Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Ehhh Whatever

    The Team is turned into super soldiers when the Tok'ra give them alien armbands that enhance their physical abilities. Then the Tok'ra ask them to destroy an prototype Goa'uld battleship. This episode doesn't really add anything to previous mythology and is full of silly superhero special effects. Don't get me wrong, its entertaining enough just kinda of pointless.
  • SG-1 becomes Super SG-1...except for Teal'c.

    Another fantastic example of season 4 goodness. This episode epitomizes the things that make SG-1 great, a really cool sci-fi story, plenty of action, and, of course, humor! This episode gets even better when you throw in the ultra-delicious Vanessa Angel as Anise/Freya. I think she is by far the hottest guest star to have been on the show, but I digress. The heart of this episode, like most of the best of SG-1, is team banter. For example, the scene in Daniel's office where Jack reads the book really fast and Daniel tries and fails to do the same. That scene had me in stitches when I first saw it. I'm smiling broadly just thinking about it as I write this. Another good one-liner comes from Teal'c who is recovering in the infirmary after Jack knocks him cold.

    Jack[Eating a snack bar]: "Teal'c...I'm really sorry."
    [Slight pause]
    Teal'c: "You are not."
    Jack[to Fraiser]:"He's right ya know."

    Really funny episode plenty of humor and action. Definitely one of my favorites from season 4 and the series as a whole.
  • Running around like crazy :D

    This was so great episode - first the storyline - now they were hyperpowerful. And all the thing they did - they way they started to learn and study their powers, Carter writing that book so that the buffer runs full. That was great. All those little sparkles of humor. And it was not only the humor, the storyline itself too - they on the action, on that planet, trying to blow up the ship - moving trough the shields, having that reactor.. wow.. this episode was something really special. One of my favorite storylines, I would say. Really liked it.
  • One of the best.

    You don't get much better than this. I have to say that this is probably one of my favourite episodes of all time. It is realy fun and exciting the whole way through. In this episode SG1 try on some bands belonging to some long dead race. Before long they develop superhuman qualities such as strenght and skill. But before long the team become in danger when they cannot get the bands off and the device begins to cause them harm as it drains them. This really is a great episode and is as enjoyable the second time watching as the first time.
  • The Tok'ra inlist the aide of sg1 to test some armbands that they have found that is supposed to give them super type powers. But in the middle of a crucial mission the armbands lose thier power andplace them in danger of not being able to escape.

    The idea that there is a weapon i guess you would call it that would make a soldier stronger faster and smarter than they were before the use is fantastic. That is exactly what the Tok'ra brought the sgc to test. Apparently the Tok'ra's body would not work with this weapon, but they were pretty sure that the sgc would beable to. So they tried it with Sam Jack and Daniel. Apparently it would not work for the Tok'ra and Teal'c because of the symbiotes that they carried.
    Jack is just so excited about his new found strength and he just has to try it out. But unfortunately General Hammond feels that it may not be safe since he has no idea how it is going to effect his team.
    Frasier is worried that there may be adverse effects. So she will not ok them to use these armbands off the base until she knows more about them.
    Daniel loves this new found power because he can read really faast and has made him so much stronger. Sam has writen a book about wormhole technology. Anies, the Tok'ra finds out that there is a new super ship being built and the tok'ra want sg1 to use these armbands to go and infiltrate the ship plants explosives and destroy it.
    But while they are there the armbands begin to fail. Daniel is escorted out by Teal'c who followed them there. Jack and Sam stay behind to the weapons grade inaquada. But as Sam is getting the inaquada her armband fails and she passes out. when Jack sees that she is not behind him he comes back for her but he can not save her. At this moment he realizes that there are feelings there that he should not be having for her. While he is trying to get her out they hear the Jaffa coming but he refuses to leave her there. But just in time the bomb they set goes off and knocks the sheilds down that had them pinned down. So they take off running and get out just in time they are able to get out.
    The mission was a success. I liked this one it is a classic style sg1 show and I love watching it over again , it is very exciting and suspenseful.
    Even tho' it is strictly fairytale stuff, it was a great imaginationt hat came up with it.
    This is one of the reasons I like watching stargate.
  • A rather disappointing episode that could've been so much more.

    This is yet another episode that I find disappointing but seems to rank highly amongst most SG-1 fans. I just don't think this is a very well written episode, and feel it's very undernourished.

