Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • One of the best finales ever

    Here we say goodbye to Thor and his People, we have a comedian story, we see sg-1 age some die, but Return to life. Increrdible story, and With a good ending showing that there will always be someone still out there to save the Galaxy.
  • One of my favorite series finales - Unending indeed.

    Ok first of all there is no reason to complain that this ep didn't wrap up the series - it was never meant to - since the follow-up movies Ark of Truth and Continuum had already been planned. What this ep did do was give us some great sci-fi - and a really cool look into a possible future for the characters - and a real future for Tealc. We got to see them age and handle yet one more impossible situation. I also like that after 10 years they didn't just try and end on a final Ori story - the show was much more than just that - and this character driven, high on action, special effects, and time travel story was an absolutely perfect send-off to a great show that even after 10 years felt fresh again and was cancelled far before its time. I would have loved to have a seen a few more seasons of the Ben Browder/Claudia Black Stargate but at least we got the 2 follow-up movies - both of which were excellent as well. Ignore the haters - this ep is a fine send off by one of my favorite Stargate writers - the great Robert C. Cooper. I'm giving it a 10/10 for action, emotional impact, and all around total awesomeness.
  • Character driven and perfect!

    I loved this episode. I'm very much a 'characters' person, so to end this excellent show with a character focused episode was a good move in my opinion. The scene between Michael Shanks and Claudia Black was one of the best I have ever seen and I've lost count of the times I have watched it back.

    So, it was a big explosive end, but they had the TV films in mind and you know what, it wouldn't have lasted 10 years if we hadn't fallen in love with the characters and seen the grow over time.

    I think it's perfect ending.
  • The end is further still!

    Well to put is simply, i'm speechless. What a fitting ending for one of the best sci-fi tv series ever so far. The perfect episode to end the amazing 10 years of the Stargate SG1 frenzy. Everything i've seen over the other seasons is somehow stuffed into one last magical episode, one that includes first and fore most imagination followed by emotion, action,a truly unexpected episode but an absolutely amazing one. A slim preview of what could be for each of them to re-live their lives, not rushing into saving the day all the time and defeating Goa'uld and Ori, only issue is being stuck on the ship for more than 50 years into a time bubble field that otherwise prevented their deaths. Where do they come up with these ideas...OMG! Also not to forget the Tok'ra that have finally shown from whatever rock they were hiding under, and the utter extinction of the Asgard race, whom passed all their knowledge to the Tau'ri specifically SG1's ship Odyssey becomes an amazing piece of technology. So...from the mysteries of the pyramids the destruction of the system lords, to forming formidable allies and last but not least the Ori, SG1 has fed us for 10 years with it's incredible charm and wits, selflessness, friendship and the occasional humor. Indeed the end...but somehow the beginning still, alas...the title says it all.
  • The End of a Legacy...

    It has been 10 years and the producers, the cast, everyone did an exellent job on this episode. I couldn't think of a better way to end this show. It is sad you know with The Asgard are going to die out and they suped up the Odyssey with all their latest technology. I don't see what the big fuss was about everyone kept on saying this episode sucked bout it didn't that is the way I probably would have ended the show. This episode had everything a little bit of comedy and action. I'll tell ya this episode was action packed from the very beginning. This show has had its ups and downs but this episode was definatley an up. In concluding this review I would like to say this show has indeed had one hell of a run. It will go in in some way. Later...
  • 10 for the series. The episode itself had nothing of a conclusion but it was enjoyable.

    So this was truly UNending...nothing really resolved as they leave this to the movie. Not much of a series finale but I knew it would be like that. Looked like a regular episode, actually not on the major arc: The Ori. But I would have prefer an episode like "200" to it, for the fun.
    Until time was stop (not literally), the episode was pretty boring but afterwards it became pretty interesting...specially when they grew old...I love the drama in the episode.

    As for Daniel and Vala, it`s been coming since the first time they met in season 8...finally a love story that actually works on Stargate SG1. ;)
    The ending was pretty emotional...I mean 10 years...10 seasons...I had little tears dropping..could`t of my favorite show is coming to an end..sniff. The episode does not deserve a 10...but NO WAY I rate the last episode of SG1 other that 10. It would have been great to have Richard Dean Anderson(O`Neil), Hammond and why not Jonas for the last installment.
    Can`t wait for the movies..I thought the series would end with a cliffhanger...but it was a decent ending. The first movie coming out in March..should be awesome. So was this 10 years great??? INDEED!!
  • This was an excellent show, even tho' with it being the final episode of all time you would have thought that Jack would have been there somewhee some way. Very dissapointing.

