Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 6

Window of Opportunity

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 04, 2000 on Syfy

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  • I loved this episode

    Window of Opportunity is one of my all time favourite episodes of Stargate, and of any TV show, ever made. The episode is great as it puts the focus on the two men of action in the show, Jack and Teal'c, and make them do the stuff Carter and Daniel would normally do.

    After being stuck in a time loop, Jack and Teal'c have to keep telling the other main characters each time that they are stuck and to try and work out how to fix it. They then start to translate the Ancient text bit by bit. However, they soon get bored and after perfecting a double juggling act, Jack and Teal'c decide to have a bit of fun instead. Cue the most hilarious scene in Stargate history.

    Everything about this scene was great. The now infamous Stargate golf segments were great. "Colonel O'Neill, what are you doing!?" "In the middle of my backswing!" The first official sign that Jack did love Carter was seen in this episode too, with him kissing Sam after resigning in one of the loops. Teal'c getting made at being bumped into each time and pushing the poor guy (I think it was Siler) through the door after snapping is also great. Jack not telling Daniel to watch out as someone is coming every time was also great (something Daniel actually guessed was happening in one time).

    This episode was great and funny without the need of parodies (*cough* 200 *cough*) and is in many, many fans best episodes lists, and for a good reason.
  • Hysterical

    This is probably the single most funny SG episode ever created. O'Neill and Teal'c are stuck in a time loop and for the majority of the episode we get to see them carry on in absurd ways. The skill and comedic writing of this episode are superb as well as the execution of said writing by the actors. we also get to see the hint of Jacks real intelligence instead of the dumb dog he plays in most episodes. It is truly a shining episode in the entire SG-1 series.
  • Stargate SG-1 meets Groundhog Day

    Stargate SG-1 copies from Groundhog Day, but not in a bad way.

    "Window of Opportunity" makes creative use of the premise of Groundhog Day for its own purposes. As you can probably guess, much hilarity ensues.

    The cleverest, hence funniest, is the technophobic, anti-intellectual Jack being forced to become knowledgeable about the esoteric minutiae of Daniel and Sam's scientific specialties -- ancient languages and astrophysics. It's the only way he and Teal'c can escape from the time loop. The series writers were at the top of their form here.

    I even liked the Callaway Golf product placement tableau.
  • different and hilarious episode...

    this episode was really funny.
    i got to say that it was one of the better written episode because it allowed us to see a more funny side of teal'c and it also gave us an opportunity to see jack and teal'c be the one's that had to come up with an idea to save them, to solve the situation (normally sam and daniel are the ones that make the plans) so for me it was a different and hilarious episode.
    i loved the part that jack and teal'c were playing golf through the stargate.
    the final scene was very good i liked the fact that the guy from the planet only did it because he wanted to see his wife, it was a better solution that make him a bad guy.
    jack's words at the end about how he couldn't see his son die again were very emotional.
  • Definately the best episode, great example of why SG-1 is so good

    This episode is without a shadow of a doubt the funniest and best to date. It is a really good example of what sets SG-1 apart from other Sci-fi's. I am yet to find another science fiction show that makes me laugh as hard as this one. Window of Opportunity is a "Groundhog Day" kind of episode that really shows how well the entire show is written and how good the actors are at comedy. I doubt that they will ever top this episode especially since Richard Dean Anderson has left. In any case, should some idiot need convincing of how funny the show can the show can be then they need to see Window of Opportunity.
  • My favorite episode of the entire series.

    Absolutely entertaining...

    If you are a fan of the movie Groundhog Day, you will love this episode.

    Once they get past the monotony of the perpetual day, the characters break out of their shells and appear to really enjoy their time doing whatever the hell they want.

    I am sure that many of the fans of the series out there were pleasantly surprised with the creative nature of this episode. I would imagine that pieces like this are a writers dream where they have the freedom to do anything with the characters without consequence.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this and highly recommend this to anyone that is a fan of the series.
  • Pure gold from our favourite Colonel!

    Brilliant, just so funny! All of Jacks lines were just classic, his speech about "three fries short of Happy Meal"-made me laugh for about 10 mins my sister thought I was having a seizure! Also loved THE KISS- a little something for us poor S/J shippers! I mean how long have we been waiting now, and all we get is a picture in her office in Atlantis!!
    We need more!

