Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • No, no, no. When writers loose their minds is what this should have been called! Or save the best for the films. This is a filler episode at best with the blindingly obvious errors left in the story. In a rush were we!!

    That was possibly one of the worse series finales I've ever watched. I love SG as much as everyone on here but as it has been pointed out has the person who wrote the screenplay actually watched SG before?

    It was painful and shameful to see the Asgard commit mass suicide within the first 5 mins. It's like the writer said "you're all dead" ... Thor "why"... Writer "it was the Salmon moose" I mean come on. To add insult to injury the next scene Ori ships are being taken out with Asgard upgraded weapons on the Oddessy. Hang on, were there not a couple of Asgard ships in Camelot that got wiped out with the first wave of Ori Ships. And when did Asgard use beam weapons!

    The fact is the Asgard were to powerful for the Ori so mass suicide was the only way to clear the way for more story lines. The Asgard dying was to be expected but this was not respectful or truthful to the SG universe.

    I could go on but most reviews here have mentioned the other flaws through out this episode. I have yet to see Ark of Truth and by all accounts it sounds like this should have been the finale so hopefully my faith will be restored.
  • For a final ever episode this was nothing but a disappointment, it started off strong and slowly like the characters aged became weak.

    Well we certainly have an interesting beginning the asguard decide to finally help and low and behold it comes with a price, chased across the galaxy but now armed with the tech to win the team + Landry end up trapped. Enter another trapped Episode in which nothing really happens before they manage to escape from a semmingly inescapable fate (not my gripe)only to back to status quo.

    Now i love this series but this gutter trash is more deserving in the first series then the Final one ever, the hype was low and it's obivous why the season ended. Lack of idea's anyone.

    Starts strong finishes like a 40 stone man in a marathon, agnoishingly slow. ah well hopifully some will come out of this. in closing a bad end to a Beautiful series
  • Starts off good, everything is going great, then all of a sudden a time dilation field pops up and with that the writer shot the episode dead! And there was still 30 min to go!

    A week of feeling sorry that no more SG1 episodes will ever grace the screen again made me feel sad. But now I am more annoyed that sad.

    Again we have another Stargate episode that was disaster. O, it started off well with the Asguard giving the SG1 team all the their technology. Then the Ori coming out of no where and being able to track the team across the galaxy!

    Suddenly after the next jump the team are in a time dilation bubble. Now what happens next is so dam boring it makes my head spin with hatred! In fact, nothing really happens next, you see some idea's some talk, some emotional scenes then you have time reversed. Poor Teal'c even has to keep his years!

    The best way to describe this episode is shooting a dam good series in the foot. This was nothing short than a brutal murder by a dried up writer.

    I guess it's too late now to hire new writers, but one thing for sure. At least we will never have to see another filler episode!
  • Oh my GOD that was dull!!! I would have preferred a good 'ol cliffhanger to take us into the DVD releases later in the year. What a waste of a perfectly good ending!!!

    Oh my GOD that was dull!!! I would have preferred a good 'ol cliffhanger to take us into the DVD releases later in the year. What a waste of a perfectly good ending!!!

    The problem is they didn't want to give us closure. So they came up with this story that, basically, cancelled itself out the minute they went back in time. SO we're left with a crew with some great technology, dead aliens (which BTW, WHY get rid of them from the story???) and a 160 year old alien working for the SGC.

    Were it me, this episode could have been used earlier in the season and not ended on it. Last weeks episode, when Adria ascended, was the perfect way to end the show. Why didn't they leave it there?????
  • A severe letdown.

    I don't know what episode the other reviewers here were watching, but I found this episode to be tepid at best.

    The entire Asgard Race is wiped out, simply to form a plot point? How could they? It all happens practically before the opening titles.

    Then having the crew stuck in a time dilation field for the majority of the episode (approximately 40/50 years for them) felt like that length of time to me too.

    Where was Jack?

    Where were the epic battles?

    Apart from 3 scenes, where was the humour that made this show so appealing in the first place?

    OK, so it was a character piece. Fine, it worked for Babylon 5, ending with a poignant and beautiful character led episode, but it just didn't work here.

