Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Rush wakes up from a dream where he remembers being tortured by Kiva and her people. He goes to the control room and Park tells him that the interface has crashed. He fixes it with a few entries on his PDA and then goes for a walk. Rush goes down the hall to an innocuous section of wall, opens it, and goes into the ship's bridge beyond. He sits down in the command chair, and sees his dead wife, Gloria. She notes that he's figured out the master codes, and realizes that he's not going to tell anyone. Ginn talks to Camille and describes the powers that she believes Destiny has. She then talks about how on her planet, her people was in disarray thanks to the Alliance, who forced her to join them rather than see her family killed. Ginn then complains about the lack of food, and Camille admits that they are all slowly starving because of lack of supplies. When Ginn wonders if Young will decide their fate, Camille says that he'll have a say, and Ginn insists that they can do more. The soldiers lock Telford in with the rest, and Varro wonders if he knows anything. Telford warns that he's a traitor and no one trusts him. In the mess room, the crew discusses whether to eliminate the prisoners or not. Riley insists that they should treat them humanely. Camille meets with Young and warns him that Johansen will need time to recover, and that Earth's conflict with the Alliance is escalating. He warns her that they have no way to confine the prisoners permanently, and he plans to leave them on the last viable planet... if they find one. Gloria tells Rush that the ship is more complicated than he thought, and he can't run it by himself. He's been trying to work out why the ship only starts at certain planets, and concludes that it is maintaining a subspace link to the Stargates. He figures that the planet they're approaching is viable despite the fact that it's locked out of the system, and that they can restock their food supplies. When Gloria continues to question him, Rush realizes that's her only purpose there and ignores her as he brings the ship back into normal space. Rush returns to tell Young and the others that the planet can support life. The Stargate is nonfunctional, but they are within shuttle range. Brody questions the coincidence, but Rush claims that he's been experimenting with the systems. They have seven hours and the shuttle trip will take an hour, and Rush says that if they can get the Stargate active, they can transport supplies much faster. However, Rush insists on staying aboard the ship to work on the systems. Young goes to see Johansen, who is preparing to go to the planet. He awkwardly asks if she's okay and Johansen insists that she is fine. Scott takes a landing party to the planet via shuttle. On the bridge, Gloria says that she's worried about Rush, and Rush says he's missing something. Dr. Franklin appears in place of Gloria, and says that Rush can't do it all by himself. He notes that the planet has volcanic activity and a super-rotational atmosphere. Rush insists that they'll be fine, but Franklin warns that he based his calculations on the undamaged shuttle systems, without accounting for a million years of aging. Rush calls Scott and warns him that they'll experience excessive turbulence. However, he insists that the shuttle can handle it. Gloria reappears in place of Franklin. Scott takes the shuttle into the atmosphere and the system starts to go out. They get through and Rush confirms that they're okay. However, as they prepare to land, the engines go out. Scott guides the shuttle down to a crash landing. Afterward, they make sure that everyone is okay, and discover that Riley is pinned beneath wreckage and can't feel his legs. Scott calls the ship and tells Young what happened. The colonel is surprised to learn that Rush warned them. Scott warns that the shuttle is non-operational, and Rush enters the room to tell Scott he needs to find the Stargate and reactivate it in the next six hours, either before Destiny jumps, or after the ship emerges from hyperspace again within range. Scott splits up the landing party and has some of them head for the Stargate. Johansen then warns that Riley is trapped, but Scott figures they'll have to move him eventually. Camille tells Young that she's reported the situation to her superiors, and they want the prisoners released. Young gets word of a fight in the prisoner's cargo holder. He goes in and helps subdue the breakout, choking one prisoner unconscious. Telford pulls him off, revealing he's an undercover agent, while Camille looks on. Eli, Greer, James, and Volker find nothing at the indicated coordinates for the Stargate. Riley screams in pain as Scott and the others at the shuttle try to move him. They're unable to get him out and Johansen