    The whole show was great, it was so weird seeing everyone aging. I thought it was realy sad that Landry had to die. Even tho' he seemed at peace with it.
    Vala and Daniel however were not a surprise. I kneew it would have to happen somewhere down the road. I know it was driving Teal'c crazy having to keep all this stuff that happened a secret. My bottom line is this, this has been my favorite show for years and I dont think I have ever been what you would call not happy with any episode that they have done. I was so sad when it finally went off for the last time. I realize we have the reruns but it is just not the same knowing that there will be no more adventures to come next season. I know we have the movies coming out but it is still not seasonal.
    To me it was very entertaining and I loved every minute of it and I will say this, I will miss SG1 as if it were part of my family. I hate to see them go. I miss them already.
  • Amazing episode!!!

    This last episode of the 10th season was great...The story ifound brilliant...Asgard disappearing as race, sharing their inventions with Earth and giving them finally a weapon capable of destroying Ori ships...And then that part of them being left on the ship for over 50 years, trying to find a solution to allow them to survive the ORi hit...Very original concept, and moreover i liked this episode as the last of Stargate SG-1..I'm kinda sad about this , but i am sure Atlantis will make up for's one of the best i've seen and the only rate i could give was a full 10.
  • This was a great episode.

    I liked this episode of Stargate SG-1 since it was really good. It was very interesting to watch. It was the best episode of the season and it was one of the best episodes of Stargate SG-1. I think that it was a good end to the series since it was really good. I hope that the movies that they are going to do are as good as the show. This is one of the best series finale's that I have watched. I liked the storyline of this episode since it was really good. I did not like it when the Asgard killed themselves because, I liked them a lot and they were the coolest aliens ever. I wish that they had been on more episodes of Stargate Sg-1 because they were very interesting characters on Stargate SG-1.
  • Wow. What bittersweet that was.

    I cried when the Asgard died off. When Thor said that they were dying, that's when I started crying. I'm sorry to see those guys go. I absolutely love the Asgard. They were, by far, the best alien allies. It was nice seeing Thor again. It was profound when Thor said to Sam that the Tauri are officially the fifth race. I was like wow so we finally made it. They are gonna be terribly missed. I loved Unending. It looks like they (TPTB) practically blew the budget on the VFX/CG. It was nice seeing the whole gang together including Landry.

    And.....yay.....Daniel and Vala finally kissed. I was so happy. And, from look of Vala coming out of Daniel's quarters. Looks like they finally had sex. Although, they probably would never remember. Though, you never know. We do have the two movies.

    How about that nice little tribute Sci-Fi did at the end. That's what did it for me. I was crying through that thing.
  • The perfect conclusion to one of greatest television shows ever...

    I really don't think that the writers ever did a better job writing a finale. Robert C. Cooper did a lot of work on this episode and I think it paid off. There was action from the first second it began and it was almost sad at the end. It was a perfect conclusion to one of the greatest Shows ever. It is sad that the Asgard are no longer with us but at least their knowledge will not be lost. The Tau'ri have now been named the fifth race after ten long and exciting years. Now with our Asgard technology we can destroy an Ori mothership like punching through a wet paper bag. There was alot of growth between Daniel and Vala also in this episode, even though it didn't really matter in the end.And the teams last words? "Indeed". It really was what it should have been in my opinion. Later.*sniff*
  • A series finale filled wilth heart out to the fans.

    This episode is exactly what I had hoped for; the finale to be filled with a heart for the fans that would be so special and personal, yet still show why Stargate SG-1 has always been #1 since it first began. The Asgard deserved to be part of the finale and I'm so glad the writer's brought them in for this one last time. The fan's were given special alone time with SG-1 on this episode and able to share personal moments with the team for a time span of fifty years through life, love, holiday time and death, and then amazingly right back where they started, the way only the SG-1 team could do it-their way. I look so forward to the upcoming movies. GODSPEED!

    All My Love and Thanks to the Cast, Writer's, Producer's, and Director's who gave of theirselves for the last 10 years to this outstanding show.
  • Certainly an interesting and unexpected episode for a series finale. Emotional, personal, and outstanding.

    Unending is not the finale you might expect. You might expect a massive ***-kicking action finale with tons of space battles and explosions. We do get a pretty cool space battle and an awesome explosion. But that's not what this episode revolves around. This episode revolves around the characters. It revolves around what truly matters. And when we get right down to it, it's not the explosions or the spaceships or the battles that truly matter. It's the people. And that's what this episode perfectly shows.

