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Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2000 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

SG-1 travels to a paradisical-appearing planet... only to step immediately back out of the Stargate with no memory of their trip. They soon find themselves engaging in odd behavior, and find out that a computer chip has been planted in their minds during their memory blackout. The program in the chip, Urgo, can manifest itself as a friendly-looking, curious entity, that only they can see, because it interacts directly with their perceptions. Urgo can influence their actions, and doesn't want to be shut down or sent back to his creator. The team has to contact Urgo's creator, Togar, and convince him to remove the chips, or shut down Urgo.moreless

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  • Annoying

    This is what happens when writers try to be cute an funny. You get an annoying, pointless, absurd episode starring none other than the directors father. Basically the team gets implanted and can be controlled by a ridiculous A.I program named Urgo, played by Dom Deluise.
  • I hate this episode! What were the producers thinking?

    Easily the worst episode that was written and produced for Stargate SG-1. This episode starts off okay but when Urgo is introduced it takes a downhill turn. I know they intended this episode to be more humorous rather than an action packed episode but nothing is funny about it and it quite frankly falls flat. Urgo played by Don DeLuise is like nails on a chalkboard. He's so irrating and annoying. It was painful to watch this episode. Most importantly nothing much happened in this episode. It should also be noted that Peter DeLuise a director of many Stargate SG-1 episodes got his relative Don Deluise to play Urgo. The basic premise of this episode is okay but perhaps a better actor than Don DeLuise should have been cast. It's obvious the cast and crew like giving jobs to their relatives. That's neptism!! Michael McKean who guest starred on the season two Star Trek: Voyager episode titled "The Thaw" played a manifesitation of fear in the form of The Clown in the virtual reality world. McKean who is a former cast member of Saturday Night Live would have brought a humorous approach to the Urgo character like he did with The Clown in the Voyager episode. If you're trying to make a humorous episode use a comedin. Simply put this episode is boring, unfunny and a total waste of any viewer's time.moreless
  • funny...

    Urgo is one of the funnier Stargate SG-1 episodes. The SG-1 team goe soff world and they get implanted with some technology in their brians. Urgo is the person they all see because of the technology. Urgo is basically an explorer that wants to learn and wants to interact with people. In the end, the team has Urgo removed and placed into another person off world. Anyways, this episode was funny. I was laughing a lot especially when Urgo was getting on Colonel O'Neill's nerves. My favorite part of the episode was when the team all started singing "row, row, row you boat" in different rooms at the same time in a round. It was halarious. Anyways, great funny episode!moreless
  • Funny and boring...

    Usually, when I am saying, episode was boring- that would mean catastrophe. But somehow, even this is the word to describe my feelings, it was far from disaster. It was totally pointless and leading nowhere, but there was that little sense of excitement and amazing quotes, lines that made me laugh and really gave some kind of entertainment, so no reason to worry?

    For a change that kind of totally random episodes - they are good but when they start coming too often.. I do not know - season three has not been the best so far. I hope this was really an interlude and next one will be strong episodes.moreless
  • Let the hilarity ensue...

    This was a fantastic episode, joining the elite few episodes that I could just watch over and over. The best of the season, in my humble opinion. This episode has everything you could want except a really big action sequence. The character interaction are just priceless, ie "Go eat pie with Col. O'Niell!". It's got a great moral debate, as well as an interesting application of "tagging". The music and the camera work do an especially good job of making this episode just plain fun, with one notable camera folly in the locker room scene near the end of the episode where the camera hangs too long on Sam after she finished her line. Bottom line if you're ever feeling down this episode will pick you up and make you laugh. I know I do. 10/10 easily, I could go 11/10 but that would just be silly.moreless
Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson

Colonel/Brigadier General Jonathan J. "Jack" O'Neill

Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping

Captain/Major/ Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter

Don S. Davis

Don S. Davis

Major General George S. Hammond

Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Dr. Daniel Jackson

Dom DeLuise

Dom DeLuise


Guest Star

Peter DeLuise

Peter DeLuise

Younger Urgo Form (Uncredited)

Guest Star

Nickolas Baric

Nickolas Baric

SF Guard

Guest Star

Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Dr. Janet Fraiser

Recurring Role

Bill Nikolai

Bill Nikolai


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When SG-1 and Urgo are in Sam's lab, Urgo grunts just as Sam takes a sip of her tea. While it is meant to look like she accidentally spills tea on herself, you can clearly tell that she purposely pours the tea on herself.

