Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • The longest continually running SF show in history, after a great season, ends with a bit of a clunker.

    May I say, ignoring the rushed plot at the beginning, ie the death of the Asgard, which ideally would've taken centre stage in Season 11, and the Deus Ex Machina ending, this episode is not too badly written. The character dialogue and team dynamic are sharp as ever, and the story is actually engaging and rather touching as we see long standing tensions (sexual and otherwise) boil over as the team are resigned to spend the rest of their lives on the Odyssey.

    Where this episode fails is as a finale, it seems the show burned out its action and FX budget earlier in the season as we are left with a bottle episode with little or no scenes filmed outside existing sets, which gives what should have been an astounding finale a somewhat claustrophobic feel.

    As an episode it was good, above average, but as a finale it fails, bringing a disappointing and boring end to the series, almost as if the producers still had one more epsiode to do but didn't want to start off any major plot threads and thus leave the movies open to casual viewers.