    But at least this showed us that theres potential and *ahem* feelings there.

    Sam- "Maybe you read my report?"
    Daniel-" Maybe he read your report?!?"

    Hehe-and I just loved his exclamation of "magnets!" as the solution (to everything!)

    I would watch this episode over and over again!
  • I defy anyone to give this episode anything but a 10, it was absolutely brilliant

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film groundhog day and thought Bill Murray's performance was brilliant in it. However I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoyed this, utterly sublime and brilliantly funny. When I first watched this I missed half of it because I was laughing so much, only after watching it on video (later DVD) could I truly appreciate its brilliance. I really don't think they could have picked two better characters to experience the loop over and over. The sheer frustration you see O'Neill go through is wonderfully hilarious, even the normally unshakable Teal'c got rattled. I will never forgot the scene; "I also experience some discomfort at the beginning of every loop" then you see him smacked in the face by a door, cracks me up every time. "Maybe next time I will not be so forgiving!". A brilliant episode in a brilliant show, sod the odd continuity error, that is part of what makes the show so great. If a show was totally perfect it wouldn't give people as much to talk about. I think even if someone does not watch or like Stargate they should watch this episode, and for those of us who enjoy the show it is even better as we get to see Teal'c being mischievous, a rare sight.
  • The best of SG-1...

    What can I say about this episode that has not already been said? The word perfect comes to mind. Even if you weren't real familiar with the series this episode still easily stands on it's own. So many hilarious moments I wouldn't even know where to begin. Well, I'll try to give you some new thoughts on this episode, but of this I'm sure has already been said. Firstly, I really have to hand it to the producers and cameramen, the camera work on this episode was outstanding. Every cutaway served to perfectly accentuate the humorous situation that Jack and Teal'c find themselves in. Secondly, the writing was just plain brilliant, many zippy one-liners. Thirdly, the cast really outperformed themselves, I loved the Jack and Sam moments that were in this episode. Lastly the music was excellent and was perfectly appropriate to every scene. A++, it doesn't get much better than this folks!
  • Brilliant, one of the best by far!!!!

    This episode has everything, great script, special effects, character development and terrific acting and editing. They worked hard on this one and it paid off.
    Groundhog day was a great film and basically they have taken that film and given it th Stargate Treatment. The only bit I didn't like was when O'Neil kissed Sam, possibly leading to more without her knowing. The golf thing was silly a well, I'm sure they would have done something even more extreme if they could.
    This episode had me cryingwith laughter and also wondering how they were going to get out of this dilema. They hae done the time travel thing before, so to do it so weel with a twist was wl wort the watch.
  • time travel, fun, love, it has it all.

    This is one of the pride moments in which we think to ourselves: "Why wouldnt someone watch this show". The episode starts with a ancient machine that allows you to travel back in time for 6 hours. Of course this wasnt the initial intention of the people who build it. watch the antics of O'neill and Teal'c while they enjoy the time disturbences and abuse the "no consequences" rule of a everlasting repeating day and, in the end, try to reverse its effects. this is surely a classic episode and enjoyable to whatch more than once whether you are a fan or not.
  • All the good together...

    Wow.. I had no idea what kind of episode can be written out of such an idea. It looks quite simple first and when the first time they are looping, you as a viewer probably understand that the machine did that and.. and they stay repeating the same things.. but it is not boring, it is not repeating. They had so much variety in every loop, so much fun and humor. It really made me laugh, give me good mood, the emotion of good sci-fi, all the excitement. That was just stunning episode - I think everything we could dream about was there.
  • Window of Opportunity best episode ever

    The best episode ever made xD

    One of the best scene.. Is where O'Neill and Teal 'c Playing golf thru the Stargate...!!!!

