Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • This was brilliant. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS


    Let's start from the beginning.

    Odyssey under the command of Landry turns up in orbit of Orilla, the Asgard homeworld from the beginning of season 8. As they arrive, and Thor asks to be beamed aboard. They then explain that the race is dying, they want to give Earth all their technology, and they plan on killing themselves to avoid the pain from the degeneration they will all suffer from years of cloning.

    We then see the Odyssey having been decked out with Asgard stuff, it looks cool on the inside. Thor is having an emotional conversation with Carter about he has become their friend and their ally, and how he truly believes them to be the Fifth race. 3 Ori ships turn up and start to attack. The Asgard tell Odyssey to leave, and Thor beams back to the planet with one long look at Carter. The Asgard blow up their planet so as to prevent the Ori from gaining any of their technology.

    And so ends the life of the greatest character of all time, Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, we salute you. And so ends the greatest race of all, The Asgard.

    Even with the ZPM the Odyssey is still taking a pounding from the Ori motherships. Because of the radiation from the explosion no ship can go into hyperspace, but the shields won't hold out long enough for the ship to be able to go into hyperspace, so Landry orders them turn around and try the new Asgard weapons on the ships. They destroy a ship. Yes they destroy a ship, properly pound it, like destroy that bastard, properly screw it into the ground and stamp on it. It was a momentous occasion.

    Odyssey is taking a pounding so they head for hyperspace. While travelling through hyperspace they reminisce about the Asgard, and how they now have their legacy, all their knowledge and their history, and a holographic interface of sorts. Carter points out that the hyperdrive is kicking out some funky sensor readings so they drop out of hyperspace. The 2 remaining Ori ships appear straight away and start attacking. They go back into hyperspace, and try to come up with a plan.

    The Asgard systems have to be disconnected from the main computer because they have realised that that is what's acting as a tracking system. But it will take 30 mins which is more time than they are getting. They drop out of hyperspace at a planet with a stargate, they immediately beam down most of the crew and they go home. The rest stay onboard, and try to take on the ships. They blow up one of the others but their plan doesn't work, they need more time.

    Carter then reveals plan b, just as an Ori beam from the one remaining ship is about to hit the ship. The beam just stops, and CArter reveals using Asgard technology she has put the ship in a time bubble. Years will pass by on the inside and seconds on the outside. It's similar to when they do it to the Replicators in season 7. As time goes by they try to work on a way to save themselves. While this goes on Mitchell becomes a nut about being enclosed on the ship, Landry takes up botany and Daniel and Vala get it on like Lionel Ritchie. Yes you heard me, they finally got it on. Mitchell and Teal'c spend lots of time fighting each other practising their fighting skills. Carter spends years infront of the Asgard main computer and Daniel spends most of his time infront of an Asgard computer that projects all of their knowledge.

    Years go by, we see them celebrate Christmas and all kinds of things. 20 years, and they all start to look old, especially Landry. He ends up dying of old age. Carter gives up and learns to play the cello, but as Landry dies he tells her to start working again. 50 years go by and they all look like pensioners, there are no children though, just this band of merry folk. Carter says she worked out a way to save them, but the ZPM no longer has enough power to do it.

    Mitchell then refers to line in the sand when they use a staff crystal to power the device. She says there is nothing like it onboard, and he points out the window to the Ori ship beam that's about to penetrate the hull. They jerry rig a system that allows them to use the beam to power the device to travel back, except the ship will actually be destroyed, but because they're going back in time it will be fixed.

    The only problem is, to explain to the past selves what to do to survive one must stay old. Teal'c volunteers which makes him about 150 or something now. Carter devises a programme that unlocks the asgard computer in seconds rather than minutes, and puts it in a crystal and gives it to Teal'c. Teal'c gets encased in the Merlin device. We cut to Daniel and Vala discussing how they love each other.

    Carter deactivates the bubble and the beam goes through the ship and destroys it, but then we cut inside and the ship repairs itself, all while Teal'c stands in the middle completely protected. Time goes backwards to when they were all young, at the beginning of the bubble. We see Carter go to activate the bubble and Teal'c stops her. The ship avoids the beam due to some programmes Carter gave Teal'c and they leave, whereupon the ship systems are deactivated and the Ori cannot follow them.

    We then cut back to the SGC and Vala is trying to find out from Teal'c who she ended up with. The only name she doesn't guess at is Daniel. In the Gate room they are preparing to go off world. Mitchell says that the stargate is the only way to travel across the universe. He also says to Teal'c that he must have been a bit cranky while cooped up on the ship. Teal'c agrees. Carter asks if it is difficult keeping everything to himself about what they all got up to. He agrees. They all come out with quotes about, good things come to those who wait, it's not the destination, it's the journey that sort of thing. After each person has said at least one, they go through the gate and that is it.

    It'll be interesting to see Asgard technology incorporated into Earth and Atlantis from now on.

    I'd just like to say Thank You to Stargate SG-1. I've watched you for 10 years, longer than I have lived in my house, from the end of primary school, through the entire of secondary school and to halfway through my degree. You've been nothing but brilliant.

    You will be missed.
  • The episode started great! Carter started the time dilation device, I thought "Wow this could get interesting", that was after 20 min. But then it went down hill until 10 min before the end. Not the best ever episode. But still open for a come back!

    The episode started great! When Carter started the time dilation device, I thought, "Wow, this could get interesting", that was after 20 minutes. But then it went down hill until 10 minutes before the end. I am glad that they did not end the show with them dying as there would be no chance of a come back. But I would not class this as the best ever episode.