    The production team cannot even use the excuse that they didn't know it was the last episode, or that they didn't know far enough in advance, I just cannot believe that this was the best they could come up with.

    I am sorely, and sadly, disappointed.
  • perhaps one of the worst episodes of stargate...

    season finale's of stargate are usually a blast. this one was not- quite literally. the crew get stranded on their ship after an asgard installed time dialation device activates moments before their destruction. the team then spend 50 years trying to figure out how to undo it, only to succeed. so nothing changes. except that teal'c is now 50 years older than he was. how pointless. i was at least expecting a two parter!

    i'd also like to point out that this is NOT the last episode of stargate SG-1! new episodes coming in April... check out the sci-fi website:
  • It was used on FARSCAPE, where Crichton and Aeryn found themselves stranded on a planet with a faster rate of time than on Moya. And, to a certain extent, on STAR TREK: TNG, where Picard was put into a brief coma by an ancient satellite.

    And, frankly, I found both those versions more poignant than this one. I mean; I felt little (if any) empathy for the characters, whatsoever. Not even during the death of the "elderly" General Landry, or the implied miscarriage of Daniel and Vala's "child!" Which is the true tragedy, here. Maybe if the writers had used this one, for the 200th episode, and used the good-natured self-parody for the series finale, I might have felt different. I might have enjoyed both a lot more. But, they didn't. So, I'm afraid I didn't. And, that's a sad way to cap off ten otherwise good years.
  • This is becoming a cliché for SF series finales

    Damn, I'm hating Star Trek: The Next Generation more with each passing year. It's not just that show was overrated (you couldn't pay me enough to watch most of the episodes today), but it introduced some things that have since become routine for science fiction shows today. For one thing, all season finales must be cliffhangers with the characters on the brink of death, facing an impossible situation. For another, series finales seem to desperately need time travel of some kind, thanks to "All Good Things..." In that, Picard went bouncing around time, trying to save the universe from an "anti-time" rift that supposedly grew bigger as he went back in time yet was still plenty big in the future. And they all died trying to plug the rift, but were all resurrected. After that came Voyager, where Future Janeway goes back in time to save present Janeway. Oh, did I mention Future Janeway died and Future Seven and Future Chakotay died, but they were saved in the new timeline? Deep Space Nine didn't have time travel, but Sisko died. Maybe. The execrable Enterprise finale didn't have anyone dying, but there was time travel of a sort with Riker watching the "old" stories on the holodeck. And now this. General Landry dies. Later SG-1 dies, but only for an instant. Then everyone gets resurrected. And Carter pulls out a magic solution to their problem. Not something she ever knew how to do before, but something all new. That's cheap. Really, really cheap, like most of the ST: TNG "miraculous subatomic particle" deus ex machina stories. Writers who make up this kind of resolution are cheating in the worst sense of the word. It comes completely out of the blue and of course, because it's future science, the viewers can't say, "but that won't work!"

    Once, just once, I'd like to see a finale where if a character dies, they stay dead.
  • Trapped on board the Odyssey, the members of SG-1 must live out the rest of their lives together when Carter activates a time dilation field to save the ship from destruction.

    Well it was a hell of a ride for my most favorite scifi show, I live in Ontario canada and the last episode was on Thursday, June, 21,2007 on Space at 10:00pm. Well this was the end of the Sg-1 series and wow, they f@#k the series and the fans up the A$$. They had a cool start to the last show then left us at a climax to just wounder what happens to the team and there current enemy the Ori. Do the defeat the ori and in what means they have accomplished this victory. If the show was going to end they just should of left the last episode: "Threads" where they just defeated the Replicators and the Goa'ulds instead of they crappy ending to a great series. The series creators promised a great ending to a great series but they justed F@#ked up the series and they series and fans. The last thing I have to say is they better make a movie to finish the series the proper way instead of this crappy episode.
  • Was this the best the writers could come up with? Very disappointing. They should be ashamed of themselves. How could they treat the Asgard that way?!! And to waste the talent of this wonderful cast on such frivolousness.