    I'll start with the superficial stuff. We certainly get the ending of an era in this episode with the death of the Asgard, an interesting move in the finale. The Asgard pass on all of their technology to the Odyssey. As a result of this, we do get some amazing special effects with the Odyssey attacking and destroying an Ori mothership along with the destruction of the Asgard homeworld.

    Now to the stuff that matters. After SG-1 is captured in the time dilation field, we're treated to a montage of SG-1 carrying on their normal life aboard the Odyssey, including a Christmas celebration. This scene also nicely conveys the feelings of the characters, particularly with Mitchell. While the music is still playing, we see Mitchell destroying his room in frustration as he is sick and tired of being stuck on the Odyssey.

    Another great scene is 20 years into SG-1's fifty year stay. Carter is playing the cello and the cello continues to play throughout the scene. We are again shown a montage scene that is excellent. It shows the aging of SG-1 along with the death of General Landry, a surprisingly touching scene.

    But the absolute crowning achievement in this episode, the scene that I will remember this episode by is the scene with Daniel and Vala when they kiss. When Daniel was yelling at Vala, I was literally in tears as he was yelling at her as she was trying to open up to him. That scene was amazingly acted by both Michael Shanks and Claudia Black, completed with absolutely heartwrenching background music. To me, any episode that really evokes and sort of strong emotional reaction is a great one. And this one certainly did that.

    And that's what this episode is truly, TRULY about. It's about the people, the emotion, the feelings behind them. That's why it's wonderful. Granted, there is absolutely no major-storyline closure concerning the Ori. But that storyline will be concluded with The Ark of Truth. The producers of SG-1 didn't want to end their show with a stereotypical "go-out-with-a-bang" finale. They went out with what mattered to the show. The characters. And that's why this episode, when you think about it, makes for a perfect series finale.

    Pay attention to what really matters, because, you know.......

    Life is too short.
  • Stays true to the proven SG-1 formula: character, emotion, team interaction, and adventure.

    I was expecting the final episode of SG-1 to be more action than plot, but I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Fans expecting plot resolution will be disappointed as this episode feels more like a mid-season story (until the ending scene). However, this episode stays true to the proven SG-1 formula: character, emotion, team interaction, and adventure. These essential ingredients define the series, and it is fitting that they form the core of the series finale. The episode contains very powerful and moving scenes, especially when SG-1 enters the gate for the final time.

    Thankfully, the end is not yet here. There will be at least two SG-1 DVD movies, beginning this fall. They will serve as the eagerly anticipated story-line resolution. Hopefully, SG-1 will still be around for a long time. In the prophetic words of Teal'c, "Good things come to those who wait..."

    Keep the Gate!
  • Truly the end of an era....

    This episode was absolutely fantastic. It was an incredible way to end it; very classy, very fitting. This episode was truly the end of an era, and it truly explained why it is that stargate sg-1 has been the longest running television series of all time. After a fantastic 10 seasons, this episode truly let sg-1 end on a great note. SciFi channel was very foolish to drop a show as high quality as this, and this episode proved it. In the first fifteen minutes, when the asgard impart the legacy of their entire race to humanity and destroy their own planet, taking every last asgard, including the surprisingly loveable Thor with it. After all that the asgard, and specifically sg-1's friend Thor, have done for humanity over the course of the show, they simply destroy themselves in a flash of light. Whether or not this moment was meant to be an ironic allusion to the end of stargate's fantastic television run, I certainly found it fitting indeed that sg-1 began their final episode with the death of the mighty asgard, the great allies of humanity. The death of the asgard sets the tone for the entire episode....this episode pulled no punches and left me a little stunned and truly moved. I congratulate the cast and crew of sg-1 for their fantastic 10 season run and for the quality of this episode...I simply cannot believe that a show this good could be dropped.
  • Alot of people hated it, alot liked it

    i personally loved it, to a point, it wasn't the best episode, but it was somewhat of a tear jerker, and emotional. I just wish they would have made it longer than a regular Hour long episode. But they did manage the Throw a little CCR (credence Clearwater Revival) in there, that to me gave this episode that extra bang
  • The end of an era...

    i can't believe that its all over. Ten years of SG1 and now its all gone! The show did go out on a good episode thought, althought prehaps not the best for such a long running classic like Stargate. I felt that the ending was nice, the charactors were united once again going through the gate. I know now that the series will continue with two movies which hopefully should finish up some of the long running questions. Like the Ori story. I was really sad to learn the the Asguard are dying but finally we found out that earth is the 5th Race! I was a one point convinced that they would never find a way out of the time field. Vala and Daniel finally hit it off. But all of this was erased because the they reversed time for everyone except Tel'c who remembers the fifty years in the time field. I thought that considering this as the last episode we could have learned more and got more closure. Its really sad now that its gone but we should look back and see that they were an amazing 10 years full of suspence and great stories which i will remember forever. This will forever remain a classic in my mind and i am awaiting the movies... SG1 forever!
  • this is an example of exactly why SciFi channel made a large mistake by not keeping this show on the air.

