Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 28, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Annoying

    This is what happens when writers try to be cute an funny. You get an annoying, pointless, absurd episode starring none other than the directors father. Basically the team gets implanted and can be controlled by a ridiculous A.I program named Urgo, played by Dom Deluise.
  • I hate this episode! What were the producers thinking?

    Easily the worst episode that was written and produced for Stargate SG-1. This episode starts off okay but when Urgo is introduced it takes a downhill turn. I know they intended this episode to be more humorous rather than an action packed episode but nothing is funny about it and it quite frankly falls flat. Urgo played by Don DeLuise is like nails on a chalkboard. He's so irrating and annoying. It was painful to watch this episode. Most importantly nothing much happened in this episode. It should also be noted that Peter DeLuise a director of many Stargate SG-1 episodes got his relative Don Deluise to play Urgo. The basic premise of this episode is okay but perhaps a better actor than Don DeLuise should have been cast. It's obvious the cast and crew like giving jobs to their relatives. That's neptism!! Michael McKean who guest starred on the season two Star Trek: Voyager episode titled "The Thaw" played a manifesitation of fear in the form of The Clown in the virtual reality world. McKean who is a former cast member of Saturday Night Live would have brought a humorous approach to the Urgo character like he did with The Clown in the Voyager episode. If you're trying to make a humorous episode use a comedin. Simply put this episode is boring, unfunny and a total waste of any viewer's time.
  • funny...

    Urgo is one of the funnier Stargate SG-1 episodes. The SG-1 team goe soff world and they get implanted with some technology in their brians. Urgo is the person they all see because of the technology. Urgo is basically an explorer that wants to learn and wants to interact with people. In the end, the team has Urgo removed and placed into another person off world. Anyways, this episode was funny. I was laughing a lot especially when Urgo was getting on Colonel O'Neill's nerves. My favorite part of the episode was when the team all started singing "row, row, row you boat" in different rooms at the same time in a round. It was halarious. Anyways, great funny episode!
  • Funny and boring...

    Usually, when I am saying, episode was boring- that would mean catastrophe. But somehow, even this is the word to describe my feelings, it was far from disaster. It was totally pointless and leading nowhere, but there was that little sense of excitement and amazing quotes, lines that made me laugh and really gave some kind of entertainment, so no reason to worry?

    For a change that kind of totally random episodes - they are good but when they start coming too often.. I do not know - season three has not been the best so far. I hope this was really an interlude and next one will be strong episodes.
  • Let the hilarity ensue...

    This was a fantastic episode, joining the elite few episodes that I could just watch over and over. The best of the season, in my humble opinion. This episode has everything you could want except a really big action sequence. The character interaction are just priceless, ie "Go eat pie with Col. O'Niell!". It's got a great moral debate, as well as an interesting application of "tagging". The music and the camera work do an especially good job of making this episode just plain fun, with one notable camera folly in the locker room scene near the end of the episode where the camera hangs too long on Sam after she finished her line. Bottom line if you're ever feeling down this episode will pick you up and make you laugh. I know I do. 10/10 easily, I could go 11/10 but that would just be silly.
  • One of the funniest in the series.

    This is the first pure comedic episode of the show and it is hilarious. The opening gate travel scene was done perfectly with the whole goodbye lines. This is when things begin to get a bit strange. The coffee and pie things were great. The reveal of Urgo was hilarious and I have always been a fan of Dom ever since his famous roles in Mel Brooks’s films like History of World. The cast did a great job of keeping a straight face through the episode especially in the briefing room with the me's. There was a great cameo for Peter DeLuise as the young Urgo and the "can you resist this" line. I liked that they saw that Urgo was a sentient being and deserved to live. Overall one of the funniest of the series.
  • Urgo is an episode starring the usual SG1 members and guest starring funny man Dom Deluise in a double role. It is an episode jam packed full of SG1 suspense and a bit of Dom DeLuise comedy too.

    On a routine visit to a planet which is emitting a fake telemetry transmission of a tropical paradise planet surface, SG1 embark on the mission under false pretenses only to discover that when they arrive on the other side of the gate, they have arrived at the same location they set off from only many hours later. They also discover they are starting to have cravings and are hallucinating a short fat man by the name of Urgo who is played by special guest star Dom DeLuise who also plays Urgo's creator Togar in a double role. He is a piece of intelligent software that has a mind of it's own. It wants to learn and craves new experiences. It does not force the people he is effecting to do anything but influences them by suggestions to the mind. The SG1 team find him a bit annoying but a bit likeable nevertheless. On a quest to get him out of their minds, they contact Togar, Urgo's creator, and are assisted in removing Urgo from their minds after convincing Togar that he is not a mistake or error and that he should not destroy Urgo but use him to explore the many worlds through the Stargate and have many experiences of his own. SG1 save Urgo's existance and go back to the SGC only to discover that once again many hours have passed since they departed. They are happy to have Urgo out and safe and are happy to be back home and well. They report to the infirmary at the end of the episode as standard procedure dictates. Dom DeLuise played his role very well and was well cast in the role. The SG1 team must have had great fun working with him as he is a great comic and a great talent. It is a great episode and I liked watching it.
  • Sg1 goes to a planet that appears to be a paradise. They step through the gate and step right back through seemingly in just seconds. Urgo a computer chip appears to the team he likes to play and have fun. They try to find away to dispose of him.