    I'm Speechless. I really don't quite know what to say. You've let everyone of your fans down. The final episode could have been handled better. You could have used this episode to set up the movies, but instead you wasted the time of talented actors and demolished a most beloved people, the Asgard.
    Was there any thought in this at all?!! Because it doesn't look like there was.
    The Asgard finally admit that we are the 5th race and entrust us with all there knowledge and what do we do, destroy their legacy!!!
    The writers should be ashamed of themselves!
  • The last one ever?

    That was a huge disappointment. I was expecting closure after ten seasons and I was wrong. The Asguard all gone, SG1 get all their goodies and we don't see them really do anything with it.I would of expected some battle, if not an epic, but this was all character driven. And the actual ending leaves it wide open for a feature film or possibly another series. Having Tea'lc age much slower than the others so that he can still take part in the missions when time goes backward, come on. End of term report try harder next time.
  • I feel robbed. (Spoilers)

    This "ending" didn't feel like much of an ending. I guess we got to see what would have happened if everyone got to live (somewhat) happily ever after, but then still get the "bonus" of seeing that SG1 gets to keep doing what they're doing. Come on, though, no ori war conclusion. That would have been the least that they could have done.

    Oh and on the no kids for Daniel and Vala, did you notice the one scene where we see Vala crying her eyes out and Daniel comforting her. My guess would be that was just after she found out that she couldn't have kids, or just had some other sort of issue with her baby making parts.

    Good series, but give me some closure!
  • not the finale i expected. a lot of issues about the ep :/

    lots of issues.

    1. asgard destruction. a) for a civilization as advanced, even with the inevitable fate they created themselves, (and introducing a plague? wtf i think its just the writers way to give a reason for what they were doing to the asgards) i dont think they would give up and kill themselves on a civilization level. i think thor and the others would have worked until they were overcome by their disease and not just give up like that. b) where was o'neill? he was the first to contact/communicate with the asgard (fifth race) he was probably best friends with thor. if it was the end of the asgard civilization, i'd think that thor would want to see his friend again, with an invitation by the asgard, even if they didnt know what the reason was, o'neill probably wouldve come because it was thor that asked for them.

    c) ok, so asgard couldnt solve the degeneracy problem with the cloning, even with their analysis of the ancient knowledge data base, why didnt ask o'neill to do something like he did with finding a way to build that bug zapper? if his (sub?)conscious mind can find a way to use the ancients' knowledge and find a way to build the weapon, why couldnt he stick his head into one and find a solution for the asgard's problem? it is fairly important, and he'd be helping thor.

    d) after the asgard gave them all their knowledge. then the ori came. #1 was the ori in the asgard galaxy as well? they never mentioned it in any other episodes. #2 if they werent, how did they get there? did ori have similar technology as asgard inter-galactic hyperdrives or as the ones on the detalis(sp) class earth ships? #3 if ori's did have the capability for that kind of speed, why did they need a supergate. come to think of it, if the ori gave all their weapons and shields technology to their followers to build the ships why didnt they give them the engine tech too?

    e) after asgard beamed off the earth ship... why did they destory their planet so fast? obviously the new weapons they installed were effective against ori, so where was the asgard fleet of ships helping the earth ship at least in orbit? in the episode where carter when to the asgard homeworld to help with a replicator invasion (the one with "the o'neill" class of asgard ships) they had fleets of ships around the planet orbit. so where were they?

    series writers obviously didnt think much when they killed off the asgard with so little forethought.

    the rest of the episode was ok... although at the end after they disconnected the asgard upgrade, i guess they can keep it, but wouldnt it be better to go to the Nox world and give them, at least a copy of the asgard knowledge data base? i mean they were allies, and wouldnt they be a better keeper of the asgard legacy? i know i know, we're the fifth race as thor said, but to save guard their knowledge, i'd at least think they would contact the nox and give them a copy. my two cents.
  • Wow. What bittersweet that was.

