Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I Feel that the writers really dropped the ball on this episode. There were just too many mistakes and inconsistancies for me and in away i wish this episode never happened. Eg. Teal'c older than Bra'tac now, inter-galactic Ori ships, and more

    This episode is incredably disapointing when you think about it. So many people rate it 10/10 merely beacause we get to kick some Ori arse or even worse purely because its the last 'Episode' ever. All i see is a group of writers who lowered their standards because they knew they couldn't possibly screw up future seasons. The following inaccurances just piss me off: Teal'c the 150 year old: What happened---Teal'c chooses to not get his age reversed because he's Jaffa and lives longer What bothers me---1.Teal'c is now older than Bra'tac now but has nothing to show for it other then some grey hairs 2.Teal'c spends 50 years with the members of SG-1 and then it all gets swept under the rug as if it never happen(I sencerely doubt it will be considered again)3.The first 212 episodes (213 if you count pilot as two) showed us ten years of teal'c's life 1 more episode and all of sudden there's another 50 years he's spent with the Tauri talk about a ridiculous figure 212 episodes for 16.7% of Teal'c's time with the Tauri 1 episode for the other 83.3%. Solution to original problem---Leave a note on the ship with the possible solution it might take a couple of weeks to find it but when they do theey can reverse time again, escape and make sure that at the end of the episode everything is tied up in a neat little package. Ori Ships chase them to the Asguard galaxy: What happened---After the Asguard blow themselves up our human friends are attacked by an Ori ship the has tracked the new asguard technology. What bothers me---The Ori can't travel inter-galacticly thats why they built the super gate. Asguard suicide: What hapened---Due to the genetic decline of the Asguard their race is doomed to death they dicide it will be best if they commit mass suicide and die together. What bothers me---Although i can understand why the writers killed off the Asguard i don't like how they did it. The Asguard have been a citical part of the show since the first season, they were a great race and deserved a better good-bye, instead all there was, was a "Hi!" a "Bye!" and a "Boom!" Possible solutions---Thor managed to upload his mind into Anubis' computer so you could also presume that it would be possible for an Asgaurd mind to be down loaded into a Android, the Asguard had Replicator technology and even excluding that if the race for the episode "Tin Man" had managed to create there own brand of android then i'm sure the Asguard could. I can see the appeal to most fans but afterreading this i hope people see the episode from a new point of view.
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