    As you'd expect from an episode like this, there is a fair bit of humour. Unfortunately, given the subject matter there's nowhere near the amount of humour there should've been, and unfortunately most of the successful humour comes from Richard Dean Anderson. My personal favourite gags include when they're ordering steaks, Teal'c saying "I have no need to apologize", and a rare piece of Hammond-originating humour: "I thought the devices were supposed to enhance them physically, not make them stupid."

    My classification of "Out of Character" is obvious, and some of the humour is derived from the 3 of them being so out of character because of the armbands. But also, it seems that even some of the other characters are so out of character. Maybe it was due to time constraints, but the fact that they almost immediately rush into putting the armbands on our heroes really irritated me. The introduction of Anise as a sexy-alien type also irritated me somewhat, but thankfully she wouldn't last long on the show.

    I'm also not a big fan of the effect used when the team move super-fast. It works well with the speed-reading, but in particular when O'Neill is boxing or when he throws that guy in the bar, it really annoys me and just looks stupid. Although, that sequence where the team eliminate Apophis's Jaffa guarding the gate is quite impressive (and on a separate note so is the destruction of Apophis's under-construction mothership).

    What also doesn't really work for me is just how O'Neill and Carter and up alone whilst Teal'c is given Daniel to carry back. Maybe they did explain it and I just didn't hear properly, but that just seemed like a really forced situation, which is just a set-up for "Divide and Conquer". So, whilst the episode does have its funny moments, I feel it is just not very well written. It could've been so much more, but (as ironic as it sounds given just what the episode is about) this episode just isn't very believable when it comes to story development.
  • Super episode....

    The tokra come to the sgc because they want to test these new arm bands that were recently discovered. Of course sg1 is going to do the test, all but Teal'c because they have to have human DNA. The arm bands give you super powers. But they also cloud your judgement. O'neill accidently hurts Sgt. Siler and hurts him. Then the team disobey hammond's orders and get in a fight out in town. They try to take the bands off but they won't come off. They learn that apohis has this new mother ship so sg1 again disobey hammond's orders and go stop the mother ship. This was a great episode i thought it had good effects and I liked that they got to have episode with super powers. Later...
  • An all around amazing episode.

    "Upgrades" was the first episode of Stargate SG-1 I ever saw. It was midnight on a Saturday and I decided to give Saturday Night Live a long over due break. Man, am I glad I did.

    All the things I love about this show are in top form in this episode. This episode (and the shows entire run thus far) has that perfect blend of action, sci-fi and comedy. The idea of alien technology that enhances the human body's natural abilities isn't entirely original, but is given a new twist here. The acting in this episode is top notch (as usual) and we even get to watch the team engage in a brawl with the local townies. One of my favorite things about this episode is that you don't have to know the characters or show mythology inside out to enjoy the story.

    On a side note, many Stargate SG-1 fans feel that Vanessa Angel's character, Anise/Freya (who was introduced in this episode), was a mis-step in the show. The perception is that the producers believed a "sexy female alien" character would boost the shows ratings with young men. Personally, I liked her and thought the chemistry between her and O’Neil was an interesting development. Sadly, a handful of episodes later Vanessa was gone.

    This episode ranks among my favorite for a show I have come to love.
  • SG1 go super-human

    This episode sees the Tokra visit the SGC hoping to test some alien armbands that were made by an extinct alien race. Before you say anything I know what your going to say "What are the Tokra doing sharing info with the SGC" I know its weird to see but there is a reason for this, the armbands were made by a race of aliens that were at war with the Goa'uld and put a block on the armbands so that they would not work on any Goa'uld or Jaffa.
    When the armbands take effect they enable the team (minus Teal'c) to basically become super human being able to read a whole book in a matter of seconds, run super fast so all you can see is a blur go past and Jack even beat Teal'c in a boxing match (yes i said he won.
    High points in this episode would be when jack is in General Hammonds office requesting to go on a mission to use the new powers the team has and he ends up kicking a hole in hammonds office wall. The team also sneaks out to a local steak house and have about 3 steaks each and as a guy gets his ass kicked by Sam at a game of pool he calls Jackson a geek and it ends up with a old style bar brawl. SG1 also ignore orders and go through the stargate to destroy Apophis' new super ship, but just as they are about to go back to the SGC the armbands fall off and stop working as the affects are only temporary for the wearer but Teal'c comes through the gate to help out SG1, he finds them all and helps them back to the gate.
    Overall this was a good episode as I see SG1 as super human anyway but in this episode they do actually become super human.
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