    I cried when the Asgard died off. When Thor said that they were dying, that's when I started crying. I'm sorry to see those guys go. I absolutely love the Asgard. They were, by far, the best alien allies. It was nice seeing Thor again. It was profound when Thor said to Sam that the Tauri are officially the fifth race. I was like wow so we finally made it. They are gonna be terribly missed. I loved Unending. It looks like they (TPTB) practically blew the budget on the VFX/CG. It was nice seeing the whole gang together including Landry.

    And.....yay.....Daniel and Vala finally kissed. I was so happy. And, from look of Vala coming out of Daniel's quarters. Looks like they finally had sex. Although, they probably would never remember. Though, you never know. We do have the two movies.

    How about that nice little tribute Sci-Fi did at the end. That's what did it for me. I was crying through that thing.
  • The final episode of one of the longest running sci-fi shows in history.

    Why can science fiction writers never come up with satisfactory endings to shows these days. This was an awful way to wrap up Stargate SG-1, regardless of their planning to release a couple of movies in the future.

    The previous episode in which Valla's daughter died and was forced to Ascend left a perfect opening for the writers to wrap up the whole Auri storyline.

    Having finally become an Ascended being herself, Valla's daughter would have finally learned the truth about the other Auri if they still existed, or would have had total control of their power if they had been destroyed by Merlin's weapon.

    She had the power to strip the Priors of their own powers and call off the war, if she was indeed the last Auri, or she could have told her followers the truth if she witnessed the Auri practicing their lies to their followers. Either way, the war would have ended.

    Instead, the Asgard, a benevolent race whom we have come to know and respect, suffered a horrible and meaningless end. I had hoped that with the knowledge of the Asgard at their disposal, SG-1 could at least have saved the Asgard race. It would have made for a much more interesting and significant ending to the series.

    This was one of the worst series finales I have ever seen, right up there with the finale of Star Trek Enterprise when they ended the show with the pointless death of Cmdr. Trip Tucker.

    Stargate SG-1 left the air with loose end, after loose end, and even worse, the extinction of the Asgard people. What was the point?
  • I Feel that the writers really dropped the ball on this episode. There were just too many mistakes and inconsistancies for me and in away i wish this episode never happened. Eg. Teal'c older than Bra'tac now, inter-galactic Ori ships, and more

    This episode is incredably disapointing when you think about it. So many people rate it 10/10 merely beacause we get to kick some Ori arse or even worse purely because its the last 'Episode' ever. All i see is a group of writers who lowered their standards because they knew they couldn't possibly screw up future seasons. The following inaccurances just piss me off: Teal'c the 150 year old: What happened---Teal'c chooses to not get his age reversed because he's Jaffa and lives longer What bothers me---1.Teal'c is now older than Bra'tac now but has nothing to show for it other then some grey hairs 2.Teal'c spends 50 years with the members of SG-1 and then it all gets swept under the rug as if it never happen(I sencerely doubt it will be considered again)3.The first 212 episodes (213 if you count pilot as two) showed us ten years of teal'c's life 1 more episode and all of sudden there's another 50 years he's spent with the Tauri talk about a ridiculous figure 212 episodes for 16.7% of Teal'c's time with the Tauri 1 episode for the other 83.3%. Solution to original problem---Leave a note on the ship with the possible solution it might take a couple of weeks to find it but when they do theey can reverse time again, escape and make sure that at the end of the episode everything is tied up in a neat little package. Ori Ships chase them to the Asguard galaxy: What happened---After the Asguard blow themselves up our human friends are attacked by an Ori ship the has tracked the new asguard technology. What bothers me---The Ori can't travel inter-galacticly thats why they built the super gate. Asguard suicide: What hapened---Due to the genetic decline of the Asguard their race is doomed to death they dicide it will be best if they commit mass suicide and die together. What bothers me---Although i can understand why the writers killed off the Asguard i don't like how they did it. The Asguard have been a citical part of the show since the first season, they were a great race and deserved a better good-bye, instead all there was, was a "Hi!" a "Bye!" and a "Boom!" Possible solutions---Thor managed to upload his mind into Anubis' computer so you could also presume that it would be possible for an Asgaurd mind to be down loaded into a Android, the Asguard had Replicator technology and even excluding that if the race for the episode "Tin Man" had managed to create there own brand of android then i'm sure the Asguard could. I can see the appeal to most fans but afterreading this i hope people see the episode from a new point of view.
  • Painful for 2 reason: is the final episode of my favourite serie! & 'cause is a low average epidose...the Asgard issue was the best in this episode...

