Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2000 on Syfy

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  • The Russians have a stargate...

    This another classic season 4 episode, and now for the first time in the series another government becomes aware of the stargate. Plus Harry Maybourne returns! Yay! For some reason I really kind of like Maybourne, largely because of his change in heart later in the series when he tries, in his own way, to help the SGC. Anyway, this episode was pretty neat, lots of good Jack humor, especially when they jump out of the plane. The "water" in this episode was a pretty far out concept and yet it was still pretty believable. I really liked the idea of sending a sub through the gate, and that makes me wish they would've sent a different vehicle(Humvee, maybe, I think the gate's big enough) through our gate at some point in the series. I mean it would make sense to use a transport for some planets to cover more ground. I really liked the line Jack gave at the end, too, really good line to fade out on.
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