    • Early part of the episode: Urgo is talking to SG1 and Fraiser and Hammond. O'Neill and Urgo are talking back and forth and O'Neill's guard keeps glancing over at Urgo, even though he supposedly can't see him. He also shifts around a lot and moves his head around all over the place.

    • In the beginning of the episode, the shot of the team entering and then exiting the stargate is a reuse from the episode "1969." This would not matter except for the fact that Dr. Jackson had much longer hair in that shot than he does in the rest of the episode.

    • When they showed Urgo's planet from the M.A.L.P. if you make the tape go slow you don't see the secret room that we saw when Carter did.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Sam: We should perform a standard recon mission. Mineral and biological survey to determine whether 884 is a viable site for a research colony.
      Hammond: Very well. You have a go.
      Jack: Mmm! Mineral survey. My favorite!
      Hammond: Colonel.
      Jack: I know, General. It's all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.

    • (preparing to step through the gate)
      Jack: Au revoir, mon general.
      Teal'c: I am unfamiliar with that term, O'Neill.
      Jack: Au revoir. It's French. It means ciao. Ciao means adios. Auf wiedersehen. Sayonara. Which all, very loosely translated, means... (the team steps through the gate, only to find themselves in the gateroom again) Jack: ...goodbye?

    • (Teal'c drinks a whole pitcher of coffee for no apparent reason.)
      Jack: Isn't that hot?
      Teal'c: Extremely.

    • Hammond: Doctor, are we entirely sure that the members of SG-1 are...what's the word?
      Frasier: Sane?
      Hammond: That's the one!

    • Urgo: No. No, that's not true. Oh. I'm pickin' your brains, you can pick my brains, I'll tell you anything you want to know. Ask me. Ask me anything. What? What?
      Teal'c: Tell us how to remove you from our brains.
      Urgo: Oh. (blows raspberry) Except that... (scoffs) duh.

    • (about to be turned off)
      Urgo: Wait! I can be dull. Want me to be dull? (in a slightly monotone voice) What a nice shade of grey. How about some white bread with mayonnaise? Wanna watch golf on television?
      Jack: Will you flip that switch?!

    • Sam: A strong enough EM pulse can knock out most electronic based technologies. It would be harmless to us but should render Urgo impotent.
      Urgo: Could you, uh... rephrase that?

    • Urgo: I'm here to experience your world.
      Daniel: So we've been tagged – like we do with animals in the wild when we want to study them.
      Teal'c: We are not wild animals.
      Urgo: Speak for yourself, big fella.

    • Urgo: Boring! By the way, who decorated this room? It is so plain. Please don't tell me your whole planet's like this. Not the whole planet! Hey, couldn't we go someplace else – that's not here? Someplace, y'know... that's not here? Um, kree! Anywhere. (whispers) Boring!

    • Urgo: Count me out. I don't want to do it. He's mean and boring and... and mean!
      Jack: We're giving you a chance here. Him or death.
      Urgo: No, I...
      Jack: Death or him.
      Urgo: Oh, dear.
      Jack: Well?
      Urgo: I'm thinking!

    • Urgo: They're gonna kill ya. They'll open your brains with a big giant can opener and then they scoop me out with a big scoopy thing. That's how it works. It's death or me, me or death, you've got to decide. (long pause) Well?
      Jack: We're thinking.

    • (General Hammond talking about SG-1 to Dr. Fraiser)
      Dr. Fraiser: Can we determine what threat they pose?
      Jack: Apparently all desserts on the base are in grave danger.

    • Sam: All I'm saying is that your software doesn't know how your computer works.
      Jack: My software doesn't make me sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

    • Urgo: Years from now, when you're thinking about me, you're going to say, 'Oooh, how did I ever get along without that wonderful, constant companion?' Woof.
      O'Neill: "Years from now?!"
      Daniel: "Woof?"

    • (talking about the planet)
      Samantha: It looks just short of paradise.
      Teal'c: Appearances often are deceiving.
      Jack: One man's ceiling is another man's floor.
      Daniel: A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell.
      Jack: Uh...never run with...scissors?

    • Urgo: Say I didn't mean to!
      Jack, Sam and Daniel: He didn't mean to!
      Teal'c: That was not his intention!

    • Urgo: I wanna live, I wanna experience the universe, and I wanna eat pie.
      Jack: Hey, who doesn't?

    • Jack: (describing Urgo) It's a machine!
      Urgo: That hurts!

    • Urgo: When I called you a madman, I meant it in the nicest possible way...

    • (after Urgo leaves)
      Jack: Listen.
      Sam: What?
      (dead silence)
      Jackl: Exactly!

  • NOTES (2)