    in the beginin we have a very emotional moment with thor.... he say good bye and pass us the asgard legacy!

    then we have masive action!!!: Orilla was destroyed, and the new "fasers" of the updated starship were awesome!!!!

    and later of all that exating moments comes the boooring part..... if i didnt like sooo much the characters (excepting vala and cam... i hate that 2) and the serie.. i didnt watch completly this episode....

    What happen with Richard DA!!!!! why he couldn't be there??? they can invite him to other episode in this season but for the final he doesn t show up???

    i was waiting watch all the current charts in this episode master b for example and some others....

    i know the fact of the movie but if it didnt happen???? this was the real final of stargate sg1?....

    its hard say good bye to this show.... but its good to know that ill could see some of my favourite actors and charts in SG atlantis!

    now its time to wait for a movie!!! (hope soo)
  • Week ending to an amazing show.

    I think the classification says it all. Ok so the Azgard gave the SG team all there knowledge...which apparently all fits onto there little ship. They end up trapped in a time bubble....for the entire show!! No O'neal, no closure. Its bad enough they decide to cancel the best show on TV, they decide to end it like that. The entire Episode was a waste. Vala and Daniel "hook-up" but dont really, Daniel studies and learns a ton of Azgard knowledge....but doesnt really. The Ori are still alive and well. The Azgard are dead, and tealc is now in his hundreds. They didnt even lead into Carter going over to Atlantis.....I guess that will come in the next Atlantis episode.
  • What a disappointing way to end a possible groundbreaking series and might be used by future series creators!

    What a disappointing way to end a possible groundbreaking series and might be used by future series creators! I was quite dispointed at what they cook up for this finale, with all of the build up that SF Channel had for it.

    This episode didn’t feel like a series final nor even a season finale, it like it was an episode that was meant to full up the episode quota that TV series have. Because a good majority of the series finales that I have seen in my years of watching TV, they end the series in a big send off and set the slate for the possiably of movies for the series, this didn't happen with this episode of Stargate SG-1.

    This episode felt like it could have been used in an earlier episode and it would of set up a lot of plot points in the series that could of explored by the writers of the series in later episodes, but the powers at be didn't take this course of action and I wish that they did.
  • Very good

    I liked this episode. Even though it was the final there's still the movies so the writers couldnt just have the ending or a part of it in this episode. They have to save that for the movies!
    The character bonding was very good. I liked seeing the team together. You get to know the characters better and that makes the show more interesting. Thats the good thing about scifi.

    The story was interesting. Something different. I didnt like the asgard all dieing though. That was just sad. And Landry dieing was sad too. Seeing Cameron go pyscho was scary lol

    Everyone getting old was kewl. Daniel reminded me of him in the pilot but just whiter and with wrinkles lol
    The bit where Sam was playing the Chelo i think i was?, was good. It was about time Vala and Daniel got together. I wanted to slap Daniel when he said all that horrible stuff to Vala but then they made up(literally lol)

    I loved the montage. Very well done. Great camera angles as well. Some very good shots as well. Special effects great as usual.

    The ending was really good as well. All of them saying indeed was funny. The very end was great. Brought a tear. The team all stepping through the gate symbolised the years of history behind it. All those times they went through the gate. All the missions they embarked on.

    It was a beautiful ending.
    Cant wait till the movies!!
  • The end is further still!

