard) happens in the first 6min, the rest is just filler that never, ever comes up again.

    So they didn't just use the time dilation function the moment they realized that they needed a significant amount of time to bypass the core-hyperdive, because?

    Oh right because then the characters would have shown actual intelligence and would not have spent decades to not only recreate the tech used in Merlin's Mantle but to figure out how to pull of a 'Superman 1' and. . .turn back. . .time. . .
  • One of the best finales ever

    Here we say goodbye to Thor and his People, we have a comedian story, we see sg-1 age some die, but Return to life. Increrdible story, and With a good ending showing that there will always be someone still out there to save the Galaxy.
  • So sad to see the Asgard die off

    So sad to see the Asgard die off.
  • It was used on FARSCAPE, where Crichton and Aeryn found themselves stranded on a planet with a faster rate of time than on Moya. And, to a certain extent, on STAR TREK: TNG, where Picard was put into a brief coma by an ancient satellite.

    And, frankly, I found both those versions more poignant than this one. I mean; I felt little (if any) empathy for the characters, whatsoever. Not even during the death of the "elderly" General Landry, or the implied miscarriage of Daniel and Vala's "child!" Which is the true tragedy, here. Maybe if the writers had used this one, for the 200th episode, and used the good-natured self-parody for the series finale, I might have felt different. I might have enjoyed both a lot more. But, they didn't. So, I'm afraid I didn't. And, that's a sad way to cap off ten otherwise good years.
  • One of my favorite series finales - Unending indeed.

    Ok first of all there is no reason to complain that this ep didn't wrap up the series - it was never meant to - since the follow-up movies Ark of Truth and Continuum had already been planned. What this ep did do was give us some great sci-fi - and a really cool look into a possible future for the characters - and a real future for Tealc. We got to see them age and handle yet one more impossible situation. I also like that after 10 years they didn't just try and end on a final Ori story - the show was much more than just that - and this character driven, high on action, special effects, and time travel story was an absolutely perfect send-off to a great show that even after 10 years felt fresh again and was cancelled far before its time. I would have loved to have a seen a few more seasons of the Ben Browder/Claudia Black Stargate but at least we got the 2 follow-up movies - both of which were excellent as well. Ignore the haters - this ep is a fine send off by one of my favorite Stargate writers - the great Robert C. Cooper. I'm giving it a 10/10 for action, emotional impact, and all around total awesomeness.
  • No, no, no. When writers loose their minds is what this should have been called! Or save the best for the films. This is a filler episode at best with the blindingly obvious errors left in the story. In a rush were we!!

    That was possibly one of the worse series finales I've ever watched. I love SG as much as everyone on here but as it has been pointed out has the person who wrote the screenplay actually watched SG before?

    It was painful and shameful to see the Asgard commit mass suicide within the first 5 mins. It's like the writer said "you're all dead" ... Thor "why"... Writer "it was the Salmon moose" I mean come on. To add insult to injury the next scene Ori ships are being taken out with Asgard upgraded weapons on the Oddessy. Hang on, were there not a couple of Asgard ships in Camelot that got wiped out with the first wave of Ori Ships. And when did Asgard use beam weapons!

    The fact is the Asgard were to powerful for the Ori so mass suicide was the only way to clear the way for more story lines. The Asgard dying was to be expected but this was not respectful or truthful to the SG universe.

    I could go on but most reviews here have mentioned the other flaws through out this episode. I have yet to see Ark of Truth and by all accounts it sounds like this should have been the finale so hopefully my faith will be restored.
  • Character driven and perfect!

    I loved this episode. I'm very much a 'characters' person, so to end this excellent show with a character focused episode was a good move in my opinion. The scene between Michael Shanks and Claudia Black was one of the best I have ever seen and I've lost count of the times I have watched it back.

    So, it was a big explosive end, but they had the TV films in mind and you know what, it wouldn't have lasted 10 years if we hadn't fallen in love with the characters and seen the grow over time.