    Even in this the 11th hour they still remain a very good series capable of producing not only high quality compelling stories, but doing so in such a way that does not cause alot of the plot holes that had plagued the series early on. after saying this i wish to state that this is my 2nd favorate episode and this comes from someone who has watched every single episode. it show a very compelling sorry that we had all hoped would happen before the end of the series, the end of the asguards. i personally felt it was a very nice send off, and honestly it made perfect sence from start to finish. and personally i wish to know why this episode was not broudcasted at the sametime as it was in the rest of the world. it is a shame when a company i showed such loyalty to as the SciFi channel could drop the ball so horably. in either case, i feel that once i watched this episode that it is awsome, and i would recomend watching it as soon as it comes out in the U.S..
  • The Asgard summon the SG Team to their home world for reasons unknown. What the Asgard reveal to the team is that they(Asgard) are on the brink of extinction. They offer all their knowledge and technology to the Team as they feel that earth is worthy.

    This episode was the best I'd seen in a long time. A lot of action, character revelations and good story line. A fine last episode in a very good series. A few spoilers here: After the Asgard give the team all their stuff, the Asgard world explodes. (One thing that bugs me though is when a planet explodes in space, there is no noise due to vacuum. It should just brighten up and annihilate without any sound. However I guess it just makes for a good effect.)Anyway the Odyssey now has enhanced weapons, shields and other neat stuff but there is a flaw with some of the systems. It seems the Ori can detect the signature of the new systems on the Odyssey and track them where ever they are. This poses a problem due to the fact that where the Odyssey warps to, the Ori are there. A few battles ensue with some Ori ships taken out with the new Asgard weapons,however something happens to the Odyssey where it is caught in a time dilation field just .03 or so seconds before an Ori beam is about to hit and take out the Odyssey. Carter states she can fix the problem in a few days which turn into 20 or 30 years. Suffice to say Carter does come up with a plan(Shes now in her 60's) and they get out of the problem at hand. All and all without writing the whole story line, this was one of the best. It was cool to see the team age, except Teal'c not showing any signs of age other than some gray hair,no doubt due to his alien nature. An excellent last episode. I'm sorry to see it end. But, to quote a line that Teal'c stated at the end,"All good things must come to an end." Enough said. Don Z
  • The Asgards are dead, long live the Tauri...if they survive to tell the tale (SPOILERS).

    The most touching and perfect ending I could’ve ever hope for begins with the Asgards final goodbye as they leave their knowledge on board the Odissey as their last act as race. A most precious gift that is threaten by Ori ships who attacks them each time they get out of hyperspace, there is no use to run so after beaming most of the crew to safety SG1 gets trapped into a time bubble that should buy Sam enough time to protect the ship along with the Asgard knowledge it contains.

    Forced to spend from 3 months to a lifetime together, intense events develop among the team as Teal’c develops a smile, Cam grows insane and Daniel ends up saying to Vala the things I could only hope Lost’s Jack would’ve said to Kate back when they still had a chance. I’ve got to say it was rather nice to see the man as the emotionally vulnerable for a change as Daniel got to be the ying to Vala’s yang until they finally worked things out and life itself seemed to go as swift as the years went by on the ship.

    By the time Sam has figured out a way out Landry has passed, Daniel & Vala have spent 50 years together and being a pilot seems like a distant memory Col Mitchell has long forgotten. However, Sam reveals, there’s a catch: if they can use the beam that’s about to hit them as the power source required to go back in time to save the ship one of them must remain old. And so while our brave Teal’c takes a one way ticket to the past, Daniel and Vala take a final moment to honour their life together even if they never get to remember it.

    And so, right after Vala tries to find out what a 50 year older Teal’c has vow never to tell them and SGC guards the Asgard knowledge Teal'c has vow to protect the final scene show us the team heading to the gate to a new adventure.
  • The beginning of the end...

    Very nice and subtle episode to finish the series. But not too sad, the thought was always at the back of my mind that this is the last one, but they made really good jokes throughout the episode and that took the edge off... Nice point there not to just plod blindly forward toward a goal but try to enjoy life in the mean time, do a little gardening or learn cello :)But if i would have to live 50 years on one ship, I'd go bananas. Little sad about the Asgard... so there are still only 4 races in the galaxy so to speak. And from that thought onward, why didn't they introduce the last race :(
    Still, nice episode to have and let's wait for the movies!
  • SG1 receives a HUGE gift from the Asgard, but there is a problem...

