Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 4

Zero Hour

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Poor O'Neill...

    O'Neill is struggling with his new role as SGC commander, and though it can't have been pleasant for him, the result is some very funny situations for us viewers...

    SG-1 is missing, and Baal claims responsibility. In the end it turns out they were trapped in one of Anubis' old bases, and Baal was simply bluffing.

    Meanwhile, O'Neill is being spied on...

    Apart from the amusing bits with O'Neill struggling with his new responsibilities, this was a very average episode, certainly not one of the best of the season.

    I think it's taking some getting used to the changed dynamics, but it's not as bad as I had initially feared.
  • It's a plant invasion! And Ba'al is back!

    It's been a while since I've seen Stargate Sg-1 but today I decided to start watching it again and continue where I'd left a coulpe of months ago.

    This episode is a good hour of entertainment, but I never really liked Jack and seeing him as the boss of the SGC isn't my idea of great, but he does it nice though.

    There where a couple of suprises in this episode and I liked that but aside from that I think season 8 untill now is pretty standard, the plant was funny and I have to agree with Pierre Bernard that SG-1 was better without Daniel Jackson.
  • Zero Hour...

    This episode is an O'neill episode. he's the character focused on throughout the entire episode. As we can see he is getting frusterated. Everyone thinks that sg1 have been captured by baal but by the time the episode ends it turns out it wasn't baal that captured them. This guy has been assigned to O'neill ro help him be organized. For anyone who watches superman the animated series that guy that helps O'neill is david kaufman the guy who voices jimmy olsen. I liked it in this episode when O'neill is writing his letter of resignation and it shows it at the end and after all the stuff O'neill wrote, the camera zoomed in and at the bottom it just said Never Mind. Later...
  • great episode...

    A civilian is sent from the president to judge O'Neill. Meanwhile, SG-1 goes missing, Ba'al claims he's captured them, a plant almost takes over the base, and some representatives are negotiating for peace, but are more like bickering children. This episode was just funny. It really showed what the general has to do. All of these years we've seen Hammond doing his job, but we never really got to see what all he really had to do. I loved the idea of this episode. The plant was just halarious and the bickering negotiators were funny too, especially with the fruit basket. Anyways, great story, great to see Ba'al again, and just great episode.
  • Captain O'Neill takes Charge!

    Captain O'Neill got his assistant so he can finishs his work more fast. I have to be honest he should get his assistant to assist him. But sadly his assistant have to leave his position because he takes notes about him and learn about him from President. Capt. O'Neill understood quickly. But one more thing I am disappointed about team are separated. They had small roles in this episode! Capt. O'Neill is really funny and I realizes that he is not "normal", he is special person and cool! Great Episode! It is perfect show for SCI-FI!! I love this show!
  • Settling in

    It was a great episode and it really worked well - showed us the new things O'Neill has to deal with and the way he is totally different kind of General than Hammond was. And I cannot say, he is not as good. It was great episode - all the fun with the plant, that system lord who just had to trick everyone but O'Neill tricked him in the end... all the Ba'al thing and .. oh it was episode full of things happening, funny moments and as we saw in the end - it worked well. Even O'Neill in the end felt he could cope with it.