Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2000 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • When SG-1 went through the Stargate and the female operator tells General Hammond that she cannot close the gate, we see the Access Denied bar appear over the activated gate. On the computer, the Stargate then shuts off, but we still hear it working and see the bluish light emanating through the blast door.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: (to Hammond) And even if we're not in total control, shouldn't we be out there doing the damage, instead of in your office?

    • Jack: Even so... I'm sorry.
      Sam: Me too.
      Daniel: Me three.
      (all look at Teal'c)
      Teal'c: I have no need to apologize.
      Hammond: Teal'c was actually following orders.
      Jack: Of course he was.

    • Jack: Um... three of the biggest steaks you've got, with everything, rare, baked potato.
      Waitress: You've got it.
      (waitress starts to walk away)
      Jack: Excuse me. That was for me.
      Daniel: Yeah, I'm gonna have three as well.
      Jack: Four?
      Daniel: Four, four is good.
      Sam: Me too, and french fries with mine. Oh, and a diet soda. (Daniel and Jack stare) I like the taste better.

    • Big Guy: Yeah, what are you gonna do?
      (large men surround them)
      Jack: Well. This is a cliché.

    • (Daniel fails to speed-read)
      Jack: Want me to read to you?

    • Hammond: (to Jack, Sam and Daniel Can you explain to me why several witnesses put you people at a restaurant in town last night?
      Jack/Daniel: Sir, I can...
      Daniel: Explain that! (pause) No, I can't...
      Sam: We were very... hungry, sir.
      Hammond: The reports says there was a brawl.
      Jack: More of a... scuffle, sir.

    • Jack: This is ridiculous. It was an accident!
      Daniel: Siler has a broken arm and a concussion.
      Jack: He'll pull through. I sent flowers!

    • Hammond: Absolutely not!
      Jack: Come on, General! Why'd we put these things on in the first place?!
      Hammond: We're still not sure of the long-term effects.
      Jack: We shouldn't be sitting around wasting this stuff, we should be out kicking so Goa'uld butt! I mean, look at this!
      (Jack kicks a hole in the wall)
      Jack: Sorry about that, sir.
      Hammond: Colonel, I'm concerned that you're not in control of your new abilities.
      Jack: (slightly disappointed) Well, you may be right about that. But it's just so damn exciting, sir!

    • (after knocking Teal'c out)
      Jack: (mumbling, while eating a power bar) Teal'c, I'm really sorry.
      Teal'c: (stoic look) You are not.
      Jack: He's right about that.

    • Jack: General, I can't tell you how sorry we are, but Carter wanted a steak.
      (Sam looks up, annoyed)
      Sam: Actually it was your idea...

    • (after Jack speed reads a book)
      Daniel: Did you just read that?
      Jack: I guess. Don't s'pose there's another book around that explains this book.
      Daniel: What reason did Hobbes give for the fall of the civilization?
      Jack: Failing agricultural infrastructure.
      Daniel: That's incredible.
      Jack: Hey, it's his theory.

    • Daniel: I cross-referenced [the armband] with every language on Earth in an hour!
      Freya: What did you find?
      Daniel: Nothing, but the point is, I can read really fast!

    • Sam: Has it ocurred to anyone that we're disobeying a direct order?
      Daniel: ...well, it's not like we haven't disobeyed orders before.
      Sam: Yeah, but that was to save Earth.
      Jack: Earth, steaks - there's a difference?

    • Hammond: I thought the devices were supposed to enhance them physically, not make them stupid.

    • Jack: Just say the word.
      Hammond: Thank you.
      Jack: Seriously, say it. Say the word.
      Hammond: Dismissed.
      Jack: We can be ready in three seconds.
      Hammond: Colonel...
      Jack: Two! Hey, we're ready!
      Hammond: Jack, please! Just get the hell out of my office!

    • Anise: Your strength is five times that of a normal human.
      Jack: So, no increase then, huh?

    • Jack: (laying on the gate ramp) Just remember, I retired. You wanted me back!

    • Fraiser: We've tried everything short of surgically removing their arms.
      Hammond: We'll hold that option in reserve.

    • Daniel: 'Anise'?
      Anise: It means 'noble strength'.
      Daniel: I'm Daniel, it means 'God as my judge'.
      Jack: I'm Jack. It means... uhm... 'What's in the box?'.

    • Jack: (before invading a Goa'uld infested planet) We'll need snacks!

    • Jack: It's just that every time they show up it seems like there's some kind of trou...
      (a beautiful girl pops out of the gate)
      Daniel: Yep, that looks like trouble to me...

  • Notes

    • The crew had some real problems getting the alien armbands to do what they are supposed to do. Many times the lights wouldn't work or the prop wouldn't close around the actor's arm. As a desperate measure, the crew just glued the armbands together so they would remain closed on the actor's arm.

    • Syndication airdate: September 24, 2001.

  • Allusions

    • Daniel: With great power comes great responsibility...
      Referencing the line commonly attributed to the comic book character Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The line, as first used in Amazing Fantasy #15, is actually "With great power there must also come great responsibility."

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