    I think it's perfect ending.
  • It is very hard to say goodbye......

    Before watching this episode I had to prepare myself for this event. I was very sad to tell myself that this is IT. The series finale. Well I can safely say that I did't get what I wanted, but...... There is no episode in this universe to finish Stargate SG-1. So I can just say that the episode was really interesting to watch. I waited for the Daniel-Vala scene from the moment I first saw Claudia Black in Prometheus Unbound. I hoped that they would remember everything after Carter turned the clock back, but...... In conclusion, I can say that Stargate is still without finale so let's hope that The Ark of Truth and Continuum will give us that. And my 9/10 is because I could not let myself write any less for the series finale of SG-1.
  • 10 years and now comes the end...

    What can I say.. It was not the ending I was expecting as it was not doing with anything of major storylines but it was as standalone quite unique story and the idea itself to end serie like this as it was sure they cannot make it the time they had, why not. So, the Ori storyline was left for the film and the serie was ended with little humorous, tragic and different episode.

    First I thought this episode was very emotional - it could be said it was about human nature left alone in space for all those years and to see the reactions they had - how everyone dealt with the loneliness. It was somehow like torment of Tantalus - they were alive but they could not leave and the were not able to do anything than wait and try to solve their problem.

    But it was good episode, dealing with human nature and I think that for the ending, they remind us what we are..
  • The end of to one of the best shows ever

    I felt that this ending was fitting because i think it will be very difficult for them to close out all the storylines and just sorta say it is all done nothing is going to happen obviously the movies will help to do this. However i think the episode in itself was brilliant and becuase of the scope if the show it worked as a series finale. The daniel jackson, vala story worked well it was nice to see a good romance on stargate. I was disappointed that O'Neill did not make an appearance he was a such a major part of the show it was sad. all in all this episode has left me in great anticipation of the movies.
  • The truth is this episode came to me like a shock. So emotional...

    I just couldn`t believe that this was the last episode of SG-1. And the ending, oh my God, the ending... I hate it and I love it at the same time. Although I probably would of preferred that, for a change, they wouldn`t resolve the situation or they didn`t show us how they did it. As a whole, this episode was very well put together, great music perfectly fitted to the emotional state of the viewer. I, personally, would have preferred the last episode to be something like the 200th ep - funnier. The truth is this episode came to me like a shock. So emotional...
  • The end is further still!

    Well to put is simply, i'm speechless. What a fitting ending for one of the best sci-fi tv series ever so far. The perfect episode to end the amazing 10 years of the Stargate SG1 frenzy. Everything i've seen over the other seasons is somehow stuffed into one last magical episode, one that includes first and fore most imagination followed by emotion, action,a truly unexpected episode but an absolutely amazing one. A slim preview of what could be for each of them to re-live their lives, not rushing into saving the day all the time and defeating Goa'uld and Ori, only issue is being stuck on the ship for more than 50 years into a time bubble field that otherwise prevented their deaths. Where do they come up with these ideas...OMG! Also not to forget the Tok'ra that have finally shown from whatever rock they were hiding under, and the utter extinction of the Asgard race, whom passed all their knowledge to the Tau'ri specifically SG1's ship Odyssey becomes an amazing piece of technology. So...from the mysteries of the pyramids the destruction of the system lords, to forming formidable allies and last but not least the Ori, SG1 has fed us for 10 years with it's incredible charm and wits, selflessness, friendship and the occasional humor. Indeed the end...but somehow the beginning still, alas...the title says it all.
  • The End of a Legacy...

    It has been 10 years and the producers, the cast, everyone did an exellent job on this episode. I couldn't think of a better way to end this show. It is sad you know with The Asgard are going to die out and they suped up the Odyssey with all their latest technology. I don't see what the big fuss was about everyone kept on saying this episode sucked bout it didn't that is the way I probably would have ended the show. This episode had everything a little bit of comedy and action. I'll tell ya this episode was action packed from the very beginning. This show has had its ups and downs but this episode was definatley an up. In concluding this review I would like to say this show has indeed had one hell of a run. It will go in in some way. Later...
  • Starts off good, everything is going great, then all of a sudden a time dilation field pops up and with that the writer shot the episode dead! And there was still 30 min to go!

