Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 12

Unnatural Selection (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2003 on Syfy

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  • good episode...

    SG-1 is onboard the Prometheus and Thor has asked them for help against the replicators. The replicators are apparently stuck in some time thing that allows time to pass faster there than everywhere else. The team goes to the world where the device is and eventually reverse the effects with the help of a human like replicator. The whole idea of human like replicators was interesting and new. It was sad that SG-1 had to leave fifth on the world when they promised to allow him to leave with them. Anyways, the story was intersting, but there were some dull parts. Jack had some funny moments when he was talking to first and the whole hand in the head thing was pretty crazy. Overall, one of the worse two-part episodes, but a good overall episode.
  • Frozen on time

    Mm.. I really loved the time concept of the Asgard trap.

    The team is on quite suicidal mission to Asgard planet where they have managed to catcher many replicators and there is device to froze them in time but they have to fix it - but then comes a problem - big human size replicators who do not die so easily. One of them is different and Carter takes advantages over that and even thought she first do not plan to fool him, they leave him behind and seconds before the device starts working - he realize it. So, we had a lot of excitement, new level of replicators and did we get read of them for little? I would say - no... they will find a way out..
  • Sg1 is now headed to the Asguard planet that is now repicator dominated and time is moving faster and they are going ther to reset the devise so that time woill slow down so they will have to time to figure out a way to defeat the asguard.

    when Sg1 gets to the planet they find that the entire planet is made of repicator blocks now. They go to the devise and find that it has been tampered with. When the humans come to see who is there they trty to warn them that the planet is infested with repicators. that is when they learn that these are not humans but human form replicators. the replicators want to learn and know everything that they know, so they are able to put their hands in their heads to see their thoughts ideas dreams memories. O"ne of the replicators is different from the others, they call him Fifth. He is interested in Carter.
    He shows the team that he is capable of being of soime use to them and he wants to leave with them.
    Carter gets him to help them to get back to the devise so she has time to change the settings and he agrees under the understanding that he can go with them when they leave.
    Of course you know Jack is not going to let that happen.
    So it is decided that since he can get to the ship faster he will be able to turn the devise on and get to the ship before it is activated.
    The other replicators come in to catch him setting the devise they inform him that they were using him and that they are going to leave him behind, he does not believe them until he hears the ship taking off just as the devise activates.
    The team feels badly for doing him that way even jack but they know that they could nopt have taken him back to Earth with them.
    Personally i liked this one very much, It was enteertaining. It shows the progress of the replicators and they really are moving right along in the chain of power,they are going to be even more dangerous than they could have ever imagined.
  • This episode is a lot better second time round.

    Of season 6, this is one of the best episodes for several reasons. The first is it introduces the evolved replicators, who we then see a heck of a lot more both in SG-1 and Atlantis. The second is Teal'c. When the ship is flying to the Asgard planet Jonas O'Neill and Teal'c are in Cargo Bay 3 eating, ice cream. O'Neill picks up a spoon and makes for Teal'c's tub and Teal'c pulls it away and just stares at him as if challenging him to try and eat some. He then reaches across and grabs a tub for him. O'Neill starts to eat it, and Teal'c snatches it out of his hands and replaces his nearly finished tub with O'Neill's new one and continues eating that one. IT's so good because everyonce in a while you get these classic Teal'c moments which seem so out of character, but are actually part of him. He's one of the best characters on any tv programme, and every once in a while the producers really use well.

    Thanks to the producers for making the best show in the world. I will miss you.