    Other of the best scene.. Is where O'Neill is talking to Teal 'c in the dinner room and O'Neill explain to Teal ' c That he is going crazy and draw a happy face on his dish =)

    One of the best scene.. Is where O'Neill, Teal 'c and Jack are on the room translating The ancient symbols form the table and O'Neill and Teal 'c start doing tricks with the balls thru a few scene on the episode ...!!!
  • O'Neill and Teal'c are stuck in a time loop, finally somebody was able to make a good version of "Groundhog's Day"

    This is the both the best and the funniest eposode of Stargate: SG1 I have ever seen. When O'Neill and Teal'c realize they can do whatever they want and not worry about the consequenses, it became not only well written but also very funny. I very rarely laugh out loud when I am by myself watching television, but there were multiple times in this episode where I found myself laughing. For example, when Teal'c claims he is also feeling discomfort and it cuts to where he gets knocked in the head. This is a great example of what you could do with a Stargate.
  • SO GOOD!!!!!AND SO FUNNY!!!!

    This is one of the funniest and best episodes in season 4 and possibly in the one of the best episodes ever! Theres really not that much to say because if I start writting about it then I wont stop!! The writing of this episode was done wonderfully (as was the directing!)And the acting that came from every one of the characters was perfect!! All in all a wonderful episode!( i wish i could give it a better rating!)
  • very funny episode one of the best for this season

    sg1 go to another planet only to find an alien scientist studying an ancient device during a geomagnetic storm carter is busy with her scientific instruments jack and teal'c are taking in the sites and dr daniel jackson is pouring over the ancient device and writings when the alien scientist tells them that they should leave the radiation from the storm might damage them when daniel tells him carter will tell them when it gets to dangerous so the alien shoots him with an energy weapon which knocks him out jack calls to daniel telling him that they are leaving when he dosent respond they go to investigate the alien sets the device off there is a bright blue flash and the stargate goes kawoosh next thing you know jack, carter and daniel are in the cafeteria eating breakfast they go to the breifing and jack and teal'c both agree that they have done this one already no one beleives them until they predict that sg 12 are going to come through the gate one of them injured when it happens understandably the rest of the team and hammond are confused but carter thinks it could happen and they could live the same day over and over without knowing it the only people who can save them are jack and teal'c, they start the day again, daniel thinks the writings from arouud the devise might hold the answers so he gets jack and teal'c to help him translate the text they go through many loops just sitting learning and remembering until daniel says how many loops have you been through? its a great oppertunity to do what you want because you know you cant be repremanded for it, jack and teal'c stand up and walk out leaving daniel looking confused, they go to play golf through the stargate until hammond catches them they ride bikes in the corridors make pottery and jack retires a few times so that he can snog the face off carter aww bless finally they get the translation right and go back to the planet to try to stop the loop the alien is still there jack manages to talk him into turning the machine off and time goes back to normal, when they get home they learn that they have been in the loop for at least three months damn jack and teal'c must be tired
  • One of the great episodes of this season.

    "Window of Opportunity" is one of the best episodes of the season possibly even the entire series up to this point. The episode takes advantage of a new story plot that opens it to much humor and character exploration. Making matters worse the two individuals that remember the previous time loops, are the two mostly military, warrior types Jack and Teal'c. Its interesting watching them take the time to study and have to aid in the translating. Also, the they do once they realize that they won't be held accountable for their actions make for some hilarious moments. Then the episode ends with another heartfelt mention of Jack's son Charlie.
  • My favourite episode of season 4.

    This episode is a total classic, everything about it is just so good. When SG1 makes an episode like this the show is unbeatable. Season 4 really is a great season and this episode is no exception. It held me from the beginning until the end. In this episode O'Neill and Tel'c experience groundhog day over and over when they get stuck in a time loop. I loved the funny parts in this episode, like where O'Neill finally kisses Carter but the day resets and she never knows. I thought the end to the episode was also good. This episode really shows how good Stargate can be, and it was indeed episodes like this that made the show so sucessful.
  • A fantastic episode!

    I love this episode!! I can watch it over and over. It is one of the funniest episodes in the series. What more can I say? It is brilliantly acted, written, and directed. The way Jack reacts to reliving the same 10 hours over and over is hilarious. I also like the way Teal'C reacts, the same way he reacts to everything else - quiet contemplation. My favorite part of it (and probably everyone else's favorite part as well) is when Jack is explaining "Lose it!" to Teal'C. This episode is full of laughs. I would recommend this episode to anyone, whether or not they like Stargate.
  • halarious!