    A week of feeling sorry that no more SG1 episodes will ever grace the screen again made me feel sad. But now I am more annoyed that sad.

    Again we have another Stargate episode that was disaster. O, it started off well with the Asguard giving the SG1 team all the their technology. Then the Ori coming out of no where and being able to track the team across the galaxy!

    Suddenly after the next jump the team are in a time dilation bubble. Now what happens next is so dam boring it makes my head spin with hatred! In fact, nothing really happens next, you see some idea's some talk, some emotional scenes then you have time reversed. Poor Teal'c even has to keep his years!

    The best way to describe this episode is shooting a dam good series in the foot. This was nothing short than a brutal murder by a dried up writer.

    I guess it's too late now to hire new writers, but one thing for sure. At least we will never have to see another filler episode!
  • Could have been better..

    This episode, in my opinion was not the best, as the final episode ever I expected more, thats not to say it wasn't entertaining because it certainly was. I've read a few other reviews and have to agree and disagree with what other have said. Kraken for example poked alot of holes in this episode, some of which I agree with, although there was some explanations I think he was failing to consider. First off I agree that although Teal'c aged 50 years, u can't really tell, and his solution to this problem is valid. I also agree that the Asgard, with all their advancements should have been capable of creating an artificial host for the consciousness. But I have to disagree with his thinking that the Ori ships aren't capable of inter-galactic travel, this is never stated. The Ori galaxy may simply be much further away than Ida (Asgard galaxy) or Pegasus (Atlantis galaxy), the Supergate may have simply been the fastest way of traveling to the milky way. It is stated in one episode that these galaxies are relatively close to the milky way by galactic standards. The Ori intended to convert the entire galaxy, I hardly think they were willing to wait weeks/months or even years (depending on how far away the Ori galaxy actually is) to get there by hyperspace. Lets remember the Ori are ascended beings and are just as advanced as the Ancients and I am sure they were capable of teaching there followers to construct inter-galactic hyper drive engines. All in all this episode was disappointing but I think The Ark of Truth makes up for it and Continuum will follow suit.
  • As a singular episode this would have been fantastic, but as the finale to the longest running sci-fi show ever it was somewhat disappointing. However nevertheless it was a very well put together episode and I did enjoy it.

    So we see the end of what has been an incredible intergalactic journey, we have been forward in time, backwards in time, alternate dimensions, hundreds of worlds, several different galaxies, defeated a whole bunch of tyrannous aliens and some characters have died along the way, then come back, then died again, then come back, then died again, then come back, truly epic. To end it in the way they did was not quite what I imagined, partly because it wasn't very epic, partly because O'Neill was not in it and partly because the plot was flawed in places. Though I will admit it was a brilliant episode and it was great to see the development in relationships, the acting was brilliantly sublime and the whole thing very well edited. However O'Neill should have been in it and let's face it the ending of the incredible race that is the Asguard was pitiful and over simplified. As for the Ori suddenly turning up that was somewhat weak, yes it was wonderful to see that the Asguard had some truly remarkable weaponry up there sleeves but how the Ori got there so quickly is anyone's guess. To sum up, I expected more from this episode and as much as I enjoyed the episode it was hardly what everyone expected for the finale of such a brilliant show. However they still have 2 more feature lengths to make up for it and after watching the ark of truth I think they probably did make up for it.
  • Just hit the reset button..

    So after 10 years and 212 episodes they decide to end the show with them growing older on the ship and of course changing time only to have Teal'c stay old. I mean why him? Why not Vala? I mean the least she could've done for them was to stay old as I really never liked her character much.

