Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 20



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The SG-1 team extends a small time frame to several years to survive an attack of the Ori and tries to find a solution to solve their problem.
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May 02, 2015
Ok, I've re-watched this episode many times and though decent, there are many points that bug me...1. Within the time dilation bubble could they not recharge the shields fully (even if it takes a day or two), possibly even fire a few times at the Ori mother-ship while still in the bubble. the ship would be protected by a fully charged shield and the strain on the enemy ship would be huge and would destroy it. Ship saved, enemy destroyed and they can repeat until no Ori ship remains in the galaxy. each time an Ori ship appears in sight, activate time bubble, shoot 6-7 Asgard beams and return to normal time...?2. wouldn't keeping Teal'c out of the time reversal create a second Teal'c? one old with memories and one young?3. Who ended up with Carter? come on! 60 years! Mitchel?4. Time dilation field again, Carter activated the field a few seconds before the beam hit the ship thereby saving it; when Teal'c goes back we see him grabbing Carter's hand preventing her from activating it yet the ship is not hit and manages to escape..?5. Why can the Asgard transportation beam be used to create anything from complex formulas such as Tretonine to a cello but not create a ZPM? mostly since it has a model to "scan" and copy. I can understand why they wouldn't do it in the show to keep the power levels as they are, (ZPM's + Asgard beams would make the Tauri too powerful and the Wraith / Ori would get wiped out) but no explanation is given... The idea is not even mentioned. tho it would have solved their power problem faced at the end. Carter could have thrown the idea back saying that the ZPM has "unknown" parts within it which the Asgard system can't scan or sth... tho an Asgard power core could have still been materialized in my opinion...Also, Landry shouldn't have the last word, they should have stopped it at "indeed".moreless

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