    No, really... HUGE SPOILERS!!!
    TRUST ME! If you haven't seen the episode, don't read on.

    Oh boy, this episode was sooo sad. Not because of what happened, but because it was the LAST ONE. There's the movies, which is great, but it IS the end of an era. It might not have been an episode with a lot of action, but it was really good. When the music started playing, it was like watching an old family movie after someone in your family has moved far away or is gone. It was really sad, but so good. I'm not a great shipper in the Stargate universe, meaning that I've watched SG-1 and SGA even if there wasn't much "ship", but I liked how they handled the Daniel/Vala thing. I loved to see how they had fun when eating together, and at "Christmas".
    When Landry was dying, THAT's when the idea that it was REALLY the last episode sunk in. It's funny how they DID manage to do the "Stargate geriatrics" as they joked at some conventions... I just wish they'd done it in 10 years time. Thank you Stargate SG-1 (cast and crew), you've meant a lot to me. I will never forget you.
  • Stargate SG1 joins other amazing Sci-Fi TV Shows with a great series finale, that is on par with Next Gen's "All Good Things..."

    Everyone with half a brain knew that at some point this day would come, whether it was now, or five years from now, this day had to come. The end of one of the best Sci-Fi series of the last fifty years. Was it better than Trek? Hard to say, better than most? Definitely. The series ending was not so much a special effects laden event as it was a great character study. Oh sure there were effects and techno-babble that would rival any episode of DS9 or B5, but it was secondary. What was even more impressive it didn’t seem borrowed from any other show, at least not heavily, and in the end SG1 was always about the team, not the tech. It wasn’t just called Stargate, it was specific to a single team, SG1, and in that way they remained true. Sure the team members changed from time to time, came and went, but it was always about the team.

    I give the producers and writers credit for not throwing in Richard Dean Anderson on the last show, while it’s always great to see him, this episode was about the current cast, and didn’t dwell heavily on the past.

    OK, so what was it about? If you’ve gotten to this point and want to stop before I spoil it for you, now would be a good time to close your browser. Otherwise, you might find out what happens. You have been warned.

    Well, it turns out that the old Greys, yes I know we call them the Azgard, but seriously they are just greys, right from Whitley Strieber’s nightmares. But the Azgard decided to end their own lives before they become an abomination and degrade to much. But, they want to give one of the SGC’s starships a huge upgrade with everything they knew and can do. From weapons to defensives to, well, everything. Including a Jor-El version of the Thor to help them out in the future. This is nothing but great news. But no sooner is the new tech installed, the fracking Ori show up and start to try and stop the Odyssey from getting away with all the tech, but in this case the SGC run and kick ass, and blows the Ori out of the sky as the Azgard planet explodes. They jump to hyperspace to regroup but find out something startling, every where they jump, the Ori follow immediately to keep the fight going.

    This cat and mouse continues for a while, until they figure out they can be tracked anywhere they go because of the Azgard technology either gives away their location, or the Ori are being helped from above. Either way this is not good. They beam the crew down to a planet to gate their way home while Sam comes up with an idea for putting the ship into a time dilation bubble just before they get destroyed. As the Ori fire, they can see the beam only a few kilometers away from the Odyssey as it stops in it’s tracks. Now all they have to do is figure out, how not to get destroyed, how to save the Azgard technology, and how get the Odyssey home in one piece.

    This is where the episode changes dramatically, it no longer becomes about tech, and becomes about SG1 coming up with a plan and how long it takes. Well, it takes a while, a very, very long while. About fifty years to be exact, during that time we see them grow old gradually, and develop relationships, new skills and become the best of friends, sort of a parallel to what no doubt when on during the filming of the series. I don’t want to ruin everything that happens, but it is by far the best part of the episode and is what elevates it to greatness.

    After all this time, Sam finally comes up with a way to reverse the time dilation field and save the ship, but the down side is they no longer have the energy needed to pull off the plan. So, they decide to use the impact of the Ori energy weapon that is about to destroy the ship, to save it. Channel all it’s energy into the ship, separate the Azgard tech from the Odyssey’s systems and fly off. But there’s a catch, for this to work, one of them will have to stay old. One of them will have to hold onto a crystal, be protected from the reverse time and save everyone in the end. I won’t tell you who that is, and much to my surprise the producers did NOT hit the big reset button to fix everything. This episode actually has consequences. In the end, they are saved, and live to fight another day, even though some things have changed. They have no memory of what happened for the last fifty years but they are still SG1, more or less.