    And man, of all the races, why the Asgard? I mean if they were going to 'off' a race why not the unknown Furlings? Make it ironic that of all the episodes we finally see them only that they have to blow the planet up before the Ori destroys them or something. I love the Asgard, they were the only ones that actually did anything for the team and earth, not to mention share most of their technologies. The Nox, not like I cared much about them, but heck, I doubt anyone would care if they were all wiped out. Oh wow they can cloak and heal, but would they at least share some sort of technology or at least try to show they would help the humans over the Gouald. What's up with the whole pacifist thing? What good was their fancy floating city if they weren't going to use them to fight along with even their supposed ally in the Asgard?
    The acended Ancients are another story...
  • 10 for the series. The episode itself had nothing of a conclusion but it was enjoyable.

    So this was truly UNending...nothing really resolved as they leave this to the movie. Not much of a series finale but I knew it would be like that. Looked like a regular episode, actually not on the major arc: The Ori. But I would have prefer an episode like "200" to it, for the fun.
    Until time was stop (not literally), the episode was pretty boring but afterwards it became pretty interesting...specially when they grew old...I love the drama in the episode.

    As for Daniel and Vala, it`s been coming since the first time they met in season 8...finally a love story that actually works on Stargate SG1. ;)
    The ending was pretty emotional...I mean 10 years...10 seasons...I had little tears dropping..could`t of my favorite show is coming to an end..sniff. The episode does not deserve a 10...but NO WAY I rate the last episode of SG1 other that 10. It would have been great to have Richard Dean Anderson(O`Neil), Hammond and why not Jonas for the last installment.
    Can`t wait for the movies..I thought the series would end with a cliffhanger...but it was a decent ending. The first movie coming out in March..should be awesome. So was this 10 years great??? INDEED!!
  • I Feel that the writers really dropped the ball on this episode. There were just too many mistakes and inconsistancies for me and in away i wish this episode never happened. Eg. Teal'c older than Bra'tac now, inter-galactic Ori ships, and more

    This episode is incredably disapointing when you think about it. So many people rate it 10/10 merely beacause we get to kick some Ori arse or even worse purely because its the last 'Episode' ever. All i see is a group of writers who lowered their standards because they knew they couldn't possibly screw up future seasons. The following inaccurances just piss me off: Teal'c the 150 year old: What happened---Teal'c chooses to not get his age reversed because he's Jaffa and lives longer What bothers me---1.Teal'c is now older than Bra'tac now but has nothing to show for it other then some grey hairs 2.Teal'c spends 50 years with the members of SG-1 and then it all gets swept under the rug as if it never happen(I sencerely doubt it will be considered again)3.The first 212 episodes (213 if you count pilot as two) showed us ten years of teal'c's life 1 more episode and all of sudden there's another 50 years he's spent with the Tauri talk about a ridiculous figure 212 episodes for 16.7% of Teal'c's time with the Tauri 1 episode for the other 83.3%. Solution to original problem---Leave a note on the ship with the possible solution it might take a couple of weeks to find it but when they do theey can reverse time again, escape and make sure that at the end of the episode everything is tied up in a neat little package. Ori Ships chase them to the Asguard galaxy: What happened---After the Asguard blow themselves up our human friends are attacked by an Ori ship the has tracked the new asguard technology. What bothers me---The Ori can't travel inter-galacticly thats why they built the super gate. Asguard suicide: What hapened---Due to the genetic decline of the Asguard their race is doomed to death they dicide it will be best if they commit mass suicide and die together. What bothers me---Although i can understand why the writers killed off the Asguard i don't like how they did it. The Asguard have been a citical part of the show since the first season, they were a great race and deserved a better good-bye, instead all there was, was a "Hi!" a "Bye!" and a "Boom!" Possible solutions---Thor managed to upload his mind into Anubis' computer so you could also presume that it would be possible for an Asgaurd mind to be down loaded into a Android, the Asguard had Replicator technology and even excluding that if the race for the episode "Tin Man" had managed to create there own brand of android then i'm sure the Asguard could. I can see the appeal to most fans but afterreading this i hope people see the episode from a new point of view.
  • What the............