    It would also have been good to have some old characters in there, like O'Neill and Hammond.

    I still can't believe they have stop making Stargate SG1. It was such a successful show and loved by so many!

    At least we still have Atlantis.
  • And so it ends.......the last ever episode....

    And so it ends....
    The Asgard race is dying and they are forced to take drastic measures. They give all their Knowledge and technology to SG1, then they blow up their home planet, no more Asgard..
    I love Stargate but I must say I was a little disappointed with this final episode.
    They get chased across the galaxy by 2 Ori mother ships, just as they are about to be destroyed Carter traps the Odessey in a Time Dilation Bubble, so that they can have more time to make repairs to the ship and escape, they become trapped and so 20years go by……Vala and Daniel get it on…then another 20years or so go by…SG1 have all aged but Tealc still looks as fresh as a daisy except for a little grey streak of hair. Finally they escape kill the Ori and travel back in time so they are young again, and able to continue their journey of exploring the Galaxy and save earth.
    I am giong to miss this series so much and will wait in anticipation for the DVD movie.
  • Full of plot twists!


    This episode was great! There were so many plot twists, but all were excellent. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, as it would ruin the WHOLE episode, but the only thing that I didn't particularly like was the ending. It didnt really resolve anything, it was good, just not what I wanted. Though it was in-keeping with the "feel" of Stargate, as it leaves it (to a certain extent) to your imagination!

    Basically I just recommend you watch it as it is, in my opinion, one of the best ever!
  • Oh my GOD that was dull!!! I would have preferred a good 'ol cliffhanger to take us into the DVD releases later in the year. What a waste of a perfectly good ending!!!

    Oh my GOD that was dull!!! I would have preferred a good 'ol cliffhanger to take us into the DVD releases later in the year. What a waste of a perfectly good ending!!!

    The problem is they didn't want to give us closure. So they came up with this story that, basically, cancelled itself out the minute they went back in time. SO we're left with a crew with some great technology, dead aliens (which BTW, WHY get rid of them from the story???) and a 160 year old alien working for the SGC.

    Were it me, this episode could have been used earlier in the season and not ended on it. Last weeks episode, when Adria ascended, was the perfect way to end the show. Why didn't they leave it there?????
  • Shame on you!!!

    This episode was full of amazing features, we got the Asgard's entire knowledge database. (However, it was a bit annoying that they killed themselves)If you think about it this episode made the new episodes of Stargate Atlantis and the new spin-off even better as we now are the fifth race and we have Asgard weapons and shields which make light work of an Ori mothership. Haha, sorry America you shoud'nt be so far behind. This episode did have 1 drawback and only one. Teal'c now has grey hair, and is around 170 years of age. The Asgard technology will help us wipe out the replicators and the Wraith. We now have a the most advanced technology in the known universe. Try and beat a cloaked Daedalus class battlecruiser with Asgard energy weapons and shields with a ZPM and replication technology which i'm sure Dr McKay will be able to figure out how to produce more ZPM's.Take that USA. SkyOne is better than Sci-Fi since they cancelled it afterall! I make a plea to all the billionaires of the world. BUY Stargate and make a Stargate Channel!!!
  • We'll miss you guys.

    Well I can't beleive i've just sat and watched the last "EVER!!!!" episode of sg1. They could easily have gone down the special effects marathon with huge space battles and mass explosions and to some extent they did but hey lets face it they've been there and done that. What always made this show great was the human element and this had it in abundance, plenty of emotion and a touching farewell at the end. In conclusion this was a great way to wrap it all up. While i am of the opinion that sg1 has run it's course (I know i wont be popular for saying that), I will always hold a special place for it in my heart along with i'm sure millions of other fans.

    We will miss you SG-1.

  • Intresting, Something special

    I belive this was a fitting end to stargate , there wasnt alot of fighting as i had hoped but nun the less it was cool seeing the odeasy Destroy some ori motherships,That episode also anserd alot of questions as i had hoped, u saw character development daniel + vala=love i guess and u saw how landray was like a father to sam i guess, and tealc and camron fighting, In this episode the tauri finale got there statous as the Fith race(Finaly) but i expected more from the asgard how they died at the end Boom i would have enjoyed seeing some asgard ships fight the ori instead the planet blew up, so i guess no asgard in atlantis, i guess the writters didnt want to drag it out,And at the end we see the team walk throught the gate together, the episode also left me wanting much more in the form of stargate, i cant wait to see the odeysy kick some royle but in the movies and posibly in atlantis. Good bye stargate the series, let me say Live Long and Prospure in the hearts and minds of all the loyal fans out there.
  • For a final ever episode this was nothing but a disappointment, it started off strong and slowly like the characters aged became weak.

    Well we certainly have an interesting beginning the asguard decide to finally help and low and behold it comes with a price, chased across the galaxy but now armed with the tech to win the team + Landry end up trapped. Enter another trapped Episode in which nothing really happens before they manage to escape from a semmingly inescapable fate (not my gripe)only to back to status quo.

    Now i love this series but this gutter trash is more deserving in the first series then the Final one ever, the hype was low and it's obivous why the season ended. Lack of idea's anyone.

    Starts strong finishes like a 40 stone man in a marathon, agnoishingly slow. ah well hopifully some will come out of this. in closing a bad end to a Beautiful series
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