    As series ending episodes go, this was a great one. It’s right on par with Next Gen’s, “All Good Things…” and that’s no small feat. They did in an hour what could have easily gone on for a mini-series, and yet showed the characters change and grow, become close and fade away, without having to push a bunch of tried and stale emotional buttons to do this. I’ve watched this show from the beginning, when it was on Showtime full of frontal nudity, to it’s move to Sci-Fi and well, less frontal nudity. From the loss of Richard Dean Anderson, and the coming and goings of Daniel Jackson. But through it all, it had a great set of storylines, villains, and heroes we could all fear and admire.

    “Stargate SG1” will be missed, and while it’s going to directly to DVD for a couple of movies (please put these in theaters first) and Sam will join the cast of Atlantis, just as Worf did DS9. There will never be another SG1, at least not one as good as we have seen in the last ten years. So Stargate SG1, goes down as the first and best incarnation of the series, and can, like “Star Trek The Original Series” be called by just a few letters. In Trek’s case everyone knows what you mean when you just say TOS, and in Stargate’s case it can forever be know simply as SG1.

    Just my 2¢,
  • RIP SG1 you will be missed 6o years in the time dialation field and Daniel and Vala didnt even have a kid!!!

    firstly im goin to miss SG-1
    cat wait for the films.

    this episode for the last ever 1 for the TV series was ok but i think more could of been done in the time dialation field!!

    this is not extactly a review

    such as 6o years in the time dialation field and Daniel and Vala didnt even have a kid!!! Then with this kid (who would of been grown up at the time of escape) could have replaced Teal'c in the shield. Then that would of been intresting with him/her trying to explain where and who he/she has come from when they go back in time.

    and just think of comical value for the feature films!
    and possible there offspring could of gone on to Atlantis or something as of course, Daniel would of taught them ethics, ancients etc. Carter would of taught the physics etc with Mitchell and teal'c fightin stuff!
  • A very sad day for Sci Fi Fans the world over.

    The episode is not what I expected but what expectations can made about the last episode of such a great show. Personally I give the ending a full 10, It will leave you Thinking YES!!, Make you worried over the future of the fight with the Ori, and of course the inevitable lump in the throat and possible tear (s) in your eye at the ending of an Era in Sci Fi Television. The acting was great, you could almost feel the frustration of the team. If I had a drink I would raise a salute to the entire cast, crew, writers and everyone involved in this production with a thank you for many hours of entertainment that stirred the imagination and emotions. Of course a evil glare at those that decided to cancel the show although thank you for taking it to the movie stages.

    Congrats to Amanda for joining the Atlantis Team, Hopefully Daniel follows suite.
  • so ended one of the best sci fi programs of the past few years as good as franchise as star trek it was that good long live stargate.

    so we have reached the end of the line series wise. a sad time for one and all sg1 fans. cannot wait for dvds. nice to see the asgard back, even though it was short lived as it turned out. i have to say at this point that the destruction of the asgard race was a touch drastic, they were a great part of the show. still the team and earth did benifit. as they gave them all the bells and whistles when it came to gifts, not just technology, but there whole history of knowledge. but it turned out to a bit of a double edged sword. great that they could destroy ori ships, but lead to them being tracked as they went. great idea to use the time diletion device, and to take the charcters stories on into the future. have to admit there was no surprise to see daniel and vala get together, there was always something there. mitchell the ever impatincent soldier wanting to do something, but being kept like the caged tiger, general landry showen to be a bit of a gardener, then popping his clogs, sad in its own right, but we need not have worried, dispite 50yrs passing sam with help from mitchel came to the rescue, as they came up with a plan to reverse time, so going back to the start. it did however involve teal'c sacrificing a few years, but who better, as he lives for god knows how long. so here we are back in the gate room walter dailling the gate, landry wishing god speed, and the team stepping up the ramp and through the gate. and why not thats what the series was all about. i suppose the only thing missing was an apperance by RDA, hopefully in one of the films maybe
  • A great way to end an era with an epidode that shows the relationships between the characters, whilst closing some story lines and keeping others open for the up-and-coming movies. A special episode... already seen it twice and it only aired 3 hours ago!


    This episode starts with Teal'c misunderstanding a common word like we used to see in the early years, as well as Vala scamming the crew to throw a party as she is bored.

    Then we see an old friend that has been absent for quite a while… Thor (With what looks like a shiny new body!!). Our old buddy Thor comes with some good and bad news. The good news is that Earth is getting all of the Asgard’s technology and knowledge; bad news is that the Asgard are about to die… Sniff! :’(

    Anyway as we get Asgard upgrades the Ori attack… before we know it the new Asgard home world explodes Odyseey5 style taking out 2 Ori ships… hurrah!... but wait there is still one more Ori ship left which the new Asgard upgrades to the Earth ship Odyseey are put to the test… and boom we did it… yey.