explains that the pressure is cutting off circulation to the wound. Eli confirms that Destiny has jumped, and they wonder if it will still be in range the next time it comes out of range. Greer calls them over and tells them to look down: the Stargate is buried in the ground. Rush returns to the bridge, and Gloria tells him that he needs to sleep. He suggests that she help, and Gloria wonders why he thinks she can. Rush comments on Dr. Franklin, and concludes that the ship is manifesting both of them. It manifested Franklin because he's better at technical matters. Rush asks Gloria how he can drop the ship out of hyperspace prematurely, but she says she has no idea. Further, the ship has to run at least four hours after each emergence or risk drive damage, so they'll be out of range when the next jump ends. Gloria warns that he can't keep dropping the ship out of hyperspace or Young will realize something is going on. When Gloria suggests that Rush tell Young the truth, Rush insists that the colonel is mentally unstable and isn't fit to lead the mission. Eli, Greer, and the others try to dig out the Stargate out. Scott comes to check on them and explains the situation with Riley. He warns Eli that there's nothing they can do. Johansen sits with Riley and tries to reassure him, but he knows that he's going to die. He admits that he's come close several times, and figured it wasn't his time. Riley notes that his mother would be praying for him, and his father went to church with her even if he didn't share her faith. Johansen promises not to leave him, and Riley asks if she believes in any higher power. She admits that she doesn't know, but they've seen so much that they don't understand. Johansen then tells him that she was taken back to the alien construct planet, and they have her baby. She's unaware that Park is listening and crying. Varro comes to see Young and apologize for his people's behavior, and Young tells him he'll be dropping him and his people off at the next planet. Varro leaves without an argument as Camille looks on. The team plants explosives, and Eli warns Scott that an explosion near a Stargate can set off a major cataclysm. However, they don't have any other choice. Scott triggers the charge and they blast the Stargate free. Telford informs Young that he used the communication stones to contact Stargate Command. He's been told to take command and keep a few prisoners on board. If he doesn't, Telford will relieve him of command. Young warns him that the crew won't follow him, but Telford is confident the military personnel will follow orders. Destiny drops out of FTL and Young calls Rush. He and Telford go to the command center, and Brody notes that there are no planets within range to cause them to drop out of FTL. The Stargate is locked out and all they can do is try to bypass. Rush joins them and claims he was down in the engineering section. As Scott and the others finish digging the Stargate free, it starts to rumble and Eli realizes that they have a connection with Destiny. He dials the Stargate and opens a wormhole, and they go through to the ship. Scott tells Young that Riley won't make it. Young goes to the planet with Scott and enters the shuttle. He acknowledges Riley's heroism, and Riley tells him to force the others to go rather than stay with him. Young asks what he can tell Riley's family, and Riley admits that nothing is enough. Telford and Camille go to see the Alliance prisoners, and Telford gives Varro the list. Outside, Scott asks Johansen how long Riley will last, and she admits she doesn't know. Inside, Young says they still have time before the ship jumps. Riley asks Young for his gun, but Young starts to get Johansen. The soldier begs him and Young finally smothers him to death with his bare hands. Once Riley is dead, Young goes outside and tells the others that Riley is dead. Johansen goes inside to check on him. Later, most of the Lucian soldiers are left on the planet. Varro, Ginn, and Simeon are kept behind with a few others. The crew offers a toast to Riley's honor. Eli watches a recording he made of Riley talking of his feelings at being away from home. Scott cries in his cabin as Chloe tries to comfort him. Johansen sits in her cabin alone. Young drinks heavily and cries. Rush tells Gloria that there was nothing that they could have done for Riley. He admits that everything is his fault, and that he was trying to save everyone's lives. The database confirms that the ship was named Destiny for a reason. Rush settles in the chair, and then sees something on the console. The ship emerges from hyperspace, and Rush calls everyone to the observation deck. When they arrive, Rush explains that there's an object in space near the ship, and they're heading straight for it.
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