    Well to put is simply, i'm speechless. What a fitting ending for one of the best sci-fi tv series ever so far. The perfect episode to end the amazing 10 years of the Stargate SG1 frenzy. Everything i've seen over the other seasons is somehow stuffed into one last magical episode, one that includes first and fore most imagination followed by emotion, action,a truly unexpected episode but an absolutely amazing one. A slim preview of what could be for each of them to re-live their lives, not rushing into saving the day all the time and defeating Goa'uld and Ori, only issue is being stuck on the ship for more than 50 years into a time bubble field that otherwise prevented their deaths. Where do they come up with these ideas...OMG! Also not to forget the Tok'ra that have finally shown from whatever rock they were hiding under, and the utter extinction of the Asgard race, whom passed all their knowledge to the Tau'ri specifically SG1's ship Odyssey becomes an amazing piece of technology. So...from the mysteries of the pyramids the destruction of the system lords, to forming formidable allies and last but not least the Ori, SG1 has fed us for 10 years with it's incredible charm and wits, selflessness, friendship and the occasional humor. Indeed the end...but somehow the beginning still, alas...the title says it all.
  • The End of a Legacy...

    It has been 10 years and the producers, the cast, everyone did an exellent job on this episode. I couldn't think of a better way to end this show. It is sad you know with The Asgard are going to die out and they suped up the Odyssey with all their latest technology. I don't see what the big fuss was about everyone kept on saying this episode sucked bout it didn't that is the way I probably would have ended the show. This episode had everything a little bit of comedy and action. I'll tell ya this episode was action packed from the very beginning. This show has had its ups and downs but this episode was definatley an up. In concluding this review I would like to say this show has indeed had one hell of a run. It will go in in some way. Later...
  • This was an excellent show, even tho' with it being the final episode of all time you would have thought that Jack would have been there somewhee some way. Very dissapointing.

    The whole show was great, it was so weird seeing everyone aging. I thought it was realy sad that Landry had to die. Even tho' he seemed at peace with it.
    Vala and Daniel however were not a surprise. I kneew it would have to happen somewhere down the road. I know it was driving Teal'c crazy having to keep all this stuff that happened a secret. My bottom line is this, this has been my favorite show for years and I dont think I have ever been what you would call not happy with any episode that they have done. I was so sad when it finally went off for the last time. I realize we have the reruns but it is just not the same knowing that there will be no more adventures to come next season. I know we have the movies coming out but it is still not seasonal.
    To me it was very entertaining and I loved every minute of it and I will say this, I will miss SG1 as if it were part of my family. I hate to see them go. I miss them already.
  • The perfect conclusion to one of greatest television shows ever...

    I really don't think that the writers ever did a better job writing a finale. Robert C. Cooper did a lot of work on this episode and I think it paid off. There was action from the first second it began and it was almost sad at the end. It was a perfect conclusion to one of the greatest Shows ever. It is sad that the Asgard are no longer with us but at least their knowledge will not be lost. The Tau'ri have now been named the fifth race after ten long and exciting years. Now with our Asgard technology we can destroy an Ori mothership like punching through a wet paper bag. There was alot of growth between Daniel and Vala also in this episode, even though it didn't really matter in the end.And the teams last words? "Indeed". It really was what it should have been in my opinion. Later.*sniff*
  • this is an example of exactly why SciFi channel made a large mistake by not keeping this show on the air.

    Even in this the 11th hour they still remain a very good series capable of producing not only high quality compelling stories, but doing so in such a way that does not cause alot of the plot holes that had plagued the series early on. after saying this i wish to state that this is my 2nd favorate episode and this comes from someone who has watched every single episode. it show a very compelling sorry that we had all hoped would happen before the end of the series, the end of the asguards. i personally felt it was a very nice send off, and honestly it made perfect sence from start to finish. and personally i wish to know why this episode was not broudcasted at the sametime as it was in the rest of the world. it is a shame when a company i showed such loyalty to as the SciFi channel could drop the ball so horably. in either case, i feel that once i watched this episode that it is awsome, and i would recomend watching it as soon as it comes out in the U.S..
  • The beginning of the end...