    So another happy/sad occasion… the Asgard are now all gone but we now have a way to defeat the Ori.

    The Odyseey is on its’ way back to Earth when two more Ori ships attack. As the Odyseey had already taken damage from the previous encounter they jump back into hyperspace. The problem is that this keeps happening… Doh!

    Turns out that the Ori can detect the power source given to us by the Asgard, and keep attacking every time the Odyseey exits hyperspace.

    Due to the Ori tracking the ship a decision is made to beam all crew except SG1 and General Landry onto a nearby planet to send home via a Stargate.

    Once again the Ori turn up, and the Odyseey takes on the Ori ships. After taking out one of them, the shields are then depleted. Carter then initiates a time-dilation device which means SG1 have years to come up with a plan to beat getting destroyed by the other Ori ship.

    As usual, as with all of SG1’s plans, plan A, B, C and D are not possible; which leaves Carter to work on… well plan Z I think!!

    As the weeks and months go by we see the characters interacting in a way we do not normally see (a bit like the episode Sunday for Atlantis).

    We then see the characters going a bit out of character as the stress of their situation starts to get them. We see Mitchell going nuts from doing nothing, Vala getting bored and desperate for a bit of hanky-panky, Daniel insulting (and upsetting) Vala.

    We then see the character together like a family, dinner, Christmas etc.
    The story then skips a head a couple of decades, and then another couple of decades, each time we see the characters aging (some better than others!!).

    Finally Carter has a plan, which works. At the end of the show we are back where it all began… the SGC gate room with the whole team. More quips between the character which will make you laugh.

    Overall it is a fantastic episode. A great way to show the friendships and relationships that have been formed. It ends the story arc of the Asgard, and keeps open the Ori story line for the movies that are coming out, especially as we now have Asgard technology and knowledge.

    This is not a complete action-packed episode, but the story telling is great. Lots packed into a very short time (no pun intended!).

    The only I think could have been done was to have Richard Dean Anderson in this episode… especially as this episode is about the SG1 team and the relationships and the Asgard.

    10 out of 10.
  • A great ending

    The Stargate-cast/team has done it again. A wonderful episode containing all that is good with Stargate. One of the other reviewers wrote that it has been 10 wonderful years of Stargate, a memory that is older than his house, and I think he/she made a beautiful point. Stargate SG-1 has earned it's place among the stars. I wish all of them a wonderful life, and thank you for a decade of excitment.

    I can't even remember 1996, but I do remember Children of Gods.

    Sam/Amanda, we will be seeing you shortly in Atlantis, but for the rest of you, you will always be in our hearts (including/specially Amanda Tapping, since I have a crush on you :$).

    Take care.

    Back to the episode. Since this episode hasn't been broadcasted in US yet, I feel that I'm not going to spoil this one. All I can say is that this is a beautiful combination of science, love, basic human emotions, hopelessness, time, sacrifises, and all potential action you may imagine that can come out of this episode.

    Soon, two DVD-movies are going to be made. One of them contains Ori, the other Baal. The Ori-movie is going to be great. Please, I encourage everyone to support SG-1 to make future movies possible. We live in a world where money rules. Then show Sony where our money should go.

    To all SG-1 fans. Hang in there, good things are still coming. Hopefully Stargate makes it as good as Star Trek, with multiple spin-offs and long living stories. Mankind has only began to touch the stars.


    Dedicated to Richard, Amanda, Michael, Christopher, Ben, Claudia, and all of the stars/crew.
  • So it begins/ends.

    This is truly the only way in which you could have ended a definitive series like SG-1, lots left open for the movie's. It is a shame that they killed of all of the asguard (as they where/are the best race in the stargate universe) but other than that it really is an extremely cleverly plotted episode with lots of clever twist.
    Its very unusual to see a series that finished without rapping everything up, you would have though that they would of finished it with defeating the ori, but no whether that will happen in the movie's we will have to wait and see.
  • This was brilliant. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS


    Let's start from the beginning.

    Odyssey under the command of Landry turns up in orbit of Orilla, the Asgard homeworld from the beginning of season 8. As they arrive, and Thor asks to be beamed aboard. They then explain that the race is dying, they want to give Earth all their technology, and they plan on killing themselves to avoid the pain from the degeneration they will all suffer from years of cloning.

