Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Parasites from another dimension!

    This was an interesting episode. It might have been overshadowed by the impending 200th episode a bit and was a little slow at times. Still, I think it was great to see the characters wearing different hats for a change, namely the General.
    I like how Vala and Teal'c are bonding a bit as the "outsiders who found a place with the Earthlings". Landry and Mitchell also bonded a bit in this episode.
    The writers came up with a clever antagonist, tying it together with the Sodan technology from last season & advancing the "Trust" conspiracy.
    Carter's bluff at the end was also amusing.
    I think this one will be more appreciated with time.
  • Time off...

    Is this the way SGC have vacation? The team is not very found of the idea first and Carter, Vala and Teal'c are busy as there is some strange creatures going on in some planets. So, first though is Primes.. but soon they realize they are behind that. And to make even worse, one of those devices making those awful monsters is missing.

    But just like coincident the device is not far from Mitchell and Landry who are on the wooden house on mountains. And soon some mystical creature is appearing there too and hunt is on.

    Quite nothing important episode, but a lot of fun.
  • ok episode...

    A mutated creature is killing people off world and the team find out that the cloaking devices are responsible. On earth, two mutated creatures are loose in the wilderness. The idea of the episode was promising, mutated creatures killing everyone, but it wasn't executed well. I really enjoyed the parts of the episode where Landry and Mitchell were alone together in Jack's house. Mitchell was so uncomfortable and it was really funny. Other than that, however, the episode just wasn't that good. Vala had some good moments when she was talking about her experience and such. Overall, some good funny moments, not a very good story, ok episode.
  • The deadly creature of P3-whatever

    This episode was a good detour from the season’s arc and was full of humor, great character moments, and bad CGI monsters. I really like the bonding between Mitchell and Landry mostly Cameron admitting that after his crash he felt like he could do almost anything and then realized that he needed the help of SG-1. The Vala and Teal’c moments were really good especially Vala wanting to capture the creature for a profit. The birding scene was hilarious and the look on Cam’s face was priceless. I liked the back story for Landry and can understand his dislike for hunting.
  • Great episode...

    As most people who read my stargate reviews know I really enjoy the earth based episodes and this was on of the best ones. A creature is terrorizing a park where landry and Mitchell just happen to be staying and then they bring in teams and kill 2 creatures. This episode also had some very funny quotes Like when they were talking about daniel and some books Mithchell said "he'll be like a fat kid in a candy store" and Landry replies by saying "I was a big boy Colonel and I didn't like those Jokes. That was really funny. later...
  • The best earth-based episode ever...

    i have to say that i liked this epiosde. it was mostly earth based and was very adventurous for an earth based episode. i like the new storyline about an invisible creature killing off people, and i am glad that they didn't make the Ori have something to do with it. Col. Mitchell and Gen. Landry stay at Landry's cabin, and a number of hunters there are experiencing the creature as well. this epiosde had quite a few funny moments that have never been on the show before and i really liked it.i think that it was the third best of the season so far, and i can't wait until the 200th episode. later.
  • Mitchell and Landry spend some quality time together, while the rest of the team are off world investigating a series of attacks by a seemingly invisible animal.

    Uninvited is quite the boring episode. The Landry and Mitchell pairing, likely meant to present an almost odd couple feel and develop both characters is uninteresting and does little to develop either character. The week\'s conflict is also nothing impressive, full of little interesting action and riddled with plot holes. For example, it\'s a mighty big coincidence that these creatures that have been plaguing offworld villages just happen to attack on Earth within ten miles of Landry\'s house. And Mitchell\'s pretty lucky that he happens to catch a Trust operative. It\'s nice to see them try to bring in old plot devices and storylines, but it really does not work in this episode. Except for the Trust. I think I dislike them more with each appearance. In the end, a dull story and an inexplicable challenge of the week drag this episode down, down, down, making it by far the worst of the first half of Season 10.
  • BORING. Too many inconsisencies. Too Many questions.

    Spoilers & Questions

    {I only have those)


    Where do these aliens come from ?

    How come the mutants are invisible except when just about to attack ?