    One of my favorite all time SG-1 episodes and one of the funniest. This episode just made me laugh. The story was great and it had everything. The SG-1 team went to a world that was habited by the ancients and they meet an archeologist which traps them in a time loop. Only Teal'c and Jack remember everything while everyone else's memories are whiped and the loop continues. Anyways, the funniest point of the episode was when Daniel suggested that Jack and Teal'c go off and do something because they won't have to suffer any consequences. Then there's a series of Jack making pottery and Teal'c and Jack playing golf threw the stargate and, my favorite, Jack kissing Sam. It was just cute. He smiled at her later and she was like "what?" Anyways, the episode ended with a great, almost tearjerking argument to get the archeologist to stop the loop. In the end he stops the loop and everything goes back to normal. I really just loved the constant humor and the story was really good. Also, it was really sweet to see Jack kiss Sam and it really shows that he has feelings for her. Overall, halarious, great plot, great story, great acting, great humor, well...great everything!
  • Jack and Teal'c are stuck in a "time-loop" as the result of a alien artifact.

    This is one of the pride moments in which we think to ourselves: "Why wouldnt someone watch this show". The episode starts with a ancient machine that allows you to travel back in time for 6 hours. Of course this wasnt the initial intention of the people who build it. watch the antics of O'neill and Teal'c while they enjoy the time disturbences and abuse the "no consequences" rule of a everlasting repeating day and, in the end, try to reverse its effects. this is surely a classic episode and enjoyable to whatch more than once whether you are a fan or not.
  • If you don't give this episode 10, you're not a true SG-1 fan

    Normally in my reviews I'll weigh the episode's good aspects with the bad. But as every SG-1 fan knows, this isn't a normal episode. Is this the best episode of SG-1 ever? Most likely. Even if it isn't, it still deserves a solid 10 for being a brilliant piece of comedy and entertainment. As we all know, the amount of successful gags in this episode is what gives it such a deserving title amongst fans, and they certainly aren't wrong in that respect. Now, one could possibly be forgiven for criticising this episode for being a rip-off of "Groundhog Day", but that would be foolish. They'd be right, but it's only copying the time-loop concept; everything else in this episode is their own.

    But this episode has plenty of other great qualities apart from the gags (which I could waste a lot of my review praising individually). For one it has a great story: Jack and Teal'c, the warriors of the team, are this time forced to save the day with their brains, rather than the usual combination of Sam and Daniel, and it works very well.

    Another great aspect is its subplot involving Malikai. His reasons for doing what he is are realistic and understandable, and his change of heart at the end is just as authentic. It never feels sentimental or forced. I also must say that when I watched it with friends 2 years ago (introducing this episode to them) when Jack yells out "I lost my son! I know!” it made me jump. His line was just that moving and brilliantly delivered. Oh, and Robin Mossley gives a fine performance as Malikai, too.

    In summary, this is without a doubt one of my all time favourite episodes of SG-1. This is a series classic in every respect, and perhaps the best episode of SG-1 ever. A breath of fresh air after some disappointing previous episodes.
  • This episode was probably one of the funniest episode of Stargate Sg1, if not the funniest.

    This episode was probably one of the funniest episode of Stargate Sg1, if not the funniest. Teal'c and O'Neill get stuck in a time loop and have to figure it out, but what makes it hard is no one else realizes it and everyday when the loop starts over, everyone else forgets and Teal'c and O'Neill have to convince them again. What's funny is what O'Neill does to take advantage of it. The funniest part was when O'Neill and Teal'c are hitting golf balls through the Stargate. Usually it's Daniel or Sam that has to find a solution, but this time its O'Neill and Teal'c. This episode was very funny and I give it a ten out of ten.
  • A classic must see episode witch turns your inside out with laughter.

    This episode must be the most hilarious episode I've ever seen...all categories included. This is the only episode I've had to see more than one time. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a TV-serie not being a pure comedy. Sure, I've laughed myself breathless to Kramer in Seinfeldt but that's another story...and he's just too silly :)

    There are two three that i realy, I mean REALY love witch are Jugglemasters, Crappy breakfast and Resignation kiss. Those three scenes alone make me wanna see this episode over and over again.