    This episode is somuch fun. It is not so much sci fi as humorous. Through the whole show it is full of laughs. Dom Deluise is so funny in this show. Jack and Urgo as a comic team was so funny. This was so different, I liked it. From the first time I saw it, I loved it. There are times when a little fun is better than sci fi. i loved it when they first got back and all of a sudden everyone was drawn to the commesary where Jack was eating and they were all enjoying cake pie and just food in general so much more than usual.
    when they figured out away to get urgo out of there heads so to speak when urgo was pleading his case with the team it was halarious. when he appeared to be the younger more handsome version, which was his son peter, I thought it was funny when asked sam if she could refuse him now, and she just walked away, I thought that was funny too. I just thought the whole show was funny, less serious than most of the shows they have, not better just funnier.
    General Hammond was almost convinced that they were insane.
    they were made to stay on base, so they were all getting bored, they wanted to go back to work.
    When they contacted the creator he replied that it was an error. He told them to come back and he would remove urgo.
    Urgo started acting affraid to die that is when Sam and Daniel both felt that he was considered a living being. which made Jack mad. so when they got back to the planet we find that urgo looks just like the creator.And he was very solem. They suggest that maybe he would like to have urgo placed in his mind and maybe he would beable to experience life for himself without having to have others to experience it for him. He felt maybe that would be a good so he reomoved urgo from the team and placed him into his own mind. this was a very different idea for a stargate story and I think they did a very good job at it.
  • You either love or hate this episode, and I love it!

    There are very few episodes of Stargate that are purely dedicated to laughs, such as "Window of Opportunity", "1969" and of course "200". It's hard to believe that for a show like Stargate, this far through season 3 we're only at the second episode of its kind (after, of course, "1969"). Perhaps that's one reason I like it so much: it's so different to most of the previous episodes, and a true highlight from season 3.

    Like I said in the summary, this is an episode that you will either love or hate, and it pretty much comes down to Dom DeLuise's performance. You'll either love him (which I did, but I found him a bit irritating at times) or you'll find him incredibly annoying (which is understandable). Still, this group would have to admit that he does have his moments.

    The obvious main reason for me giving this episode such a high score is that it's just so funny. There are just so many brilliant moments throughout. There isn't really much more I can say in that respect.

    It does also portray a fun, simple story, but also presents a classic science fiction element about the concept of life concerning artificial intelligence, and it presents it very well. Then again, this episode is mainly about laughs rather than plot, which as I mentioned before it delivers very successfully.

    There are only 2 real flaws with this episode. Firstly, as I said before there are times where Dom DeLuise comes across as annoying (such as his idea for hide-and-seek, and him counting). Also, I kind of feel the episode starts off a bit slowly in the teaser before the opening credits.

    In summary, this is a really fun little episode. It's got plenty of laughs and clever moments, and doesn't require too much back-story so it's enjoyable to people who haven't seen the show before. It's hilarious and a lot of funs, what more could you ask for?
  • It's perfect! Unlike all the previous episodes, this one emphasises on comedy, not on sci-fi.

    I don't know how the episode came to be, but I'll take a wild guess and say that the writer just wanted to take a break and do smoething different. Something Non-Stargate. And it turned out really great. Dom DeLuise is a genius and manages to bring the focus of the entire episode on himself. His every line can make you laugh. He doesn't even have to speak to bring a smile on your face. So far only Jack's cynicism and an occasional unintentional funny remark from his team members provided the humor element in the series. But it was just seasoning. This episode is one big humor element. And it has one of the cutest little aliens I've seen, though only for a short time. It is a lovely break from the SG1 style and a definite must.
  • An alien race too scared to experience anything for itself lures SG-1 to it's lab where they're all fitted with implants meant to learn & experience silently, but when the implants develop a rather flamboyant personality, SG-1 knows something must be done

    This was a great break from everything the series focuses on. No Goul’d wreaking havoc on and generally terrorizing the various human civilizations scattered… “out there”. No screwy society that is, in one way or another, fatally flawed and threatening to messily implode unless the team comes to it’s rescue whether said society is interested in accepting the rescue or not. No love interest of the week. No one is captured… not really. No one is hurt. No one dies.

    One could argue having an implant in your brain which creates an hallucination so lifelike that it could, say, wave it’s unreal hands in front of your face while you’re driving and cause an accident might be considered being “taken over” by an alien life-form and thus considered a common plot device, but in this case…… no. Urgo didn’t want to take anyone over or cause any harm (besides making Carter spill coffee on herself) and so he didn’t… he just wanted to play and learn and experience and so he did.

    Dom DeLuise did a lovely job of playing the annoying yet strangely likable hallucination of an ADHD 5 year old trapped in the body of an over-the-hill Buddha-bellied software program which goes against its design and enthusiastically interacts, much to the dismay of the team, by suggesting games of hide-&-seek or asking who Mary Steenburgen is. He ALSO did a lovely job of playing Togar, the uptight, all-business, scared of real-life, “I have a stick up my butt” creator of Urgo who, in the end, reluctantly removes Urgo from SG-1’s noggins and then sticks the Urgo implants into his own noggin.

    There was no real point to the episode besides allowing Daniel to once again prove himself to be the bleeding heart we know and love. “It’s a chip in our heads but it’s a sentient being, dammit, and we have to protect its rights!” There were one or two classic Jack “what?” moments and of course how could we forget our cringing when Teal’c downed half a mug of scorching coffee, but overall this was basically a reason for the writers to get together and giggle for a few hours and then hope that the higher ups would take it seriously enough to turn their playtime into 42 minutes of frivolous fun.