    We then see the Odyssey having been decked out with Asgard stuff, it looks cool on the inside. Thor is having an emotional conversation with Carter about he has become their friend and their ally, and how he truly believes them to be the Fifth race. 3 Ori ships turn up and start to attack. The Asgard tell Odyssey to leave, and Thor beams back to the planet with one long look at Carter. The Asgard blow up their planet so as to prevent the Ori from gaining any of their technology.

    And so ends the life of the greatest character of all time, Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, we salute you. And so ends the greatest race of all, The Asgard.

    Even with the ZPM the Odyssey is still taking a pounding from the Ori motherships. Because of the radiation from the explosion no ship can go into hyperspace, but the shields won't hold out long enough for the ship to be able to go into hyperspace, so Landry orders them turn around and try the new Asgard weapons on the ships. They destroy a ship. Yes they destroy a ship, properly pound it, like destroy that bastard, properly screw it into the ground and stamp on it. It was a momentous occasion.

    Odyssey is taking a pounding so they head for hyperspace. While travelling through hyperspace they reminisce about the Asgard, and how they now have their legacy, all their knowledge and their history, and a holographic interface of sorts. Carter points out that the hyperdrive is kicking out some funky sensor readings so they drop out of hyperspace. The 2 remaining Ori ships appear straight away and start attacking. They go back into hyperspace, and try to come up with a plan.

    The Asgard systems have to be disconnected from the main computer because they have realised that that is what's acting as a tracking system. But it will take 30 mins which is more time than they are getting. They drop out of hyperspace at a planet with a stargate, they immediately beam down most of the crew and they go home. The rest stay onboard, and try to take on the ships. They blow up one of the others but their plan doesn't work, they need more time.

    Carter then reveals plan b, just as an Ori beam from the one remaining ship is about to hit the ship. The beam just stops, and CArter reveals using Asgard technology she has put the ship in a time bubble. Years will pass by on the inside and seconds on the outside. It's similar to when they do it to the Replicators in season 7. As time goes by they try to work on a way to save themselves. While this goes on Mitchell becomes a nut about being enclosed on the ship, Landry takes up botany and Daniel and Vala get it on like Lionel Ritchie. Yes you heard me, they finally got it on. Mitchell and Teal'c spend lots of time fighting each other practising their fighting skills. Carter spends years infront of the Asgard main computer and Daniel spends most of his time infront of an Asgard computer that projects all of their knowledge.

    Years go by, we see them celebrate Christmas and all kinds of things. 20 years, and they all start to look old, especially Landry. He ends up dying of old age. Carter gives up and learns to play the cello, but as Landry dies he tells her to start working again. 50 years go by and they all look like pensioners, there are no children though, just this band of merry folk. Carter says she worked out a way to save them, but the ZPM no longer has enough power to do it.

    Mitchell then refers to line in the sand when they use a staff crystal to power the device. She says there is nothing like it onboard, and he points out the window to the Ori ship beam that's about to penetrate the hull. They jerry rig a system that allows them to use the beam to power the device to travel back, except the ship will actually be destroyed, but because they're going back in time it will be fixed.

    The only problem is, to explain to the past selves what to do to survive one must stay old. Teal'c volunteers which makes him about 150 or something now. Carter devises a programme that unlocks the asgard computer in seconds rather than minutes, and puts it in a crystal and gives it to Teal'c. Teal'c gets encased in the Merlin device. We cut to Daniel and Vala discussing how they love each other.

    Carter deactivates the bubble and the beam goes through the ship and destroys it, but then we cut inside and the ship repairs itself, all while Teal'c stands in the middle completely protected. Time goes backwards to when they were all young, at the beginning of the bubble. We see Carter go to activate the bubble and Teal'c stops her. The ship avoids the beam due to some programmes Carter gave Teal'c and they leave, whereupon the ship systems are deactivated and the Ori cannot follow them.

    We then cut back to the SGC and Vala is trying to find out from Teal'c who she ended up with. The only name she doesn't guess at is Daniel. In the Gate room they are preparing to go off world. Mitchell says that the stargate is the only way to travel across the universe. He also says to Teal'c that he must have been a bit cranky while cooped up on the ship. Teal'c agrees. Carter asks if it is difficult keeping everything to himself about what they all got up to. He agrees. They all come out with quotes about, good things come to those who wait, it's not the destination, it's the journey that sort of thing. After each person has said at least one, they go through the gate and that is it.

    It'll be interesting to see Asgard technology incorporated into Earth and Atlantis from now on.

    I'd just like to say Thank You to Stargate SG-1. I've watched you for 10 years, longer than I have lived in my house, from the end of primary school, through the entire of secondary school and to halfway through my degree. You've been nothing but brilliant.

    You will be missed.
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