    I think this is a masterpiece when it comes to making a silly episode where the makers play with the caracters.

    I've told several of my friends to watch this serie from its beginning up to this episode at LEAST, just so that they can see the episode in its full glory..."don't worry" I say, "It will be worth the time"...
  • O'Neill and Teal'c are caught in a time loop in the SGC, and must relive the same 10 hours over and over again

    this is my favorite episode, this episode starts off with SG-1 traveling to a planet were O'Neill and Teal'c are caught in a time loop and must relive the same 10 hours over and over again, they help Daniel to solve a way stop time repeating itself over and over, O'Neill and Teal'c relies that they can do anything they want without facing consequences, here is where the funny starts O'Neill and Teal'c do the most wild and wacky stuff to entertain them self. This episode comes together nicely. Window of Opportunity is one of the funniest episodes that I have seen.
  • it is what most of us would love do be able to do, perhaps just once.

    i can honestly say that in the 10 years that stargate was screened that this was my personal favorite. alright it was not full of action packed scences, and spx, but it was absolutly hilerous. just imagion be able to live the same day over and over again, and be able to do what you wanted, with no consequeses. just for sake of it you could for instance rob a bank, humilate some one you did not like, have a night of passion with your favorite woman/man basically any thing you wanted. it was great to see jack doing what he and most of us males would love to do, and give sam a honking big smack on the lips. yes please
  • my favorite episode of all time

    This is one of the pride moments in which we think to ourselves: "Why wouldnt someone watch this show". The episode starts with a ancient machine that allows you to travel back in time for 6 hours. Of course this wasnt the initial intention of the people who build it. watch the antics of O'neill and Teal'c while they enjoy the time disturbences and abuse the "no consequences" rule of a everlasting repeating day and, in the end, try to reverse its effects. this is surely a classic episode and enjoyable to whatch more than once whether you are a fan or not.
  • While stuck in a 10hour time loop Jack and Teal'c relize it is up to them to fix this problem. They have to learn the stuff that daniel knows to get to stop the time loop. They can things without consequence.

    I8 liked this one very much, it is my all time favorite stargate, it has everything and is very entertaining. I loved it.
    But reliving the same day over and over again had to be a pain. Knowing what is going to happen before it happens is something that everyone would love to be able to do.
    They had to go bnack to the planet and talk to Malakai and get him to stop messing with the time machine because it is messing with several planets. Malakai wants so bad to go back intime to see his late wife again before she dies. He is heart broken because of her death. Jack talks to him amkes him understand that even if he could get back it would hurt just as bad when she died again. with some convincing he talked him into stoping the machine so that they can all get on with their lives.
    I liked it lots. Who hasn't wanted to go back in time and relive a special time and event in their lives.
    The playing golf through the stargate, the sudden interest in pottery, the learning of latin, the translating of ancient writings to help solve the puzzle. The big kiss of Jack and Sam. The riding of the bicycles down the corridors. This Was such a fun episode. one of my all time favorites.
    To me this show was done very well. Had lots of laughs in this one. Good show!
  • the best episode ever

    This is one of the pride moments in which we think to ourselves: "Why wouldnt someone watch this show". The episode starts with a ancient machine that allows you to travel back in time for 6 hours. Of course this wasnt the initial intention of the people who build it. watch the antics of O'neill and Teal'c while they enjoy the time disturbences and abuse the "no consequences" rule of a everlasting repeating day and, in the end, try to reverse its effects. this is surely a classic episode and enjoyable to whatch more than once whether you are a fan or not.
  • Groundhog Day comes to Stargate as Jack and Teal'c get caught in a time loop.

    The episode that every SG-1 fan past, present, and future has seen. And if they haven't, they should. Consistently in many fans' top ten lists, this episode is one of the best examples of some of the elements that make Stargate great. For many, this is the best episode of the series and with good reason. It has some of the funniest moments in the series. Whether it's swinging into the Stargate, learning how to juggle, figuring out Daniel's research for him, Jack's resignation and what follows, or the beginning of Teal'c's day this one provides so many great moments. Add to that the usual rapport between the characters and a nice sci-fi twist added to all of it provides a great and memorable hour of television.
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