    How did the Trust get their hands on the device ? (Presume they got a brainwashed dude to get it)

    Why can't we explore that extra dimension that these aliens come from ? How come almost all aliens are hostile... Should they not be explorers ? Or at least attracted to the user of the cloaking device ? (Since that's what attracted them in the first place?)

    Mitchel - Landry conversation very very POOR!.

  • A surprisingly good transitional episode

    Coming off of an episode covering one of the less popular plot threads for the series, namely the Ba’al clone saga, the writers could have continued the downward slide. After all, this was clearly promoted as a stand-alone episode, and in recent seasons, the stand-alones have been of varying quality. So I was a little surprised when this turned out to be a continuity-driven transitional episode with a focus on character relationships. Who saw that coming?

    The plot itself is an interesting follow-up on the Sodan technology from the ninth season. Much of the time, alien technology is utilized without much concern, and so it’s always fun to see it come back and bite the SGC where it counts. They should point this one out to the NID and anyone else who wants to grab alien technology as soon as it’s found. (Then again, SGC protocols are horribly underwhelming when it comes to protecting the planet!)

    From my point of view, the plot was just a nice way to touch on past continuity while musing over the psychological issues of the SG-1 personnel. Take, as an example, the interaction between Sam and Vala. Vala is still trying to prove her worth, and in the process, she tries the patience of everyone within earshot. Sam, however, is the least likely to appreciate Vala and her point of view, and this episode gives her a reason to respect Vala’s contributions, if only a little.

    Frankly, this is the benefit of having Daniel “out in the field” for a couple episodes. When Daniel is around, the writers tend to have Vala right at his side, as though they were joined at the hip. With Daniel out of the picture, the writers are forced to explore how the team dynamic has changed with Vala tagging along on the missions. Her interaction with Teal’c is priceless!

    One interaction that was less obvious, but equally intriguing, was the relationship between Mitchell and Landry. I liked the idea of gathering at O’Neill’s cabin, if only because it reminds the audience that O’Neill is still out there, alive and well, if off-screen. Landry is right: the team needs downtime, and that also means supporting each other on an emotional and psychological level. Mitchell’s lack of confidence is an interesting twist, because it’s not apparent in other episodes, yet it makes perfect sense.

    Landry’s issues are a bit harder to work out, but that’s more a symptom of thin characterization than anything else. It’s hard to know how to interpret his heart-to-heart with Mitchell when there’s very little to go on from earlier episodes. Landry is basically a mixture of O’Neill and Hammond, dedicated to defending the SGC politically and giving clear direction while tossing in one-liners where possible. In this episode, we see a little more of the pressure on his shoulders, which is not really surprising, but still nice to see in a different context.

    It would have been easier to toss in a stand-alone episode with little or no connection to the season arc, but the writers took a more challenging approach. The result is a solid transitional episode, not unlike the episodes of “Buffy” or “Angel” that explored consequences while ensuring that the main plot was referenced. The “Stargate” franchise has struggled with that kind of storytelling in the past, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    (As a sidenote: I also have a podcast associated with my various reviews called “Dispatches from Tuzenor”. Recent episodes cover the “Stargate SG-1”, so it might be something of interest. Go to if you want to listen!)
  • Nice detour

    Nothing much by way of the larger arc but this episode lives up to the Stargate standard of good solid story telling and enjoyable Stargate banters.

    This episode adopts the monster on the loose genre. General Landry has a larger part here. Interesting to see the guy outside of Stargate command and in action.

    Lots of attention is given to Vala - indicating the writers are giving her ample opportunities to fit into the SG1! But I think there is a trace over-anxiety here. Her interjections do not really come across very spontaneously like the rest of the SG1. Nevertheless, this is an interesting character that has more depth than is shown on the surface.

    Interesting side story about the inter-dimension worm that inhabits and changes the basic host DNA. To the writer credit, this is an ingeneous idea to tie in the Trust elements to the overall arc. One seldom see such an ingeneous use of plot device in a series.
  • Ah, finally back to the old SG-1 plateau.

    I was beginning to doubt that they were gonna produce any episodes that were worth watching. Since the beginning of season 9, or the era of O\'Neil-less-ness, the episode have been average at beest. They\'d lost their wit, and had way too much biblical information for me, but now they\'re back.

