Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Ohh No

    Please.... anyone but Marina Sirtis. Hell, it could ave been Ruth Buzzi, just not Marina Sirtis's horrible Russian accent. The SG team is contacted by the Russians after they open A stargate and it refuses to close. What we find is that the water sample taken form the planet is actually an intelligent life form and it only wants to go home.
  • The Russians have a stargate...

    This another classic season 4 episode, and now for the first time in the series another government becomes aware of the stargate. Plus Harry Maybourne returns! Yay! For some reason I really kind of like Maybourne, largely because of his change in heart later in the series when he tries, in his own way, to help the SGC. Anyway, this episode was pretty neat, lots of good Jack humor, especially when they jump out of the plane. The "water" in this episode was a pretty far out concept and yet it was still pretty believable. I really liked the idea of sending a sub through the gate, and that makes me wish they would've sent a different vehicle(Humvee, maybe, I think the gate's big enough) through our gate at some point in the series. I mean it would make sense to use a transport for some planets to cover more ground. I really liked the line Jack gave at the end, too, really good line to fade out on.
  • One Stargate for every nation...

    It looks like they just could not do it without backup Stargate. Now, when they have lost one, they needed to find new one. And Russians did found it and we had one of those stories where difference of the cultures brings some troubles - this case a little more than some. We also learn what Maybourne is doing after little set-backs on his stealing artifacts affair. If SGC takes a stargate, he will find himself a new one.

    On the whole, the episode had little action, little mysteries but nothing too much compared with the last two previous episodes. So, avarage but nothing too special.
  • I didn't like this episode...

    SG-1 has to go to Russia to stop their outgoing wormhole that they established with the Antarctic gate that they fished from the ocean. It ends up just to be a misunderstaning between the lifeforms that the Russians brought through the gate and everything returns to normal by the end. The episode story was ok, but slightly boreing. The main thing that annoyed me was the russian scientist woman. She was annoying. That simple. ANNOYING! Anyways, the episode had its moments, but it was predictable and slow. There have been a lot better SG-1 episodes and this one is just a downer.
  • A good, entertaining story and some great humour. Exactly what I've come to love about this show.

    I've always had a soft spot for this episode. It's easy to disregard it as a lesser episode partly for the fact it comes right after the much-loved "Window of Opportunity", but I don't. This is an episode I can watch again and again and not get bored of, despite some lulls.

    So, the good points. Like I said in the summary, I think this episode has a very entertaining, well-written plot. It's a neat little idea to have the Russians find the Stargate from Thor's ship, but it's also in a way pivotal for starting off the fragile relationship between America and Russia concerning the Stargate, which is something I've come to enjoy quite a bit.

    But of course one of the episode's biggest attributes is its humour. There are plenty of great gags throughout this episode, in particular between O'Neill and Markov. But it's also nice to see Daniel make a couple of wisecracks for a change. Is this the starting point of Daniel's character change into more of a smart-ass? (Which, I must admit, is a change I'll come to love).

    And, I must admit, I love practically every episode featuring Maybourne. I just love his character and Tom McBeath who plays him, as well as the brilliant chemistry he has with O'Neill. It's a shame he doesn't appear until later on in the episode, but he's a joy to see onscreen either way.

    The only real bad things about this episode are minor. Firstly I'm not really a fan of Marina Sirtis' performance as Markov. She certainly emotes adequately, but there's something about her accent that doesn't quite ring true (and my mother, who's Russian, commented a few times on some of her pronunciations), and, as much as I fear that it will make me sound insensitive and racist, I found her accent at times to be quite irritating.

    A couple of other little thing I remember specifically about this episode that annoy me a little involve some of the effects. The vomiting effect, for instance, just seems silly and unrealistic. But in particular the final living water effect where it consumes Daniel, Carter, and Markov just seems really fake and silly to me. But one thing I should add briefly at the end here is that I really like the ending. On the audio commentary, the director said he wasn't happy about it and that there was another ending that they dropped, but I personally felt they made the right choice. I love O'Neill's last lines, and I enjoy saying them along with him whenever I watch it.

    All in all, this is a personal favourite of mine from season 4. A well-written, entertaining episode in the classic SG-1 tradition, and an important starting point for the relationship with Russia that will go on to be well developed.
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