Stargate Universe

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Little happening other than wasting resources and a death in the cast!

    Yet again we are running along in a ship full of people waiting to die, lie and be victims! I can't see how the other reviewers find this episode that good. For me there is a direct copy of the crash from Star Trek, the killing off of another character, the leaving and destroying of Destiny's technology is a cost which takes away a vital resource. How on earth is the ship going to survive with so much disregard. Then you got some cast just wanting to express themselves how...??? Another lot wanting to bicker and fight with each other.

    Looks like there is some distraction coming up in the next episode. I can only hope for improvement.
  • Sequested in a an undisclosed location Dr. Rush surveys the bridge of the Destiny. The ghosts of his dead wife and Dr. Franklin haunt him while he struggles with the weight of his new found power.

    Insightful and inviting, Robert C Cooper delivers yet another masterful addition to the stargate canon with a twisted tale of deceipt and misdirection.

    Rush has unlocked the Destiny's mastercode and now has sole control of her navigation.

    Meanwhile, food shortages lead to a desperate mission to gather supplies, depleted by the arrival of the Allucian Alliance troops.

    In a scene that mirrors the crash in Star Trek TNG Generations, the shuttle engines fail and a small group of Destinys' crew crash and are standed on a geologically hostile planet with a malfunctioning gate.

    While not strong on action this addition gives us vital insight into the machinations of the SGU Universe and also allows us further insight into one of SGU's dominant characters.

    Definately an episode you can sink your teeth into.
  • Damn. After lasts weeks so-so episode we get a real sucker punch.

    Spoilers follow.

    Although Riley was never a charismatic member of the crew he was about the only 100% likeable guy, even though he never struck me as the military type.

    Rush's new discoveries look like they'll bring more scope to the show once they get more control over Destiny. Well, once Rush tells everyone about it. Again it show's Rush's willingness to lie to further his own ends, but that once it starts putting people in danger he struggles with his conscience, not enough to confess though. I much prefer his moral ambiguity over the moustache-twirling villian I thought he'd be back at the show's start.

    The crash is fairly well done, with the FX just about up to the challenge, the issue of what can or rather can't be done for Riley is well handled, with no easy answers or solutions. Once the Riley tell's Young to kill him, Young realises that it's the only solution that will stop Johansen from staying behind or leaving the sergeant to a long painful death. It's one of the most shocking scenes in the show so far and that it doesn't shy away from it is the reason why I still care about SGU. It's shows a willingness to take chances with scenes that might turn off those wanting safe, predictable tv. Again Robert Carlyle and Justin Lewis steal the show acting wise.

    To leave us without knowing what's in Destiny's path had better be good!
  • Great! Another Cooper's masterpiece.

    Robert Cooper is the best writer SGU has ever had. He gave us "Time" in first season, Vegas and Doppelganger in Stargate Atlantis and my all time favourite stargate episode from SG-1 "Threads". These are all very character based episodes. And there we have another great work from Cooper called "Aftermath". The story is fantastic in aspects of drama and drama is something what makes SGU so great.

    Episode begins with Rush discovering the bridge and that's something that will effect all episodes in season 2. Because he can control the ship. This episode was also very sad, because we lost probably most likeable side character. Ferreira's(Young) acting was again fantastic and visuals were great as always. I'm looking forward to next episode to find out what this object at the end is.