    This episode was surely funny, especially with Lt. Coleonel Mitchel and general Landry in the woods of Minnesota, alone. This caused some very interesting bits. Also, Carter in charge of the SGC was very fun to see. Above that, it was also a tad exciting. When the mutant tiger attacked the sheriff was the first time in a long time that I jumped out of my seat.

    All in all, SG-1 is finally playing with the big boys again and I can\'t waith for the next episode.
  • Mitchell and the team battle mutated animals in the forest.

    Okay, I'm a huge Stargate fan. I quote it alot and laugh at its jokes when I'm bored. However, what the heck was this? I like where SG1 was going but what the heck was this episode supposed to be about or do?

    It made me almost want to watch Lost instead, which I never will AGAIN! That's how bad it sucked. Maybe they had to save money for the 200th episode or other things in the future.

    I REALLY hope this show gets better. The Pegasus Project was good and then the next 2 were like this. What's up?
  • Ignoring the awful cgi monsters and questionable storyline, this episode isn't half bad.

    Invisible worms from another dimension infest harmless creatures on worlds that the SG team have visited, transforming them said creatures into raving killing machines with bad CGI. But let's set that aside and focus on the good parts.

    Daniel is still missing in action, researching merlin and co in England. Mitchell is stuck in a log cabin with General Landry enduring his hilarious bird calls. That VP duck hunt comment was priceless and had me in stiches. Sam and Vala have some great scenes in Landry's office. And the playful banter between Teal'c and Vala was also a nice touch. Its nice to see her interacting with other members of the team than Daniel for a chance. Although I do think that Vala and Daniel play off each other the best and have the most interesting dialogue.

    An average episode overall once you get past the truly awful storyline.
  • A bit of Predator in a Stargatestyle.

    First of all I'm a huge fan of Farscape, best SciFi series ever, so I'm am over the moon with both Ben Browder and Claudia Black being in this series. Seeing how long the series is already running I was afraid it would turn into a deadend but this has revived the series.

    Now this episode wasn't the best ever I have to say. Everyone seems to be comfortable with the new cast and they realy work well together. The story is a bit of a mix of other storylines together with a bit of Predator (great movie by the way. The FX weren't the best I have ever seen the monster looked a bit like big cat that got skinned (yuk!!!!!). The humor was cool especially Claudia was up to par. But on the whole the episode was a bit of filler, entertaining but not realy good. Last note, I hope Michael Shanks returns soon and maybe a visit from general O'Neill would be nice some time.

    In short very watchable but not memorable.

  • By far not my favorite episode.

    Although it did have great action in it and a good story. I was very dissapointed with the obvious pro peta anti hunter message. The show painted all hunter as drunken, careless buffoons. There was no reason for the writers to try and force their wacky liberal political beliefs off on the viewers. Most hunters are not like that. Of course there are a few bad seeds as there are in every group. But as a hunter I do not drink when I am hunting, I do not carelessly fire my weapon into the air or just shoot at movement. I was really getting to like Ben Browder's character and then he goes and makes that off handed slap about the Vice President's hunting accident especially since George W. Bush is not the President in the Stargate universe. This is a great show and I want it to stay that way. Please don't turn this show into a political soapbox like "Sliders" became.
  • Genuinely scary. You learn more about Landry and Mitchell. One of the more gorey episodes.

    They did a good job creating building up the suspense of the monster: first you only hear victims screaming, then you only hear growling, creepy sounds that turn out to be another victim hiding, then only in the end do you see the monster(s). Then there's the classic "it's finally over... no wait; it's not over yet!!" The alien autopsy scene was great; had me on the edge of my seat. The sfx of the actual monster in the end was a bit disappointing; they would have been better off just having someone in a monster suit. This was one of the more explicit episodes showing more gore than most episodes.
  • The new cast is working great.

    Awesome episode, I'm really liking the cast. I think it really showed who they are and what there about. The dimensional beast was a good idea, definitly a filler episode with good character development. The writers of this show are good and know what there doing. Things will start rolling now.
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