    Very nice and subtle episode to finish the series. But not too sad, the thought was always at the back of my mind that this is the last one, but they made really good jokes throughout the episode and that took the edge off... Nice point there not to just plod blindly forward toward a goal but try to enjoy life in the mean time, do a little gardening or learn cello :)But if i would have to live 50 years on one ship, I'd go bananas. Little sad about the Asgard... so there are still only 4 races in the galaxy so to speak. And from that thought onward, why didn't they introduce the last race :(
    Still, nice episode to have and let's wait for the movies!
  • Full of plot twists!


    This episode was great! There were so many plot twists, but all were excellent. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, as it would ruin the WHOLE episode, but the only thing that I didn't particularly like was the ending. It didnt really resolve anything, it was good, just not what I wanted. Though it was in-keeping with the "feel" of Stargate, as it leaves it (to a certain extent) to your imagination!

    Basically I just recommend you watch it as it is, in my opinion, one of the best ever!
  • After 10 Seasons we end with a whimper. A final episode which promised much, but delivered little.

    So here was the final episode of one of the most exciting sci-fi series on TV. It was an opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory. Did it? Sorry but no way.

    It was not as though the writers didn't know that this was the last Season of SG1, so you would have thought that there would have been some sort of arc leading up to this episode. But they didn't. It was almost as though the writers were thinking so much about the forthcoming film versions that they handed the writing of most of Season 10's episodes to the tea boy - someone who had little or no knowledge of the history of the characters.

    This final episode might have been acceptable in Season 3, but not so in Season 10. We ended up with a 'time-dilation' story in which the main characters ended up cooped up together for 40 years or so. This could have developed into in interesting plot device, but the opportunity was squandered. The writers didn't really know what to do with the characters.

    Since General Landry hadn't ever really contributed much to the overall story line it was easy to kill him off. All that Cameron Mitchell appeared to do over the decades was to jog. Not much thought there! Daniel Jackson apparently had the complete Asgard database to study and what did he discover? Nothing! He did of course end up with Vala - but no surprise there. Teal'c didn't appear to do anything over the years - perhaps remaining in a permanent state of Kelnorim until he was needed at the end of the episode to help the team get back to normal 'with one bound'.

    That leaves Samantha Carter. You would have thought that after saving the Earth time and time again over the previous ten years, and forever losing out to the inordinate number of men who were in love with her or strongly attracted to her, the writers might have provided her with some final personal happiness. But no! What did she end up with? A cello! I could make an inappropriate remark about that, but I won't! There might have been some indication that she ended up with either Mitchell or Teal'c, but not even that.

    In my version of the plot I would have had have Mitchell suffering a heart attack on one of his early morning runs; Daniel discovering the Asgard cloning technique, with Samantha just happening to have a lock of Jack O'Neill's hair about her person. You get the picture?

    So the series ended with a damp squib. We now have to wait for the two forthcoming feature films to see if the magic can be recaptured.

    But we will see Samantha Carter again in Atlantis. I do hope they give her more to do than in most of the Season 10 episodes that had her just coming up with the odd bit of technobabble.
  • This episode is entitled "Unending" and thats exactly what it is... The Unending. Although this episode is the last TV episode with the title "Stargate SG1" it is far from being the last episode in the Stargate Saga.

    This episode didn't have much for a high rating but we have to remember when watching this episode that there is a movie or two in the making and there is still the Stargate Atlantis spinoff. Characters from SG1 will make apearances in the episodes and I hear Amanda Tapping is going to be a recurring character. Hopefully Daniel Jackson does too. I loved him in "The Pegasus Project". Also fans on thew show dont under estimate The power of DVD sales. Buy enough DVDs and they'll make more episodes. Dont be put off by the absence of Jack O'Neill. He's only one character. Rumour has it that he's going to be in the movie anyway. If your like me and just love the show then WATCH THIS EPISODE!!!!! P.S. this episode has nothing to do with the main plot but the futre seasons of Atlantis and the movie will be based around stuff from this episode.
  • I wanted this to be very good

    I rushed home to see this because I loved this shoe alot, but this was disappointing. The movies better be good, I was looking for a battle something to leave me in the balance, something for me to go oh man but it it did not. However what I did like was Vala and Daniel finally getting together that was a very good fit. Now it is up to Atlantis to keep me going.
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