    What the, Did I sleep through some of this. How could they end the show in this manner. Not only was it a little boring but it didn't have the umph that made the star gate series what it is today, shame on them. It's almost as if they just ran out of ideas and thought ahh forget it, lets save something for the direct to video films.

    I can't believe how close it was to being absolute rubbish. I have religiously folled SG1 on its adventrures through the stars since the film came out. My loyalty is rewarded not by making the best damned ending they could but rather making an episode, as it seems to me, slapped together at the last moment with no real thought behind it.
  • i have to say for a final episode not so good

    i hate to say it but this felt more like a filler episode than a season final although as usual as usual in true Stargate fashion it was an incredibly well written episode but still there is the feeling of being ripped off or cheated once this episode ends and don't get me wrong this was an awesome episode with an exiting plot but it is missing that conclusive feel mixed with that urge to see more and this was disappointing to me had this episode been earlier in the season this would be a different review all together i would be saying how thrilling the story was the feeling of weather or not Sam will find a solution even though you know the whole time that she will and how it seems that sg1 finally have a hope against the ori but unfortunately this is not how it goes as an episode it was good as a season final i dont think it had the right stuff still a great episode
  • This episode is entitled "Unending" and thats exactly what it is... The Unending. Although this episode is the last TV episode with the title "Stargate SG1" it is far from being the last episode in the Stargate Saga.

    This episode didn't have much for a high rating but we have to remember when watching this episode that there is a movie or two in the making and there is still the Stargate Atlantis spinoff. Characters from SG1 will make apearances in the episodes and I hear Amanda Tapping is going to be a recurring character. Hopefully Daniel Jackson does too. I loved him in "The Pegasus Project". Also fans on thew show dont under estimate The power of DVD sales. Buy enough DVDs and they'll make more episodes. Dont be put off by the absence of Jack O'Neill. He's only one character. Rumour has it that he's going to be in the movie anyway. If your like me and just love the show then WATCH THIS EPISODE!!!!! P.S. this episode has nothing to do with the main plot but the futre seasons of Atlantis and the movie will be based around stuff from this episode.
  • Expected a lot more from a ten season show finale, but nevertheless it was good enough and will be missed.

    Stargate has been through a lot, from its beginnings as a movie to a short lived Showtime run to eventually a ten year success with multiple spin offs on the way. The series finale was pretty good, showing the characters age while stuck in a time loop. But I would've liked to have seen guest appearances from the ten previous years, maybe some story lines mentioned. I guess with so many characters and episodes, in the end it was the right move to keep our core team stuck by itself on a spaceship, counting on only each other to figure out a way to solve their dilemma. Here's to you, Stargate SG-1, a thanks for a decade of great sci fi television...
  • It was a good episode but not for a finale.

    This episode would have been better if it was in the middle of the season. Still the concept of it was good. One thing I didn't like about it was Jack O'Neill not being in it. He made Stargate what it is today. A also had a slight problem with the Asgard dieing off by a genetic malfunction. Couldn't they have died trying the save earth from an Ori invasion. What made this episode good was the characters themselves. You had Carter doing all the technical things trying to find a solution to the time dilation problem. Daniel feeling bad about the Asgard, Mitchell being impatient, and Vala tring to seduce Daniel. That scene with Vala and Daniel was an all time great scene. Hope Stargate Sg-1 never ends.
  • The title says it all "Unending" That's how this episode felt to me.

    When I watched this episode I didn't even know it was the final episode. It felt like a great series classic more than a final episode of all time. The writers gave us what we wanted without giving us what we wanted. The family bond was made evident in this episode. They showed us the true meaning behind SG-1 and why we love them so much. I am sad to see the show go. It is and always will be one of my favorite tv shows. I feel like a great part of my life has come to a conclusion. I was always so exicited to watch SG1 and see what they had in store for us every friday night. All great things must come to a end. I just wish we could have had a little more....
  • This was an excellent show, even tho' with it being the final episode of all time you would have thought that Jack would have been there somewhee some way. Very dissapointing.

