Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 12

Wormhole X-Treme!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2001 on Syfy

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  • 100...

    As you mat or may not know this is the one hundredth episode of stargate sg1. O'neill goes to a tv station because of a new tv show that has hit the air. Wormhole X-treme is about four people that travel through a wormhole and go to other planets, sounds familier doesn't it? It turns out that the one who created it is martin from the season 4 episode point of no return. I thought this was one of the funniest episodes of the series, But not as funny as window of opprotunity. it has great special effects and the director peter deluise guest stars in the episode with his brother. Whether you like it or not it won't be forgotten because it's episode 100. Later...
  • funny...

    A ship is coming towards earth and it's linked to Martin. O'Neill goes undercover as a airforce corespondant to a TV show called Wormwhole X-Treme to talk to Martin. Anyways, in the end, the aliens go on their ship and Martin stays on earth with the show. This episode sounded really stupid when I first heard about it, but it actually was really funny. The was just halarious and the characters were really just funny. I love how they had the real director and the real visual effects people that work on SG-1 being in the show as themselves on wormwhole xtreme. It was great. Anyways, it was a really funny episode.
  • Funny way to celebrate 100th episode...

    Mm.. it was really funny I most say - the way it starts and the whole episode - a big parody of the show - the team and the way those chars there was made, all those camos - it was really funny... and it was not only a one big joke - there was a little exciting story too - first it looked more than story but the end (the documentary part) really made me to think it more as a joke. There was excitement and NID ofcourse - those just cannot keep their distance if something is happening.

    So, quite unique way to celebrate 100th episode, I say.
  • Celabrating 100 episodes!!1

    100 episodes is no mean feat! Any writer, direct orand producer would want to celabrate that. Having all the crew star in the episode was a great idea and a fittin thank you for all their hard work. Again, the actors they chose to play the characters in wormhole extreme were really well chosen. The other thing is Martin Lloyd is great comical character, I also like his team of aliens, they were all really good looking and it was great to see SG1 ge one up on the NID.
    The behind the scenes special at the end just had me crying with laughter,this is to be viewed as a one off and really reminded me of great comic book special! Loved it!
  • Sg-1 celebrates it's 100th episode, by giving us a pretty terrible episode

    100 episodes are a no mean feat and should be celebrated. The 100th episode should be nothing short of memorable, this one is, but for the wrong reasons.
    A comical premise fails to be comical past it's first scene, there is only so much "bad actors make there own stargate" you can watch before the premise runs thin.
    It becomes a struggle to take anything in the episode seriously, including the supposed threat. I for one don't care what happens to Martin Lloyd, I didn't care the first time.
    The killer nail for this episode comes at the end, when a spaceship appears to a crowd of people, with camera's and it's put down to special effects. I understand the episode is not to be taken seriously but something like this would be a big thing.

    All in all a terrible episode, and for the 100th it's unforgivable.
  • O'Neill gets an assignment as a military consultant for a TV series about an alien device that can transport people to other planets by means of a wormhole. Cool, huh?

    One of the most amazing things about SG-1 is that they constantly use cheesy or often-used ideas and plotlines... and make them work! This episode is a prime example: a parody TV show about a TV show, the "real" actors watching and interacting with their heavily stereotyped counterparts, the show's writer is actually a real alien who "conveniently got his memory wiped" but subconciously still remembers enough bits and flashes to write a script about the Stargate, there's a "behind the scenes" bonus section of the fake show... sounds pretty awful, doesn't it?

    It isn't. It's believable, funny, exciting, and a nice change of pace. In fact, one almost feels sorry that the "Wormhole X-treme" TV series isn't going to be aired anywhere or anywhen.

    Almost. ;-)