    The whole show was great, it was so weird seeing everyone aging. I thought it was realy sad that Landry had to die. Even tho' he seemed at peace with it.
    Vala and Daniel however were not a surprise. I kneew it would have to happen somewhere down the road. I know it was driving Teal'c crazy having to keep all this stuff that happened a secret. My bottom line is this, this has been my favorite show for years and I dont think I have ever been what you would call not happy with any episode that they have done. I was so sad when it finally went off for the last time. I realize we have the reruns but it is just not the same knowing that there will be no more adventures to come next season. I know we have the movies coming out but it is still not seasonal.
    To me it was very entertaining and I loved every minute of it and I will say this, I will miss SG1 as if it were part of my family. I hate to see them go. I miss them already.
  • The longest continually running SF show in history, after a great season, ends with a bit of a clunker.

    May I say, ignoring the rushed plot at the beginning, ie the death of the Asgard, which ideally would've taken centre stage in Season 11, and the Deus Ex Machina ending, this episode is not too badly written. The character dialogue and team dynamic are sharp as ever, and the story is actually engaging and rather touching as we see long standing tensions (sexual and otherwise) boil over as the team are resigned to spend the rest of their lives on the Odyssey.

    Where this episode fails is as a finale, it seems the show burned out its action and FX budget earlier in the season as we are left with a bottle episode with little or no scenes filmed outside existing sets, which gives what should have been an astounding finale a somewhat claustrophobic feel.

    As an episode it was good, above average, but as a finale it fails, bringing a disappointing and boring end to the series, almost as if the producers still had one more epsiode to do but didn't want to start off any major plot threads and thus leave the movies open to casual viewers.
  • Good episode, but since it was the end, where was O'Neill?

    This show is in the vein of Star Trek meaning that it set a standard that all other sci-fi shows strive to become. It is by no means akin to the Star Trek legacy as of yet. Let's face it, Star Trek is the big dog and to match that you have to go to a pretty high bar. But if there continues to be good writing in the various projects that encompass the Stargate myth, it will soon get there. This episode touched on what may come to pass, especially with Vala and Daniel. However,the only thing that I can see that could have made this better, was that if O'Neill had been aboard the ship and the answer to the question between he and Carter finally answered. Are they or aren't they a couple? At least we know that Teal'c has aged some. It all remains very vague. I can't wait for the two movies to come out.
  • let me down...

    Unending was the series finale of 10 amazing seasons and it really wasn't very good. It almost seemed like an episode out of Star Trek or something. The SG-1 team and general were given amazing technology from the asgards and are persued by the ori and eventually caught in a space-time thing. They got old and wasn't very interesting. The only great thing about this episode was the relationship stuff between Daniel and Vala. It was pretty funny and entertaining. Other than that, the episode was a let down and I was really disappointed. I wanted a big boom and a huge finale, not what happened. Oh well, it was a bad end to a great 10 seasons.
  • This is the last episode of Stargate SG-1. I think they did a good job on capturing the spirit of the show in this episode.

    This is better than any episode in the last two years. I enjoyed it. It was a perfect ending to the show. No over the top drama; just a simple, good episode reminding us of why we watch this series. There are two things, though, that I would like to have had changed. First, I was a little confused with the science part, at the end of the episode, but it might have been me. Second, and more importantly, I was very disapointed that Jack O'Neill wasn't in the episode. I mean, he carried the show for eight years and is a well loved character and still many people's favorite. I think he deserved a spot in the episode, even if it was only a small one. That is really the only thing I would have changed about this episode. Overall, this is a great episode, a good ending to the series, and one I will watch again and again in the coming years.
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